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Updated September 9/16

February 15/11
  Just wanted to let anyone know how pleased we are with the advertisement on the BBC Boards. We are a Marine Dealership in Moncks Corner, SC and BBC has increased our website traffic by 45% at a fraction of the cost of the other advertisements! Whether it is for sales or service, most of the members that contact us from BBC are serious clients, and in the present economy, every opportunity is important to us, no matter what they are after, we try to help!  We monitor our return on investment very closely, and BBC is by far one of the best values in advertisement that we have found! If you have any questions or would like to ask me in person how we feel about BBC, just give me a call at 843-761-2628 and ask for Clinton.
   Al has built a wonderful website, full of information and great members! I enjoy reading the board on a daily basis and learn something new all the time! Good job guys, and keep it up!
You have earned a long time board sponsor!
Clinton Stewart
Berkeley Outdoors Marine
January 19/11
Get Five Lures is a proud sponsor of BassBoat Central. Since becoming a sponsor, demand for our baits has increased dramatically. Furthermore, we are regularly contacted by members of the forums with questions, suggestions and words of encouragement. You won't find a better, more proactive group of individuals anywhere on the Internet and I cannot recommend BassBoat Central enough for those seeking access to fishermen and boating enthusiasts.
Becoming a sponsor of BassBoat Central is easily one of the best marketing decisions we've made!
Andrew Oliver
Get Five Lures.com
March 26/09
Wired2Fish.com launched in Feb.08 and started advertising on BBC in May 08.
I spend a tremendous amount of time pouring over all the analytical data of our site such as Visitor sessions, unique visits, referring sites, time spent on the site, behavioral navigation and so on.
  There is a direct correlation between the growth of BassBoat Central and Wired2Fish!
A steady percentage of every category can be attributed to the BBC. There is a great group of people here that are very, very loyal to all BBC Advertisers!
  If you are considering a Sponsorship opportunity with BBC I don't think I could encourage you enough to get started right away!  One of the best decisions we have made!
  Thanks you Al and Shirley for the opportunity!
** Updated Feb.14/12
After 2 more years with BBC the above information still holds true. BassBoatCentral.com and BBCBoards.net combined continue to be one of the top 5 referrers  month after month. We are currently 5 times the size we were in 2009 and BBC is one of the reasons!
Todd Hammill
Chief Operating Officer

January 29/09
Just wanted to take a moment to write and say "THANK YOU" for the opportunity to advertise on BBC. Without a doubt, it has become one of our most effective means of advertising - generating many new customers in the few (9) months we've been with you.
 I would highly recommend to ANY related business that they consider advertising on BBC.
In our case, the "Return on Investment" has been FANTASTIC!  Looking forward to YEARS of doing business with you!
Don Weed
General Manager
European Marine, LLC
European Marine
August 3/06
I've been associated with bass boat forums and website advertising since the late 90's.
I have always understood the importance of making myself available to customers for any need that arises.  BBC is an excellent avenue to show our products as well as interact with our customers.
  Being a very large dealership with multiple locations, it becomes necessary to weigh all of our advertising options carefully. At the end of each month, BBC always shines as an excellent dollar value.  I can't envision a future without BBC as an advertising partner.
Todd Morgan
C&O Marine Boat Group
July 10/06
  Before joining BassBoat Central.com, Bass Boat Saver was a well known product around the Midwest. Since becoming a sponsor on the BBC, our Internet sales have increased over 70% 
and Bass Boat Saver is now known from coast to coast!!
  Orders for members of BassBoat Central.com are a daily occurrence now!!
BassBoat Central.com also continues to allow us to expand our product base.
Thank you Al Shields for giving us a forum to reach our customers.
GySgt Scott Favors
Bass Boat Saver