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19 Charger 210
     Elite DC
19 250 Merc
     Pro XS V8
Listed 12/20/18P
Fury prop, 10" Slidemaster, MK Fortrex 112#, digital motor controls including hot foot. Will install electronics the buyer chooses.
Call Sales: 505-334-2717 or email for more information.
 SanJuanMarine - NM
 Flora Vista, NM
 Call for Price

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19 Charger 210
     Elite SC
19 250 Merc
     Pro XS V8
Listed 12/20/18P
Fury prop, 10" Slidemaster, MK Fortrex 112#, custom Aqualon travel cover, digital motor controls including hot foot. Will install electronics the buyer chooses.
Call Sales: 505-334-2717 or email for more information.
 SanJuanMarine - NM
 Flora Vista, NM
 Call for Price

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03 Charger 195TF
03 200 Yamaha
Listed 10/27/18P
Dual console, manual jackplate, trolling motor, electronics. Service dept says good compression on the motor. 
Check our inventory. 
Call Sales: 573-374-9111 or 573-280-5357 for details.
 SportWorldCenter - MO
 Sunrise Beach, MO
 $13,900. $12,900.

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15 Charger 797
15 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 9/24/18P
24 Fury, 12" Atlas jackplate, Motorguide TR109#, Raymarine a127, Raymarine e128. Mercury warranty until April 2022.
Call Rich: 410-977-8422 or email for more information.
 Rvonn - MD
 Jarrettsville, MD

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18 Charger 210
18 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 9/9/18
25 Fury, 10" T-H Marine jackplate, MK Ultrex 112#, Helix10 Mega DI bow, HDS7 console, Night Vision camera on unit at console, heated seats, custom travel cover, bow step on trailer. 15 hours on motor.
Call Dwight: 256-351-2628 or email for more information.
 Dwight - AL
 Danville, AL

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17 Charger 210
17 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 8/6/18P
Fury prop, 10" Slidemaster jackplate, MK Fortrex 112#, two HB Helix 10's, 8' MK Talon, padded front deck, heated seats, livewell lights and oxygenators, led lighting. 
This boat is in excellent condition.
Call Kevin: 573-301-5068 or email for more information. 
 Kevin - MO
 Jefferson City, MO

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For Cobra Listings see the Viper listings on the T-Z Page

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18 Crestliner PT20
18 200 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 10/19/18P
25 Fury, MK Fortrex 112#, two HDS9 Gen3's. I've only had the boat 3-4 months, only selling the boat to get a 2019 PT20.
Call Trevor: 618-927-9492 or email for more information.
 Trevor McKinney - IL
 Benton, IL

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18 Crestliner PT18
18 150 Merc
     4 Stroke

Listed 10/15/18P
19 Tempest, 6" Atlas hydraulic, MK Fortrex 80#, Helix12 DI Gen2, Helix10 SI Gen2, 3 bank charger, Pro air livewell system, tilt steering, hot foot, 8' Power Pole Blades with removable brackets/hose disconnects, lighted compartments, Crestliner cover. Swing tongue, led backup lights. Looks brand new, only used 3 times. Garage kept.
Call/Text Everett: 304-544-3359 or email for more details. 
 Echunts - WV
 Milton, WV
 $35,000. $32,500.

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12 Crestliner VT19
12 115 Merc
     4 Stroke
Listed 10/1/18P
SS 4 blade, Motorguide 75#, 2 HB Helix 7's SI and DI, 3 bank charger, 12' Talon, Blue led deck lights, compartment lights, cover. Swing tongue, spare tire. Maintenance and upkeep done regularly.
Call Tim: 573-632-8977 or email for more details. 
 Ttaz38 - MO
 New Bloomfield, MO

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19 Crestliner PT20
19 200 Merc
     4 Stroke
Listed 8/18/18P
Brand New. SS prop. This boat can be rigged per the customer needs. Electronics and trolling motor are extra cost.
Call Sales: 478-474-9995 or email for more information.
 CGM Boats - GA
 Macon, GA

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18 Crestliner VT18
18 115 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 6/15/18P
19 PowerTech SS, 19 Yamaha Pro Series SS, 3" jackplate, MK Maxxum 70#, Humminbird 10 SI gps, HB 9 DI gps, cover, 3 bank charger, 3 27 series AGM batteries, pro trim, hot foot. Spare tire, swing tongue, ratchet tiedowns.
Call Danny: 304-972-3260 or email for more information.
 Danny - WV
 Huntington, WV

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  Updated 12/28/18


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17 Falcon F215
17 250 Yamaha
Listed 12/15/18B
Yamaha prop, Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex 112#, Garmin Echomap 93 at console, Garmin Echomap 93 at bow and Echomap 73 for Panoptix, 8' Power Pole Blades.
Call Wayne: 803-429-0646 or email for more information.
 Wayne - SC
 Manning, SC

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18 Falcon F205
18 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 9/21/18P
Z-Lock jackplate, MK Ultrex 112# w/iPilot, two Helix 9's. Mercury has a 5 year warranty!
Call us today or stop by and ask us about our test drives!
Call Sales: 479-754-8484 or 479-746-1959 cell.
 Horizon Trikes - AR
 Clarksville, AR

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17 Falcon 205
17 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 9/20/18P
SS prop, 8" manual jackplate, MK Fortrex 112#, Helix9 SI console, Helix9 DI bow, tilt steering, remote drain plug, bike seat, folding seat, retractable rod holders.
Call Mike: 660-547-0025 or email for more information.
 Rockhill Marine - MO
 Lincoln, MO

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18 Falcon 205
18 250 Merc
     Pro 4 Stroke
Listed 9/11/18P
25 Bravo1, Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex, 2 HDS12 Carbons. Motor has 160 hours.
Call Brian: 864-314-6609 or email for more information.
 Brian Latimer - SC
 Belton, SC

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18 Falcon 195
19 200 Merc
Pro Series 4 Stroke
Listed 8/16/18P
Brand New. Fury prop, manual jackplate, MK Fortrex 80#, HB Helix 7, Helix 9 bow. Tandem trailer.
Call Sales: 478-474-9995 or email for more information.
 CGM Boats - GA
 Macon, GA

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18 Falcon F205
18 250 Suzuki SS

Listed 8/11/18P
28 Suzuki prop, Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex w/Spot lock, 3 HDS12 Carbons, sonic hub Bluetooth speaker system, Loc-R-Bar, VT2 livewell vent system, 10' Power Pole Blade w/drift paddles, custom boat cover. Motor has 150 hours with warranty until Dec.2023. Will be factory tuned and professionally detailed before sale. Available September 17.
Boat is Charcoal/Silver/Black under wrap.
Call John: 502-220-8753 or email for more information.
 JHunterGC - KY
 Shelbyville, KY

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17 Falcon F205
17 250 Evinrude
Listed 7/30/18P
Auto trim, MK Fortrex 112#, two Helix 9's. Boat has 13 hours on it, bought it back in April and haven't even used it once. Comes pretty much loaded including custom cover, brand new prop in the box.
Call Ron: 812-453-8046 or email for more information.
 RNN1230 - IN
 Boonville, IN
 $53,250. $48,750.

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18 Falcon 195
18 150 Merc
Listed 7/17/18P
Tempest prop, manual jackplate, MinnKota 70#, two 7' Humminbirds.
Call Sales: 478-474-9995 or email for more information.
 CGM Boats - GA
 Macon, GA

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16 Falcon 215
16 250 Yamaha

Listed 1/9/18P
25 Fury, 8" Atlas hydraulic, MinnKota 112#, HDS9 Gen3, HB959 indash, Point1 w/NMEA 2000, 3 Relion lithium TM batteries, Relion lithium cranking battery, DualPro lithium charger, keel guard, dual 8' Power Pole Blades, w/foot remotes, dash remote, 2 fobs, butt seat/folding seat, custom cover, 52 gal fuel tank. Motor has 2 years warranty left with option to buy 2 more years. 
Call Tommy: 540-907-5552 or email for more details. 
 Tommy - VA
 Midland, VA

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  Added 11/30/18


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98 Fisher FX19
17 200 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 11/30/18P
Tempest prop, 8" manual jackplate, brand new MinnKota Edge 24V. One owner. Mint condition! Still have original bill of sale. Motor is one year old, bought new. Motor has 22 hours and still has 4 years Mercury warranty.
Call Jesse: 662-862-7711 or 662-587-6879 cell. 
 Midway Marine - MS
 Fulton, MS

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  Updated 12/16/18


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13 G3 Talon
13 115 Yamaha
Listed 11/9/18P
3 blade SS prop, Motorguide 70#, Lowrance X510c, Garmin indash. Low hours. Nice clean boat. Must sell due to being somewhat crippled up.
Call Kirk: 417-739-1134 or 417-231-1667 cell.
 Kirk - MO
 Kimberling City, MO

KRoth1.jpg (35570 bytes)

18 G3 Sportsman 16
18 70 Yamaha
     4 Stroke

Listed 5/21/18P
Brand new motor has never been in the water! I bought the boat for 25 HP lakes but it wouldn't get on plane so I've upgraded the motor to sell it. Yamaha aluminum prop, MK Ultrex w/link, two HB Helix9's, MK 3 bank 10 amp charger, spare tire, all the wiring and parts to link the Helix9's together and to hook the front Helix9 to the TM. Ratchet tiedowns. This boat is loaded! I'm taking a loss to make this move fast so I can get a boat for the 25 HP lakes I fish!
Call Jim: 217-417-1977 or email for more information.
 Jim - IL
 Saint Joseph, IL

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  Updated 1/12/19


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07 Gambler 2100
07 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 1/12/19P
26 Trophy, newer 27 Trophy, 27 Trophy worked, Bob's hydraulic, MG Tour 82#, Helix10 Gen2 Chirp Mega console, Helix10 Gen2 Chirp Mega bow w/transducer shield & saver. Electronics are optional. Case of Merc oil, case of Quickleen, case of Merc HP gear oil and new (extra) fatshaft hub included. Motor has 297 hours.
Call Chris: 304-684-7646 or 304-916-0884 cell.
 GamblersRock! - WV
 Saint Marys, WV

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98 Gambler 209 SC
08 225 Merc
Listed 11/11/18P
Brand new Bob's hydraulic, MK Fortrex 80#, HDS9 Touch console, HDI7 at bow, Vessel View gauge pkg. Newer latches, carpet is in great shape. Trailer repainted. Seats were done by Mary K. Very clean, absolutely no issues.
Call/Text Louis: 941-628-6459 or email for more details. 
 21Gambler - FL
 Port Charlotte, FL

Chieffo1.jpg (55295 bytes) Chieffo8.jpg (80193 bytes) Chieffo2.jpg (104123 bytes) Chieffo3.jpg (70243 bytes) Chieffo4.jpg (60810 bytes) Chieffo5.jpg (79416 bytes) Chieffo6.jpg (92044 bytes)

99 Intimidator
99 225 Merc
     Pro Max

Listed 7/21/18P
27 Trophy, 25 Merc, 12" jackplate, new MK Fortrex 112#, Helix7, Helix5, HB 688ci HD, batteries replaced between last season and now, hot foot, Gambler cover. New tires, new axle, brakes redone in the last year or so, new led reverse lights. Bought from original owner and has been garage kept/covered slip kept its whole life. Will entertain trades, looking for v-drive wake boat.
Call Chris: 870-820-5540 or email for more details.
 Chris Church - TN
 Nashville, TN

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02 Gambler 
     2200 DC
02 250 Merc
     Pro XB
Listed 3/9/18P
Bob's hydraulic jackplate, Motorguide 109#, HDS12, HDS7, Hook7, cover, all Optima Blue Top batteries, charger. Tires in great condition. No stains, tears anywhere. Super clean. You won't be disappointed. Only 180 hours on package.
Call Troy: 608-306-2990 or email for more information.
 Bassboatguy - WI
 Prairie Du Chien, WI

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