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   Updated 2/10/11

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94 Stratos 275 XL 24" Raker, 8" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance electronics,   Fastbass9 - PA
     150 Evinrude Evinrude 56# TM.  "This was my first boat and I could  
  not have asked for more.  Looks showroom, very clean  
  and well kept.  Top end speed verdict is still out as it   
  varies from low to mid 60's once hitting 68 gps.  
  But what really counts is that no one with a 150 can pass  
97 Stratos 258 17" Shooter, Lowrance Humminbird X22a Wide Optic,  Bryan - TN
     90 Johnson Johnson TM. 39 mph @ 5100 rpm (speedo).  
  "I need help! When I give it gas it starts to lean to left side  
  no matter how much I trim it up!  I have no idea what's  
  causing this.  I do have a "Whales Tail" on but it ran fine  
  before with it, rpms stay the same. It used to run in the   
  mid-40's, now I'm lucky to see 39!  Can somebody tell  
  me what's going on with my boat?"  
97 Stratos 201 PEDC 25" Renegade, 6" Hydro jackplate, Lowrance X25 (dash),  Richard - IN
     200 Evinrude Lowrance X25 on front. Evinrude 24V TM.  
  Propshaft is 3 1/2" below the pad. 68 mph (speedo).  
  "Now I know why all the people that had one of these  
  boats brag on them all the time.  This is my second Stratos,  
  the other one was 1987 181."  
97 Stratos 285  25" Renegade, PowerPro hydraulic jackplate,   Jack - CA
                 ProElite DC Lowrance X25, X75, OMC TM.   
     175 Johnson Propshaft is 3" below the pad. 68 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  
            FastStrike "SeaStar hydraulic steering, T&H hot foot, T&H steering  
  wheel trim, Dual Pro charging system, deck extension.  
   A great boat that rides well in rough water and catches  
95 Stratos 278 DC Renegade prop, 6" PowerLift, Lowrance X49, X51,   Victor - FL
     150 Johnson  Minnkota 74# TM. 67 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
            FastStrike "This boat rides lik a convertible car with no chinewalk at  
  all.  It's super fast and just got a makeover with a new gel  
  coat, carpet, seats, trolling motor, electronics, and all new  
  Stratos decals on the hull.  Looks like it just left the   
98 Stratos 273 DC Raker prop, Lowrance 1240A, Johnson BF4PP TM,   StratosJim - OK
     115 Evinrude 60 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo).  
97 Stratos 201 ProElite 26" Raker 8" Detwiler jackplate, Garmin 240,   Brian - NY
     225 Johnson HO Lowrance X65, Evinrude TM.  
  "Do not have any speed numbers yet, just repowered  
  with the 225 HO, will update when I get to run the boat."  
95 Stratos 278 25" Renegade, 6" Hydro jackplate, Lowrance X75, X25,   Fishermanvs - MA
     150 Evinrude Intruder MinnKota TM.  Propshaft is 4" below the pad.  
    Updated 12/17/02.... 61 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  
97 Stratos 201 ProElite 25" Renegade, 6" HiJacker, Lowrance X65, Eagle Fish ID  Basser Hap - TN
97 225 Johnson Minnkota Maxxum 74# TM. Propshaft is 5" below pad.  PHOTO
  72 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo). "Need to adjust jackplate  PHOTO
  setting to 3" below pad and speed check with GPS.   
  Bought in Aug.2001 and absolutely love it. It's 30 mph  
  faster than anything I've owned up to now, so once I get   
  used to 65-70 mph, I'll be jacking it up!! "  
02 Stratos 21 XL Manual jackplate, Minnkota 74# TM. Lowrance  George - NC
     Magnum X65's (2). "Just picked it up on 1/11/02, I have not   
     250 Yamaha checked the size of the prop yet, only have about 1 hour  
      on it, but I like it."  
97 Stratos 23" Shooter, 6" jackplate, Humminbird WideView 3D,   SC Stratosman - SC
     285 Pro Elite 24V Johnson TM. 65 mph @ 5900 rpm (speedo).  PHOTO
     150 Johnson "Excellent riding and fishing boat. White w/Red & Silver  
            FastStrike accent and Red hull. Looking forward to the upcoming  
  year here in SC !!"  
95 Stratos 278 F/S 25" Renegade, HiJacker jackplate, Humminbird WideView  Bassteaser - OH
     150 Evinrude Eagle Optima, Evinrude 24V TM. 60 mph @ 5200 rpm  
  (speedo). "I would like to get more top end. It has a great  
  holeshot and very stable.  Maybe that's all a fish & ski can  
  do with a 150.  Would a lower pitch 3 blade help?  
97 Stratos 201  26" Raker, 10" & 5" Springfield & Bob's hydraulic,   Mike - AL
     Pro Elite PD Lowrance X65, 1240 indash, GlobalMap 2000,   
     225 Johnson OMC 54# hand control TM.  
  72.4 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  
99 Stratos 201 ProElite 25" Renegade prop, Lowrance LCX-15MT,     Greg - WA
     200 Johnson Lowrance X-65 (bow), MotorGuide Tour Edition TM.  
     Updated 8/2/02.... 70 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo).  
97 Stratos 282 24" Raker, Lowrance X75, X22, OMC 24 V TM.  ChubChaser - NC
     150 Johnson Motor is 1 1/2" above the transom.  
            FastStrike 59 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo). "I am researching info on   
  installing a 6" plate. Anyone with similar boat, I would be  
  interested in your setup."  
89 Stratos 285 Pro 25" Shooter, Eagle III (bow), Humminbird 200 (console),   Bassin Dude - OH
92 150 Evinrude Minnkota Cabella's Tournament Series All Terrain 12/24  
      Intruder 65# thrust TM. Lowrance digital temp gauge, Eagle  
  Expedition II GPS, Zercom flasher in dash.  Nightmare  
  and I are going to get together this spring for some   
  adjusting and prop changing. I saw over 5000 rpms maybe  
  twice all season long.  Estimat wot @ 50 mph with   
  current setup....><((('>...n...dude. "  
00 Stratos 295 PE 25" Renegade prop, Eagle Status GPS, Lowrance X65,  Perry - WA
     200 Johnson Genesis 74# AP. 68 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
    Updated 9/16/03..... "Looking for the right setback for jackplate."  
00 Stratos Vindicator17 24" Raker, 6" RapidJack, Lowrance X48,   RMP500 - IL
     150 Evinrude Ficht 66.2 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps).  
88 Stratos 181 Pro 6" jackplate, Humminbird 400TX, Humminbird in-dash,   Blaze - IL
     150 Evinrude MotorGuide 71# TM.  
95 Stratos 278 DC 23" Trophy, Evinrude TM. 60 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  Cliff - OK
     150 Evinrude    
99 Stratos 283 Single console, Raker prop, Lowrance X48,   Basskiller2 - OH
     Vindicator  Evinrude 48# TM. 62 mph @ 5400 rpm (speedo).  
     175 Evinrude    
91 Stratos 295 All Pro 3 blade prop, Lowrance X85, Eagle Magna III,   Fittsy - MA
     Spitfire OMC 12/24 TM. 60 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo).  
     150 Evinrude Intruder "Bought used in 1998. Engine very smooth & quiet.   
  Needs new TM. Original OMC getting tired (noisy).  
  Needs passenger side windshied, having trouble finding  
  parts for Stratos now.  Any ideas?  Nice boat. I'm   
  restoring it this winter and am thinking about repowering  
  with a 175 next year. Would like any useful information on   
  where to find parts for restoring boat, i.e., trim, rub rail,   
  seats, etc....."  
88 Stratos 279V 21" Laser II, Eagle X65, Humminbird 300TD,   Dallas - MI
     150 Mariner Minnkoat All Terrain 30#. 57 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo).  
  "Needs a little more top end speed."  
92 Stratos 201 Pro XL 25" High Five, Lowrance X50, X60, MotorGuide 45#.  Tim - KY
     200 Mariner Motor is 3.5" off the transom. 63 mph @ 5800 rpm.  
93 Stratos 274 DC 25" Raker, 5" CMC jackplate, Lowrance X85 (stern),   Dave C - Ontario
     150 Johnson  Eagle Optima (bow), Johnson TM.  67 mph  
88 Stratos 189V 25" Turbo II, 6" HiJacker, Lowrance X16 paper graph,   Stratos 88 - GA
     175 Johnson Minnkota HT 74. Motor is 4" off the transom.  
  61 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps).  
90 Stratos 201 Pro DC 25" Shooter, 6" jackplate, Lowrance 1220 BlueWater,   Tartus - NY
  Johnson TM. 55 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo). "First  
  bassboat, hard to find information on setups from engine,   
  prop to electronics."  
95 Stratos 278 DC 22" Raker, Lowrance X22A indash, Lowrance X65  Jim Cottom - IN
     150 Johnson (bow/trolling motor), Johnson BF4S TM.   
  "Just picked it up today (Saturday, June 23). Speed  
  unavailable - pitot tube was broke when I test-drove it....  
  previous owner had that fixed before I picked it up.   
  Encountered some chinewalk @ 5500 rpm with bow   
  trimmed up - lowered trim a little, ride was smooth and   
  rock-steady. Will take a little playing to get used to it."  
00 Stratos 21SS Extreme 24" Raker, 4" jackplate, Lowrance X65's (2),   Sam - TN
     225 Evinrude Ficht Evinrude TM. Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad.   
  74 mph @ 5900 rpm (radar). "I really love my 21SS  
  Extreme, Great fishability....low end handling could be   
  improved, but who like the low end? "  
98 Stratos 283 F/S 23" Renegade Bass, Lowrance X85, Lowrance Global  Mmusky1 - IL
     150 Evinrude Map 100, Evinrude BFL4PP.98 TM.   
  57 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps).  
00 Stratos 295 25" Renegade, Lowrance X65 (dash), X75 (bow),   Jeff - Ontario
     Pro Elite DC Evinrude 75# TM. 58 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  
     175 Evinrude    
01 Stratos 21SS Extreme 24" Raker, 7" SlideMaster hydraulic, Lowrance LCX   Sean Hinton - CO
    247 Evinrude 15 MT, Lowrance X85 (bow & dash), Evinrude 74# TM.  
  Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad.  74 mph @ 5800 rpm  
  (gps). "This boat flat out gets with the program!  Boger  
  Kustom Props has solved most of the chinewalking, but   
  still have to drive through it.  I'm running 24" Raker for   
  high altitude.  Setup up has been ok, still lookin' for that  
  sweet spot.  When I hit the pad, watch out because this  
  boat will pas everything on the water.  I need to run with  
  25"  Raker. That means cutting down a 26" Raker to a 25"  
  and adding a lot of cup.  This will help the chinewalking  
96 Stratos 285 Pro DC 25"Renegade, 5" CMC jackplate, Lowrance electronics,  CP - OH
     150 Evinrude Evinrude 24V TM.   
00 Stratos 19SS Extreme Renegade prop, Slidemaster jackplate, Lowrance X65,  BlueLineAl - AL
     200 Evinrude Minnkota Maxxum TM. 78 mph (speedo). "This is by far  
  the best boat I've ever been in.  It is the quietest, smoothest  
  run even when the water is rough. You can cruise at 30/35  
  mph or get up and go to your next fishing hole as fast as  
  anyone else. This fully loaded boat is like climbing into a   
  new Lexus, after owning a 17' Glasstream with a 150   
  Mercand an '88 18' Astro also with a 150 Merc. A must   
  have for anyone who wants to fish a tournament or ease on   
  down the river with your family. 100% Satisfied!"  
87 Stratos 189 23" prop, 4" jackplate, Humminbird Platinum, MotorGuide  OneLion - AL
     220 Yamaha ProV Tour 109#. 62 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "My boat does  
  real well out of the hole and probably goes 70-72 mph   
  before I fill the livewells and load my buddy's Cabella  
  Ultimate Extreme tacke entourage. When I load up, my  
  holeshot is good but I struggle to get on a plane and   
  maintain.  My motor is an '87 Yamaha ProV 220 Super  
  Six. Do I need more pitch in my prop? Should I adjust my  
  jackplate setting? If I increase pitch will I get better top end  
  or will I lose a lot of rpm and slow my speed worsening  
  the situation?"  
99 Stratos 273 22" Raker, Lowrance X28, Eagle Ultra 3, Evinrude 12/24  JW - LA
     115 Ficht hand control TM. 60 mph @ 6100 rpm (gps).  
  "Very satisfied with boat and motor, not even one   
  problem so far, but I'm not happy losing 3 years extended  
  warranty that I already paid for."  
89 Stratos 201 Pro 25" Powertech TRO, 5" HiJacker, Lowrance X15CMT,   Foxy - SC
89 200 Evinrude Lowrance LMS 350, Minnkota TM. Motor is 3.75" off  
  the transom. 72 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
  "This boat really took off when I changed to the Powertech  
  4 blade. Plenty of lift. When I first got this boat it had a   
  4 blade 27" Shooter.  The holeshot was good but nearing  
  the top end the bow dropped...not satisfied with this I tried  
  a 26" Raker.  Holeshot was non-existent and top end was  
  nerve racking at a very unstable 67 mph.  I then tried a   
  Predator 25" 4 blade.  Holeshot was good and top end   
  was a very stable 69 mph with good lift. Unfortunately I  
  slung a blade on the Predator and decided to change to   
  another manufacturer.  I tried a 25" 4 blade Powertech   
  TRO which is delivering a good holeshot with a stable  
  top end of 72 mph...all of the speed figures are GPS...  
  Hope this helps some of you Stratos guys...."  
90 Stratos 201 Pro 70 mph @ 5500 rpm (radar). "Bought the boat new, my   Michael - MN
                SC/Deck second Stratos.  Has run like the wind since new, the   
     200 Evinrude XP dealer really knew hot to set these up.  Have tried a Raker  
  Shooter and Renegade. The Raker gave the best top speed  
  but the chinewalk was a little tough to handle.  The Shooter  
  shot out of the hole but 62 top end was disappointing.  
  The Renegade has given me a good combo. Holeshot that  
  is good with two aboard with gear and about 68 mph wot.  
  I'll replace it someday when I find something that has the  
  same size front deck.  The single consoles were available  
  with an extend deck and it's deck from the console   
90 Stratos 201 Pro DC 25" Renegade, 6" CMC jackplate, Lowrance 1240  DG - AL
93 200 Johnson Bluewater Pro, Humminbird Platinum, OMC Cobra 12/24.  
  62 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).  
89 Stratos 201 Pro 25" Raker, 6" jackplate, Humminbird electronics,   Thomas - MA
     200 Johnson MotorGuide TM. 61 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo).  
  "This boat is new to me. I had a problem first thing this year  
  with a blown powerpack. Then I took her out and couldn't  
  get over 2000 rpms.  My mechanic felt that it was because  
  the motor/boat sat around for quite awhile.  He added   
  some chemicals to one of the tanks and subsequently the  
  motor is coming alive.  Cruised easily last time out at   
  4000 rpm. Looking forward to a good season of   
  tournament fishing out of this rig. I used to have a 20 year  
  old Procraft with an 80 hp Merc.  This boat is definitely   
  a step up.  She sure seems big and long when driving her.  
  Twenty feet, four inches of fishing machine. I'm pumped   
  to get fishing."  
97 Stratos 201ProElite 25" Renegade, Lowrance X65, X70, OMC 56# TM.  Jimbo - ON
     200 Johnson 68.9 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Great boat, great handling,   
  need a 3.3 Ficht."  
99 Stratos 21SS Extreme 24" Raker, 6" jackplate, Lowrance GPS/fishfinders,   Doug - TX
     225 Evinrude Minnkota 76# TM. 69 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
  "Good boat, think I need to raise the motor a little more?"  
87 Stratos 189 SS prop, Humminbird electronics, Johnson TM.  Steve - WV
     150 Johnson 60+ mph. "Looking for good resource for parts. Also  
  looking for a windshield for the left console."  
00 Stratos 20SS Extreme 27" RX prop, 8" Detwiler, Minnkota Genesis TM,   Powerhead - PA
     225 Merc EFI 77 mph @ 6200 rpm (gps). "Best boat I've ever owned,   
  Love it!!"  
95 Stratos 201 Pro 25" Shooter, Lowrance electronics, OMC 12/24 TM.  SD - AZ
     225 Johnson Venom 68 mph @ 6000 rpm (speedo). "Looking for new prop  
  that will perform better than the Shooter. Other 201's than  
  run Renegades and Rakers, please respond with your   
  experience. Thanks......"  
97 Stratos 268 DC 22" Raker, 6" Powerlift jackplate, Humminbird electronics,   ATripp - AL
   115 Johnson FastStrike Johnson 12v TM.  62 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps).   
  "Still working on it, I plan to get this boat to 70 mph.   
     Updated 3/25/02.... Chinewalk begins near 58 or so...I need a little more  
  speed to get through it."  
99 Stratos SS Extreme 27" Renegade, 6" jackplate, Lowrance X65, GPS 1500,   JD - MI
     225 Evinrude "This boat ran great before hitting a submerged object,   
  bent prop shaft.  It's currently being repaired, we'll see how  
  she runs after the work is completed. It's a great boat."  
98 Stratos 268DC 19" Stiletto prop, 6" CMC jackplate, Lowrance and   Steelerfan - NE
     90 Johnson Humminbird electronics, OMC 36# TM.  
  50 mph @ 5500-6000 rpm (gps). "Bought the boat new in  
  '98, cut some corners as far as horsepower and setup   
  because it was my first bassboat.  Thought I could live with  
  out the horsepower and length but know I'm damn ready  
  for a bigger one.  The 268 is a great starter boat and so far  
  have been impressed with the reliability of the Johnson.  
  The boat itself I think is also built quite well and only have  
  small problems with the livewell wiring, no big deal.    
  Recently put on a CMC jackplate and a SS prop to get   
  those extra miles, but still adjusting the plate to find the right  
  setup.  When it comes time to trade in I honestly don't  
  know if I'll stay with Stratos, especially after the   
  bankruptcy and them not honoring some early warranties.  
  Really like to have a Triton or a Champion.  Those are   
  damn nice looking boats."  
99 Stratos 268 20" Raker, Evinrude 56# TM. 55.6 mph @ 6200 rpm  2 rude - FL
     115 Evinrude Ficht (gps). "This has been a trip setting this boat up, but with   
  the help of a lot of good people on the web it is about  
  where I want it to be.  I think a full load of gear and some  
  warm days will get the rpm down around 5800."  
96 Stratos 201 ProXL 24" Raker, 6" Pro HiJacker, Lowrance X75 (bow),   tc - TX
     225 Johnson 1240A (dash), LMS-350A (console). Johnson TM.  
99 Stratos 285 ProElite Lowrance X65, Eagle electronics, OMC TM.   Johno - PA
     150 Evinrude 67 mph.  
94 Stratos 275 24" Raker, 6" ProJacker, Lowrance X22, Humminbird  1niceStratos - AL
     150 Evinrude Intruder WideView, Evinrude 12/24 TM. 72 mph @ 5800 rpm  
  (speedo). "Located in North Alabama...1 mile from  
  Wheeler Lake, 2 miles from Wilson, and 15 miles from   
  Pickwick...a wonderful place to live/fish! "  
94 Stratos 284 DC 24" Raker, Lowrance Flasher, Garmin 240,   DBuss - WI
     150 Evinrude "Just purchased last fall and only got it out a couple of times  
  Can't wait until spring.  I'm sure I will have setup questions."  
00 Stratos 20SS Extreme 25" Renegade, 26" Raker, stock jackplate (7"?),   Mactlman - OH
     200 Evinrude Lowrance LMS160, X65, Evinrude/Minnkota 74# TM,   
  69 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps with Renegade). "Great looking  
  and handling boat. Some concerns with quality control at  
  Stratos.  Many minor problems all fixed so far by dealer.  
  Hoping to have the 4 year warranty I paid for when  
  Bombardier takes over !! Engine has been great so far!"  
00 Stratos 20SS Extreme 24" Raker, 7" jackplate, Lowrance X65, Zercom flasher,   Suzzuk - TN
     225 Evinrude Evinrude 74# TM. "Just bought this boat and will be   
            Ficht RAM picking up on 2/22/01. Any setup help or info would be  
  greatly appreciated.  Thanks......  
97 Stratos 201 ProElite 27" Renegade, 10" T&H jackplate, Lowrance GPS2000,   Bandit Man - AL
     225 Johnson HO Lowrance X48. Propshaft is 3" below the pad.  
  73 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Still playing with setup....."  
96 Stratos 278 22" Bogerized Raker, Humminbird WideVision (trolling  Billy - NC
     150 Johnson motor), Lowrance X75 (dash). Johnson BF45 TM.   
  Motor is 4" off the transom. 59 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  
  "Still strugglin with chinewalk. Considering manual jackplate  
  Any advice would be appreciated."  
00 Stratos 19 Extreme Renegade prop, 7" jackplate, Lowrance X85, X65,   Stratosman - IL
     200 Evinrude Evinrude 74# TM. 76 mph @ 5600 rpm.(radar)  
00 Stratos 21SS Lowrance X65 (2), Evinrude 74# TM.  Scott - IN
     Extreme DC 72 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps). "Just got the boat in June 2000  
     225 Evinrude RAM and just got 20 hrs on engine. Anxious to get it out again!"  
99 Stratos 295 Pro Elite Renegade prop, 67 mph. "This boat can be slow getting up  Steve - PA
     200 Evinrude on plane with a full tournament load.  Also, if I have to slow  
  down let's say from running at about 4000 rpms and try to  
  throttle back I get prop blow out and have to bring the  
  throttle back down and start all over again to get back up  
  on plane. Any thoughts??  Thanks......."  
98 Stratos 273 25" Tempest Plus, 6" 'Travis Edition Pro HiJacker HP,   Charles - LA
01 150 Merc XR6 Humminbird WideOptic (bow), MotorGuide 748V.   
  Lowrance X22A (in console).  73.8 mph (gps).  
  "After much trouble with FastStrike 115, traded in on the   
 Updated 1/29 Merc.  The boat is faster than I can drive it.  The tech set  
  it up at Travis Boating Center in New Iberia and I'm just  
  now learning to handle the chine.  Following advice found   
  on this site.  Had a hotfoot by TH Marine and trim switch  
  on wheel installed, both a must."  
00 Stratos 21SS Extreme 25" Renegade, manual jackplate, Lowrance X65,   Bassterd - TX 
     225 Evinrude Ficht Evinrude 65# TM. "Love everything about the layout but  
  not real happy with the hull."  
00 Stratos 20SS 24" Raker, 7" jackplate.  70.9 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps).  Rayn - AL
     225 Ficht    
00 Stratos 283 24" Raker, 6" jackplate, Lowrance X28 (2), Evinrude  Tom - FL
  24V hand control TM, 68 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  
  "Boat handles water nicely.  Still in process of setting up  
  jackplate as boat chinewalks some at WOT.  Have been   
  impressed with overal boat performance.  However, having  
  problem with "Check Engine" light coming on and dealer  
  doesn't seem to be able to find the problem.  Anyone   
  having similar problems please contact me."  
95 Stratos 284 24" Raker, 5 1/2" PowerLift, Lowrance X65, X25,   Kyle - TX
     150 Evinrude Evinrude TM.  65-66 mph @ 5700 rpm (speedo).  
  "I bought the boat used and already setup.  All I can say is  
  that this boat is setup perfectly.  Hats off to the previous   
  owner!  I'm not crazy about the 4/495# capacity, but the   
  boat handles and fishes great."  
97 Stratos 201 ProElite 27" Renegade, 6" jackplate, Lowrance X65's (2),   David - TX
     225 Evinrude MotorGuide 72# TM. Motor is 6" off the transom.  
     Updated 3/29/03.... 72 mph @ 5800 rpm (radar). "A fine boat."  
97 Stratos 295 PEDC 25" Renegade, 6" Express jackplate.  Mike - MI
     200 Johnson Venom 74 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Looking for jackplate specs."  
94 Stratos 284 24" Raker, 6" CMC jackplate, Lowrance 1240, X28,   Jim65326 - MO
     150 Evinrude Evinrude TM.  
93 Stratos 285  25" Renegade, Lowrance X55, 1220, 1240A.  Culling 5s - CA
     Pro XL DC MotorGuide 757.  60+ mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo).  
     150 Johnson    
93 Stratos 217 19" Viper prop, Eagle StrataView, Minnkota TM.  Onemorecast56 - KY
     120 Evinrude 52 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo).  
97 Stratos 201  20" Raker, Lowrance X25B (2), MotorGuide 767 TM.  Don 2112 - TX
                 ProElite DC 60 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps).  
     150 Evinrude    
00 Stratos 21SS 25" Raker 4 blade, 6" hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance X75,  David - NC
                 Extreme LMS 160 dash. Evinrude 74# TM. 68 mph @ 5900 rpm  
     225 Evinrude (gps). "Boat looks great and fishes great, but not all  
  satisfied with hull design."  
94 Stratos 270 24" Raker prop, Lowrance X85 (2), Johnson TM.  Beardog - GA
     150 Johnson 55-60 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo).  
99 Stratos 201 Pro Elite 25" Mazco HP4, 10" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance X85,  Stratos201P - OH
                               DC X65, OMC TM. 70 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
     225 Johnson HO "I'm still fine tuning my setup and engine/jackplate settings.  
  I'll post more if the results change.  If anyone has similiar  
  boat let's share some info!"  
00 Stratos 20SS 25" Renegade, 7" Slidemaster, Lowrance X65 w/speed &  Rudman - TN
     Extreme temp, Eagle, Evinrude 54# TM. 72 mph @ 5900 rpm  
     200 Evinrude (speedo). "Changed jackplate height from factory settings,   
  raised 1", seems to come out of the hole a little better,   
  doesn't feel as sluggish at lower speeds as it did when I   
  first drove it.  Hydraulic steering is really great, wish I had  
  it on my 340V Ranger. Overall I am really impressed with  
  ride and handling. Going to try my 24" Raker this weekend  
  (10/11), will give results later.   
                     Updated 2/22 2/22 - "Stock Raker did not fare too well at low speeds,   
  ran really good at full bore.  Sent my prop to Rich Boger in  
  Texarkansas, Arkansas, got it back after he performed a  
  miracle with it.  Good holeshot, lot of lift and much better  
  all around performance. Going to raise it a little more next  
  time out, still some chinewalking at extreme trim and still  
  running 20# on the water pressure. Anyone out there know  
  what the min.is for a 2000 model Ficht Evinrude is?"  
99 Stratos 21SS 23" 4 blade, 6" jackplate, Lowrance X65 (2),   Bassinbeau - SC
     Extreme DC Evinrude 54# TM.  
     225 Ficht    
96 Stratos 288 DC 24" Raker, Lowrance electronics, OMC TM.  DM - FL
     150 Johnson 62.7 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  
97 Stratos 282 F/S 24" Renegade, Detwiler hydraulic, Humminbird 400 TX,   JimmyVman - MI
     175 Johnson Johnson 12/24 TM, T&H hotfoot, Land & Sea trim &  
  jackplate buttons on wheel.  
85 Stratos 189 26" Raker, Zercom flashers (2), Lowrance X70A,   James - VA
94 200 Evinrude Minnkota 48# Handcontrol. Motor is 1" off transom.  
            Vindicator 68.4 mph @ 5850 rpm (gps). "Tried 25" Renegade & 26"  
  Raker, both performed very well. Settled for the Raker  
  because it was $120. cheaper. Tested fully loaded,   
  livewells, fuel, partner, etc., on a hot humid day. Raker is  
  better at top end (maybe 3 mph more at best), and the  
  Renegade at lower and midranges. Bow lift w/Renegade  
  is slightly better than the Raker but I think a little custom  
  work to the Raker will fix that."  
01 Stratos 20SS 24" Raker,  6" jackplate, Lowrance X65, LCG2400,   Elken - ID
     200 Evinrude Ficht Evinrude Intruder 74# FP. "Received new boat and am   
  currently breaking it in. This boat handles great! Raised  
  Updated 6/29....... the motor about 1 1/2" to start, will fine tune when the   
  motor is broken in."           
96 Stratos 278 25" Renegade, 6" Hydro, Lowrance X65 (bow) X48   Gitzitfish - OH
     150 Evinrude (dash), Evinrude TM.  Motor is 4" above the transom.  
  65 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo).  
99 Stratos 21 SS 25" Renegade, 6" HiJacker, Lowrance 160, X85,   TommyP - CA
     Extreme Minnkota 74#.  74 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
     225 Evinrude "Fast, stable cool boat - It's my first, and hopefully my last..  
97 Stratos 295 PE 26" prop, 6" jackplate, Lowrance Bluewater flasher indash,  Mike - OH
     200 Johnson Venom Lowrance X45 (bow), OMC 50" 42# TM.  
  74 mph @ 5400 rpm (speedo). "Bought used last year,   
  don't know all the prop and jackplate specifics. Also   
  equipped w/2 bank Pro charger. Thinking of adding a   
  hydrofoil, looking for feedback and suggestions."  
93 Stratos 285 ProXL Renegade prop, Humminbird electronics. Davethewebguy - MD
99 Stratos 268Vindicator 20" Raker SS, Humminbird Wide 128, Lowrance indash,   Sawdust - MI
     115 Evinrude Ficht Evinrude 46# TM. 62 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).   
  "Great boat I love it, high dry ride, gets on plane great.  
  Chinewalks around 55-60 plus mph. Great for weekend  
  angler and pleasure boater."  
98 Stratos 201 FS 24" Raker, Lowrance X75, Garmin 160, Evinrude TM.  WkEndFisher - VA
     200 Evinrude 62 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo). "I'm sure not getting the   
            Vindicator speed some of you guys are getting,must be because of  no  
  jackplate and type of prop. 64.5 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps)."  
00 Stratos 20SS 25" Renegade, 6" Slidemaster hydraulic, Lowrance X65,   MikeH - GA
    225 Evinrude Evinrude 54# TM. 75 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo).  
98 Stratos 273 24" Raker, 5" HiJacker jackplate, Eagle Classic/ Lowrance  Jeff - AL
     150 Evinrude electronics, MotorGuide TM.   
  72 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo).  
89 Stratos 189V Raker SS prop, 6" CMC jackplate, Lowrance X85,   Tim - PA
     200 Evinrude Evinrude 54# 12/24 footcontrol TM.   
98 Stratos 273 Raker SS prop, Lowrance X22A, X25A, Johnson 43#TM  Jim V. - KY
     150 Johnson Ficht 70 mph @ 5100 rpm (speedo). "Am on 3rd engine, '99  
  block w/head & software update. Believe all the bugs have  
  been worked out. In '99 boat was in shop more than on the  
  water. Johnson stands good on warranty; reimbursed me  
  for hotel/travel expenses when motor blew out of town.  
  Motor is running great,have pushed it to the limits. Boat  
  chinewalks at 65, dealer took me out and showed me it can  
  do 70mph without chinewalking; I just need more practice."  
99 Stratos 201 24" Raker, 6" RiteHite, Lowrance LMS-350A, X85,   Rob F - NH
     Pro Elite DC GlobalMap 100, Minnkota 74# TM.  
     225 Evinrude Ficht 67 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps). "I think I have too much crap   
  in my boat if I'm not reaching the speeds of these other   
  boats of my make/model/size ....haha."  
95 Stratos 278 Raker prop, Lowrance electronics, OMC TM,   Vig - MA
     130 Evinrude 55 mph @ 5500 rpm.  
00 Stratos 20SS 24" Raker, Lowrance X65, X75, Evinrude 74# TM,   BrianL - GA
     200 Evinrude 72 mph @ 6000 (gps).  
97 Stratos 282 DC 25" Renegade, 6" TH Pro Hi-Jacker, Lowrance X28   BassaholicPa - PA
     150 Evinrude (console), Lowrance X75 (bow), Garmin 162 (console).  PHOTO
  Minnkota Maxxum 74#  Propshaft 2.5" below the pad.  PHOTO
      Updated 4/6/02......  65 mph @ 5600 (gps).  
  White w/green flake, gunmetal inlay, burgundy pin. Deck  
  extension, Dual Pro.   
  "Finally got the prop Rich Bogerized. Holeshot is incredible  
  WOT handling is amazing and chinewalk is gone. Been a   
  long winter, added torque tab, 2 new Mayfair livewell  
  pumps, ratchet tiedowns, NuTemp temp gauge with a   
  great anodized bezel (thanks to Al), hour meter, temp  
  gauge, volt meter. Aurora canvas extended my cover to   
  accept jackplate (Beautiful job) and I flush mounted the  
  X75 in the bow panel."  
99 Stratos  27" Renegade, Lowrance X65 (2), Evinrude 57# TM.  Solecky - NY
     Extreme 21SS 75 mph  
     225 Evinrude    
97 Stratos 282 4 blade prop, Eagle Magna, Johnson TM, ext.deck,   Mark Boag - Ont.
     175 Johnson Custom cover, all extras.  65 mph.  
93 Stratos 201 Pro XL 25" cupped Renegade, 7" HiJack jackplate, Johnson TM,   Tom T -VA
     200 Johnson Venom motor 4.75" off transom, (propshaft 2" below pad).  
   74 mph @ 6000 (radar).  
00 Stratos  25" Renegade, 7" Slidemaster, Lowrance X65, X48,   Mark Friedel - NC
     21SS Extreme Evinrude 74# TM. 78 mph @ 5800 gps.  
     225 Johnson HO (More specs. to come).  
89 Stratos 279 DC SS prop, Eagle 30-60, Lowrance GPS, GlobalMap   Beutelbill - WI
     150 Evinrude XP 2000, 1240A, OMC 56# TM, 55 mph @ 5500 gps.  
99 Stratos 201  24" Raker, 8" Bob's hydraulic jackplate,     Bob - FL
     ProElite PD Lowrance X75, 1600 GPS, OMC TM.   
200 Evinrude Vindicator  69.5 mph @ 5900 rpm (gps).  
01 Stratos  26" Raker, 7" Slidemaster jackplate, Evinrude 74#    Marc - WA
     21SS Extreme TM,Lowrance LMS 160 Map, X85. 74+ mph @ 6000   
     3.3L Evinrude Ficht rpm (gps). "After having two previous 21SS Extremes, this  
     247 HP boat handles like a Ferrari! Still have some setup work to  
    Updated 3/2..... do, as soon as I can find some other props to try. I think  
  I need a 27" Raker ....going to need to have one custom   
93 Stratos 274 24" Raker, jackplate, Evinrude TM, hot foot.  Jim - KY
     150 Evinrude    
96 Stratos 201 Pro 23" & 24" Trophy props, 8" Detwiler jackplate,   Russ - IN
  200 Merc ProMax EFI OMC 56# TM, Humminbird Panorama. Propshaft is 2 1/4"  PHOTO
  below the pad.  72 mph driver - 69 mph loaded @ 6300   PHOTO
  rpm (gps). "Have great holeshot 0-30 mph = 4.5 to 5 sec  PHOTO
Updated 2/11 with 1 person, 5.5 to 6 sec with 2 people....I run loaded   
  fairly heavy even with just me in the boat (I don't leave   
  anything at home). I run the 23" during hot months and run  
  the 24" during the cold months when I can turn the higher  
  pitch and still hit optimum rpm range.  Will be testing with  
  a 24" Tempest this spring and will update if it helps..."  
97 Stratos 282 DC Renegade prop, 6" jackplate, MotorGuide handcontrol,  Jamie - Can
    175 Johnson Fastrike Humminbird electronics.  
     Stratos 295 Pro 26" Raker, Maxxum 74#, Eagle electronics.  Kbad - GA
     150 Fastrike    
99 Stratos SS Extreme "RX/CAPE II".  Greg - ID
     225 Ficht    
98 Stratos 219DC 9.9  4 stroke kicker, OMC TM, Lowrance electronics.  Gary - OH
     175 Ficht    
95 Stratos 278 DC 22" Ballistic XL, Lowrance X28, Magna III   John - TX
     120 Johnson    
98 Stratos 273 25" Renegade, Johnson TM, Lowrance electronics,   Brutis - TN
    150 Johnson Fastrike hot foot, water temp.gauge.  
89 Stratos 289 F & S 25" Yamaha ProS prop, Bob's Sportsman gearcase. ThunderRunner-WA 
     225 Merc ProMax    
96 Stratos 285  24" Raker prop, 6" jackplate, OMC TM, 2 bank   Jim Shavers - AL
     Pro XLDC charger, X70A (bow), X25 (console).  White & Blue.  
    175 Johnson Fastrike    
98 Stratos 295 PEDC 25" Renegade prop, 6"Hydro jackplate, Evinrude TM,   Bill - PA
 200 Evinrude Vindicator Lowrance electronics, 2 Zercoms. "Just added 2 Zercoms  
  and a Hamby's. I love the Zercoms, but in shallow stained  
   Updated 6/5... water with the gain all the way off I still read double the   
  depth. It's ok in clear water, I think they have too much  
  power for the shallow stuff.  They work great for reading  
  off shore structure.  
     Stratos 295 DC  25" Renegade, 6" jackplate, OMC TM, Lowrance   B.J.Smith - TX
     Pro Elite electronics. 74 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps)  
     200 Johnson    
92 Stratos 264V 22" Raker, MotorGuide 48#, Lowrance/Eagle LCD's,   Ray Butler - GA
     120 Johnson Eagle GPS, Guest 3 bank charger. Black/Silver/Red with  
 Updated 1/9 Gray hull.  57 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  
97 Stratos 282 F & S Raker prop, OMC TM, Lowrance/Eagle electronics.  B.Woodard - IN
     150 Johnson Ficht    
94 Stratos 270 23" Stiletto prop, 6" jackplate, OMC 36# TM.  Kermit - LA
     150 Johnson    
93 Stratos 285 ProXL 24"Raker, Handcontrol TM, HiJacker jackplate,  Lori - AR
    150 Evinrude Intruder Midnight Blue metalflake w/silver/grey.    
  Red stripe on side.  
96 Stratos 288 25" Renegade prop, 5 1/2" jackplate, Lowrance X25  Adam - Can
    175 Johnson Fastrike (dash), Humminbird WideView (bow), OMC TM.  
   62 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps).  
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