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14 Bullet 21XRD
14 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 3/25/17
14 powdercoated Rapid Jack, MK Fortrex 112#, two HB Onyx10's linked, 4 bank charger, new 8' Power Pole Blades, Blue led deck lighting, oxygenated livewell w/pumpout, radio, Smartcraft gauges, cover. Boat is in like new condition. Motor has 34 hours.
Call Steve: 573-429-3689 or 573-820-0091 cell.
 Steve - MO
 Dexter, MO

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92 Bullet 20XD
97 175 Mariner EFI
     2.5 L

Listed 3/19/17P
26 Mazco 3 blade, 15" Rapid Jack, MK Digital 24V, two Lowrance 339's. CustomLine trailer w/brakes, repainted 2 yrs ago with new bunk boards/carpet. Boat only used once in 3 yrs. Never been clearcoated and is smooth. Motor runs perfectsly, has CLE bottom water pickup. Garage kept, boat is in good condition.
Call Bernie: 256-282-7730 or email for more information.
 Berniemc - AL
 Anniston, AL

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09 Bullet 21RDC
17 300XS Merc
Listed 3/10/17P
29 Bravo1 XS, 14" Atlas hydraulic, MK Fortrex 80#, Lowrance HDS7 Gen3's. Tandem galvanized/painted Boatmate trailer w/swing tongue. Boat has factory installed marine vinyl flooring. Motor has only 6 hours w/warranty to July 2018.
Call John: 225-614-6776 or email for more details. 
 Rocketmanjp - LA
 Gonzales, LA

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16 Bullet 21XRS
16 250 Yamaha
Listed 3/9/17P
Hydraulic jackplate, MinnKota 112#, Lowrance/Humminbird electronics, 8' Power Pole Blades, led lights on boat & trailer, Hydrowave, additional fuel tank. Motor has 160 hrs w/warranty until 2019. Boat is a 9.9 out of 10.
Call Cole: 706-575-4299 or email for more details. 
 Cp3434 - AL
 Phenix City, AL

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17 Bullet 21 XRS

Listed 2/4/17P
14" Rapid Jack, hot foot w/slide, dual bilge pumps, windshield, cover, upgraded wheels, Mercury pre-rig and more! You can pick the electronics and motor horsepower that you want. Financing is available and we consider all trades.
Call Sales: 740-532-9091 or email for more details. 
 Malone's Marine - OH
 Ironton, OH
 Call for Price

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16 Bullet 21 XRS
16 250 Merc
     Sport XS
Listed 11/22/16P
28 SS prop, 14" Bob's hydraulic, MinnKota 112#, 3 HDS12's, 2 36V and 1 12V Lithium Pro batteries ($5800), 10' Power Poles ($3500), extra 10 gal factory installed fuel tank.
Call Jimmy: 903-930-0933 or email for more details. 
 Jimmy B - TX
 Marshall, TX

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14 Bullet 21XRS
14 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 10/24/16P
Motorguide 84#, HDS12, HDS9, Smartcraft gauges, oxygenator in livewell, upgraded pumps, lots of extras. Less than 180 hours. Very nice boat, garage kept.
Call Zack: 304-687-7794 or email for more information.
 Marcumz13 - WV
 Logan, WV
 $43,500. obo

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13 Bullet 21XRD
13 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 10/18/16P
29 Bravo XS, 15" Rapid Jack, Motorguide 82#, Lowrance HDS, Sidescan, Smartcraft gauges, UBP hot foot plate, cooler lid w/storage, passenger rod holder, 3 bank charger. Boat is loaded and in excellent condition and I'm very picky. Motor has Platinum warranty through August 2019 I believe and currently has 132 hours. 
Call/Text Adam: 573-718-5338 or email for more details. 
 AHutson - MO
 Poplar Bluff, MO

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14 Bullet 21XRD
14 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 9/25/16P
28 Bravo, HydroDynamics jackplate, Motorguide 24V, two HDS12 units.
Call Sales: 256-396-0065 or email for more information.
 Wedowee Marine - AL
 Lineville, AL

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14 Bullet 22SF
14 350 Merc
Listed 9/12/16P
Bravo prop, Bob's hydraulic, MK Fortrex 112#, two Garmin 8208's. This is a complete custom build. Please email me for a full build sheet. Boat has approx.40 hours and is in showroom condition.
Call Rich: 954-304-0206 or email for more information.
 Hydrilla Gear - FL
 Pompano Beach, FL
 $85,000. $75,000.

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12 Bullet 21SS
12 250 Merc 
     Sport XS
Listed 8/13/16P
27 Trophy Plus, HydroDynamics jackplate, MK Fortrex, HDS8, HDS5. Motor has 130 hours and also the bigger Torquemaster lower unit.
Call Dustin: 337-962-8586 or email for more details.
 Dustin - LA
 Breaux Bridge, LA

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17 Bullet 21XRS
17 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 8/10/16P
28 Bravo, 15" Rapid Jack jackplate, Motorguide. The Bullet 21XRS has blended many of the best features from their existing line to create the 21XRS. Deck layout is designed to offer a larger fishing platform with an incredible amount of storage. We have any electronics or accessories you might want for your new Bullet. 
Call Joe: 615-797-4760 or email for more information.
 C&O Marine - TN
 White Bluff, TN
 Call for Price

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15 Bullet 21 RDC
15 250 Yamaha

Listed 8/10/16P
28 Yamaha T1, 14" Atlas jackplate, Motorguide 36V, HB998, HB889. The 21RDC is a dual console version of the 21XRD, the anchor of the Bullet lineup. Large front platform, ample storage, fantastic fuel economy and great rough water handling. Only 34 hours on motor and loaded with options.
Call Joe: 615-797-4760 or email for more information.
 C&O Marine - TN
 White Bluff, TN

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09 Bullet 21 XRD
09 300 Merc XS
     3.2 Stroker

Listed 6/21/16P
26 TXP OT4, 14" HydroDynamics, Motorguide 82#, HDS7 bow, HDS7 console w/LSS1, Lithium Pros 3440 single TM battery w/charger, Interstate starting battery, MK 3 bank charger. Powdercoated hot foot & plate, glovebox, rod organizers, tackle organizer, lighted compartments/livewell, Hydrowave, Smartcraft gauges. Motor has 396 hrs w/125-130 compression all cylinders. DBR 1.1 kit, flashed ECU, Velocity stack, Alien cowling, billet flywheel.
Call Chris: 903-762-6159 or 903-563-2800 cell.
 70 Mach 1 - TX
 Gilmer, TX

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16 Bullet 21 SDC
16 300 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 4/7/16P
The New Bullet 21XRS aka 21SDC, comes with the 300 Stroker, tandem trailer and spare tire. 14" Rapid Jack, your choice of trolling motor and electronics. Call for options and pricing.
Call Joe: 615-797-4760 or email for more details.
 C&O Marine - TN
 White Bluff, TN
 Call for Price

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14 Bullet 21XRS
14 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 4/5/16P
28 Bravo, 10" Rapid Jack jackplate, MK Fortrex 80#, HDS9, HDS7 with side scan, 10' Power Pole Blades, bluetooth Memphis audio system w/subwoofer. Motor has 100 hours.
Call Tony: 870-845-3122 or email for more details/photos. 
 Futrell Marine - AR
 Nashville, AR

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02 Bullet XF
03 250 Merc XS
Listed 4/3/16P
28 TXP, 30 Hydro, 12" Rapid Jack, MinnKota 80#, charger, GPS, radio. Boat is kept under carport and covered.
Call Gary: 504-234-1147 or email for more details. 
 Gary - LA
 Lafitte, LA

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