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Updated March 31/18

Anderson Fish Russell, Harwell, Keowee, Clarks Hill, Secession.
Started back fishing seriously after taking some years off.
Interested in doing some tournaments, need a partner.
I have a new Stratos and my own quality tackle. I'm willing to fish back on your boat or you're welcome to fish mine or we can split time between both. I'm a good fisherman and still learning new techniques and tricks. Let's get together and fill up the livewell.
Scott Cooley
Andrews Fish Santee Cooper. Icon843
Pat Freeman
Ballentine I do a lot of fishing on Murray "my home lake". I fish a few
tourneys each year and I do a lot of saltwater fishing down
in the ACE basin during the fall. I would love to get 
together with someone sometime and fish different lakes.
Tony Hughes
(803) 732-4124
Chapin Fish Murray 3 days a week. Looking for someone to share some knowledge of Clarks Hill. Also looking for some advanced help on Wateree (deep summertime cranking). I know Murray very well and catch 15-25 bags regularly. If you're advanced on Wateree or Clarks Hill, we can trade some secrets. Poe400
Scott Beaulieu
Chapin Fish Murray, Wateree, Jocasee, Clarks Hills, etc. BigmouthSmallmouth
Dave Bradfield
Columbia Fish club tournaments, would like to network, can't prefish
4 work so mostly just swing it. Came in 6th out of 30
this year.
John Young
Cowpens Mainly fish my my local lake Blalock but love Wylie and others, would love to meet up and fish some tournaments. 
I have a small boat but gets the job done.
Larry Blankenship
Donalds Fish Hartwell, Clarks Hill, Russell, Secession, Greenwood. Ben Stone
Easley Fish Keowee, Hartwell, Russell. I'm new to bass fishing
so I need some help on the rules of the sport. I live 30 min. from Keowee and about 40 min. from Hartwell. I've
got a boat and would like all the help you guys can give.
Cotton Knight
Florence Fish Santee Cooper Lakes and Cooper River, 
Lake Watree and Murray. If you head this way, let me 
know, I can help with local area knowledge or whatever.
Been fishing these lakes 45 yrs. Want to go, just call.
Gary Coe
(843) 395-2585
Greenville Fish Jocasse, Keowee, Hartwell, Russell, Murray.
Have a Ranger Z20 with an open back deck for anyone interested. Most experience fishing Keowee but fish other SC lakes on occasion. Do a couple of trips to Lake Guntersville each year as well, open for new lakes at any time. Drop me an email or call if interested.
Dave Carr
Heath Springs Fish Wateree, Wylie, Santee. Skeeterzx20
Jonas Fenchel
Leesville I live on Lake Murray and would be delighted to help
fellow anglers become familiar with the lake.
Larry Michalec
Manning Lake Marion is my home lake but I have good experience on Moultrie, Wateree, Murray and Robinson. I also love to go catch smallmouth during the summer in downtown Columbia in the Broad River. I'm always looking to fish somewhere new or just with someone new. Stratosfisher
Ninety Six Fish Greenwood, Thurman, Murray, Hartwell, Russell.
I fish all of these lakes 4 or 5 times a year, but Greenwood is my home lake and I fish it a lot. Only been bass fishing
for 4 years.
Sonny Smith
Pickens Fish Keowee and Hartwell. Live 15 min from Keowee,
35 from Hartwell. Lived on Keowee for 5 years.
Bass Spook
Mike Barrows
Pomaria Fish Murray Steve Wicker
Rock Hill Fish mostly Wylie, sometimes Wateree, Montecello.
I suck at bass fishing (just look at my username) but I love it! I'm always willing to learn new techniques and meet new folks. Y'all give me a call and we will hit the water sometimes. 
Spartanburg Fish Camp Croft, Thicketty, Broad River.
Hard to please bass. Seasonal is everything. State lakes are great, but only for the persistent. 
Dennis Godfrey
St.Stephen Fish Santee Cooper and Cooper River. Would like to fish team tournaments, need a partner. Ranger-Dave
David Driggers
Summerton Fish Santee Cooper. JDFinklea
Summerville Fish Santee Cooper Lakes, Cooper River, Tailrace, also fish saltwater around Charleston & Amendaw.
I also fish a few tourney's in Florida; Rodman Reservoir, Lake Kerr, The big O, just to name a few.
Ashley Wynn
Townville Fish Hartwell, Keowee, Russell, Murry, Clark Hill.
Sometimes need a partner to fish with.
Mike Murphy
Williamston Fish Hartwell, Session, Greenwood, Keowee. Camtriton
Trey Calkins
York Fish Wylie....some Fishing Creek. RoadKill
Al Edwards