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CHARGER Likes & Dislikes

This is my 3rd Charger. 496TF, every Charger owner knows the ride is above all the others. I have no dislikes on my present boat or the other 2 previous Chargers.
BASSMAN IA - IA     2001 Charger 496TF w/225 Yamaha VMax                             
Absolutely love my boat! Best riding boat I have ever been in. It has more storage than any boat I have ever seen and a HUGE flipping deck which I love. It runs good as well. Beautiful boat and I still get comments everywhere I go on how beautiful it is still today. 
The only dislikes I have is the position of the livewells. They are on the outside edges of the boat close to the water. I have had fish jump out while putting other fish in a weigh in bag.
Other than that, none at all.
Flippindrew - KY       2001 Charger 195VF w/200 Merc Optimax                                
I like everything about it!!  Great ride, handles rough water with ease, very stable and safe with big decks, lots of dry storage, lots of room here!!
Beautiful finish after 10+ years, just like new!  Even the carpet and seats are perfect. Quality craftsmanship all the way!!
This trailer is over 8'7" wide!  Who decided that this load didn't need brakes?  It took a little getting used to at first.  We have a LOT of road construction and 1 lane traffic here, the trailer is 7 inches wider than most, but I have not hit anything so far.........
Hawgfreak - SD       1991 Charger 195 TF w/91 200 Evinrude 3.0 LE                               
This is one of the best riding 17 ft boats I have been in.  It will handle Lakes of the Ozarks on a pretty rough day (get off about 5:00 pm when the 6 footers start rolling). Don't let the length fool you, it is easy to unload and load by yourself and I can get in to very tight and shallow waters. The fit and finish is great.  I think with the right setup, Charger boats are as fast as any boat in their class (68 on gps with no jackplate).  
This boat is almost 14 years old, (I fish 250 days a year), and people still can't believe that it's that old.  They can't believe it's a 150 smokin their 200's.  The boat fishes great also with two big livewells; you can throw 4-5 pounders in them all day and stay alive till check in.  Charger is known for the big Q, not major production.  My next boat will be a Charger when this one is done, maybe 2050.  I am very happy!
Jerry - MO          1988 Charger 170V w/ 150 Yamaha ProV                                              
Wish there was a glove box and the cup holder under console was larger.  Speed is good but not great.  Also would like to see rear storage in future boats.  Would like bigger space at console to mount graph.  Overall, an excellent and dry boat.  Keep making innovations and I'll be a customer for life!
Aretheybitin - OK     1997 Charger 186 VF w/150 Yamaha ProV                                       
Wow, where do I start.  I have been very happy with the ride of the Charger especially in rough water, it has a very dry and safe feeling ride.  When fishing it has a very stable platform.  Lots of storage.  Runs as well as most boats its size class.  Handles Very well.  I would not be worried about an inexperienced driver getting behind the wheel of this ride to operate the boat, it is just that great a handling boat.  
No real dislikes at all.  The Charger 395TF is one outstanding boat!  But, hey, don't take my word for it.  Go and take a Test Drive, on a windy day, and let that deep vee show its stuff.  
Be safe and catch a bunch.      ....... Shadrap.
Shadrap - TX             1999 Charger 395TF w/225 Merc Optimax                                       

I like the rough water ride.  Up here in Tallahassee and in Lake Wales there are two big lakes, (Seminole & Kissimmee).  I have been across Lake Seminole with 4' rollers and runnin' 30-35 mph and same on Kissimmee.  If you want storage this is the boat to have.  I have three double-sided tackle boxes, a spinner bait tackle box, a shiner & fish dip net, and a throw cushion and still have room.  Oh yes, and speed I would like to go a little bit faster (73 mph on speedo @ 5900 rpm), but I can out run most of the stuff on the water that weighs the same.  It is like my friend says, "You can't catch any bass going that speed."
No dislikes about the boat.

mybacklash86 - FL    1994 Charger 195TF w/ 200 Yamaha ProV                                         10/23