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 Updated 3/18/15


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87 Venture 18
  Tournament Ed.
87 150 Merc XR2
24 Turbo, two Lowrance X4's, MinnKota Edge 70#. Propshaft is 4" below the pad. 61 mph gps. "Haven't had this one long. Only able to run at smaller lake. Looking forward to trying out on more water. Looking to install 6" jackplate and possibly replace the 24 Turbo with a 23 Tempest or Torrent."  Sludge2000 - MS
86 Venture
86 150 Yamaha
     Pro V
27 Yamaha, 6" CMC jackplate, MinnKota 70#. Propshaft is 4" below the pad. 64 mph @ 5600 rpm gps.  Chris - GA
88 Venture
 Tournament Ed.
89 150 Merc
23 Fury, two Lowrance 520C's, Motorguide Brute. 60's at 5200 rpm.  SCfisher - SC
88 Venture 18V
88 175 Merc
25 SS prop, 6" HiJacker jackplate, Garmin electronics, Johnson TM. Propshaft is 3" below the pad. 60 mph @ 5800 rpm gps. "Lookin to make a prop change, any suggestions?"  Blk Max - TN
89 Venture
89 150 Mariner
   Magnum II
26 Laser II, 10" manual jackplate, Humminbird, Motorguide. 60 mph @ 5800 rpm gps. "Just bought the boat (July '13) so still working on a lot of things."  Antshit - FL
89 Venture 18
89 150 Merc XR4
25 4 blade, manual jackplate, Humminbird electronics. "Just got my Venture 5 months ago. Still have to smooth out a few small items, i.e. need to find a windshield and recarpet. Fished several tournaments and love it. Lots of room."  Bob - AL
89 Venture
84 200 Evinrude
  Anniversary Ed.
SS prop, manual jackplate, MinnKota 6700. "Love this boat, just bought it this year and am trying to do as much research as I can on it. It runs great. This is my first boat. Needs a little work on the wiring and the paint job but other than that it's a great boat."  DonN17 - MO
89 Venture
 Tournament Ed.
04 150 Merc
Manual jackplate, Humminbird 587di, MinnKota Edge 70#. Propshaft is 4" below the pad. 65 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "I've had the boat for 2 years. I love this boat, less than 3 seconds to plane. A lot of wasted room in front of the console so I added a deck extension between the console and front deck. The added weight in the center of the boat has improved the ride 100% with no effect on top end speed."  Mikespc3 - TN
78 Venture 1550
72 85 Merc
Garmin Echo 150, Motorguide Bill Dance Series.  Mike D - AL
86 Venture Regatta
85 90 Evinrude
19 prop, Lowrance X510c, LMS 525C DF, MinnKota 55#.
49 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "It's my first boat and I can't stay in it enough. I would like something bigger in the future as the casting deck is really small and the boat will beat you to death if there is any chop on the water. Very fun boat and will float in 6" of water."
 Sself1219 - GA
90 Venture 180
    Tournament Pro
90 175 Merc
25 Yamaha, manual jackplate. Propshaft is 4" below the pad.
73 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "I just bought this boat March 2011 and I absolutely love it. Runs great, handles great and fishes great. Looking for a steering wheel and plan to put new carpet in this summer. If anyone knows where I can find a steering wheel please let me know. Thanks."
 R Thomas - GA
87 Venture 18'
Tournament Edition
87 150 Merc XR4
Quicksilver prop, Humminbird 525, Lowrance 320, Motorguide Brute55#. 62 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "I love this boat! Proud to say it is 24 years old and still looks near new and runs amazing. Tons of room to move around in. Black metallic/ Red metallic accents. Everything is still original, even the carpet. I would love to find a windshield for the driver side."  Scott - GA
81 Venture XVII
85 150GT Evinrude
Manual jackplate, Motorguide 767. "Looking for steering wheel."  E Phillips - GA
87 Venture
87 150 Mariner
23 SS 3 blade, Eagle/Garmin electronics, MinnKota Maxxum 80# TM. 60 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  Hickswes - AL
89 Venture 17V
    Tournament Ed.
89 150 Mariner
       Magnum II
Hydraulic jackplate, Humminbird electronics. "This is my first true bass boat. It's Blue on top of the cap with Silver band separating the Blue from the very Dark Midnite Blue bottom. Carpet is grey and I've added Blue LED lights to the outside just over the big V that is molded into the hull on these old beauties. Also added LED's to the interior as well. You can find me riding and/or fishing on Tims Ford Lake almost any time during the summer. I love my boat, so before you ask, not it is not for sale."  Arnold Dove - TN
88 Venture 17'8"
 Tournament Edition
88 150 Johnson GT
22 Raker, 6" jackplate, Lowrance LC27C, 522, Motorguide Brute 57#. Motor is 3" off the transom. 65 mph gps. "Going to move up to a 175 FastStrike or Intruder, boat has plenty of room looking to see at least 72 mph."  Jaunjuice - GA
89 Venture 
Tournament Edition
86 200 Mariner
25 Trophy Plus, manual jackplate, Eagle 520, Motorguide TM. Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad. 69 mph (gps). "Boat will run 69 mph on gps with 2 people."  Brandon W - GA
78 Venture 1650 6" hydraulic jackplate, Eagle/Humminbird electronics.  Hogslayer - ME
      Magnum II Propshaft is 5.5" below the pad. 62 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  
79 150 Evinrude    
88 Venture 25" Shooter, 6" CMC jackplate, Motorguide 55# wireless.  Matt F - GA
 Tournament Edition 56 mph (gps) "I love this boat."  
88 150 Johnson    
82 Venture "Just going to put it together. I had a Terry 5.8 for 15 years,   PBR - FL
     Escapade sold it about 4 years ago and getting the itch to fish again.  
95 115 Johnson Going to be playing with props."  
88 Venture 24" Raker, 6" jackplate, Eagle electronics, Mercury TM.  Steven - TN
Tournament Edition Propshaft is 3" below the pad. 65 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo).   
95 150 Johnson    
89 Venture 25" Trophy, 6" T&H jackplate, Lowrance 480 GPS, 135,  Mercpromax - AL
     Tournament Ed. Motorguide Tour. Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad.  
99 225 Merc 76 mph @ 6200 rpm (gps). "Still needing more rpms."  
            Pro Max    
77 Venture 1800 19" Merc, Johnson TM. 45 mph @ 5000 rpm (speedo).  Chadls - MN
      Magnum "Hi there. Just looking for people interested in Ventures and   
77 150 Merc want to chat. Let me know, I just got done restoring mine."  
90 Venture 180 23" prop.  Trapperman616 - KY
93 175 Evinrude    
87 Venture Spirit "I need to get all the gauges working again. Anyone know   Steve - TN
85 150 Merc where I could find some wiring diagrams? I was told that they  
            Black Max were different from the guy I bought it from. Had a different  
  motor on the boat at one time and the hookups are different and  
  that is why the gauges will not work."  
84 Venture 13" and 14" props, Eagle 320's (2), Motorguide Brute 750.  Stinkies daddy - AR
     Kricket 31 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  
84 40 Mariner    
78 Venture 16' "Just bought this boat. It needs some TLC and I need help  Robert W - TX
  doing that. If anyone can give me info on getting parts that  
  would be great."  
88 Venture 25" Tempest Plus, 12" Rapid Jack, Eagle Cuda 200 GPS,   Luketrician - TN
 Tournament Ed. Garmin, MinnKota All Terrain. Propshaft is 1.5" below pad.  PHOTO    PHOTO
06 225X Merc 75.4 mph @ 6100 rpm (WOT not achieved yet).  PHOTO
  "I am the 3rd owner of this boat. I love it and it has been a   
  wonderful boat. Nice and wide makes for a smooth ride and   
  plenty of room. This boat was running a 2.4 200 @ 65 gps with  
  two and a fishin' load. Now with the 225X I'm cruising at 75.4  
  gps with two and fishing load. I've yet to get to WOT, still  
  working on setups with props and will be getting a cone this  
  winter. The acceleration is incredible! Chinewalk is minimal and  
  controllable thanks to 12" of setback. More info to come, feel  
  free to email me too."  
89 Venture Motorguide 6700.  67 mph @ 5800 rpm. "Looking to purchase  MFraser - IL
     Dominator a new steering wheel. Can't find one to fit anywhere. Any help  
86 235 Evinrude would be appreciated."  
87 Venture 23" Laser II, 6" Vance jackplate, Lowrance LCX-26HD,  Mike B - AL
 Tournament Edition Bottomline 5100, Motorguide Brute. 67 mph @ 6600 rpm  PHOTO    PHOTO
87 150 Merc XR2 (gps). I'm the second owner and I've added updated gauges,  PHOTO    PHOTO
  electronics, TM. This boat has "smoked" Rangers, Tritons and  
  Skeeters. My friends swear it's been altered but it is pure stock.  
  I've owned a lot of boats over the last 35 years, but this one is  
  a keeper. I would like to obtain a windshield. If another owner  
  has one, if they could trace the bottom configuration I would   
  gladly pay all costs. The boat had been used only 20 times in   
  10 years, has always stayed in a garage, paint & gelcoat are like  
  new. I have had lots of offers to buy it, but it will not be sold.  
  Colors are Grey bottom with Blue and Orange accent stripe  
  and metalflake Blue deck.  
87 Venture 28" Merc prop, jackplate. "Does anyone else have a 4 seater  Arkie - FL
     Excapade like this. It is a light boat and runs in the lows 70's. I have been  
89 150 Merc offered many times to buy it out on the river. Most want to get it  
  to run like they did in the 80's."  
88 Venture Eagle Cuda, Lowrance X4, Motorguide w/Gator mount.  Ron Hicks - KY
Tournament Edition "Great boat for fishing. Front and rear livewells, ice chest, built  PHOTO    PHOTO
  in chargers. Rides great, lots of room, fast enough and great out  PHOTO    PHOTO
  of the hole."  
90 Venture 24" Trophy, 6" T&H jackplate, Lowrance X91's (2),  Bjmillic1 - GA
     Dominator Motorguide Tour Digital 71#. Motor is 6" off the transom.  PHOTO    PHOTO
90 175 Mariner 58 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).    PHOTO
88 Venture 25" PowerTech, 6" Hi-Jacker, Lowrance X70, Garmin 120,  Clinton Trull - AL
 Tournament Edition Motorguide TM.  Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad.  PHOTO
88 150 Merc 60 mph # 5600 rpm (gps). "Absolutely love this boat. Fixing to  
  have more work done to the Merc to get more speed out of it.  
  Love to tinker with these old Venture boats, they can be one of  
  the fastest pieces of fiberglass on the water if you have the right  
  setup. Thinking about selling this one because I have another   
  Venture in mind.  
90 Venture 24" Raker, 6" jackplate.  "Absolutely love this boat!"  TBoatman - SC
     Dominator    PHOTO     PHOTO
90 150 Johnson GT    
88 Venture  SS prop, Eagle/Humminbird electronics, Motorguide 50.  Foleyking - IN
 Tournament Edition 50 mph.  "Absolute fantastic boat. Two large livewells, built in  
88 120 Evinrude cooler. Blue metalflake over Cream. I just had the oil injector  
     9.9 Kicker pump replaced with just a regular fuel pump so that I can run my  
  9.9 from the 30 gal built in tank. I understand that the hull design  
  was sold to Carolina Skiff. The hull design held a speed record  
  at one time. I just need help bringing back the sheen to the flat  
  horizontal areas of the boat....any advice?"  
84 Venture Laser II, Humminbird Matrix, OMC TM. "First bass boat,   CEdington - GA
     Regatta bought in Nov.2003. Does anyone know where to find info  
86 150 Merc about Venture?  
77 Venture D/K "I'm restoring this boat; need help in finding parts."  BKMBKM05 - FL
92 50 Classic Merc    
85 Venture "Just bought the boat and wondering if anyone had any info such  Crashed1 - GA
85 60 Mariner as model and such for it. The last owner said it was a   
  bumbledd model but I can't find any reference to that. Any help  
  would be appreciated.  Rob."  
90 Venture 180 26" Raker, HiJacker jackplate, MinnKota Maxxum 55#.  Mark - KY
 Tournament Pro "I need a new windshield if anyone knows where I can get one,  
93 150 Evinrude please e-mail me."  
77 Venture Humminbird LCR-2000, Motorguide 42# TM.  Jim S - MI
75 50 Evinrude "Just bought the boat from a farmer who had in barn for a few  
  years.  First bassboat and could use some help in info on boat  
  and setups.  Feel free to e-mail me if you know anything on this  
  type of boat.  Currently restoring/repairing for regular use."  
90 Venture 18' Laser II prop, Johnson TM. "I bought it about 6 weeks ago.  535faultless - TN
Tournament Edition It's my first boat and I'm going to try to have her in the water as   PHOTO
90 150 Mariner much as possible."  
    Venture Pacer11 21" SST prop, Humminbird Piranha5, MinnKota 12/24 TM.  Dirk - AR
83 115 Johnson "Anyone and all....Help!!! Does anyone out there know or can   
  help me on obtaining info on this boat.  Bought the boat and   
  haven't run it yet.  The 115 has had the mods to make it a   
  140 hp.  I would really appreciate any help as the U.S. Coast  
  Guard Specs plate is missing.  Please e-mail me if you can help.  
  Thank you."  
87 Venture  26" Merc modified chopper, 6" RiteHite hydraulic,   Johnrude - GA
 Tournament Edition Lowrance X45, MotorGuide 743 TM. Propshaft is 2" below  
     150+ Merc the pad.  75-77 mph @ 6100 rpm (gps).  
  "Have made a few engine mods."  
90 Venture 24" Powertech, 5.5" CMC w/powerdial, Humminbird 100SX,  Jeff B - MS
180 Tournament  Lowrance 1240ABK, MotorGuide 67# TM.   PHOTO   PHOTO
       Pro Motor is 3" off the transom.  66 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).   
 90 175+ Merc "Blue deck, Black hull w/Blue and Silver stripes. Rides on a   
  Black tandem trailer w/polished stainless steel fenders. I love  
  the way this boat rides and fishes. Boat is in excellent shape.  
  I will probably own it for many years to come."  
  Updated 3/30/05..... "Merc racing fiber reeds, Wizard tuner, J&J custom gearcase  
  mod w/low water nosecone, extensive exhaust work done by  
  myself and Dad, also sometimes run a modified 24" Merc big  
  ear chopper that is cut down with thinned blades. I haven't gps'd  
  it yet, but maybe it'll be getting close to 70 on the best day.  
  I still love it."  
89 Venture 24" Laser II, 6" TM jackplate, Minnkota Maxxum 65#. CA Greynolds - KY
     Dominator Propshaft is 2" below the pad.  66 mph @ 5900 rpm.  
     150 Merc XR6 "I am looking for more info on this boat.  HP rating, setup info  
  for adding a 200 XRI Merc."  
87 Venture 21" Turbo, Eagle Fishmark 320's (2). MinnKota TM   Larry Staley - NC
     16' Stallion Motor is 3" off  the transom. 45 mph @ 5200 rpm  
     75 Mariner (speedo)  
84 Venture 26" SS prop, hydraulic jackplate, Humminbird Platinum ID,   DRoach - NC
     Phase V Minnkota Turboprop 524 TM.  
     150 Mariner  "New to bassboats. It's much better than the bank!"  
88 Venture 23" SS prop, Eagle StrataView 128 Plus (2), Johnson TM,   J R - SC
     Tournament Ed. 50 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo).  
     120 Johnson    
88 Venture  Laser II, 6" jackplate, 12/24 Evinrude TM, Eagle (bow),   Doug - AL 
     Tournament 19 Humminbird flasher (dash), Grey & Blue, "paid for and lovin it"!  PHOTO
     150 Merc