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 Updated 11/19/22 


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92 NorrisCraft
 2000 XLDVee
92 245 Merc
27 Merc prop, 10" jackplate, 2 Lowrance X71's, Motorguide Tour Edition. 92 Merc 2.4L Bridgeport EFI, running custom 27" Chopper prop. No performance figures yet, previous owners ran in the 90's range.  Z2Bodyssey - IN
89 NorrisCraft
89 175 Evinrude
10" Skyjacker jackplate, Garmin Stryker 7, Motorguide 81#. Propshaft is 1" below pad.  Jamesprather1981 - KY
76 NorrisCraft
00 90 Merc
HB Helix 10, MinnKota Ulterra.  DickDoub - TN
89 NorrisCraft
  1900 XL Vee
90 200 Merc XRi
24 Trophy Plus, 6" manual jackplate, HB Helix5, Helix9, MK Maxxum. Propshaft is 2 1/2" below the pad. 64 mph @ 5800 rpm gps. "How to make it faster?"  J Free - TN
57 NorrisCraft
79 45 Merc
"Little Teal and White winged boat I inherited. I love it and am restoring it at this time."  Sharon Feathers - TN
80 NorrisCraft
   1700 Super Pro
90 200 Merc
Manual jackplate, Garmin 74sv. 60 mph gps. "Need help getting my boat faster, only getting low 60's with 4 blade prop, not sure of pitch. Help please, first Norris Craft I've owned."  Rod - TN
88 NorrisCraft
89 200 Merc
25 Tempest, 6" Hi Jacker jackplate, HB988, Eagle, MinnKota. "Going to get it out and run it when weather breaks."  Jgprather1981 - KY
88 NorrisCraft
  1900 XLVee
88 200 Merc
27 Merc, manual jackplate. 88 mph @ 5800 rpm.  FishingHooker - TN
85 NorrisCraft
   1750 XL Vee
85 150 Merc
23 Quicksilver, manual jackplate.  Jake 71 - VA
03 NorrisCraft
     2000 XLD Vee
04 225 Merc
29 RR Bullet Cut, 14" HydroDynamics, HDS5, 522C, Motorguide 80#. Propshaft is 1.5" above the pad. 85 mph @ 6700 rpm gps. "Best top numbers with 29 RR cut chopper. Fishing prop is a 26 Performer 4 bullet cut that runs 83 solo with 2 in 90 degree weather. Waiting on cooler weather for big numbers."  Gcross - GA
86 NorrisCraft
     19XL Vee
86 175 Johnson
24 Raker, 6" manual jackplate, Lowrance X5, Eagle, Motorguide 56#. "Bought this boat about a year ago, couldn't be more pleased. Motor runs like a top, My next projects are to be adding a deck extensiion and carpet and upgrading the electronics. Any ideas on a different pitch prop to increase a little speed?"  Peeps - AL
92 NorrisCraft
01 250 Merc XB
26 Trophy, 12" manual jackplate plus 4" hydraulic, Lowrance/Garmin electronics, Motorguide Digital 72#. 80+ mph gps. "Just bought the boat Dec.'14, just getting it setup. The 250XB is a hoss, 12" jackplate plus 4" hydraulic, moving it in a couple of inches to equal out the weight better, give more info when I run it. Any comments from other NorrisCraft owners much appreciated. Thanks."  Chad - NC
06 NorrisCraft
   2000 XLD VEE
06 250 Merc

26 Trophy, 8" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance LMS332C, X510C, Motorguide Tour 82#. 88 mph @ 6250 rpm gps. "Just bought the boat 2 months ago (Oct.'14), very impressed with the way it handles and speed. It is scary fast! Never had a NorrisCraft before and it is a quality boat for sure. Only had 216 hours when I bought it, hope it lasts a long time."  Road Runner - AL
91 NorrisCraft
   2100 XLVEE
91 150 Mariner
     Magnum II
24 Raker, hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance electronics. 68 mph @ 5800 rpm gps.  Charlie - WV
96 NorrisCraft
 2000 FLXD VEE
25 Turbo II, 8" hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance HDS5 Gen2. 82 mph @ 5800 rpm gps.  JawBreakerII - KY
86 NorrisCraft
 1900 XLVee
86 240 Merc
26 Tempest, 6" jackplate, Lowrance Elite HDi7, Motorguide TM. 73 mph @ 6000 rpm "Any ideas on how to get it faster?"  Robbie - TN
84 NorrisCraft
92 200 Merc
25 Trophy Plus, 6" SuperJack, Lowrnace HDS5, Mark 5, Evinrude 24V TM. 68-71 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). Just switched from a 25 Tempest to a 25 Trophy Plus, not had a chance to run it yet to try the setup."  Norriscraft6093 - TN
93 NorrisCraft
     2100 Vee
93 150 Yamaha
Manual jackplate, Lowrance electronics, Motorguide TM.
65 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).
 Ryan R - FL
58 NorrisCraft 15'
58 35 Johnson
Michigan prop. Restored 1958 Norris Craft with restored original 35 hp Johnson. "Just wanted all you bass boat guys to see the old Norris Crafts before they switched to bass boat production."  Richard - VA
82 NorrisCraft
84 200 Mariner
Manual jackplate, Garmin 178 GPS, Humminbird 570, MinnKota Edge 55#. 68 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  82norriscraft - TN
88 NorrisCraft
   2100 XL Vee
91 150 Johnson
26 Raker, Humminbird electronics, Johnson TM. 63 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo).  Danielha - TN
99 NorrisCraft
     2000 XLVD
07 225 Merc 
27 Tempest, 10" Bass Jack hydraulic, Lowrance/Eagle electronics, Motorguide TM.  Propshaft is 1.5 above the pad. 73 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps). "Would like to get a little more out of it, I know it will do it, I just need a little help."  Mitch - NC
79 NorrisCraft
89 130 Yamaha
22 Laser II, 6" jackplate, Humminbird Wide Optic, Humminbird 383C, Johnson 54# TM. "I've had this boat for almost a month now LOVE it. It's only a 16 footer but it's so comfortable behind the wheel and on the deck fishin. The tri hull is awesome look-wise and runs thru the water like no other 16 footer I've been on. The color scheme on this rig is awesome, Silver flake on bottom to a flat Black, Red pinstripes and Silver flake on top and inside. I love this boat. If I were to buy another boat it would definitely have to be another Craft, at least a 19 ft."  WV bassman - WV
88 NorrisCraft 24" prop, 6" jackplate. "Just got the boat yesterday   JD - KY
     19 XL VEE (10/15/09) and on the water today. Feels like a strong  
88 150 Evinrude running boat mid 60's right now. Has hot foot, pro trim and  
            XP some cheap electronics. Any help with setups on this boat  
  will be great."  
97 NorrisCraft 25" Tempest, 12" hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance LCX27c,  XLDVee - GA
     2000 XLD Vee Motorguide 82#. 82 mph (gps).  
95 225 Merc     
            Pro Max    
87 NorrisCraft 96 mph (gps).  Josh R - TN
87 220+ Merc    PHOTO
85 NorrisCraft 23" prop, MinnKota 24V 55# TM. 68 mph @ 5800 rpm  Robert L - VA
85 150 Yamaha (gps).  
97 NorrisCraft 26" Triton1 Custom Henrick, manual jackplate, Eagle  Fish2win - TN
     1900 electronics, Motorguide. 82 mph @ 6300 rpm (gps).  
97 200 Yamaha    
95 NorrisCraft 25" Trophy, 12" jackplate, Lowrance X85, Garmin 240,  Fishook23 - KY
98 200 Merc EFI Motorguide Brute 67#. 68 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  PHOTO
  "Gotta love those Norriscraft colors! Mac and the boys know  
  how to build a boat!"  
95 NorrisCraft 26" Chopper, 12" Norriscraft jackplate, Garmin electronics,  Norriscraft Pro - KY
    1900 XL Vee Motorguide TM.  
95 225 Merc    
     Pro Max    
86 NorrisCraft Motorguide 12/24 V 55#. "Purchased boat in March, needs  JimL - GA
     1900 XLV rewiring, soft spots in floor, nothing major. Needs electronics  
87 175 Johnson replaced."  
  Updated 5/21/09...... "New carpet, floors repaired, new electronics & rewired."  
80 NorrisCraft Humminbird Wide View, Lowrance depth finder w/water   BrianM - WVA
80 150 Evinrude temp, Motorguide Brute 756 67#.  67 mph @ 5500 rpm  
  (speedo). "Awesome boat, handles like a dream. Can stay on  
  plane clear down to 21 mph."  
88 NorrisCraft 24" Trophy Plus, 12" Rapid Jack, Eagle electronics,  XLV 2100 - TN
     XLV2100 Motorguide Tournament Series. Propshaft is 1/2" below pad.  
88 200+ Merc 71.1 mph @ 6200 rpm (gps). "I have ran Chopper props  
  but lose too much speed when loaded for tournaments.  
  The 24" Trophy Plus has been a great compromise for   
  fishing and speed.  Only lose 2 miles per hour loaded with  
  fuel and livewell. Will stay on plane at 22 miles per hour for  
  rough water or night fishing. Norriscraft boats and Mercury  
  outboards, it doesn't get any better than this."  
77 NorrisCraft 28" Chopper, 6" CMC hydraulic, Garmin 240, MinnKota 65  Rock-n-Roy - OH
Super Pro Medalist 12/24 V TM. 83 mph @ 6300 rpm (gps).  
86 200 Merc "This is a blast from the past, this old tri hull screams. It's  
  funny to watch people look at you while they point, look at   
  the old boat move, or they are pointing at a 100' rooster tail  
  as you go by. I'm in the middle of a 2.4 Bridgeport deal that  
  spins 8500 rpms. The lower unit is a 2 to 1 ratio low water  
  pickup. All you guys out there trying to get your engine height  
  set just right good luck, each time you go out the water  
  conditions change. Trust me, go with a hydraulic jackplate,  
  you can plane easier and run bigger props.  
  I run all Choppers big and small ear, 26", 28" 30". I run 83  
  mph with two guys and gear, by myself it runs 88 mph.  
  With the Bridgeport maybe 100 mph, "hold on".   
  P.S. Anybody with EFI for Bridgeports please email me."  
63 NorrisCraft "Trying to restore this Nostalgic vessel to its former glory!!!  William - TN
58 35 Johnson Would love to see pics of other classic NorrisCrafts."  
     Super Seahorse    
90 NorrisCraft 27" OMC SRX, 10" jackplate, Lowrance X65 (2),   Gary - TN
     2100 XLV Evinrude 12/24 V TM. Propshaft is 1" above the pad.  
     200+ Merc 83 mph @ 6300 rpm (gps). "Runs good until livewell is full  
  of water. Any suggestions on how to lose some weight?   
  The boat drops to 70 mph with full livewell."  
84 NorrisCraft 28" Merc Chopper II, 6" Reb jackplate, Lowrance X50,   Mike - GA
00 200 Merc carb OMC BF 45 TM. Propshaft is 1" above the pad.   
  71 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps). "This boat has been a nightmare  
  to setup. This combo should be way faster than 71 mph.   
  I was thinking it should see speeds in the upper 70's to 80   
  mph. I have tried many combos of props and engine heights.  
  The boat runs fastest with the propshaft even with or below  
  the pad??  I have a Bob's low water pick-up. Any ideas for  
  more speed?"  
85 NorrisCraft 24" Raker, 6" jackplate, Humminbird 200DX trolling motor  L.C. - KY
     1750 XLVee mount, Standard communication high speed depth finder,   
    150 Evinrude Minnkota Maxxum 74#. Motor is 4" off the transom.  
    XP VRO 50 mph @ 4800/4900 rpm (gps).  
  "Bought bot used from a close friend, restored boat with new  
  factory custom seats and custom carpet.  All new Gaffrig  
  gauges with white faces and red flat bezel inserts. Added  
  Pro-Tech deck sheet under front deck carpet for extra  
  cushion for those long hours of fishing.  Replaced surface   
  temp gauge with new Humminbird unit. Replaced steering  
  wheel with GT Grant 15" custom racing wheel and put  
  ProTrim tilt/trim switches on steering mount.  All new switches  
  and wiring throughout.  New livewell control timer, new  
  trolling motor.  Added interior lights in all compartments and  
  added gas shock lifters for rear comp.lids. Added new  
  decals and emblems to show off how Norris Craft boats   
  look and last.  Looks Great!!  Red metalflake/ Silver flake,  
  one half black and red ruby carpet with Clipper Red/Silver  
  Black & Saddle upholstery for the seats.  One pro bass seat  
  on pro pole (front), one pro pole (rear). Also a hot foot for  
  total control of the wheel. All this on a custom classic  
  deluxe drive on trailer. What a great rig!! "  
60? NorrisCraft "This isn't a bassboat, but somebody may be interested in   Molahman - TN
'57 35 Johnson what they used to make."  
98 NorrisCraft 29" OMC SS TRX, 12" jackplate.  89 mph @ 7500 rpm.  Roy - GA
     2000 XLD (gps).  
     280 Merc    
98 NorrisCraft 24" Trophy, 12" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance LCG-2400,   Dan - TN
   2000 FXLD Vee MotorGuide 767. "I really like this boat.  It handles and rides  PHOTO
   200 Merc EFI great! Those bucket seats are really comfortable."  
00 NorrisCraft 29" Spinelli, dealer option jackplate. Propshaft is 1.5" above SanadaRacing - Japan
     225 Merc the pad. 84.2 mph @ 6600 rpm (gps). "Hi, I import  
            ProMax NorrisCraft, Triton & Legend boats to various Japanese  
  dealers. The test was done by Seiji Marine who was the first  
  to purchase NorrisCraft in Japan.  The speed was recorded  
  on one of those handy Garmin GPS's, on a very crispy  
  nice sunny winter day of 12/24/99. The temp was about 45F  
  taking about right amount of oxygen into the EFI !"  
96 NorrisCraft 25" Trophy, 6" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance X70's (2),  Keith - MI
     2000 XLDV MotorGuide 765 Competition. 84 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
     225 Merc "This boat was Mac Jr's '96 demo and was setup by them.  
  They used this boat to mate with the Merc 3 Litre 225 and   
  had very good results.  It has a Bob's Machine Shop low  
  water pickup with a Detwiler HydroJack and setback plate  
  with a total setback of 12". They had to custom make a  
  stainless extension for the anti-cavitation plate which gives a   
  good holeshot.  Although not the fastest setup compared to  
  lighter motors, this rig really performs well and gets   
  surprisingly good mileage.  The Crumley's know how to   
  build 'em!!"  
91 NorrisCraft 23" Trophy, 6" Reb jackplate, Garmin 240, Humminbird  Bassman 1750 - MD
     1750 XLV Platinum ID, MotorGuide 300. Motor is 4 1/2" off the   
     150 Mariner transom. 5700 rpms. Not sure about top speed, used to   
            Mag 3 have transducer with speedo indicated 74 mph with a 24"   
  Turbo prop. Switched to a 23" Trophy, raised motor and   
  boat got real loose, fun to drive !!  
89 NorrisCraft 12" jackplate, 2 Eagle Ultra III's, Magellan GPS,   Ncraft150 - OH
     1900 XLVee MotorGuide TM.  63 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps). "I've looked  
     150 Merc at hundreds of bass boats. After having this boat I will only  
  look to Norris Craft to custom design my future bass boat."  
77 NorrisCraft 25" Protester, 6" jackplate, Lowrance LMS 350a, Mercury  Terry - TN
     17' Tri Hull Thruster TM. Motor is 4" off transom.  74 mph @ 6000 rpm.  
     200 Merc (speedo). "I love this boat, but it takes nerves of steel to   
  drive her. The low water pickup really tuned this old blast  
98 NorrisCraft     25" Trophy, 12" jackplate, 2 Lowrance X85's, MotorGuide Ronnie Pettit - GA  
     2000 XLD Brute 62# TM, and a touch of custom decal work.   
     200 Merc EFI  "Plan to add solid mounts,tuner, Bob's nosecone and     
  extend jackplate to 14". Plan to get a true radared 80 mph."  

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