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Updated March 6/05

Brossard Fish St.Lawrence River. I'm definitely not pro or a guide, 
I fish for fun, not for money and wouldn't mind taking a fellow BBCer out for a day on the water.
Mike Boudreau
Chateauguay Fish St.Louis, Champlain, Megog, Ottawa River,
St.Francis, 1000 Islands.
Paul Grubb
Gatineau Fish Poisson-blanc, 31 miles, St-Marie, Des Iles and
more small lakes filled with huge smallmouth.
I'm not a pro, but fishing is my life. I fish 7 days a week
from May to December. I would like to trade a trip with
somebody down south to be able to go through the next
winter with a nice vacation fishing with you. I would also
like to try out Erie and Champlain with somebody who
really knows those lakes.