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01 Triton 200 XP  Q: I am having problem with my top end speed.  It just seems too slow for this rig.
01 225 Merc Was told by my dealer that a 27" prop would fix the top end problem bringing the 
  rig to the mid to upper 70's.  Is this true?  If not, what prop would you suggest?
6" jackplate     A: Just changing the pitch will gain 1-2 mph from the 25 to 27....but you still  
6" off the transom have setup issues to cure.
72.8 mph @ 5800 At 6" up....if that's where you're at....you're too low....start bringing it up....also.....
15# psi use the 25" for testing.  If you can get it into the rev limiter or over 6K then step up
  in pitch size.
  I can get the 200XP into the 80's (low 80's) with a 10" plate, a 27" Tempest and 
  several tricks....the normal angler will see 74-76 when it's done with a 6" plate
  and reasonable setup.
02 Triton TR20  Q: Hello Todd, I am getting a new TR20 and am wanting to set this boat up to 
02 225 Merc pop 80 mph.  I've been told the best way to do this is with a TR20 (single console
  for the weight) with the Merc 225 EFI and a 10" Detwiler hydraulic plate.

25" Yamaha

I have a worked over Yamaha racing prop I'm running on my current Triton and 

10" jackplate

the prop gave me 3 mph top end.  The boat, engine and jackplate will all be shipped
  to the dealer and set up at the dealer.  What suggestions can you offer on this rig?
  I need to keep the boat stock as I fish Operation Bass and don't want any chances
  of someone protesting me for having a worked up engine. Thanks for your help....
      A: All looks good....the 10" plate is a must.....a hydro isn't but will help....unless 
  the 25" has been super cupped it won't get you to 80....the rev limiter simply won't 
  allow the engine to spin enough r's to get there.....I think a 27" Yamaha with the 
  same treatment will do it tho.
  You're going to have to spin some higher r's....so as soon as breakin is over, switch
  to Amsoil......I like Klotz better but Amsoil is super clean burning and will handle
  up to 7500 r's....you on the other hand will need to be able to run 6000....an 
  efficient 6K.  Change lower lube to Klotz Flex Drive also.
  Now....just having these components won't get you there.....no 36V trolling motors
  ......mount the charger as far left as possible and the oil tank where the spare prop
  goes....keep all weight rearward....even if you have to go aft to tie worm rigs on....
  keep plastics in the front and all crankbaits and such in the passenger side rear
  compartment.....loading a Toon correctly is worth 1 mph minimum....as much as I 
  despise MotorGuide....they are light on the bow and will give more speed over the
  Minnkota 74.
  Get the boat....get it broken in....get your best speed and then I'll give you one last
  top secret tip for 2 more mph....a tip that can't be broadcast.
00 Triton TR21  Q: Todd, I just bought this boat and not sure what the best setup would be.
00 225 Johnson HO I want the best in between setup that I can achieve. I don't know how to measure
  the height of transom or above pad.  I was hoping you could help me out.
25" Renegade Also, how can you tell if I have the Lightning gearcase?  Thanks.........
6" jackplate    A: You've got one of my favorite combos there.....the lightning case will be silver...
  and will have 3 water inlets in each side....and a semi nosecone....but hope you 
  don't have a lightning....I don't care for them at all.
  Now.....for a mid range setup here's what you need.....25" Renegade, 6" plate and 
  the engine set at 6" over the transom.....this is measured by laying a straight edge
  across the transom so it extends into the void of the jackplate......measure from the 
  bottom of the edge to the underside of the engine mounting brackets where the 
  engine would rest on the transom were there no plate.....
  The 25 Renegade is slower on top than the 27.....but handles better at low mid
  range and will get out of the hole a shade faster.....when you get used to the setup
  and want to go fast this is what you need.....27 Renegade, 2" spacers for 8" of
  setback and set the engine at 6.5" up.....
  The HO will spin the 25 to 6 grand easily....and will spin the 27 about the same....
  only 1.5 mph faster and a little longer to get there.....my tricked out 21's with the 
  HO's were good for 77 light.....so mid 70's is very attainable.
  You've got a great boat there.....I'm sure you're gonna love it.

01 Triton TR20

 Q: I am trying to get more rpm out of my engine and more speed.

01 225 Yamaha

The boat feels like it has a lot of power left but it starts to chine and I have to back 
  it down.  Should I raise the engine or go to a 25" prop? What would be the best
27" Yamaha ProS setup for this boat?
6" jackplate     A: You've got to bring it up!  That rig will run at almost 7" high and get better
72 mph @ 5200/5300 with the chine also....the 27" is perfect for that rig....I'd want to see you with a bit 
19# psi more setback......like 8".
  You are going to have to spend some driving time.....not wanting to patrionize you
  but listen closely!.......
  DO NOT TRIM IT TILL IT'S UNCONTROLLABLE!....figure the point where 
  you start to lose it and don't go there!  Spend much time at the comfortable level......
  and then step up a tad.....and spend a lot of time there before going up more on the 
  If you try to wring it all out now you'll just get more discouraged.....take time.....
  and if possible have an experienced chine walk driver give you some hands-on tips.....
  this will help more than anything.
  Read all the chine articles on BBC.....they contain some great info from several
  experienced drivers.

01 Triton TR22

 Q: I'm coming out of a Gambler Intimidator that ran pretty good. This is my first

00 225 Evinrude Ficht

Triton and need some info.  The Evinrude came off my Gambler and has the 
  Lightning gearcase.  I need to know where to start with props and what kind of 
  speed can I expect with this setup.  I moved up to the Triton for big water.
  I'll be fishing Everstart Northern Division this year. Thanks for any help.
      A: The Lightning case is gonna hurt some...the standard case will give more lift.
  The 22 likes 3 blades.....but....with the Lightning case I'd recommend the 25" 
  The 22's I've run with 225's were 70 mph boats....some hi 60's when loaded....
  great ride though.....and tons of storage.  My 22/300 was an 80 mph boat.....
  the 250's push them to upper 70's.....they won't set any records but they'll take 
  some very big water.  Set the engine at 6" over transom for starters.....depending
  on your load you may have to drop some.

01 Triton TR 186

 Q: Just ended my break in oil. Have no jackplate. Motor is hanging in the 4th hole

01 150 Merc EFI

from the top.  Boat seems ok, still learning the feel of it at 55 mph +.  
  Would it help to raise to 3rd hole, and what kind of difference would I see taking
24" Trophy Plus out plugs in prop.  Thanks........
4th hole from top     A: Removing PVS plugs only affects holeshot...bigger hole = more slippage....
  as for raising the engine on the transom....I'd either get a plate or leave it where it is.
  The 24" Trophy is probably going to be a bit large tho.....23" Trophy or Tempest
  will do better.....keep the rpms in the 5500 range for full power.
99 Triton TR18  Q: I start to get some chinewalk with this at this speed and setup.  I really don't 
99 150 Merc EFI want a jackplate, but would a 24" Trophy help any.  Thanks.......
23" Tempest  A: No.......
2" off the transom  
62 mph @ 5250 rpm  
12# psi  
02 Triton TR21  Q: Going down to dealer to hang around while he rigs it.  Have my choice of prop.
02 Merc 250XB Pro Suggestions on prop?
   A: I like the 26" Trophy.....some run the 27" Tempest.....but with 6300+ rpm it's

8" jackplate

hard to beat the speed and load carrying ability of the good ol 25" Trophy.
  Make sure they rig it in the bottom hole of the jackplate.....keep as much of the 
  plate touching as possible....in other words....don't rig to have to use all the plate to
  get where you need to run.....this greatly reduces plate strength....have them set it 
  at 6" over transom to start.....you'll be going up tho.
99 Triton TX21  Q: I'm going to go with a RapidJack (should I get a 6" or the adjustable 7-8"), and
99 200 Merc EFI what height would be best.  Also I'm thinking about putting Boyesen reeds on my 
     Offshore motor, do you have any comments on them?  Lastly I'm also thinking about the 
  new nose cone with low water pickups from Portabracket.  I appreciate your help.
25" Trophy Plus     A: For a heavier TX you're running pretty dang well....especially for a 200 small
2" off transom block.  Anyhow....I'd go with the 6" plate.....a bigger plate will tax the 200 at 
67 mph @ 5700 mid range and lower speeds. I think 5.25" up would be a good setting.
19# psi The Boyesens will add NO performance.  They will help throttle response some and 
  may add a millisecond at holeshot but that's it at best.....where they shine is at rpms
  of 6K+.....if they break they won't damage the engine.
  As for the Porta cone....mmmm I wouldn't.  If you need a cone for water pickup
  then add the torquemaster scoops.  The cone will cause a loss in performance due
  to loss of left....something you don't need to happen on the TX....it will add no speed.
  Once you get the plate installed and a good setup you should be in the 70 mph 
  range....nothing to sneeze at....if then you feel like you need more umph....a tighter 
  set of heads will up compression and be very easy to do without great cost and will
  add the most performance.
01 Triton TR186  Q: I bought a CMC 5 1/2" jackplate. What height do I need to set the jackplate
01 125 Merc for maximum speed and handling? I also have a Mercury Laser II 22". 
  Do I need to go to the Tempest 23"?  After I install the plate and prop, what
22" Merc Laser II should my water pressure be? With these improvements is this a good setup for 
  maximum performance? 
      A: The TR186 is too heavy for the Laser II......so yes.....a Trophy will do better.
  As to plate and engine height, I don't know.  I've never plated or ran a 186/125-115
  combo with a plate.....honestly not sure I would have recommended a plate for the
  4 cylinder.
  I'd set the propshaft at 3" under pad for starters.....and find a 21 or 22 Trophy.
01 Triton 200 XP  Q: Todd, I just purchased this boat new. I am having problems getting setup
01 225 Merc EFI information because of the limited number of these boats on the market.  The boat
  had a 25" Tempest on it when purchased.  I could get 77 mph on gps but was
27" Tempest hitting the rev-limiter at 5800 rpm.  I was told to try a 27" Tempest but my speed
6" jackplate and rpm dropped considerably.  I am concerned about the low water pressure but
6" off transom reps have told me this motor doesn't have high water pressure.  Can you recommend
71 mph @ 5200 a prop (manufacturer, pitch and blade #) along with a starting point for my jackplate?
12# psi The jackplate was setup from Marshalls Marine at 5" but I was having bad 
  chinewalking problems.  I have raised the motor to approx. 6" (the motor is bolted
  to the plate at the 2nd hole). Any setup information you have along with performance
  information is greatly appreciated.  I have been told this boat should run 80 mph.
      A: 12 psi is OK on the 3 liter.....don't go lower.   I'd recommend a 26" Tempest
  set at 6.5".....plus you need 4 more inches of setback to ever get on up there.
  Have a 26" Trophy handy to try also....you might have to drop to 6.25" with the 
  Trophy tho.   The test 200 XP, LIGHT, ran 81.....look for 77-80 at best when
  everything is done.  The higher you go the better the chine will get also.......
01 Triton TR21  Q: Thinking about getting this combo. Not too many guys running the XB and I'm 
01 250 Merc XB not sure why?? Have you been in this set-up and what do you think?  I was going 
  to go with the 3.1 225 Yami but I want more speed.  Any thoughts??
      A: The XB is a fine motor.....but it's very pricey compared to the 225 EFI....plus
  it's a limited run engine. Either the 250 or 225 Yam will do fine....the 250 will be 
  consistently 5 mph faster and will be 4-6 K more.
01 Triton TR21  Q: Todd, I am a new owner of a TR21 and before I pick-up I can have dealership
01 225 Yamaha swap the current prop.  Boat has a Yam ProSeries 25.  I primarily fish the Potomac
  River which is shallow and full of pleasure boater traffic.  So that I get decent speed
25" ProSeries and holeshot, do you recommend I stay with the 25 and 6 inch plate or swap out for
6" jackplate a 10" JP and 27 Yam prop.  I am not a speed type, nor do I have any seat time in a 
  fast boat (Rangers) with the purpose of the boat to get me to my next destination 
  relatively quickly and fish.  I always figured a 4 blade was preferred over the 3 blade
  for holeshot and rough water conditions.  Your advice please.
   A: I'd suggest the 27 Yam PS and an 8" plate.....although.....if you spend much time
  dodging cruiser wakes at barely planing speeds the 6" would probably be advisable.
  The 27 will be as fast as the 25 on holeshot....you might get a little acceleration
  degradation but the 27" 3 blade is the prop the 21 and Yam like....the Merc and 
  OMC like the 4.....go figure.
  The 25 will work....you'll eventually give up 1.5 mph tho between the two.....that
  doesn't seem like a big deal now....but someone will outdistance you one day by
  1 mph and you'll wish you had it....especially since it costs no more.
  The Yamaha runs very high....have the dealer set it at 6.5" over the transom with the
  6" plate or 7" with the 8" plate.....congrats on the new rig!
00 Triton TR21  Q: Used to run a 25 Trophy Plus with small hub.  Cracked a blade and replaced
00 225 Merc EFI with 25 Trophy Plus large hub.  Can you tell what difference this should make in 
  rpm, holeshot, handling, mph, etc. Thanx.....
25" Trophy Plus  A: The one place I have noticed the biggest difference between large and small hub
6" jackplate props is on holeshot....especially with the Mercs.  They like the exhaust flowing over
  the barrel of the hub during takeoff to help spin more r's....same when loading on the
  trailer. My 26 small hub Trophy was 1.7 mph faster than a large hub 26....but it may
  be because mine's an A45 and his is an A47 PVS.
00 Triton TR20  Q: When I first received my Triton I had a bad chine walking problem.  I was told
01 200 Merc Opti to raise it up.  I am now at 5 1/2" running 5050 rpm, 60 mph on speedo.
  I am having trouble coming out of the hole, bad cavitation. Can you tell me what the
25" Trophy correct setting would be for max performance? What max rpm and speed should I 
6" jackplate be running for this model?
5.5" off transom     A: I run the same boat in one of the local TX series and have done several tricks 
58-60 mph @ 5050 to it....it will run 72 with 2 men and a load.
19.5# psi The prop should be the 25 Tempest 3 blade....but the Trophy will work. 5 5/8" is 
  where I run the other.  Plug all your PVS holes with solid inserts and this should cure
  the cavitation problem at holeshot....I think you need to figure the chinewalk out
  before making any adjustments....the 20 can be a handfull.  Check on BBC for an
  instructor to help you get the chine under control.
  5750 is redline on the Optimax and 12 psi is min h20.
01 Triton TR20  Q: Todd, I was wondering should I be going faster than this.  I am able to reach
01 225 Merc EFI 74-75 at 5900/6000 with half tank of gas, two aboard and tournament gear.
  The holeshot on the boat is great and top speed is good, but as soon as I reach
26" Tempest Plus 74 or 75 at 6000 the rev limiter goes off.  What can I do to get closer to 80 with a 
6" jackplate tournament load?
6.25" off transom     A: You're showing a little slippage there....you should be at 76-77 at 5900. 
74 mph @ 5900/6000 Anyhow......the 20' like the 3 blades over the 4.....try a 27" Tempest and write me
15# psi back.
01 Triton TR19  Q: My question is a pre-purchase one.  I know you can help.  I plan on buying a 01
  TR19. Either a VMax 200 or EFI 200.  You once said they were pretty close to the
  same.  First question is what should I expect to run (gps) with full tournament load?
  Most everyone I know runs a 25" prop so I guess that's what I'll want.  Do I need a
  10" jack over the 6"?  And one last question, would I be happier spending another
  couple thousand dollars for the TR20 with a 225 EFI? I just want a good, fast
  smooth riding and fishable boat. Can you please help?
   A: Either engine will do fine....look for 72 mph.  I'd go 8" plate.  If given the choice
  and money wasn't a big issue, I'd always opt for the bigger boat...look for 75 from 
  20/225 combo.
01 Triton TR20 PD  Q: Todd, I am thinking of buying a new Triton but I also am a speed freak so I 
  was thinking of going with either a Mercury 200XS Opti/ProMax or Mercury
  ProMax 280. Please tell me what should I do to get mid 80's out of this boat and if 
  your like these motors or should I go with a different brand?
      A: The 225 EFI will push it to 80 if setup right....the 200X is nothing special and 
  will require a 22" prop to spin the r's where they need to be for the little Opti to make
  power....I know.....have a bud who bought one for his 290 Bee....much lighter than
  the Toon and dropped from 71 mph with his 200 OMC to 69 with the 200X.....
  Hence the 280....I myself would like to play with one on a 20' since it's never been
  done....I think a 23" Tempest would be the prop....since 7500 r's is the goal......
  maybe a 21" even.
  I believe a 225 EFI and some trick components is the way to go fast reliably....but
  if you insist on one of the HiPo motors.....the 280 would be my choice over the
01 Triton 186  Q: I would be grateful if you could send me your recommended setup for this rig.
150 Merc or Yamaha  Thanks for any info.
  P.S. This will be my first new boat.  I want to get started off on the right foot.
   A: You have to have a 6" plate....don't buy the boat without it.  If you go Yamaha
  you'll need a 23" Yamaha ProSeries prop....set at 5.5" to 6" over the transom.
  If you go Merc, you'll need the 23" Tempest set at 4.5" to 5.25" over the transom.
01 Triton TR19  Q: I do not have a GPS...but I wanted to add this as a comment.  When I purchased
01 200 Yamaha the boat from the dealer, the engine height was 4 7/8" off the transom with an 8"
  jackplate.  The boat was way too much to handle at that setting.  It had an extreme

25" Yamaha

amount of stern lift and would come of the hole like a rocket and scream up to 65
8" jackplate mph....however...once you hit 65 mph the boat began to chinewalk something
6.75" off transom horrible.  I waited until the motor got broke in a bit and began playing with the 
77-79 mph @  jackplate while watching the water pressure.  As I broke the 6" mark...the boat
5600-5800 rpm started calming down.  I now have the engine at 6 3/4" off the transom with 18-20
20# psi lbs of water pressure.  The boat now runs straight as an arrow and touches 77-79
  mph rather quickly (speedo) @ 5600-5800 rpm with a full tournament load with a 
  full tank of oil and gas.
   A: That's great....sounds like you're close to where you need to be.  Just for giggles
  borrow a 27" ProSeries Yamaha and jack it another 1/4" and see what happens.
99 Triton TR20  Q: My boat has a chine walking problem at wot and trimmed out.  That's with me
99 200 Merc driving, when I picked the boat up, the dealer took me for a ride and there was no
  chine walking at 76 mph.  Please help, is this my driving?

25" Tempest

 A: Yep....you have some driving lessons in front of you.  All the Allisons, Bullets, 

6" jackplate

Gamblers and so on...along with all Tritons do this....find a TR21 driver and have him

76 mph @ 5800

work with you for an hour or so....you have weeks of schooling ahead but they will

15# psi

show you the right moves and you can work up from there.
  There are several chinewalk articles on this website that will help as well as a couple
  of chinewalk teachers there in the Lonestar state willing to help.
   ** Note: Chinewalking teachers are found on "Super Tips" page under
   Chinewalking Teachers....
00 Triton 205 DCF  Q: Please don't shoot me, I know this is not a bassboat but it is a Triton.  Now that
00 225 Merc I live in the North Country (MN), I have to fish for the "other" fish.  My question is 
  with my setup how can I reduce porpoising and get better mid-speed handling?

23" HighFive

Motor is set up one hole up on transom.  I have also tried a 23" Tempest Plus with

No jackplate

same result, just faster top end.

68 mph @ 5740 rpm

 A: You're running pretty well for a HighFive....

16# psi

All the SF21's we sold....(205 in ski trim), were shipped out with the Mercury
  Vengence prop.  It has the holeshot of the HighFive with almost the speed of the 
  Tempest. A jackplate would help you across the board......raising the engine 1 hole
  could help....rearranging your gear on board to change the weight distribution could
  help the porpoising.  Most hulls have a spot where they want to porpoise although 
  it's usually during speed transition from WOT to low speed plane.
01 Triton TR20  Q: Todd, I was having problems with some chinewalking once the boat got up on 
01 200 Merc EFI the pad so I raised the engine up 1/4".  This solved the chinewalk but my psi has 

Trophy prop

dropped off to 10#.  Is this too low for my Merc?

6" jackplate

 A: I like to see 12-15 psi on the 2.5 liter blocks.  It would live at 10# but you're

72 mph @ 5900

going to have to watch the turns for dropoff.

10-12# psi

99 Triton TR20  Q: I have been constantly running 67 at WOT with full gear and gas.  I am 
99 200 Merc EFI considering upgrading to a 225 EFI but am leery since I can't find any information
  on what speed I can expect and or what prop I should start with.  If I upgrade to 

23" Tempest

the new motor they will give me a prop but I don't want to run the boat hard until I 

6" jackplate

get it broke in properly.  Do you have any information on the TR20's w/ 225 Mercs?

5" off transom

Triton has changed the horsepower rating on the TR20 (including prior years) 

67 @ 6000 rpm

making this upgrade a possibility.  Thanks.....


   A: 26" Trophy or 27" Tempest on the TR20/225 EFI.  You're not setup very well
  right now with your present configuration.  Just switching to a 25" Tempest and 
  jacking another 1/2" will get you into the 70's.  The 23" Tempest is not the right prop.
  The 225/20 is a mid, upper 70's rig....76-77 maybe faster due to the size of your
  '99.  The new ratings don't cover your '99 hull so be careful.
99 Triton TR 19  Q: What is the best setup for this boat and motor combination in regards to the 
99 175 Evinrude jackplate height and prop.  Should I be running a 3 blade versus the 4 blade 
            Ficht Renegade?

23" Renegade

   A: I'd set it at 4.5" up for starters and try a 24" Raker...depending on the load the

6" jackplate

23" Renegade may be the best though.....
99 Triton TR 21  Q: Hi, I'm having trouble getting rpm.  I'm told I can swing a 27" but when I put
01 225 Yamaha it on, I'm only getting 5100 !!  It is a Merc Mirage.
  My other prop is a ProSeries 26" and I only get 5400 @ 71/72 mph.

26" Pro Series

My plate is a 4" two piece HiJacker and I don't really trust it.  But I'm getting smoked

27" Mirage

by the Mercs out there.  I'm told the 3.1 should be pushing me by them guys at

4" off transom

77 mph!! PLEASE help.

4" jackplate

    A: The setup is a 27" ProSeries Yamaha at 6.5" over the transom...a 6" plate is 

71 mph @ 5400

acceptable but a 10" is preferred....7.5" up with a 10" plate.  Look for 76 or so

20# psi

when the setup is nailed down.  Trade the Mirage to a ski boat owner...it won't do
  on the TR21.
01 Triton TR 186  Q: Need some advice.  I just bought my boat.  It is about ten months old.  I was
01 150 Merc XR6 wondering what the advantages of putting a jackplate on would be.  I have taken it
  out twice, and am very satisfied with the ride.  I am really not interesting in gaining

23" Tempest

a whole lot more speed.  This is my first real hi-performance boat, so I really don't

No jackplate

know what to expect.  My last boat was an Alumaweld (Xpress) Pro 52 with a 

60 mph @ 5200

Yamaha 155, so this is quite a bit different for me.  Any advice would be greatly

12-15# psi

      A: The jack will help in all aspects of performance...if you're happy now, leave it
  alone....the numbers you gave are respectable and the boat will perform satisfactorily
  the way it is.
00 Triton TR20  Q: What speed should I be getting, also is this the right prop?  Am considering a 
00 200 Merc (Carb) Tempest.  Is the motor at the right height?  Any other tips would be great.

25" Trophy

 A: The engine needs to come up to about 5.25".  

6" jackplate

The 25" Tempest is the prop I rig on the 20's.

4.75" off transom

Your speed is low for 5600 rpm.....and the psi is high for a 2.5 L.....jack it up!

62.5 mph @ 5600


19# psi

01 Triton TR21  Q: This is the fourth TR21 I have owned but all except this one was with a 225 EFI.
01 250 Merc I can't seem to find the correct setup for the 250.  I was first told to run a 27" 
  Tempest but I think if I'm not turning the 26" Trophy any better then I won't be able

26" Trophy

to run the 27" Tempest.  I raised the jackplate some more and I felt like I lost too 

6" jackplate

much bow lift.  I called Triton and they told me that the '01 TR21's do not lift as 

5.75" off transom

high as the '00.  They also told me that they have had better luck with the Tempest

80 plus mph (speedo)

26" on this boat.  I now have a 26" Tempest coming.  I am also getting some high

@ 5900 rpm

revs at take off when I have full livewells with the 26" Trophy.  I was told for this 

15# psi

I should plug up the vent holes.  This boat has acted completely different than my 
  others, I have never had a problem with setup up before.  I thought I knew a little
  about setup until I got this rig.  Thanks for any help.......
      A: I haven't gotten to run the 26" Tempest since it came out last year....I like the 
  idea of it though....
  You have a 6300 redline on the XB....so you could drop back to a 25" and still not
  suffer low speed due to the higher revs and 1.75 gearcase.
  In theory the 26" Tempest should give you about 100 more rpms over the 26"
  Trophy....real world isn't always the same as what the calculator says.  
  The PVS plugs replaced with solid inserts will cut down on holeshot venting.
  I think you can come up some....the scoops on the XB will let you raise that engine 
  to 7".....watch the pressure in the turns.  I think you should bump it up and give the 
  26" Trophy a chance to run a little higher....would also like to hear what the 
  26" Tempest does.......
99 Triton TR18DC  Q: Hi Todd, I was wondering if you have done any TR18DC boats and what you
00 150 Yamaha would recommend.  It works well with the stock 13 3/8 x 25" but I am going to put
  a ProSeries prop on.  Do I go with the 25" ProSeries as well?  It has a CMC

25" Yamaha

manual plate on it with  5 1/2" setback.  Any tips or constructive criticism would

5 1/2" jackplate

greatly be appreciated.

3 3/8" off transom

 A: I'd like to see you with a little more rpm.  The ProSeries will probably cost you a

67.2 mph @ 5300

little rpm with the larger diameter.  I'd like to see you try a 23" and a 25" and decide

15# psi

from there.  
01 Triton TR20 PD  Q: I just took delivery of this boat and have not yet launched it.  I would like to 
01 225 Merc EFI know how far off the transom the motor should be set.  Most of my fishing will be 
  done on Lake Ontario and the St.Lawrence River which are often very rough.

25" Tempest


6" jackplate

 A:  As little as 5.5" or as high as 6.5" depending on load.
01 Triton TR21  Q: Todd....Have you tested an '01 Triton/Yamaha of this nature?  Should I keep
01 225 Yamaha coming up 1/4" at a time until I lose water pressure?  Boat handles great.  I just
  want it performing at its max potential.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

25" Tempest Plus


5.75" off transom

 A: The 21/225 Yamaha combo's run at 6.5" up and a 27" ProSeries Yamaha prop.

77 mph @ 5600

20# psi is a lot for a Yamaha....17-18 is what most run....bring it up!

20# psi

01 Triton TR19  Q: How do you set up the transom height?  Also, could you give me an idea what
00 200 Merc EFI speed I should be able to run.  I am still in the break-in period; any suggestions
  (besides the owners manual), on giving it a good break-in?  What do you think of 

24" Trophy

the prop pitch?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

6" jackplate

    A: You have the wrong prop. A 25" Trophy is what's needed....I have 19's with
  175's running 25" to 5600 rpm.  Set the engine @ 5.5" up from the transom...
  measure from the transom plate on the boat to the flat part of the engine bracket
  where the engine would rest on the transom if there were no jackplate.
  You should be able to run 72-73 light.
00 Triton TR186  Q: I want to know if you think I am maxed out on my speed?  I have little chine
00 150 Yamaha walk at my top speed.  These readings are with me, my tackle and 1/2 tank of gas.
      A: 72 mph on Triton's speedo is good for about 66-67....so yes....I'd say you're

25" Turbo Lightning

running very well.  I've run several Lightnings and have never found them to be 

6" jackplate

better than Tempests, Rakers or ProSeries Yamahas.....you might have stumbled on

2 1/2" off transom

a prop the 186 likes.
01 Triton TR19  Q: This is our first Triton, or bassboat for that matter.  This is how we have received
01 200 Merc EFI it from the dealer.  I would appreciate any input you could give me on the set-up and
  or prop selection.  At this stage we are more interested in the hole shot - overall

24" Trophy

stability in rough water. (Sacrificing a couple of mph's is not a big deal). We are

6" jackplate

currently half way through the break in period and we already love the boat.

5 1/4" off transom

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions you can give us.
     A: You need a 25" Trophy.  The 24" doesn't carry the load or have the speed for
  the rpms turned.  You'll probably have to come up a little also.  Get used to driving
  it before making any changes.  Congrads!!
02 Triton TR21  Q: How much setback for a fully loaded boat.  Prop selection is in question also.
02 225 Merc Opti Have had great luck with the 25" and 27" Yamaha and have an extra 27".
      A: 10" is what I'd run.  The ONLY prop I'd run on the 21'/Opti is a 25" Trophy.


If you're having luck with the 3 blades don't change on my account.
01 Triton SF21  Q: I take delivery of this boat next week and would like some advice on a good
01 200 Yamaha VMax setup starting point.  I have ordered the boat with a 21" HighFive for a ski prop and
            HPDI a Yamaha 23" ProSeries for a speed prop, but these are just best guesses on props
  to start with.  Any and all advice is appreciated.

6" jackplate

    A: I'd say you're a pretty good guesser.  I'd opt for the 21" Vengeance by Merc
  over the HighFive.  It will be faster and just as good at holeshot......as a matter of 
  fact you may not put the Yamaha prop on after running the Vengeance!  That's what
  we rigged all 21SF's with no matter what power we sold them with.
97 Triton TR21  Q: The speed is with two people, livewells half full with 3/8's of a tank of gas.
97 225 Johnson With a 26" Raker I can only go 65 mph after trying several engine heights.
  Would a 27" Renegade help the top end?  How about a nosecone to raise the 

25" Renegade

engine height?

6" jackplate

    A: No nosecone....period!  You need to put the 27" on it.  You'll only lose a tad

6.5" off the transom

of rpm but you'll gain 1-2 mph overall.  The 26" isn't a prop I'd run on the 21', even

73.4 mph @ 6100

though the 2000 225 Fichts liked them pretty well.

16# psi

The 27" will get you to 75....leave the weed ring off for a trip and see if it will plane
  without venting....you're pretty high.
00 Triton TR21 DC  Q: Not sure of engine height, I think about 5" above the transom.  I feel I should be
00 225 Merc EFI able to run in mid-70's easy.  Will a 225 Merc turn a 27" Tempest on a Toon.
  Some say yes, some say it won't get out of the hole.

25" Trophy

    A: The 21' will not spin the 27" Tempest.  The 26" Trophy is THE prop for that

8" jackplate

boat...but you need to be in the 6" over the transom range with the engine....

68.6 mph @ 5700

68.5 is slow for 5700 rpms...and 18# psi is a lot for the 225....you need to come up.

18# psi

The 21/225 combo is good for 72-75 depending on load and driver.
  5800 rpm with the 25" is good for 74 when hooked up correctly.
98 TR 21 PD  Q: Engine overheat audible alarm sounds with boat running at WOT, jackplate set
98  225 Merc EFI at 7, water pressure is not below 10 psi. My mechanic says it's the poppet valve.
      What do you think? This won't let me get above 72 mph.  Thanks...
 25" Trophy    A: The '98 model year is when the so called "low psi, hi volume" H2o water pump

72 mph @ 5600

was introduced.  In all actuality what happened was that the pre '98 models were

11# psi

cooking the lower unit with hot exhaust gases. The cure was to introduce a lighter
  poppet vale to dump more water down the midsection to cool the bearing carrier in
  the lower unit. 7 on the Detwiler holds no relevance since the engine could be
  be mounted in any one of 5 holes.  You're going to have to take a measurement with
  your Detwiler to figure out where you're running at.  Pre Y2K motos max at 5.75" up.
  Post Y2K's can run at 6.5"+. The simple cure is to add the torquemaster scoops on
  your lower unit.  This will let you run as high as you want and force more water to the
00 TR21 PDC  Q: Would like to know if 10" jackplate, RapidJack would help. Prop was tuned by
00 225 Yamaha Rich Boger. Still in process of setting up boat since prop was tuned. Jackplate has
     27" Yamaha been maxed in height before, now running about 1.5" from max lift; still trying to figure
  out best position.  Would like to continue with jackplate in uppermost range due to

76 mph @ 5900

shallow water lakes.  Any input would be appreciated, including recommendations

20# psi

of second props.

5" jackplate

    A: 5" is very low for the big block Yamaha...most run in the 6.5" range. A 10" 
  will help mid to upper rpm ranges.  There might be a 1-2 mph difference in the max
  setup between the 6" and 10".
  A 25" Yamaha can make a very good extra prop....in the heat of summer with a full
  load it will give some more holeshot, rpms and will be only slightly slower than the 27"
01 TX 186  Q: Trying to get my 186 set up Todd.  Should I stick with a 6" plate or a 10" and
01 150 Merc would I have to change cables on either?  What would be your prop pick on either
      A: You can use the 6" and not have to change cables.  I wouldn't recommend the 
  10" for the 186.  My prop choice would be the 23" Tempest or the 24" Trophy.
01 TR21  Q: I have not picked it up yet, but dealer is telling me to go with a 24" Trophy.
01 225 Merc Looking at most of the other setups I see guys going with a 25" - 26" Trophy or
  Tempest. What would you recommend? I run normal gear, weigh 175# and run 4
  batteries (36V TM). I'm looking for a happy medium in the holeshot/top end speeds.
   A: A 24" Trophy would be a serious mistake.  The reduced blade area compared to
  the 25" Trophy causes the boat to run lots of rpms with little lift and speed.  Since it
  sounds as if you're running a good size load, I'd suggest the 25" Trophy; it's always
  been the good ol' standby prop for the 21's.
01 TR19 PDC  Q: I am picking the boat up this week; any help you can give on this combo would
01 200 Yamaha be appreciate.  This is my first bassboat.  Boat does not have a jackplate and was
  setup by dealer.
   A: I'm going to be a little blunt here..if you give half a damn about performance, have
  your dealer install a 6" plate before you go get it....or you'll be one of a thousand who
  write me dissatisfied with the performance they get from their Toon.
  Set to fly with a 10" plate it would turn a 27" PS Yamaha, but set to fish it will use
  the 25" Yamaha PS. With no plate, we're done discussing setup...it'll be where the
  dealer sets the engine and you'll be stuck where you are.
  I sold/rigged/raced for the biggest Triton dealer in the U.S...don't let the dealer tell
  you not to plate it!
98 TR17  Q: Just need advice on overall performance improvement, e.g. jackplate, nosecone,
97 115 Merc (I do a lot of shallow water fishing), anything you can suggest to improve my boat/

  22" prop

 A: I'd jack it....but the nosecone will hurt your performance, not help. For higher


settings use the torquemaster-style water inlet "scoops" on the lower unit. A sport-

55 mph

master or Bob's cone will suck up mud very easily and overheat.  The cone is for
  80+ mph boats that need to run very high engine settings with over hub props.
  I assume your prop is a Laser II, not a bad prop on the 17'/115 combo...but there
  are better choices...try a Trophy (probably a 21") for more lift and more blade
  surface.  Don't spin the 115 past 5300 rpm. The little inline will "hand grenade" past
00 TR186  Q: Raised jackplate almost an inch from dealers setup.  This helped chinewalk 
00 150 Merc XR6 and raised rpm by 100. Does this setup seem ok?  What should my water pressure
  be?  How close are speedometers usually?

24" Trophy

  A: The Triton speedos get worse the faster you go...yours is probably off 4-5 mph.

6" jackplate

If you were in a TR21 doing 80 on the speedo you'd be off by 6-7 mph.

69 mph @ 5350 rpm

PSI will be about 12-15 on the XR4, if you're experiencing any adverse effects now
  then keep raising, you're running pretty well now.
  I wish the other 186 owners could read your results...the dealers have a thing about
  not installing a plate on the 186's....guess you proved them wrong and me right.
  I have always sold them with the jack; I've never seen it hurt one yet.
00 TR22  Q: Would like to push rpm up 300-400, also gain additional lift as I do not feel the
00 225 Yamaha 27" prop is performing as it should....thoughts/comments?
     A: The 27" is too much prop for the 22/225 Yamaha combo.  The 22 does like a

27" Yamaha Pro

3 blade though. I'd drop it to a 25" Yamaha, that should get you to 5600 and more

6" jackplate

into your engine's powerband. At 5200 you're only making 200 hp.  If this still

68.6 mph @ 5200

doesn't get your bow up and rpms up you can go to a 25" Trophy. I don't like the
  24" Trophys and don't feel like they are an option on your heavy hull.
00 TR20  Q: Just bought this boat left over, they rigged it for me, I've not yet had it on the
00 200 Merc water. They put a 4 blade prop on; should I run this prop or go to a 3 blade. I want
  the best of two worlds, holeshot and top end.


 A: The 25" Tempest has been by far the best top end prop.  The 25" Trophy will do
  a little better in the middle, but not much better on holeshot. I'd run the 3 blade if it
  were mine.
99 TR21  Q: I know this is slow for this boat.  I am trying to get the speed up to around 70.
99 225 Johnson I feel that I also do not get bow lift like I should at WOT. I have to trim my motor

25" Renegade

out all the way just to get my rpms to 58-5900.  What can I do to improve things?

5 1/2" jackplate

    A: From the speed, H20 psi and rpms, I'd guess your engine is too high...but if

63 mph @ 5900

you're truly 5.5" up.....you're a tad low.  I ran my 21/225 HO's at 6.25" with a

20-25# psi

27" Renegade at 6100 rpm.