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  Updated 4/18/20


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91 Vision 200T
04 225 Yamaha
25 Tempest Plus, 12" manual jackplate, Helix 9, Garmin Echomap 73sv, MK Fortrex 36V. 70 mph @ 5300 rpm. "Built 225. Would like to talk to other owners about getting more lift. I know this boat could be faster. Never topped out, starts to hunt at 70 mph. I have a custom 4 blade on it at the moment but blows out of the hole."  ThatOldJavelin - GA
92 Vision 200T
94 225 Johnson
25 Raker, 10" manual jackplate, HB859c, HB899c, MK Fortrex. 67 mph @ 5850 rpm gps. "Raised motor 1/4 in up from original setting. Have owned this boat for 6 mo. Boat has a very dry ride."  Hoosier Boy - IN
89 Vision 180 Pro
94 150 Merc ProMax
6" EZ Lift jackplate, HB1199, HB899, MK Maxxum  Warrenroadie - GA
94 Vision 200V
94 200 Johnson Ltd Ed
 28 Raker, 6" manual jackplate. 50 mph @ 6000 rpm   Dustinhancock - GA
90 Vision 200T
93 200 Merc
Manual jackplate. 60 mph @ 5600 rpm gps. "Would like to talk to some other Vision owners on prop/jackplate setup."  Visionboy17 - TN
91 Vision 160
76 115 Merc
20 Quicksilver Lightspeed, manual jackplate, Humminbird electronics, MinnKota 90#. 55 mph @ 5400 rpm gps. "I love this boat, no issues except for getting wet in chopping water. Currently redoing the stringers, transom and deck and will work on carpet and what not later. I'm the 3rd owner of the boat and will never sell it."  Vision91 - MI
88 Vision 158
83 115 Evinrude
21 Michigan Wheel, Humminbird 561DI, MinnKota 50#. 54 mph @ 4500 rpm gps.  Josh G - IN
92 Vision 200 XT
93 175 Johnson
24 Raker, 8"Hydro jackplate, Garmin 160, Humminbird 570 DI, MinnKota Maxxum 74#. "Still trying different props, speed is not up there yet. Boat runs great, rides smooth and handles great. Will post more specs when I get them."  WVision - WV
89 Vision 180
89 150 Merc BlackMax
Motorguide Pro Series 75.  Chuck - FL
88 Vision 260 Pro
92 150 Evinrude
25 Renegade, Humminbird 550, 170, Johnson 2700 TM  Defoezack - AL
88 Vision 158
89 100 Evinrude XP
22 Raker, MinnKota Power V2. Propshaft is 1" below the pad. 55 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps). "One of the fastest 15.8 footers around, motor is stock. I have found if you mount your motor and have the prop 1 inch below the pad you get all the lift youi want and make the boa ride like the boats of today on top of the water."  Jason - TN
90 Vision 200T
88 200 Johnson GT
24 Raker, 10" Super Jack manual jackplate, Humminbird 788 HD ci down imaging, Eagle Cuda 240, Motorguide Pro Series 70#. 65 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "Boat rides good and corners harder than any boat I've ever been in. Plenty of storage and room. I feel it should be faster but haven't tried to adjust jackplate so it may have a little more in it."  Kmbigbass - SC


91 Vision 185 T
98 150 Johnson

Updated 5/1/11.......
24 B&B Croxton Raker, 6" Turbo jackplate, Humminbird 587ci, Motorguide 72# TM. Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad. 65 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "It's old and rickety but it can still keep up with the best of them, just like me."  Sandbardan - KY
92 Vision 200 XT 26" Raker, 10" Turbo jackplate, Lowrance/Eagle  225 Limited Edition - KY
92 225+ Johnson electronics, Johnson TM. Propshaft is 3.5" below pad.  
  78.6 mph @ 6400 rpm (gps). "Motor has Boyesen   
  reeds, shaved heads, Wiseco pistons and oversized jets  
  in carbs. Love this boat, rides and fishes good, been  
  garage kept and looks great."  
88 Vision 200 Pro 25" Trophy Plus, 10" jackplate, Lowrance electronics,  JMitja - AL
88 200 Merc Motorguide TM. 63 mph @ 6300 rpm (gps).  
  "I have ridden in a ton of boats but this boat rides better  
  than any of them, no doubt because of how flat the boat  
  runs. I am currently trying to find a 26 Tempest and   
  another jackplate to get some lift. My jackplate is maxed  
  out and I still need to go down about 2 inches. The pad  
  is right in the middle of my water pickup. Great boat  
  though, plenty of room and enough speed. And looks  
  great for an '88."  
89 Vision 158 18" Quicksilver2, MinnKota Rip Tide.  Fallruns - CA
89 115 Merc    
89 Vision 180 Pro 26" Laser II, 10" hydraulic, Humminbird 585, Eagle,  Chris D - GA
96 150 Merc XR6 Motorguide 56#. 66 mph @ 6800 rpm (speedo).  
  "Purchased 6/06 from first owner and in-law, not sure if  
  the prop is too much, due to low holeshot and high rpms.  
  He had a Ballistic 24 4 blade that was great but low top  
  end. Rides smooth and looks great with a flaked Smoke  
  Gray finish and garage kept interior."  
89 Vision 200 Eagle, Humminbird 4000, MinnKota 72# TM.  Baba - TN
89 200 Merc 55 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo).  
86 Vision 160 24" Ballistic, Eagle Fish Elite 320, Motorguide TM.  Blake - TN
01 125 Merc "Not the best rough water riding boat in the world but it  
  gets you around. I have ridden in an 18' Vision and the  
  ride is a lot better. You wouldn't think 2 feet would make  
  that much of a difference. It's a good all around boat  
  though, lightweight so you will get some speed. I'm   
  getting around 45-48 at wot with two people and a   
  heavy tourny load. I have yet to run it with just me and  
  a little gas because I am always fishing. Will update when  
  I get better speeds."  
90 Vision 185 4 blade Turbo, 6" OMC hydraulic, Garmin GPS Map  Cowtip2 - VA
89 150 Evinrude XP 162, Lowrance X85, Evinrude TM. 60 mph (gps).  
  "I just got a 1990 Vision 185 with a Evinrude XP150....  
  I don't know about lift, it seems to go OK. I would like  
  to learn more about the Vision boat, I can't seem to find  
  anything on the net about them.  Someone before me  
  unwired the timer off my aerator and I would like to get   
  a new timer and put it back."  
90 Vision 201 DC 25" High Five, 10" jackplate, MotorGuide 48# TM.  Jake - GA
89 200 Mariner Motor is 8" off the transom (?). 70 mph @ 6400 rpm  
  (gps).  "Unsure of exact height, but at 1" higher it would  
  sometimes suck air (water pressure fluctuations). Ran 76  
  with 26" Laser II, but had sluggish midrange, and 78 with  
  Chopper but had chinewalk.  Went 69 with 24" Turbo  
  but had too much midrange slippage as Turbo was for   
  smaller lower unit.  Smoother ride and harder cornering  
  than any boat I have ever been in.  I have ridden in over  
  200 boats during tournaments.  Mariner has Boyesen  
  reeds and these greatly help holeshot and idle, and add  
  about 2 mph to top end, well worth the money."  
90 Vision 185T - 18' Turbo 4blade prop, jackplate, MotorGuide Brute 55#,   Tbone - MI    
     150 Mariner Mag II  2 Eagle UltraNav's (one console & one bow.)