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Updated April 7/21

Hillsboro I am new to Oregon and looking for people and places
to fish.
Hillsboro Fish Columbia River System. Fishinmandan
Dan Hedrick
Lebanon Fish Ten Mile, Siltcoos, Ollala, Craine Prarie,
Fern Ridge, Cottage Grove, Wickiup, Sutton and some
awesome ponds.  Pretty much a weekend bass fisherman
who dreams of fishing all week long.  Bass fishing funs
through my blood, it is what I love to do.  Lets hook up
and go. I own 2 different bass boats, an aluminum for some
awesome pond fishing and a pro fiberglass for the lakes.
Tony Koker
Salem Fish Williamette (Rogers Landing), Columbia River (All pools) Relocated here about a year ago and looking for a partner who wants to figure out the trophy smallmount patterns with me. Feel free to text me anytime as I have a flexible schedule. Your boat or my Skeeter FX20 is fine with me. CharleyA
Charley Almassey