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21 Skeeter FXR21
     Limited Edition
21 250 Yamaha

Listed 6/24/22P
10" Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex 112# w/iPilot, Helix 12's bow and console, 4 bank charger, 8' Power Pole Blades, Fusion BT stereo, modular center tackle storage system, 2 bike seats, 2 fishing seats, deck lights, boat cover. Total hours on boat 31+/-.Motor has 2 year extended warranty. Livewell has only been used once. Selling as boat does not fit our needs for 2 kids that have balance issues.
Call Scott: 281-642-8747 or email for more details. 
 Scott in Pearland - TX
 Pearland, TX

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19 Skeeter ZX225
19 225 Yamaha

Listed 6/24/22P
25 Yamaha T2, manual jackplate, MK Fortrex 112#, Helix12, Helix9, dry dock, oxymax system, padded front deck, 8' Power Pole ProII, 2 bike seats, Skeeter cover. Shop kept. Motor has 178 hours with warranty until Nov.1, 2024. A Yamalube synthetic oil change kit added with boat.
Call Heath: 318-548-8391 or email for more details. 
 Newt - LA
 Chatham, LA

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22 Skeeter ZXR20
22 250 Yamaha

Listed 6/23/22P
VMax prop, hydraulic jackplate, MK Ultrex, 5 Garmin 93sv's with Panoptix, Helix 9, Miller Tech lithium batteries, 3-75 amp hour trolling motor batteries, 1-100 amp cranking battery, 2 bike seats, 1 fishing seat, custom cover. Motor has approx.30 hours.
Call Carmen: 412-419-6232 or email for more details. 
 Cjpfishing123 - PA
 Pittsburgh, PA

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02 Skeeter SX190
02 150 Yamaha

Listed 6/21/22
MinnKota Maxxum, Lowrance 12" Tripleshot, HDS 5. Batteries are good, carpet & seats a little worn but good for the age of the boat. Hull, gelcoat and tires are good. New axle and bearings 6 months ago. Replaced lower unit 3 years ago. Needs a few cosmetic things but has been a really good boat for me. Runs good, due for a tuneup this year. Reason for selling, I got a new Skeeter.
Call Jeff: 806-777-5141 or email for more details. 
 Jeff - TX
 Lubbock, TX

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21 Skeeter FXR20
21 250 Yamaha

Listed 6/18/22
Yamaha T2, Bob's hydraulic, MK Ultrex 36V, 3 Helix 12 Gen4's, Garmin 106SV w/Livescope, SeaClear wiring harness, 8' Raptors, 3 100ah Battle Born lithium batteries, 1 agm battery, padded front deck, dual pro trim, oxygenator system, hot foot, Skeeter cover, led lights in compartments.
Call Bob: 618-972-3786 or email for more details. 
 FXR20 - IL
 Red Bud, IL

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18 Skeeter ZX225
18 225 Yamaha

Listed 6/14/22P
MK Ultrex 112#, Geigertec dash mount, Precision Sonar bow mounts, no graphs or transducers included. Oxygenators, dry dock, 1 Power Pole, butt seats, center seat. Motor has 20 hours with service completed May 2022. Warranty good until June 2024. Immaculate condition.
Call Jordan: 804-704-0397 or email for more details.
 Jordan Heineman - VA
 Henrico, VA
 $52,000. $50,000.

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19 Skeeter FX21
19 250 Yamaha
Listed 6/14/22P
25 Yamaha T1, Atlas hydraulic, Garmin Force, 2 Helix 12's, 2 bike seats, 8' Power Poles, lighted compartments, Bluetooth radio, fan in each compartment, cover, custom wheels.
Call Derek: 919-609-9740 or email for more details. 
 DCummings - NC
 Denver, NC

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07 Skeeter ZX225
06 225 Yamaha
     VMax HPDI

Listed 6/10/22P
25 Yamaha T1, 25 Turbo TXP, 12" Bob's hydraulic, MK Ulterra 110#, two HDS 7 Gen2's, 12' Talon, 2019 Optima starting battery, MK 470 charger, new BassPro TM batteries 6/2022, Gorilla hull w/lifetime transferable warranty, The Leash motor harness, Skeeter cover, MotorMate, Easy Steps trailer steps. New master cylinder, calipers, rotors, bearings, hubs and pads 2020. Always used Yamalube and Yamaha fuel additive. Motor has 311 hrs, always kept inside and well taken care of.
Call Steve: 225-644-9214 or 225-773-2367 cell.
 Nutbuster - LA
 Gonzales, LA

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18 Skeeter ZX250
17 250 Yamaha

Listed 6/7/22P
Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex 112#, Helix 12 at console, Helix 12 and Garmin 9 w/Livescope at bow, Power Poles, brand new agm cranking battery, MK 4 bank charger, dual pro trim, Skeeter cover, green led light and blacklight installed both sides of boat, lights in all compartments/livewell, dry dock and oxymax feature, Rigid headlight on trolling motor, 2 bike seats. Motor right at 100 hours. Garage stored. 
Call Tevan: 256-206-5871 or email for more details. 
 Tevan - AL
 Athens, AL

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22 Skeeter FXR21
22 250 Yamaha
Listed 6/7/22P
25 Yamaha T2, 12" Atlas hydraulic, MinnKota, Solix15, Solix12, 8' MK Raptors, Fusion radio, extra seat covers, EVA flooring pad. Motor has 70 hours.
Call Eddie: 423-620-9462 or email for more details. 
 Greeneville, TN

Barnes7.jpg (70641 bytes) Barnes6.jpg (108873 bytes) Barnes1.jpeg (73609 bytes) Barnes2.jpeg (67244 bytes) 

19 Skeeter FX20
19 250 Yamaha
Listed 6/7/22P
25 Yamaha T2, manual jackplate, MK Ultrex, Solix 12, Solix 10, Dry Dock, Oxymax, Fusion bluetooth radio, travel cover. Motor has 85 hours.
Call Kevin: 256-810-1814 or email for more details. 
 Kevin - AL
 Russellville, AL

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15 Skeeter ZX250
15 250 Yamaha

Listed 6/3/22P
12" Slidemaster, MK Ultrex 52", HDS16 Carbon, HDS12 Carbon, Precision Sonar mounts w/locks,1 year old Duracell trolling batteries, Interstate agm cranking less than year old, Power Pole Pro Series II w/fobs and stomp buttons, SeaClear harness wiring, deck lights, compartment lights and night uvs.Motor has 440 hours.
Call/Text Matt: 256-366-9533 or email for more details. 
 Matt Lawler - AL
 Killen, AL

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20 Skeeter ZX250
20 250 Yamaha

Listed 6/2/22P
25 Yamaha T2, 27 Croxton worked Yamaha, manual jackplate, Helix12 at console, Solix12 at bow, group 31 agm cranking battery, 8' Power Poles, AmpD Marine center tackle divider and battery compartment organizer.
Call Joey: 434-610-1800 or email for more details. 
 Jtalbott88 - VA
 Goode, VA

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09 Skeeter ZX190
09 150 Yamaha
     4 Stroke

Listed 5/23/22P
Slidemaster jackplate, MK Fortrex 24V, HDS12 Live Gen3, HDS9 Live Gen3, custom cover. Second owner. Newer power pole spike/remotes/mag-sync, windshield, Hamby's, cut off switches, 10ga electronics wiring, Precision Sonar bow plate, trailer leds, bunks & Goodyear Endurance tires. Garage stored. Motor has approx.220 hours, runs great, fully serviced and winterized every year, injectors cleaned. Boat in great shape.
Call Sean: 978-807-4027 or email for more details.
 Sean - MA
 Barre, MA
 $24,995. $23,995.

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22 Skeeter FXR20
22 250 Yamaha
Listed 5/20/22P
25 Yamaha T2 prop, Atlas hydraulic, 2 Helix 12's on BBT dual mount on bow, will leave if you don't want the Active Target and Lowrance HDS 12. Boat has every option. Will be sold through dealer. 
Call/Text Jarred: 318-359-8226 or email for more details.
 JTWilliams - LA
 Bunkie, LA

Jarred1.jpg (55920 bytes) Jarred2.jpg (61696 bytes)  Jarred4.jpg (141243 bytes) Jarred5.jpg (54406 bytes) Jarred6.jpg (136658 bytes) Jarred7.jpg (125712 bytes) 

21 Skeeter ZX200
21 200 Yamaha
Listed 5/15/22P
23 Yamaha T2 prop, Slidemaster manual, MK Ultrex 80#, two Helix 7's, Garmin Panoptix 9" Touch screen. Boat has approx 20 hours with motor warranty until February 2026.
Call Kevin: 434-665-5625 or email for more details. 
 Dawsonk1974 - VA
 Rustburg, VA

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22 Skeeter FXR21
22 250 Yamaha
Listed 5/9/22P
Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex, Helix 15 console, Helix 12 at bow, MinnKota Raptors, Skeeter cover, 2 butt seats never used. Motor has less than 20 hours.
Call Ashton: 409-679-4709 or email for more details.
 Ashton - TX
 Sam Rayburn, TX

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15 Skeeter ZX250
15 250 Yamaha

Listed 4/27/22P
Atlas manual jackplate, MK Ultrex with brand new foot pedal board March 2022, Livescope, 3 new trolling batteries April 2022, Loc-R-Bar. Power Poles shown in photos not included. Well maintained. Motor has approx.275 hours. 
Call Sam: 865-684-7210 (phone calls preferred).
 Rscarris42 - PA
 Philadelphia, PA

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18 Skeeter FX21
17 250 Yamaha
Listed 4/21/22P
Bob's hydraulic, MK Ultrex 112#, Raymarine Axiom 16 and 12 at console, Raymarine Axiom 16 and Garmin 9 w/Livescope at bow, Power Pole Blades w/bow foot controls, dual pro trim.
Call Sawyer: 228-209-1651 or email for more details. 
 Sawyer - MS
 Saucier, MS

Sawyer2.jpg (145259 bytes) Sawyer1.jpg (126111 bytes)

14 Skeeter FX20
14 250 Yamaha

Listed 4/20/22
26 Turbo, manual jackplate, MK Ultrex 112# 52", Garmin 126sv on dash, Garmin 106sv and Garmin 122 Ultra Livescope at bow, Ampted 64hr lithium w/charger, 10' Red Power Pole Blades w/covers, Boss bluetooth stereo, Skeeter cover. Carpet in great shape, new bunks this year, 1 year old Carlisle tires. All maintenance up to date by dealer. Kept in climate controlled barn its whole life, waxed after every use. Motor has 301 hrs.
Call Tim: 806-881-4997 or email for more details. 
 Timtwo - TX
 Hedley, TX
 $47,000. w/out electronics

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06 Skeeter 20i
06 250 Yamaha
     VMax HPDI

Listed 4/13/22
Two 3 blade props balanced/blueprinted by Mark Croxton, new Fortrex 101#, HDS9 and HDS5 on console, HDS5 on bow all linked updated computer, custom travel cover, new trailer fenders, all lights work. Very clean and solid boat. Every gallon of gas put in it treated with sta-bill fuel treatment.
Call Bill: 440-812-4430 or email for more details. 
 Skeeter 20i - OH
 Kingsville, OH
 $33,000. $28,000.

Cusano1.jpg (74230 bytes) Cusano2.jpg (67413 bytes)

03 Skeeter SK200
03 200 Yamaha
     3.1 L

Listed 3/19/22P
Atlas jackplate, Motorguide, 2 Humminbird 1198's, Prosport charger, hot foot, 10' Talon, new carpet and new seats, travel cover. Tandem w/spare.Very good condition, all works as it should. Have all manuals.
Call Larry: 443-257-0436 or email for more details. 
 Larry - MD
 Bel Air, MD

 Craighead2.jpg (67561 bytes) Craighead3.jpg (102070 bytes) Craighead4.jpg (76055 bytes) Craighead5.jpg (95316 bytes) Craighead6.jpg (112028 bytes) Craighead7.jpg (95051 bytes)

21 Skeeter FXR21
21 250 Yamaha

Listed 3/18/22
25 SHO T2 prop, manual jackplate, MK Ultrex 112# w/iPilot, 2 Helix 12's, Garmin 126SV w/Livescope on bow, 8' Power Poles, Skeeter cover. Less than 50 hours on motor but will change as boat is still in use. Rigged and ready to continue tournament fishing.
Call Perry: 209-564-1494 or email for more details. 
 Perry - CA
 Chowchilla, CA
 $72,000. $69,000.

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10 Skeeter FX21
10 250 Yamaha
Listed 3/17/22P
25 T2 prop, MK Ultrex, Helix 12, Helix 9, Series II Power Poles. 
Call Ed: 662-231-9809 or email for more details. 
 Fishhead Ed - MS
 Saltillo, MS

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22 Skeeter ZX200
22 200 Yamaha
Listed 3/10/22P
Yamaha SHO prop, 12" manual jackplate, MK Fortrex 112#, Helix 7 CI's indash and bow, hot foot, pro trim, 2 bike seats, custom cover, batteries included.
Call Sales: 218-512-0105 or email for more details. 
 Kovash Marine - MN
 Moorhead, MN
 Call for Price

Kovash2.JPG (58869 bytes) Kovash1.JPG (91728 bytes)

13 Skeeter FX20
13 250 Yamaha
Listed 2/27/22P
Yamaha prop, Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex 112#, HDS12 Gen3, HDS8 Gen2, Garmin 1022 w/Livescope. Original owner, bought new March 2015. Motor has 340 hours currently.
Call Tim: 812-305-7799 or email for more details. 
 TMartin - IN
 Newburgh, IN

TMartin1.jpg (94045 bytes) TMartin2.jpg (93315 bytes) TMartin3.jpg (95742 bytes) TMartin4.jpg (114601 bytes)

20 Skeeter ZX225
20 225 Yamaha

Listed 2/21/22P
Yamaha 25 T2 SHO prop, 12" jackplate, MK Ultrex 36V, 3 Helix 9's, 2 at console, 1 at bow, Power Poles w/remote, Skeeter cover, new batteries Jan.2022. Will not come with HB360 in photos. Brand new powerhead with 0 hours. Motor & lower unit have 3 years Yamaha warranty left. More photos available.
Text Blaine 972-672-8171 or email for more details. 
 Blaine - TX
 Cedar Park, TX

Butler1.jpg (78399 bytes) Butler2.jpg (121241 bytes) Butler3.jpg (76533 bytes)

17 Skeeter FX20 LE
17 250 Yamaha

Listed 1/27/22P
Yamaha T2 prop, Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex, HDS12, HDS9, linked, dual pro trim, padded front deck, hot foot, Power Pole Blades, JBL bluetooth speaker, Rigid led deck lights, lighted compartments, touch pad controls, dry dock, bike seat, folding seat, Hamby's, Skeeter cover, oxymax, MK 4 bank charger, batteries have been replaced. New tires/spare, disc brakes, swing tongue, R/R E ladder, Skeeter steps. M360 not included. Motor has 174 hrs. Garage kept, maintenance log available.
Call Adam: 570-295-4245 or email for more details. 
 AJanerella - PA
 Jersey Shore, PA

AdamF1.jpg (69830 bytes) AdamF2.jpg (88613 bytes) AdamF3.jpg (101038 bytes) AdamF4.jpg (109173 bytes) AdamF5.jpg (89376 bytes)

18 Skeeter FX21LE
18 250 Yamaha
Listed 1/24/22P
Hydraulic jackplate, MK Ultrex, HDS9 Touch at bow, HDS12 Touch at console, Power Poles, padded carpet, 2 bike seats, keel guard. Motor has 290 hours.
Call Sales: 573-565-2052 or email for more details. 
 154 Marine - MO
 Perry, MO
20 Skeeter ZX190
20 150 Yamaha
     VMax 4 Stroke

Listed 1/19/22P
Raker prop, MK Ultrex 80# w/Spotlock, two Helix 5's. Less than 80 hours on motor w/5 years warranty. No tournament fishing, only pleasure. Health not good, reason for selling. Boat in excellent condition, must see to appreciate!
Call Johnny: 205-243-0447 or email for more details.
 Johnny W - AL
 Birmingham, AL

JW1.jpg (80135 bytes) JW2.jpg (72766 bytes) JW3.jpg (66327 bytes)

19 Skeeter FX21
     Apex Edition
19 250 Yamaha
Listed 12/19/21P
Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex, Solix 15, Solix 12, 8' Power Poles, Sea Clear wiring harness. Garage kept, excellent condition. Motor has 97 hours with warranty until 2026.
Call Jeff: 423-620-3925 or email for more details.
 Jeff C - TN
 Greeneville, TN

Collins1.jpg (187863 bytes) Collins2.jpg (99398 bytes) Collins4.jpg (156429 bytes) Collins5.jpg (167120 bytes) Collins6.jpg (169894 bytes) Collins8.jpg (137686 bytes)  Collins11.jpg (175358 bytes)

13 Skeeter FX21
13 250 Yamaha

Listed 11/4/21P
25 Yamaha T1, 12" hydraulic, MinnKota, HB 998C console, HB 1198C bow, 8' Power Poles, Mid-South Lakemaster chip. Motor has 371 hours, new lower unit at 168 hours. Motor runs perfect and has never had a single issue. Everything works mechanically and electronically as it should.
Call Rocky: 985-856-9329 or email for more details. 
 RockyP - LA
 Houma, LA

Pinell1.jpg (59936 bytes) Pinell2.jpg (117159 bytes) Pinell3.jpg (67965 bytes) Pinell4.jpg (71225 bytes) Pinell5.jpg (89582 bytes)

18 Skeeter FX20
18 250 Yamaha

Listed 10/25/21P
Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex w/iPilot, 2 Solix 12's, Garmin GPSMap 7612 XSV w/Livescope, HB heading sensor, HB thru hull transducer, HB Mega transducers on TM and jackplate, 4 12v Lithium Pro batteries, 8' Power Pole Blades w/console/foot switches, hot foot, dual pro trim. Rigid led backup trailer lights, new tires including spare. Motor has 365 hours w/warranty until 11/04/2023.
Call Mike: 214-668-0117 or email for more details. 
 Mike G - TX
 Flower Mound, TX
 $63,000. $59,995.

Griffin1.JPEG (76699 bytes) Griffin2.jpeg (61501 bytes)

21 Skeeter ZXR21
21 250 Yamaha
Listed 10/24/21P
MK Ultrex 112#, Helix 12's console and bow, Mega 360, added an Ionic 1215AH lithium for electronics. Garage kept. Only 17 hours with warranty until March 2027.
Call Dane: 845-235-5387 or email for more details.
 Andersondnb - NY
 Hudson, NY

DaneA1.jpg (89220 bytes) DaneA2.jpg (82453 bytes) DaneA3.jpg (92924 bytes) DaneA4.jpg (103442 bytes) DaneA5.jpg (82821 bytes) DaneA6.jpg (109003 bytes)

17 Skeeter ZX250
17 250 Yamaha

Listed 10/15/21P
Yamaha T2 worked by Croxton, MK Ultrex 52" w/iPilot link, 3 brand new 31 group TM batteries, brand new 31 group Odyssey cranking battery, bike seat, folding seat, SeaClear wiring harness, cover. No graphs included. Motor has around 600 hours with warranty until July 2023.
Call Joseph: 615-948-2627 or email for more details. 
 Joseph M - TN
 Lebanon, TN

Mallicoat1.jpg (61100 bytes) Mallicoat2.jpg (77955 bytes) Mallicoat3.jpg (97749 bytes) Mallicoat4.jpg (162295 bytes)

04 Skeeter ZX250
14 250 Yamaha

Listed 10/8/21P
25 FXP Turbo, manual jackplate, MK Ultrex 52", HDS7 at bow, HDS10 at console, linked via StructureScanHD, Stealth 1 charging system, brand new driver/passenger seats, Tournament Saver Pro jumper box, VT2 livewell vents, 8' Power Poles, hot foot. Yamaha lower unit and FXP prop are 1.5 years old. Trailer tires replaced June this year.
Call Rene: 813-310-5583 or email for more details. 
 Leon - GA
 Flowery Branch, GA

Leon2.jpg (80746 bytes) Leon1.jpg (78778 bytes) Leon3.jpg (86969 bytes) Leon4.jpg (129410 bytes) Leon5.jpg (160033 bytes)

18 Skeeter ZX225
18 225 Yamaha
Listed 10/8/21P
Two 25 Yamaha props, 12" Slidemaster, MK Ultrex, two Helix 12 Gen3's, HB Mega 360, Hydrowave. Just over 100 hours with warranty until January 2024. 
Call John: 936-639-5962 or 936-635-4581 cell.
 Filterman - TX
 Lufkin, TX
 $57,000. $51,500.

Haney3.jpg (97904 bytes) Haney5.jpg (62109 bytes) Haney1.jpg (160298 bytes) Haney2.jpg (144831 bytes) Haney4.jpg (166551 bytes)

14 Skeeter ZX20
14 250 Yamaha

Listed 10/6/21P
Yamaha prop, MK Ultrex 112# w/built in transducer 52" (6 months old), Humminbird 10 SI/DI Gen3, Humminbird 9 SI Gen2, Lowrance ti2 12", Humminbird 999CI, 4 brand new Deka Intimidator AGM31 batteries.. Carpet is in mint condition, the only thing wrong with the boat is the seats need new skins, they are torn as shown in photo. Motor has approx.450 hours. Will entertain reasonable offers. New boat ordered.
Call James: 724-816-4578 or email for more details. 
 James M - PA
 Harmony, PA
 $37,000. obo

Mignanelli3.jpg (143987 bytes) Mignanelli4.jpg (144298 bytes) Mignanelli2.jpg (123510 bytes) Mignanelli1.jpg (146911 bytes)

20 Skeeter FXR20
20 250 Yamaha

Listed 9/11/21P
25 Yamaha T2, manual jackplate, MK Ultrex 112# iPilot Mega DI, 2 Helix 12's at console, Solix 12 at bow, HB360 Mega, 8' Power Pole Blades w/remote & foot pedals, RMP power pole light, pro trim, Hydrowave, culling system, 3 TM batteries, 2 cranking & electronics batteries, lighted storage boxes, hot foot. Custom wheel & tire package. Motor has approx 100 hrs with warranty and has been serviced by dealer.  Buck 5353 - OK
 Elk City, OK

Buck2.jpg (104003 bytes) Buck1.jpg (109270 bytes) Buck3.jpg (182011 bytes)

19 Skeeter FX21
19 250 Yamaha
Listed 9/5/21P
Bob's hydraulic, MK Ultrex 112#, 2 Lowrance HDS 9 Lives, 2 HDS 12 Lives.
Call Mitchell: 706-518-8135 or email for more details.
 Mitchell - AL
 Auburn, AL

Jennings1.jpg (94703 bytes) Jennings2.jpg (131189 bytes) Jennings3.jpg (139567 bytes) Jennings4.jpg (158779 bytes)

18 Skeeter FX21 LE
18 250 Yamaha

Listed 8/15/21P
Manual jackplate, Mk Ultrex 112#, 2 new HDS 12 Lives, 8' Power Poles, Bluetooth speaker system, Skeeter boat cover, winterized, led deck and trailer lighting package. Motor has 230 hours. 
Call Chris: 316-304-6390 or email for more details. 
 Chris Stephenson - OK
 Broken Arrow, OK
 $65,500. $62,500. obo

ChrisS3.jpeg (79232 bytes) ChrisS4.jpg (107282 bytes) ChrisS2.jpg (84637 bytes) ChrisS1.jpg (96096 bytes)

20 Skeeter FXR21
20 250 Yamaha

Listed 8/11/21P
26 Yamaha prop, hydraulic jackplate, MK Ultrex 112#, Solix 12 SI, Solix 12. Priced with extras: 360 Mega imaging, Garmin126sv w/Livescope transducer, Cornfield crappie 360 degree livescope trolling motor system. Pricing can be reduced if not interested in these add ons. Hours on SHO will be under 200 have to get it to shop. 
Call Dave: 715-651-1245 or email for more details. 
 Skeeterboy1 - WI
 Cameron, WI

Sedani3.jpg (64320 bytes) Sedani4.jpg (60275 bytes) Sedani1.jpg (180108 bytes) Sedani2.jpg (102202 bytes)

21 Skeeter FXR20
21 250 Yamaha
Listed 8/7/21P
Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex, 2 Helix 12 GN4's, HB Mega+360. Will be available September 24th.
Call Steven: 586-718-8081 or email for more details. 
 Steven - MI
 Harrison Twp, MI

Hatala1.jpg (89696 bytes) Hatala2.jpg (98691 bytes)

10 Skeeter ZX190
10 150 Yamaha

Listed 7/30/21P
23 Scorpion, 23 Yamaha M, 10" jackplate, MK Fortrex 80#, Helix 7 MSI, Helix 7 MDI, Power Poles, new Blue top Optima cranking, padded front deck, remote drain, Perko cutoff switch, 10 ga marine wiring for electronics. Upgraded wheels, 1 year old Goodyear Endurance tires/spare, 1 yr old axle, hubs, disc brakes. Extra clean. Motor has approx 300 hours. Video available upon request. Everything works, tournament ready!  RiverRat48 - AL
 Valley, AL

JasonK1.jpg (59937 bytes) JasonK2.jpg (78789 bytes) JasonK3.jpg (96856 bytes) JasonK4.jpg (77652 bytes) JasonK5.jpg (82416 bytes)

12 Skeeter ZX 20
12 250 Yamaha
Listed 6/22/21P
New MK Ultrex, HB Helix 12 on console, Helix 10 on bow, Garmin Livescope, new batteries, Power Poles, remote drain plug, pro trim, new carpet and upholstery.
Call Chuck: 910-783-7021 or email for more details. 
 CBolton - NC
 West End, NC

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