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NORRISCRAFT Likes & Dislikes

I love my boat, in fact I had a 1987 just like it. The Crumleys really build a boat to last. It does not matter if I have it on its tail squawling or I am fishing close in to a bank, this boat is good.
I have never had a problem with either boat. I did replace the upholstery on the deep buckets. It was just a matter of calling up ordering the parts in the correct colors. The parts came in, I took the boat to the factory if Lafollette and they installed them. They looked the boat over while I was there and did a couple of service items at no charge. If I was ordering another boat today I would buy the 20 ft model. Not because the 19 isn't good, I would rather have the extended front deck.  
For 20 years + I have owned a Norris Craft. I fish year round about 150 days per year. I will buy another if I ever need another boat.
Fish2win - TN         1997 Norris Craft 1900XLV w/ 200 Yamaha ProV              

Likes: The looks of the boat...very nice!  Over-all the speed, handling and fishability is great.  Lots of storage that is lighted.  Layout is great.  Boat is very light without comprising strength.  Rides great in rough water.  NorrisCraft will use custom colors, custom dash layout, etc.  Basically, you can get it any way you want it. Customer support appears to be great if you would ever need it.  I have talked to them to get custom boat number decals, etc.  Never had a problem at all with the boat.
Dislikes:  The cup holders should be larger in diameter.  Bottled drinks won't fit in them, only cans.  I would like to have had hydraulic on all of the storage compartment lids instead of just the bigger ones.
Dan Newby - TN       1998 Norris Craft  w/200 Mercury                                       10/9