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  Updated 11/25/17


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00 Charger 195VF
99 200 Merc
24 Tempest, HDS7, Elite7 HDI, MK Fortrex 80#.  2footitis - MO
01 Charger 295 TF
01 200 Yamaha 3.lL
25 Yamaha prop, 6" Rapid Jack, Lowrance X510C, X48, MK Maxxum 80#.  JeffreyS - MI
15 Charger 797
15 250 Honda
Atlas hydraulic, two Raymarine A12's, MK Fortrex 112#.  Duff - MO
95 Charger 295VF
99 200 Yamaha
25 Tempest, 4" Bob's jackplate, HDS9, two HDS7's, Motorguide Xi5.  Coxjamesb - FL
01 Charger 296
02 200 Yamaha 
Lowrance electronics. 72 mph @ 5800 rpm.  Bassquatch76 - FL
09 Charger 296
09 150 Merc
24 Tempest, Lowrance X52, MG Pro Series 70#. 55 mph @ 5600 rpm gps."My 2nd Charger, will probably never own another brand, not crazy fast but ride is second to none!"  Fishin4alivin - TX
14 Charger 496
14 250 Merc ProXS
26 Tempest, manual jackplate, two HDS5's, MK Fortrex 80#. Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad.   CenTx496 - TX
00 Charger 595
00 225 Yamaha
HDS10, HDS7, MinnKota 101#. 66 mph @ 5500 rpm gps. "Best riding boat out there. I have had Ranger, Skeeters and a bunch of other boats, nothing rides like this boat, especially in rough water."  Tman5611 - TX
85 Charger 170V
85 150 Evinrude
24 Raker. "How do you get water in front livewell?"  Jim Holloway - MI
00 Charger 180VF
00 150 Suzuki EFI
25 Suzuki, manual jackplate, Lowrance HDDS5, X75, MK Maxxum TM. Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad. 60 mph @ 5800 rpm speedo. "Solid well built boat. A Charger fan for life now. The Suzuki motor is strong and I have no complaints yet. It was a work horse for the original owner and with proper maintenance I expect the same."  Falkenroth - AZ
96 Charger 186VTF
96 175 Evinrude
24 Raker, 6" jackplate, Humminbird 798ci, 595, MinnKota Maxxum 65#. 50 mph @ 5500 rpm gps. "I can't see to get her faster than 50. Any help would be greatly appreciated."  Alix - WI
91 Charger 195TF
90 150 Johnson
23 Shooter, Lowrance HDS5, Eagle 320, Motorguide 70#. 54 mph gps.  Rexver80 - TX
10 Charger 296
10 200 Merc
    Pro XS
26 Fury, Lowrance X52, HDS7, MinnKota Maxxum TM. Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad. 71 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps). "Fantastic boat, especially coming out of a '95 Procraft with a 90 Yamaha. Only have 9 hours on her so still in break in period. Love the hot foot. Haven't tried to get a top speed out of her yet, chinewalks on me around 70 and I'm still trying to learn how to drive through it. Love this boat, fishes great."  Sean D - TN
12 Charger 195VF
12 200 Merc
    Pro XS
27 Tempest Plus, 6" Atlas hydraulic, Lowrance HDS10, HDS7, Motorguide Tour 82#. 73.2 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "Top speed to be determined once break-in is complete, present number was while running wot for approx.45-50 seconds after passing the 4 hour point on motor."  Bassin again - IA
88 Charger 195V
88 200 Evinrude
23 Renegade, Humminbird 958, OMC 12/24 V. 58 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps). "Haven't ran wot yet, need bigger prop."  Nitrocarp - MO
05 Charger 496TF
05 225 Yamaha
     VMax HPDI
25 Tempest Plus, 10" Slidemaster manual, Lowrance LCX17, Garmin, MinnKota Maxxum Pro 80#. Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad. 74 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps). "She is one fish catching machine. Best sleeper bass boat out there on the market today."  Sbeck2k - MO
99 Charger 395TF
99 225 Merc EFI
23 Mazco HP4, 5" CMC jackplate, Lowrance HD5, Humminbird 585 combo, Motorguide TM. Propshaft is 2" below the pad. 64 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Boat won't come out of the water with a full load, passengers, gas tank and full livewell. Is there a possibility of a problem with this particular year of motor? Have tried raising and lowering motor, changing props and other ideas from dealer and still no change, any ideas? Also no low end power."  Lowride57 - MO
95 Charger 195 VF
95 200 Yamaha
25M Yamaha, 6" CMV jackplate, Humminbird 898 SI, Pinpoint 7520.  Motorguide 782V 24 volt. 
65 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps). "Just added the jackplate and the 898 SI 1/15/2012."
 Hlndeerhunter - LA
96 Charger
00 225 Johnson HO
Manual jackplate, Lowrance 520C, 332C, Motorguide Tour 82#. Very solid bass boat."  Mwbryan - KY
05 Charger 496TF
05 225 Merc
Merc prop, hydraulic jackplate. 68 mph (gps). "Always garaged, bought new in 2006."  Wayne B - OK
06 Charger 596
06 250XS Merc
27 Tempest, 10" Detwiler hydraulic, Motorguide Tour 82#.
72 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).
 Tommy13 - MO
86 Charger 180V
86 150 Merc
24 Turbo, 6" Rapid Jack, MinnKota Maxxum TM. Motor is 2.5" above the transom.  66 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Holeshot not great, still tuning."  Cad75 - MO
97 Charger 186VF
99 175 Merc EFI
25 Tempest Plus, 6" Atlas hydraulic. Propshaft is 3" below the pad. 68.9 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  Bishmich - IA
10 Charger 396
10 225 Merc Pro XS
25 Fury, 8" T&H jackplate, Lowrance X52, Motorguide TM. Propshaft is 2.25" below the pad. 70'ish mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "Just picked it up (4/10) and I am still playing with setup/break-in. I was at 3.25" below pad and changed it to 2+". Have not tested yet but motor is not broke in either. I just need a little time. Excellent ride and this Charger is not scared of the rough stuff at all. I am impressed."  Andy Lazok - NM
00 Charger 296TF
00 200 Merc Optimax
24 Tempest Plus, 6" Rite Hite, Humminbird 778C, Lowrance indash flasher, Motorguide Tour Edition. Propshaft is 4" below the pad. 69.7 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps). "Tried the new Fury prop, lost 3 mph and some lift, beware on Fury's, pitch is not the same, this is a whole different prop design."  Fred D - MO
83 Charger Foxfire 24" Tempest Plus, 6" CMC jackplate, Lowrance HDS-8,  Oldtimer - OK
86 150 Merc XR2 HDS-5, Motorguide 24V 71# TM. Propshaft is 2" below pad.  
  63 mph @ 5850 rpm (gps). "This is my 3rd Charger. This old  
  boat is still in great shape. The extended front deck makes lots  
  more fishing room on this boat. Putting recessed pedal in this  
  winter. Old XR2 was completely rebuilt last spring."  
99 Charger Foxfire 57 mph (gps). "New to being a Charger owner, came from a   Bull5579 - OK
99 125 Merc Stratos. Love my Foxfire."  
88 Charger Foxfire 24" Trophy, Humminbird electronics, MinnKota All Terrain 70.  Fishhunter1 - CO
02 200 Merc Classic 60 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "Just picked this boat up (5/21/09)  
  Motor is mounted in the lowest hole and all vents are plugged  
  on the Trophy. Holeshot sucks with a full load and full livewells.  
  Trimmed all the way down the motor sits about 8" below the  
  pad (is that how you measure that?). I'm going to add a CMC  
  manual jackplate and unplug one of the vents on the prop to   
  see if that helps with the holeshot. Top end is pretty good once  
  it gets on the pad and the ride is unbelievable! Any help on  
  setup is appreciated. Thanks!"  
99 Charger 395TF 24" prop, 10" Rite Hite jackplate, Garmin/Lowrance electronics  Ntimad8rs - MD
99 225 Yamaha MinnKota 101#. 66 mph @ 5550 rpm (gps).  
93 Charger 295TF 24" Tempest/Boger, 12" Vance jackplate, Lowrance LCX27C,  WillySteve - OK
95 260 Merc LMS 334igps, MinnKota 74#. Propshaft is 1.5" below  
     Hi/Perf 2.5 EFI the pad. 76 mph @ 7000 rpm (gps). "Still working on set-up  
  after 15 years! The Charger hulls are dogs for speed, but they  
 Updated 10/12/09..... sure are comfortable on a rough lake! Fully loaded all fishing   
  gear, 3 batteries and fuel w/1 person."  
00 Charger 395 TF 25" Yamaha, 5.5" CMC hydraulic, Humminbird 797si,  Bhill36 - OK
99 200 Yamaha Lowrance 522c Igps, Motorguide Tour Series 82#.  
             VMax Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad. 69 mph (gps).  
08 Charger 496 25" Tempest, 6" CMC hydraulic, Lowrance LCX520, X52,  Richard S - OK
08 225 Merc ProMax Motorguide Tour 82#. 73 mph @ 6100 rpm (gps).  
97 Charger 186TF 23" Raker, 6" Vance jackplate, Lowrance 522c, 15-MT,  Ted Martin - TX
96 150 Johnson  MinnKota Maxxum 74#. Propshaft is 3" below the pad.  
            Fast Strike 60 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  
00 Charger 395TF Lowrance X67, X58, Motorguide 67#.  69 mph (speedo).  Brent - OK
     Foxfire "Great riding boat that handles the big water very well.  
99 200 Yamaha Huge front deck to fish from. Going to add a 6" jackplate this  
  winter. Can't wait for the '09 BASS weekend series."  
00 Charger 296 21" Tempest, 10" TH jackplate, Lowrance/Garmin GPS,  GMann14 - LA
00 150 Merc XR6 MinnKota 65#. 55 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo).  
  "Bought used orig.owner preferred 150 over 200. Motor on  
  transom in second hole, good holeshot but no top end and  
  throwing roostertail as soon as I start trimming up. Bought 10"   
  jackplate, self installed (first time), installed backwards.   
  Reinstalling this weekend (Aug.16/08) will report back. What  
  should my prop to pad be? I did notice even with the jackplate  
  backwards I have very good hull lift and nice roll instead of   
  roostertail. Will I need to change prop after correct  
  installation of JP?"  
87 Charger 180V Garmin/Lowrance electronics, Motorguide TM.   Coppercharger - MO
85 175 Yamaha 55 mph @ 5000 rpm (speedo). "Fully restored except for   
  paint. New carpet, flipping deck with storage, recessed TM  
  pedal, completely rewired. Put fish finder in dash and one up  
  front in floor. New windshield, replaced the Merc 150 with  
  175 Yamaha (still working on setup). Great handling boat and  
  great fishability."  
99 Charger 395TF 25" Renegade, 8" Slidemaster, Humminbird 580C,   Fish4joy2005 - AR
99 225 Evinrude Motorguide 71#. 73 mph @ 5900 rpm (speedo). "I just bought  PHOTO    PHOTO
  this boat and added the jackplate and the gps. Haven't had it  PHOTO
  out since I added the gps."  
97 Charger 395TF 23" Trophy, 6" jackplate, Lowrance X85, Eagle 500C,  Mike A - OR
97 200 Yamaha Motorguide 767. Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad.  
  60 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). Motor has Phase 1 HydroTech  
  kit, elevation here is about 4000'. This boat is a slug, need help.  
95 Charger 195VF 23" Tempest, 6" OMC jackplate, Lowrance 520C, Eagle  James B - TX
95 200 Merc FishMark, Motorguide ProTour 109#. 63 mph @ 5400 rpm  
  (gps). "The boat was setup by mechanic, boat runs excellent  
  does anyone know why he bottomed out the motor on the   
  jackplate? Doesn't lift out of the water very well when running  
  wide open."  
00 Charger 595 25" Turbo, 8" Rite Hite, Eagle electronics, MinnKota 74#.  Charger 595 - MO
00 225 Merc Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad. 68 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps).  
  "This is the 3rd Charger I have owned. It is the best riding big  
  lake boat out there. It does not chinewalk at all. It feels like it is  
  glued to the water."  
99 Charger Foxfire MinnKota 74#. "Just bought this boat, really nice rig and really  One on One - AL
     195VF fast."  PHOTO
99 200 Yamaha    
99 Charger 495TF 23" Michigan Wheel, 6" CMC, Lowrance 334C, 100C,  Cull25 - NJ
99 225 Yamaha MinnKota Max Pro 101#. 67 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
            VMax "Looking to get a little more speed. I've been told to go to a  
  25 Tempest Plus from Charger or to a 24 Turbo Lightning by   
  the Turbo dealer. Feedback is appreciated."  
95 Charger 180VF 23" Merc prop, manual jackplate, Lowrance LMS 334C,  Mark - AR
95 150 Merc Motorguide Brute 756. Motor is 1" off the transom.  
  65 mph (gps).  
95 Charger 186 24" Tempest, 6" jackplate, Motorguide TM. "Holeshot is good,  Mac - MO
93 150 Merc hull lift is terrible, speed is slower than a slug and hard to drive.  
  Can anybody give some advice?"  
97 Charger 195VF 24" Raker, Lowrance electronics, Motorguide 550.  Dan L - TX
     Foxfire 60 mph @ 5500 rpms (gps). "Great boat, nothing rides like it in  
91 150 Evinrude smooth or rough water. One question, compression on motor is  
  62 lbs on all. Haven't tried new comp.tester yet. Isn't that low?  
  Please help me, motor runs great, easy to start. Any comments  
94 Charger Foxfire 23" Yamaha ProSeries, Garmin 240, Eagle 168, Motorguide   Tom - MI
94 150 Yamaha Brute. Propshaft is 4-6" below the pad. 58 mph @ 5400 rpm   
Updated 11/11/06... (gps). "Boat runs great now with the 23" prop."  
99 Charger 295VF 25" Trophy, Apelco electronics, Motorguide 67#.  PaulR - KY
99 200 Merc  60 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps). "Absolutely love my Charger,   
            Optimax rides like a Cadillac, but can't seem to get it up to its full  
  potential top speed. Dealer said should be between 67 and 71  
  on a light load, it's struggling to get 60. Any suggestions would  
  be appreciated. Don't have a jackplate."  
01 Charger 195VF 25" Tempest, 6" HiJacker, Eagle/Garmin electronics,  Flippindrew - KY
05 Merc Optimax Motorguide Digital 82#.  69.9 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
  "Best riding boat I've even been in. Very happy with speed of  
  boat, does not chine at all. More storage than I know what to   
  do with."  
97 Charger 295TF 23" Renegade Bass.  58 mph @ 5000 rpm (speedo).  Mike G - WI
97 150 Rude Ficht "Great ride. I think it should be faster. Thinking about upgrading  
  to 200 Etec HO. That should get it goin'."  
00 Charger 195VTF 25" Yamaha ProSeries, Lowrance LMS480M, Humminbird  Jim - ME
00 200 Yamaha  Legend 2000, Motorguide TM.  Propshaft is 2 3/8" below pad.  
             VMax 67 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
93 Charger 195VF 25" Yamaha, Garmin 160, 240, Motorguide 756.  Charger195 - MO
93 200 Yamaha 63 mph @ 5400 rpm. (speedo). "The speed at WOT is just a   
  close guess, no actual numbers yet, just installed hyd. steering.  
  This is my first Charger and I love it, the smooth ride in rough  
  water is great. Spending a lot of time on LOZ everyone who   
  has ever fish it knows it is a rough lake for this area!"  
99 Charger Foxfire 25" Yamaha ProSeries, 6" R&R jackplate, Lowrance 102C  Fishy1 - MO
     395 TF (front), 332C & 1240A on dash, Motorguide Tour 109#.  PHOTO     PHOTO
99 225 Yamaha ox66 73 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps).  
05 Charger 296TF 25" Raker, Lowrance X52's (2), MinnKota 84#.  Lbchargerboats - MA
05 200 Evinrude 71 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "We are a new dealer in MA.  
  Been with Charger since the beginning of 2005. This boat rides  
  like a Cadillac in ruff water.  Quality and workmanship   
  outstanding plus performance.  If you have any questions please  
  contact me.  Good fishing!!"  
89 Charger 180VF 22" Raker, 6" CMC jackplate, Lowrance X75A, Z7500,  Bruce180vf - IN
89 150 Evinrude Motorguide TM. Propshaft is 3" below the pad.   
  57 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
85 Charger 185T Powerlift hydraulic, Eagle Fish ID2, Eagle Super Pro ID,  Simonsez0822 - MI
85 200 Merc Motorguide Brute. "I just bought this boat and I am wondering  
  how I can get hold of the owners manual or a copy of one, a   
  wiring diagram and also a manual for the motor. Any info  
  please e-mail me. Thanks Johnnie."  
05 Charger 210SUV 23" Tempest, manual jackplate, Lowrance 110C, 332C,  Dale - IA
05 300 Yamaha MinnKota 65PD/US. 50 mph @ 5100 rpm (gps).  
            HPDI "Need help finding a prop, cannot reach desired rpms, and top  
  end stinks so far. Any help is appreciated!"  
00 Charger 195TF 23" Proptech, Eagle electronics. Propshaft is 4" below the pad.  Jeramy - TX
99 200 Yamaha 67 mph @ 5400 rpm (speedo). "Need boat to go faster??  
            VMax Any ideas??  Prop is 4 blade."  
97 Charger 195VTF 26" Raker, 6" T&H, Motorguide TM.  Jerry - MO
97 200 Evinrude Propshaft is 2.75" below the pad. 69 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  PHOTO
  "This is my second Charger. The ride of this boat has no equal,  PHOTO
  it will cut through the rough stuff that only others wish they   PHOTO
  could. There is a difference, these boats glide through the waves  PHOTO
  instead of pounding you to death. Go take a test ride and see  
  for yourself."  
99 Charger 395 27" Yamaha, 6" jackplate, Lowrance X65, X45.  Hook Setter - TX
99 225 Yamaha Motorguide TR 82#. 73 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
  "This is my 2nd Charger, got it new, love the ride."  
95 Charger 24" Trophy, 5" Hi Jacker. "The 225 makes her fast..."  Rob - MN
96 225 Merc    
04 Charger SUV190 24" Turbo. 53 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  Tae73 - MO
05 200 Merc Opti "This boat fishes great, but the top end speed sucks so far.  
  Was hoping someone could give me some suggestions to help  
  it out."  
03 Charger 296 27" prop, Lowrance electronics, MinnKota 84# TM.  Lug72 - OK
03 200 Merc 71.6 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "Just got the boat and got it   
  broken in. I love this boar so far. Has great storage and set up.  
  Best riding boat I have even been in. Will updated when   
  needed. Only problems I have had so far is the speedo quit  
  because the cable came unhooked and fuel gauge messes up  
  sometimes. I also love the trailer, the strap down system is   
87 Charger Suzuki prop, 6" jackplate, Lowrance X15, X75, MinnKota   Scott - WA
95 150 Suzuki 74# TM. 58 mph (gps)."Have had the boat for a few years  
  now and would like to tell everyone Charger makes a great  
  boat.  It may be old but everything is still working, we did  
  replace the carpet and put extra pad under it; let me tell you, if   
  you want to be more comfy on your deck put in some extra  
  pad.  The 95 150 Suzuki is not a good motor, we want to   
  replace it but don't have the money.  It blew up 5 or 6 times,   
  4 times under warranty and they say it has something to do with  
  the electronic fuel injection, but my advice is to stay away from   
  them. We get 58 out of her in a full load with me, Dad, Mom  
  and little Bro. We get about 60-63 with just me and Dad also  
  this boat is the smoothest ride on the water; overall it is a   
  wonderful boat."  
00 Charger 595 XLF 25" Tempest Plus, 11" RapidJack, Garmin 182 GPS,  Charger 595 - MD
     225 Evinrude Lowrance X48, Motorguide Pro 67#.  PHOTO      PHOTO
    Updated 3/13/05... Propshaft is 2.75" below the pad. 70 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).  PHOTO      PHOTO
     PHOTO      PHOTO
96 Charger 195VF 24" Raker, BottomLine electronics, Motorguide Brute 750.  Mlangfordfishing-NE
95 150 Evinrude    
96 Charger 195 25" Yamaha, Lowrance X85, X75, Motorguide 67.  Rock - MO
96 150 Yamaha Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad.  67 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).  
  "With HydroTec Phase II kit."  
02 Charger 195TF 25" Tempest, Lowrance X-51. 69 mph   Buba1805 - AR
02 200 Merc EFI "Just finished my 1st summer with this boat and 'I love my   
  Charger', it has been great.  Its the only brand I will ever own.  
  Set-up question....will a 6" jackplate help my top end any, if so  
  how much?  I fish a lot on Lake Ouahita which is a 40,000  
  acre lake that can get nasty with wind and this boat handles it   
  as well as any I have ever been in.  I first tried to buy a Charger  
  17 years ago.  I guess the credit folks got a real laugh with my   
  application, I am glad Charger has hung around long enough to  
  allow me to finally get my dream boat."  
95 Charger 195TF 24" Trophy, Hot Shot hydraulic jackplate.   James - MN
96 200 Suzuki "Just got it....anyone have any thoughts on Suzuki motors?  
  Am new to them....."  
94 Charger 195 26" Raker, Lowrance LMS 350, Lowrance X70,   JBass - MA
     200 Johnson MotorGuide 67#. "Just got the boat on 11/3, will post as soon  
            Venom as I run it."  
99 Charger 295 TF 25" Renegade, Hotjack, Lowrance 1240, Humminbird  Ron - FL
     150 Johnson Wide Portrait, MotorGuide Brute 767.   
  "Still breaking it in."  
84 Charger TF185 24" 5 blade prop, Lowrance X70A, X85, Evinrude TM.  RIP - TX
     150 Merc XR2 52 mph @ 5800 rpm(gps) "Info on setup tips welcome."  
98 Charger 195 25" Tempest, Lowrance electronics. "Having trouble with   Lawrence - LA
     200 Merc livewells, dealer can't or will not fix.  Sometimes will not fill up  
  and fish die even when filled."  
00 Charger 186 VF 25" Yamaha ProSeries, Lowrance X70A (dash), Lowrance   Bassn4fun - TX
     150 Yamaha X48 (bow), Minnkota Maxxum 74# TM. DualPro 3 bank   PHOTO
             VMax charger, Yamaha gauges.  
85 Charger 170V "Runs 65-70. The speed is from the prior owner, I just bought  Brian - MO
     150 Johnson GT this and was wondering if anyone had any tips that would help  
  a first time boat owner."  
96 Charger 22" OMC Raker, Lowrance LMS40, BottomLine Sidefinder  Smittman - NE
     Foxfire 195VF Tournament Leader, MotorGuide Brute 750.  
     150 Evinrude 59 mph @ 5800 rpm. "Would like some setup tips if anyone  
  has any ideas....."  
91 Charger 195 TF 24" Raker, Lowrance X48, X55, indash flasher,    Paul - SD
91  200 Evinrude  Humminbird Wide100, Evinrude 56# 12/24V TM.  
            3.0 LE Propshaft is 4" below the pad.  65+ mph @ 6000 rpm   
  (speedo). "This '91 still looks new.  Lots of room! Great   
  Updated 4/12...... storage! Smooth dry ride! Polyflake Red cap and stripes with  
  White hull, Gray carpet & Red/Gray seats. Very good looking  
00 Charger 296 TF 25" Tempest, Lowrance X65 (bow), Lowrance 1240A indash,  Dennis - IA
     200 Merc Optimax MotorGuide Tour Edition 67#. 70 mph.  
88 Charger 170V 25" Yamaha ProSeries prop, Humminbird 300, MotorGuide  Jerry - MO
     150 Yamaha ProV 36# TM. Motor is mounted in 4th hole down. Propshaft is 3.5"  
  below the pad.  65 to 68 mph @ 5800 to 6100 rpm (gps).  
  "Not a big boat but rides and feels much bigger.  Fishes great  
  very stable.  Best of all it's paid for."  
93 Charger 170VF 24" Tempest, Garmin 160 flasher, MotorGuide TM.  Brandon - TX
     150 Yamaha ProV 62 mph.  
01 Charger 496TF 8.5" Panther 300 hydraulic jackplate,  Team Charger - IA
     225 Merc Pinpoint 7820 (bow), 7520 (console), Lowrance 1240A,   PHOTO
  LDT3001, GlobalMap 100, MotorGuide TE109V.  PHOTO
98 Charger 495 TF 23" Tempest, Lowrance LMS350A (helm), X85 (bow),    Scott - MO
     200 Merc EFI flasher indash. MotorGuide 757 TM.   
  61 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Not the fastest but a great ride."  
 89 Charger 190T 24" Thunder prop, MotorGuide Brute, BottomLine (bow),   Bassman - IA
     150 Suzuki EFI Zercom (dash), Eagle GPS, Black/Silver, Moondust cap,     
  light grey seats, dark grey carpet.  
 98 Charger 195 VF MotorGuide Brute 75, Lowrance LCD (bow).   Lance - GA
 200 Johnson Venom  "My first boat and absolutely love it!"  
 99 Charger 395 TF MotorGuide 665 w/ProKonTroll handle, Apelco & Zercom   Shadrap - TX
   225 Merc Optimax electronics, DualPro charger, hydraulic steering & hot foot.  
   "I am loving this new ride!"  
 96 Charger 495 TF 25" Yamaha ProSeries, 10" J&B jackplate, hot foot,   Tim West - TX
   200 Yamaha ProV MotorGuide 767 TM, Lowrance X70A, 1240A,  
  Eagle GPS (console),X25A (bow), hydraulic steering, deck  
  insert, digital gauges, tandem w/brakes/removable tongue.  
  71 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps)  

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