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Frequently Asked Questions

  Do I need to register or sign up to use any part of BassBoat Central?
You do not need to join or subscribe to BBC.  Just get involved with the site and enjoy!
  Registering on the BBC Boards (Forums) is also free and takes less than 2 minutes.

  What are the Owners Lists?
  The Owners Lists are lists of brands of bassboats, complete with setup information
  and experiences of the owners.  There are "E-Mail Links" in the right hand column of all
  lists that you can click on to send that owner an e-mail to ask any questions about their
  boat, get input on prop selection, or just to say "Hi" to someone in your state.

  How do I add my boat to an Owners List?
Go to the "Add a Boat" page and fill in the form with as much information about your boat
  and the current setup as you can. When you're done, click Submit.  The information will
  come to me in an e-mail, I then type the information into the Owners List for your brand
  of boat.
  How do I list my Boat for Sale?
Go to the "Sell a Boat" page and fill in the form with all the information about your boat.
  When you're done, click Submit  If you're including 3-4 photos with your listing 
  recommended), then just email the .jpg photos to me: ashields@bassboatcentral.com
  noting which listing they're for.  

  How do I update my listing?
To Update your listing (change it, add/delete, add new information re your setup), just go
  to the "Update Boat" page and fill in the changed information.  Please make sure that you
  include your e-mail address and the brand of boat, otherwise I'll have a heck of a time
  locating your listing  ;)

  Do I need to show all current information on a listing when I update?
You only need to show changed information on an update form, it's not necessary to show
   information that you currently have on a listing. Make sure to include the year/model of boat.

  Does information get added automatically to BassBoat Central?
Everything that you see on BassBoat Central is typed in manually. Nothing is added or
  removed automatically.  This is done to ensure the quality of the site. There may be time
  delays from when you fill in a form to when the information is added/changed, but it
  normally is done within 24 hours.

  How do I add photos to my listing?
To add photos to your Owners List listing or to a Boats4Sale ad, just e-mail them to
  me at ashields@bassboatcentral.com .  Please send them in .jpg format and wherever
  possible send them at 640 x 480 (but don't worry if you have them larger.) 

  Are boats on the Owners Lists for sale?
The boats on the Owners Lists are just owners that are listing their boats, setups, and
  possibly questions that they may have about setup, etc. The Owners Lists are a way for
  bassboat owners to contact one another, compare setup information, meet new friends, etc.

  How do I remove a listing from an Owners List, etc.?
To remove any listing or information from BBC, simply send me an e-mail and I'll delete
  the information. Everything that you see on BBC is typed in manually by me; nothing is
  added or deleted automatically.

  How do I contact another owner or seller on the Boats4Sale etc. pages?
To contact another owner on an Owners List or a seller on the Boats4Sale,
  page, simply click on the "E-Mail Link" name highlighted in blue and underlined.
  Clicking on this link will open your e-mail program and you can send them an e-mail.
  Note: If you run your cursor over the highlighted link and look to the bottom left of your
  monitor screen you will see their actual e-mail address.

  How do I let BassBoat Central know when I've sold an item?
When you sell a boat, please send me an e-mail to let me know
  so that I can remove your listing.  I'd like to keep the listings as updated as possible.

  Questions?  Comments?  Complaints?
Please fill in the form below if you have any questions, comments or are having any problems
  with using any part of BassBoat Central and I'll be back to you as soon as possible.

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  Take care,
  Al Shields     ashields@nexicom.net

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