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Updated January 26/16

Apache Fish Elmer Thomas, Ellsworth, Lawtonka.
Regularly fish every weekend, fish in SW Oklahoma and always willing to go out, just give me a little notice and offer to help on gas and we are gone.
Shannon Vodry
Claremore Fish Claremore, Oologah, Hudson.
I am trying to learn as much as I can and would like to
expand my horizons with regard to lakes fished.
I would love to be exposed to new lakes and new techniques from people.
Larry Smith
Coalgate Fish Eufaula, Texhoma. Would love to fish with anyone in my area or state. Know Eufaula and Texahoma, fish future bass Eufaula division. Coalcobassmaster
Robert Hickman
Fort Gibson Fish Tenkiller, Fort Gibson. Falcon7
Jeremy Parker
Grove Fish Grand, Eucha. I have every other week off and I always have a back seat open. Rustin Pritchard
Harrah Fish Shawnee, Eufaula, Okemah, Arbuckle, Grand, Tenkiller and some lakes in Arkansas.
Usually can go most anytime in the evenings & weekends.
Michael Sanders
Henryetta Fish Okmulgee, Dripping Springs, Eufaula, anywhere within 1 hour of home. I'm new to the fishing tournament ring, have alway fished, just not in tournaments. Know the lakes very well and always like to meet new people. Taz-man
Rodger Sorrels
Madill Fish Beaver. Looking for someone with an open back seat. Will help with gas, launch, clean up and whatever else needs to be done. Fished with a friend a long time ago and would like to get into it more. Poorboy
Jason Lindsey
Madill Fish Texacoma and Murray. I'd like to learn more about these lakes, if anyone has an open back seat I would love
to make it on the water. I'll help with gas, launch fee and clean up after. Just moved here from Northern California and love to fish. I'm 23 years old and have about 15 years of bass fishing under my belt. Maybe I can show you a little west coast style and techniques. Also if you ever make it to CA I can hook you up on a day trip on the world famous California Delta. 
Meeker Fish Praque, Bell Cow, Waurika, Fuqua, Stan Humphries. BKeenom
Bobby Keenom
Moore Fish OKC city lakes, Konawa, Longmire, lakes on I-35. Tbass
Terry White
Oklahoma City Fish Eufaula, Texoma, Lawtonka, Okemah.
Give me as much notice as possible.
Joel Jacobs
Owasso Fish Tenkiller, Hudson. TLMoody
 Terry Moody
Poteau Fish Broken Bow, Sardis, McGee Creek, Tenkiller, Kerr (Arkansas River). Rev225
Rick Alphin
Seminole Fish Sportsman, Eufaula, Konawa, pretty much any lake. I have a very open schedule and am always willing to take someone out fishing with me. Call me and let's go fishing! Radeleur
 Raymond de Leur
Shawnee Fish Eufala, Konawa, Mcgee Creek, Wes Watkins, 
Bell Cow.
Jim True
Tulsa Fish all lakes in NE Oklahoma.
Give me a week's notice.
Bob Temme
Tulsa Moved to Oklahoma from Idaho so still trying to learn Oklahoma's lakes. I have a bass boat and smaller flat bottom so ready to go anywhere. My days off are during
 the week so I can't usually go on weekends but I am available most any other time.
Rich Hall