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Updated September 10/18

Afton Fish Cherokee, Douglas. Skeeter250
Big Rock Fish Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. Bowest73
Bo West
Chattanooga Fish Nickajack, Chickamauga, Watts Bar, Guntersville.
Always looking for a fishing buddy....I fish year round.
Love Smallmouth, but fish for anything that swims.
Sean McDonald
Clarksville I am new to the area and I wish I could get with someone
to learn a few things.
Jack Ruffin
Clarksville Fish Kentucky and Barkley. Always lookin' for someone
to fish with!! Give me a call and let's get together!!
Chris Proctor
Cleveland Fish Grasshopper, Possum Creek, Sail Creek, just about anywhere. I just started learning about 2 years ago to bass fish...and love it.....just have not had a lot of luck with it. Wanting to learn.  Sfbigdog
Richard Ballard
Crossville Fish Dale Hollow, Watts Bar, Loudon/Tellico.
Love the Smallies on Dale Hollow, November through February the best. Drop me an e-mail and I'll do my best
to spend a day on the lake with you to get you started.
Jeff Schmidt
Dickson Fish Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, Cheatam Lake.
Please e-mail me first, I fish a lot of tournys on the weekends, thru the week don't think it would be a problem, bring ya permit.
White Ally02
Earl Hedrick
Franklin Have boat will travel. Fish Percy Priest, Kentucky Lake, Barkley, Old Hickory, Wheeler, Wilson, Pickwick, Guntersville, Tims Ford. Any lake within a couple of hours of Nashville. Leiz
Dave Prosser
Gallatin Fish Dale Hollow, Old Hickory, Percy Priest, Cheatam, Center Hill. Love to fish, grew up on Percy Priest and Old Hickory. Dale Hollow is my fav. I travel for work but always looking for someone who can go during the weeks I'm home. Don't care where, as long as there's water to 
float my boat on. 
Josh G
Josh Gregory
Kingston Fish Melton Hill, Watts Bar, Tims Ford, Percy Priest.
I LOVE TO FISH!! I fish 3 or 4 times a week usually and
 I started tournament fishing this year. I don't have a steady partner yet, but I do have a boat and all the gear. I don't mind travelling to fish and always welcome those just 
starting out in the sport. Give me a shout and I'll do my best to get on the water with you. I'm available weekends and week days and always look forward to making new fishing friends. 
Adam Z
Adam Zimmerman
Knoxville Fish Douglas, Cherokee, Watts Bar, Chickamauga, Guntersville. Possibly looking for bass fishing partner that is interested in fun fishing and tournament fishing. Jr.Pugh
Knoxville Fish Watts Barr, Loudon, Tellico, Douglas, Cherokee, Melton Hill, Chickamauga, Norris. I have days through the week off, mostly Tuesday and Thursday. I'm hoping to learn some Florida lakes and will need a teacher for a day or two come Feb so I don't mind sharing my knowledge either. Adamchasejones
Adam Jones
Knoxville Fish Ft.Louden, Douglas, Norris, Guntersville.
I am fairly new to bass fishing and always have a hard time finding a fishing partner. I mainly fish for large and smallmouth bass. I would be glad to fish with people that have a little more experience.
Daniel Oconnell
Knoxville Fish Ft.Loudon, Tellico, Watts Bar, Douglas, Norris, Melton Hill. Love to fish for bass, especially smallies.
Fishing with good fisherman on my regular lakes or a new lake would be great!
Knoxville Fish Norris, Douglas, Ft.Loudon, Tellico, Upper TN River.
Always lookin' to learn more from more experienced anglers.
Jonathon Russell
Lawrenceburg Fish Pickwick, Kentucky. Tmoney
 Trevor Risner
Leon's Fish Wilson, Wheeler, Pickwick, Kentucky. Jeff S
Loudon Fish Ft.Loudon, Watts Barr, Melton Hill. Open to partners to fish with on these lakes. Norris Craft6093
Travis L
Maryville Fish Tellico, Loudon, Douglas and Chic. Would like to learn more about these lakes. Do not mind paying for a little help.  M3sremodel
Freddie Casto
Maryville Fish Loudon Lake. Tavon
Mount Carmel Fish Cherokee, Douglas, Boone. Procraft 14
David Reese
Mt Juliet Fish Dale Hollow, Center Hill, Old Hickory, JPercy, all Coosa and TN River chains. Jawjackin
Chris Scott
Murfreesboro Fish Priest, Old Hickory. Would love to find somebody to go fishing with who has a boat. I would help with gas and stuff like that. Please let me know. Also very easy to get along with, won't be a pain in the a--. Thanks and tight lines. DBirdtn
Daniel Bird
Murfreesboro Fish Priest, Old Hickory. Looking for some people to fish with around the Nashville area. Grew up on Priest but haven't fishing much in the past couple of years but looking to get back to doing more of it.  EAMotorsports
Eric Anderson
Nashville Fish Old Hickory, Percy Priest, Cumberland River, Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, Guntersville. #1cardsfan
Nick Plummer
Nashville Fish Old Hickory and Percy Priest.
I love to fish. I'm looking for some bass fishing buddies. I travel for work but stay in Tennessee. I would love to find someone to fish with around the Memphis/Jackson area and also the Knoxville area.
Chris Glover
Nashville Fish regional tournaments. I need a link non-boater as a sign-up partner for the 2008 Bass weekend series (Music City Division). This will guarantee that we both get to fish 
all the tournaments.
Jerry Strain
Paris Fish Kentucky and Barkley. Looking for a non-boater to pair with to fish Bassmasters weekend series. BigD
Dereck Greenhill
Paris Fish Reelfoot Lake. I grew up fishing this lake and have
 won numerous tournaments here. This is one of the best bass lakes in the country and the quality of the fish are outstanding. I offer a cheap guide fee with a no fish no pay guarantee. Anyone looking to load the boat with bass, bluegill, crappie or catfish can drop me a line.
Tommy Brown
Powell Fish Douglas, Norris, Melton, Tellico, Watts Bar. Bigbassman
David Fritts
Powell Fish Ft Loudon, Watts Bar, Melton Hill, Norris, Cherokee, Douglas, any body of open water. No Boat! I'm looking for someone to fish with and possibly start fishing tournaments again! Leadpoor
Teddy Craig
Seymour Fish Norris, Watts Bar, Loudon-Tellico, Cherokee, Douglas. Always looking for new and used tackle, please contact. Cowboybasser
Sam Lasley
Seymour Fish Douglas, Cherokee, Loudon, Tellico, Norris, Watts Bar. Thinman25m
Rusty Satterfield
Spring City Fish Chickamauga, Watts Bar, Guntersville. Fastbullet10
Brian Hufstetler
Turtletown Fish Raburn, Notley, Burton, Tellico, Fort Loudon, Hiawssee, Watts Bar. Fish most at night for smallmouth spots in GA Lakes, fish almost anytime. Buckeye
David Chancey
Waverly Fish KY Lake, Barkley. Live right on the lake in big fish country. Gakirkman
Glenn Kirkman
Woodlawn Fish Cumberland River. Looking for someone to fish the Cumberland River/Kentucky Lake with...I fish the Cross Creeks section currently, I would like to go after some smallies on Kentucky Lake. Brad30110
Brad Forbus