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02 Triton TR19 PD  Q: What would be the best prop and setup for this boat.  I'm interested in both
02 200 Merc EFI high speed and/or good speed and stable ride.  Speedo speed is I think about 75
  mph.  I haven't had the boat at WOT for a couple of months so not sure on the 
25 Trophy RPM's it's turning at WOT.
6" jackplate     A:  You've got everything you need now....you might come up on the jackplate
5" off transom another 1/2"....and add trim extenders....and add 2" spacer blocks for 8" of 
  setback....but the 25 Trophy is the prop I recommend.


75 equates to 69 mph on a Toon....so you're close..72 will be about where it runs
  semi light.
02 Triton TR 20  Q: Chinewalks bad - is this the best setup for this boat?  Can it go faster, is this
02 225 Yamaha the right prop?  Please help me set this boat up.
      A: You're battin' 1000.....you don't have anything right....or your dealer doesn't

25 Tempest Plus


5.5" off transom

27 Yamaha ProSeries (non XL), 8" plate (add 2" spacers to your 6"), and set the

73.9 mph @ 6000

big Yam at 6.75" over the transom. You'll be at 58-5900 and 76-78 mph and much

20# psi

easier handling. Once you get used to driving this setup you can jack it some more...
  about a 1/2".


00 Triton TR 21DC  Q: Todd, I am not getting the bow (boat) lift or speed I need.  I am slow out of 
00 225 Johnson the hole.  I am willing to do whatever it takes (new jackplate, prop, etc.) to improve
           (Lightning) performance.  I have NO problems with the handling! I noticed in some of your
  answers to others you do not care for the "Lightning" Johnson, please elaborate.
27" Renegade On a day with a 5-10 mph wind I can gain 2-5 mph via the extra lift!  I am 
6" jackplate interested in mid-range and top end performance. I appreciate your help and 
6-6 1/4" off transom information. THANK YOU! 
70 mph @ 5/5600      A: Well, you've answered for me....I don't like the Lightning and now you know
25# psi why!  It is a crappy excuse for a noseconed lower unit and costs lift on non-80 mph
  rigs.....and doesn't do well on 80 mph rigs either!   It's a sad attempt to mimic
  Merc's Sportmaster.


The Lightning will run better with a 3 blade...even tho I recommend the 27" 
  Renegade on HO/21's.....I recommend the 26 Raker with the 21/Lightning.
  Cupping the 26 will help also.   What you need is LIFT.....lift that the lower unit is
  costing you.
01 Triton TR 20 PD  Q: I just purchased a new Triton TR20 that does not have a jackplate and it starts
01 200 Merc EFI to chinewalk bad @ about 66 mph.  I had a friend that suggest looking @ BBC 
  for some answers.  I'm not necessarily looking for the most speed out of my boat, 
25" Trophy more like the best performance.  There are several manual jackplate manufacturers
  on the market, could you recommend the best one, size and a starting point for 
  complete setup for my situation.  If this is something you sell please include any 
  info on how I can purchase this from you. Thanks.......
      A: I rig and own Rapid Jack brand plates.  They can be had from the BBC Store.
  A 6" plate will do well...if you had the 225 and wanted max speed I'd recommend
  the 8" plate....but the 200 will do fine with the 6".  Set the engine at 5.25" over the
  transom and I think you'll see the chinewalk improve drastically...it won't go 
  completely away...but it will be much more manageable.  I rig the 20's with the 3 
  blade Tempest....your Trophy will work, but in my opinion it's not the best prop
  for the application.
02 Triton TR19 PDC Q: I just ordered this boat but did not include a jackplate. Will I need one and why?
02 200 Yamaha     A: If you ever want to get the most from your rig you'll need the plate...but it will
            VMax HPDI run without it.  When the same rig passes you easily on the water, with a plate, 
  you'll know why you needed it.

02 Triton TX-20
02 225 Yamaha

5.5" jackplate

 Q: I am this week ordering a 2002 Triton TX-20 with a 225 Yamaha and 5.5"
CMC hydraulic jackplate.  Please recommend a prop for this setup.  My dealer
recommended a Mercury prop, but I would think that a Yamaha prop would work
better on a Yamaha engine.  My dealer just started selling Yamahas so he is not as
familiar with this engine as he is with the Mercury.  He is recommending highly the 
CMC hydraulic jackplate because there is nothing to mount in the back storage
area with the CMC.  I initially requested a Bob's hydraulic, but there is little room
to mount the hydraulics inside the storage area.  Please provide any setup tips that
you might have for this combination.  Also, if you would like to comment on 
hydraulic jackplates, I would appreciate the feedback you can provide.  In addition,
how should this boat perform with the 225 Yamaha?  I could order a 225 Merc
instead if it is a stronger performer.  You really helped me a lot several months ago
in setting up my dad's boat.  Again, thank your for all of your help.
    A: There are a couple of things to consider in your prop selection...and maybe
a couple of questions to answer.  First off....the TX's weigh a tad more than the TR's
due to the fiberglass deck lids and the added equipment for the baitwell system.
I've dealt with numerous 21's but never the 20 TX....and I usually reduce pitch by
1 size to offset the weight.   Next....bayboats usually wind up carrying a lot of extra
equipment and a speed setup hurts when mid range with a load is required...so 
here are the 2 ways to go:
1. If you're going to run heavy most of the time, go with the Merc 25 Trophy....now,
I like the 3 blades on the 20's and I especially like the Yamaha 3 blade (non XL)....
but....Yam doesn't make an applicable 4 blade for our goal and the Merc runs very
well on the Yam.
2. If you are going to rig and run like a regular TR20....then I think the 25 Yamaha
3 blade is probably going to be the prop....if it were a TR20 I'd say a 27 PS Yam
and if you run up toward 6K with the 25 you'll need to try the 27 anyway.
Don't be afraid of the Merc props....they have a wider variety available than any
manufacturer out there and perform very well.   As for the CMC...I like the plate.
I'm not a fan of non-self contained units....but to ever get the most from the TX
you'll need 2" spacers with the 5.5" setback.
I think you're looking at a 74 mph boat....and the Yam is a good choice...so is Merc.
Get it broke in and we'll get it tweaked.
02 Triton TR-20  Q: I am looking for the best setup for the 2002 Triton TR-20.  I have been told
  that the Mercury and the Yamaha 225's are the best on the market.  What I want
  is pure speed.  This boat will be fished from, but I am mainly wanting to get it set
  for the best MPH that it will be able to perform.  Which engine and prop set-up
  do you recommend?
      A: I'd go Mercury 225 EFI, 10" plate and a 27 Tempest.....most get about 
  78 tops.....80+ is possible but not usually by normal setup.
02 Triton TR19 Q: I love this site and the info. I have ordered this new rig and expect to get it in 
02 200 Evinrude late February or early March.  I did not order it with a jackplate as I thought I 
  would pick one up before it arrived so that I could get it to the dealer to install with

8" jackplate

the motor.  One of my buddies from our club has a brand new (still in the box), 


Rite Hite 8" manual that he will sell me for $125. My questions are: Should I go 
  with this or buy the Rapid Jack that I was looking at in the 6" setback; at what
  settings should I have the dealer mount the plate and motor, is this the right prop
  for decent speed and handling as well as fishability, and what kind of output can I 
  expect?  Thanks for your assistance..........
     A: The 8" plate will work well....but as to the RiteHite.....now is the time to set it
  up right and not have any future worries....I'd get the Rapid Jack, it's worth the
  difference to me.
  Have the dealer mount the engine near the bottom of its mounting holes in the
  transom bracket....this will alow for more plate to plate contact and not have the
  jackplate fully extended....much stronger this way.  Set the engine 6" over the 
  transom. The 25 Renegade is a good choice....it will put you to 72+ when you get 
  all the bugs out....if you're able to turn it close to 6K then try a 27 Renegade
  for a couple more mph.
00 Triton TR-20  Q: Just purchased this boat from the original owner who basically didn't use it.
99 200 Johnson It has no jackplate and has a 3 blade that came on the motor.  I need set up 
  information such as what kind of jackplate to run on it and what props will work the
  best.  It chine walks badly.  Thanks for any info!!
      A: This one's easy....you're gonna love this rig.......
  6" or 8" plate will do....if you want max speed go with the 8....if low speed handling
  is what's desired go 6".
  Set the motor at 6" over the transom and run a 26 Raker to 5700 or so....if you
  can't get past 5600 with the 26 use the 24 Raker to 6000....don't go over 6K.
  Try the 25 Renegade at some point....it may be easier for you to control the 
  chine with, but the 20's like the 3 blade.
00 Triton TR 22  Q: I have been talking to another TR-22 owner with the same setup and everything
00 225 Johnson HO is the same as my boat except he is running a 26" Raker.  He said the only thing
  he is doing differeent is that he had modified his trim unit to provide more + trim.
26" Mazco HP4 He is reporting 75 mph on gps.  Is that possible?  I am going to a 8" jackplate in 
5 1/2" jackplate the spring.  Should I add wedges to give me +2 degrees of trim??
6" off transom     A: I think your pal is a little speed happy....the HO on the 22 is a good choice....
69 mph @ 5800 but not worth 75....72 if setup well.  I like the 3 blades on the 22's....and I think the
30+ psi 26 Raker would be a better choice for the 22/HO....and I think 2" spacers would
  help on the plate.....the HO has all the trim you need....wedges aren't necessary.
02 Triton TR20  Q: I have a 2002 TR20 w/225 Yamaha. The setup includes a 10" plate and 27
02 225 Yamaha ProSeries prop. The motor is 7 3/4" off the transom, but I am only running 74 mph.
  My tackle is in the rear left storage compartment.  The only thing in the front box
27" Yamaha PS are rods on left and extra life preservers and rain gear in the center.  I have finished
10" jackplate break in and need help with setup.  Is it true that this boat is capable of 77-80 mph
7 3/4" off transom gps speeds?  If so, what do I need to do to get there.  Could it be that I am too 
74.1 mph @ 5800 high on the jackplate?  Maybe do I need to change props or add some cup to this
19-22# psi one.  I am slipping at the height that I am at now but the rooster tail is nearly half
  way down when I drop it.  Before I raised the motor it chinewalked badly but that
  went away when I raised it.  If you were setting this up what would you do exactly.
  IF possible be very detailed.  I would like to pop 80 mph on the GPS if possible.
       A: Something's amiss.....you have all the components....and my 21's with the


same stuff are 1-2 faster than your 20.
  I feel that you may be too high.....but your h20 psi is good....your speed is too low
  for an efficient 5800 rpms....are you sure you have a 27 ProSeries and not an XL
  Yamaha prop?
  I run the 21's at 7" with a 10" plate, and 6.5" with a 6" plate.....I think you should
  try another 27 PS Yam prop and lower a little....the big Yam will still loosen up
  over the next few hours....they are very tight engines.........

02 Triton TR-21

 Q: Boat has 4 hours on it since Thanksgiving.  I have run jackplate up and down

02 250 Yamaha

in 1/4" increments. I have shifted weight forward and aft.  Running with 2-225#
  men and tourny gear, 1/2 tank fuel and empty livewells, boat has great holeshot
27" Yamaha SS trimmed down but takes forever to get up on the pad??  About 66/67 gps, the
8" jackplate chinewalk comes in all at once, very hard thump, thump, thump to the left side of
7" off transom the hull.  My 1997 TR21 had a chinewalk at 65 gps but was very fine in frequency,
73 mph @ 5600 tip,tip,tip and with manual steering I could work thru the chine and hold the boat
19# psi to a respectable 68/69 gps under control.  2002 has hydraulic steering.  I know 
  seat time, but the trim tab on the 250 Yamaha is set straight, does it matter with
  hydraulic steering?  Is the trim tab a factor in chinewalk?  The chine did improve 
  when I jacked up to 7" above the transom, to go on up I will have to raise the motor


to the last hole in motor bracket, not a problem, just got to do it.
  Hydraulic steering is different, can you work/jiggle the steering wheel and control
  the chine?  With this 2002 TR21 the chine is scary and hard........
      A: The hydraulic steering will take some getting used to over your old cable
  steering....it has a degree of delay that the cables didn't have....and the steering 
  inputs will seem greatly exaggerated compared to cable.  The Yams run very high....
  but 7" is pretty close to where it's gonna want to run...I'd still go up the last hole
  and lower it if necessary.
  You need to make sure your prop is a 27 ProSeries and not an XL series....
  Go out to your boat after you read this and turn the steering wheel with all your
  might to the left and then to the right....turn it very hard as if you're trying to break
  something....this will bleed all the air back to the steering reservoir....after doing this
  the steering will feel extremely hard for about an hour and will then loosen up again
  as it is now....on a new installation I do this 3 or 4 times over a couple of days to 
  reduce delay time in steering input.
  The Yam will loosen up some more also....I know till you get used to it you won't
  have any solid performance numbers...but when you do, get back to me.
02 Triton TR21  Q: Have a 250 Yamaha on my 21' dual console Triton.  Just completed breaking
02 250 Yamaha in the engine and it pops the boat on plane easily (with a full load/gear/gas tanks 
  full, easily hopped up 5 of us with full bellies of turkey this weekend). 
27" Yamaha  Running a Yamaha 25M prop and with 56 gallons of fuel, 2 people and full
6" jackplate livewells it will consistently max at 75-76 on the gps at just under 6000 rpm.
4.5" off transom Max rpm rated for 4500-5500 and peak hp at 5000, per the owner's manual.
76.1 mph @ 5900 I assume I can pick up some mph if I go to a higher pitch prop, as long as I don't
25# psi lose my planing ability.  As easily as it hops up now, I'm hoping it won't be a 
  problem.  Any experience or suggestions with similar setups?  Should I try going
  to a 28" or 29"?  Will I get best speed with a prop that tops out at about 5000 rpm
  (peak of hp curve) or should I try to stay closer to 5500 rpm (max rated rpm)?
  Do you know how many rpm you typically lose at top end with each additional
  inch of pitch?  Thanks........
     A: The 21 likes the 4 blade.....and in your case there aren't a lot of big 3 blades
  that have a through hub exhaust configuration....hence my suggestion....28 Trophy.
  The added blade will cost 100-200 rpms and the added pitch will cost another
  200....I'd prop to run at 5800 rpm.  As you've found out, the big Yam will spin the
  rpms.....it just loses efficiency the higher you go.
  Here's the bad side as it were....you're still very low with the engine....and some
  added setback would help.....but both of these will only add rpms and speed......
  you have an 80+ platform there....propping to keep it under 6000 is gonna be tuff.
00 Triton TR21  Q: I want to sell the manual jackplate and put on one that I can adjust, I have been
00 200 Evinrude Ficht told to put on an electrical jackplate, what do you suggest?  I run a 3 blade now, 
  but I'm not sure what pitch.  I have a 4 blade Renegade 25" but it will not come 
OMC Raker out of the hole without a lot of cavitation.  I know this is probably the way the 
6" jackplate jackplate is setup now, what is the best setup for this boat, jackplate, height, prop,
70 mph pitch, etc......and what could be the best possible speed for this boat.  I run about
  70 mph now which is good but I would like to get a little more, I have only had this
  boat a couple of months; I am used to it now but it took a while, I'm not sure of 
  rpms and water pressure as it is in storage now and it's been a while since I have
  been in it.  I'm think water pressure is between 30 and 40 if that helps at all but 
  really not sure. I think the rpm was around 5800 at WOT, any help would be 
  appreciated.  Thanks........
     A: I like the 4 blades on the TR21's....and if you're having excessive ventilation
  at holeshot my first question would have to be....do you have the black plastic
  diffuser ring installed between the prop and lower unit housing?  If not, add it and
  retry....the 24 Raker and the 25 Renegade are probably what are going to be run
  here....and the manual plate will work fine....a hydraulic plate is nice but not
  You should have the engine mounted at 6" over the transom and h2o should be
  about 30 psi on the OMC....6000 is the redline....but you should turn the 25"
  Renegade at 5600 or so.....maybe 5700.  70 gps is going to be the best speed
  the 200 will push the 21.
00 Triton TR 20  Q: Shouldn't my water pressure be higher than 7.5 WOT?  And what do I need
00 200 Merc EFI to do to get the maximum speed and water pressure.
25" Tempest    A: 10# psi is my min.....but.....depending on the rig job, where the line is tied in 
5" jackplate can have an effect on psi readings.....if it is in the top of the block it's low....if it's
65 mph @ 5400 spliced in the pee line it's about right.
7.5# psi If it's ever been hot you need a new impeller....may need one anyway....cheap
00 Triton TR 19 PD  Q: Todd, I have a few questions for you, I don't know too much about props and
98 175 Johnson currently I have a Renegade 25 on it.
  I have located a few used props, and I am not sure if they will fit my engine.
25" Renegade Do you know if the following props will fit my Johnson Ficht 175, and if so, which
10" jackplate ones would be better for my boat/motor combination, I am looking for more power
69 mph @ 5950 to get on plane.  I am not too worried about top speed. #1. 22" OMC SST, 
12# psi #2. 22" Turbo 2+2 4 blade, #3. Composite CMP 22 4 blade.
  Thanks for any info you could give me on this.
     A: Forgive my candor but forget all 3.....all junk!  Make sure the blowout ring
  is removed from the 25" Renegade now....that could help wiht on plane venting
  (allow more slip for quicker rpm during planing)....next is try a 24 Raker....and
  then last is try a 23" Renegade...dropping pitch is going to put you into "no no land"
  fast....above 6000.  Having your 25 thinned might help holeshot....but up topend
  rpms also.....
01 Triton 200XP  Q: Todd, I have had problems getting any set-up info. for this boat what-so-ever.
01 225 Merc EFI Do you have any test info, or setup info. regarding jackplate height, props, 
  estimated speed I should expect or just basic setup for this boat?
25" Tempest I would really like to know if there is anyone out there who has tested or setup
6" jackplate a 200XP.  Any information would be helpful.  Thanks a bunch.....
5 1/2" off transom    A: If it were mine....this is what I'd run.....27 Tempest set at 6.5" up on a 10" 
76 mph @ 5600 plate...this would be good for about 5900 rpm and close to 80 mph.....

17# psi

This is a drivers setup for speed and not for all around handling...if I were rigging
  for best of all worlds I'd go 25 Tempest, 8" plate and about 6.25" up....good for
  about 77.
  The 27 Yamaha ProSeries is a good choice for this rig also...the 4 blade isn't tho.
01 Triton TR 19  Q: Todd: I feel like my motor was originally set-up too low.  When I measure from
01 200 Merc Opti the top of the jackplate that is mounted to the boat (it is a Pro HiJacker HP) to the
  top of the bracket on the motor, it registers 5".  This is after I took it up more than
25" Tempest 1" which has really helped the chinewalk problem.  The question is, do I need to go
6" jackplate higher, and is what feels like a "stall" when I come out of the hole due to the height
70 mph @ 5200 of the engine?  I raised the engine after I was only getting 65 mph on the speedo
30# psi and experiencing heavy chinewalk above that speed.  The new height has helped,
  but wanted to make sure I am measuring the height properly and what else I may 
  need to do.  Overall, this height seems better.  Thanks, Todd. I appreciate your 
  efforts.....we all do.
     A: You still have tons of h2o psi....mostly due to the front intakes on the nose of
  the lower unit....but....you're still low....start bringing it up, the Opti will run at 6" 
  plus but will probably be a happy medium at about 5.75".
  Performance and comfort only gets better with height....also borrow a 25 Trophy
  for a test pass.....I think you'll find it to be the prop for your rig over the Tempest.
  As for the stall.....the problem with going higher is prop ventilation....not a bog....
  I don't really understand what the stall would indicate in those terms....but I never
  rig for holeshot....especially if it causes chinewalk and costs performance on the 
  top end.
02 Triton TX 20  Q: Boat has run 81.4 w/ 28" Chopper 2 @ 5600 rpm GPS, (empty, no
02 225 Merc EFI windshields), I have a 27" Trophy Plus on the way, any tips on going faster?
26" Trophy Plus    A: I've never see a Merc that had all the trim it needed from the factory....I add
10" jackplate trim extenders to my customers boats for another 2 mph....80 mph is getting close
6 3/4" off transom to tops tho.....it's the law of limited returns.
79 mph @ 5900  
25# psi  
02 Triton TR20 pdc  Q: My question is which motor will work better and with which prop, OMC 225
  Ficht or the 225 EFI Merc.  All I really want is to be able to do mid 70's and stay

6" jackplate

alive!!  Would consider a Merc 200 EFI as an alternative.  Do not want to get into
  the chine walking if possible.  Been there before and would rather give up a little
  speed for an easier drive.
     A: I would recommend the 225 EFI Merc....but you're putting it on a racehorse...
  and it's going to chine at wot.  The 26 Tempest is my fave on this rig and will give
  upper 70's with a 10" plate....and chine isn't all that bad....but it's still there.
  The 21 with a 225 would be a better choice for lower speed/less chine...but it will
  be there also.
  If I had to give a good chine free idea it would be for a 21/200 Opti at 6" up and 
  a 25 Trophy......high 60's.....
98 Triton TR 19  Q:  Todd: Bought the boat direct from the bank.  They stuck the Laser II from 
98 175 Merc EFI another repoed boat on just so I had something to push with.  
  Boat has three speeds - stopped, porpoising and chinewalking.
26" Laser II Where should I start in hopes of taming this beast?  What I really want is good top
6" jackplate end but, I would like to stay on plane at slow speeds (10-15 mph) for back 
5" off transom channel cruising.  I plan on starting with a new hydraulic jackplate but not sure what
62 mph @ 5250 size, and a 24" Trophy.  Water pressure is very low, almost none at idle.
10# psi I suspect impeller is bad.  Any insight in how to get started would be greatly
  appreciated.  Thanks........
     A: 6" plate with the engine set at 4 3/4" to 5.25" over the transom....the prop
  is a 25" Trophy....I don't recommend the 24 for anything unless it's very heavy
  and has trouble getting max rpm.....the 24 spins a lot of rpms and has no speed
  advantage.  The plate and the heights give will help your chine dramatically.
00 Triton TR 186  Q: Is this the best it gets?
00 150 Merc  
   A:  23" Tempest is the prop....and you can come up some more according to the
23" Trophy h2o psi.....all said and done 63 is about it tho....they're comfortable but not fast.
6" jackplate  
4" off transom  
61.5 mph @ 5650  
13-16# psi