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Updated February 1/23

Butler Fish Truman Lake, Pomme. If it swims, it's in danger!! Crossin' Eyes
Ronny DeNayer
Cedar Hill Fish Lake of the Ozarks, Pomme, Truman, Mark Twain, Kincaid, Rend Lake, Bull Shoals, Beaver Lake, Table Rock and Clearwater. Looking to see if anyone would like a tournament partner; I have a boat and all gear, just need a partner who is more in tune with these Missouri lakes so maybe I can learn a few more things from you. If interested in an able bodied tournament partner let me know. Jerryh6683
Jerry H
Festus Fish Lake of Ozarks, Wapapello, Duck Creek, Bismarck 
in MO & Kincaid, Egypt in IL, Lake Fork in TX, 
Kentucky Lake in KY.
Rick Lemar
Festus Fish Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock, Bull Shoals, Truman, Stockton, Clearwater in MO, and Kinkaid & Egypt in IL. JayJay
Jay Beffa
Gravois Mills Fish Lake of the Ozark Crankbait
 David Shulthriss
Greenview Live on Lake of the Ozarks, want to try out Truman and Table Rock this Spring. Tdaniel93
Hannibal Fish Mark Twain Lake Ted Welch
Higginsville All Over The Country - Home Lake - Truman Lake.
I just love to fish. Some of my favorite lakes-Sam Rayburn, TX; Atchafalaya Basin, LA; Lake of the Ozarks, MO;
Table Rock Lake, MO; Kentucky and Barkley Lake, KY.
If you want to go fishing and I'm around let's go.
Your lake or mine.
Doug Vahrenberg
High Ridge Fish Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock, Toledo Bend. Lonnie T
Lonnie Turnbeaugh
Kansas City Fish Ozarks, Stockton, Truman, Table Rock, Pomme. Grant Simmons
Kansas City Fish Lake of the Ozarks, Smithville, Truman. Troy4432
Troy Thomas
Monroe City Fish Mark Twain, Miss.River pool 24, Lake of the Ozarks.
Send me an IM or email and I will help you out all I can.
Red Dog
Brian Dawson
Mountain View Fish Sims Valley, Norfork, Clearwater, Bull Shoals. Derrick
Piedmont Fish Clearwater, Wappella, Table Rock. Pastormark
Mark McMullin
Richland Fish Lake Ozarks, Table Rock, Pomme, Stockton.
These are great lakes and have a variety of bass from giant smallmouth/KY bass and black bass. Fish big 10" worms 
at night and hang on.  Tons of action and would love to 
share the fun with BBC members.  Need 2 weeks notice
and must ensure it does not conflict with my Central Pro
Am tournament schedule.  Basswishes, Tom.
Tom Murphy
Shell Knob Fish Table Rock. Dino
Dino Goode
Shell Knob Fish Table Rock, Stockton. I can fish most any day of the week, but prefer weekdays. Got enough boat and tackle for two, if you would like to get out for a day, give me a shout. 20 lb sack
St.Charles Love to fish. Looking for a partner to go fishing anywhere, lake or streams. Also love trout fishing. I have a Ranger Reata. Also love to fish the Big Bass Bass so if you want to fish it let's go! I have fished LOZ and Mark Twain but would like to try Table Rock and Truman just to name a few.  Fireman92
 Brian Kirkman
St.Charles Fish Lincoln Lake, Busch wildlife, Loto, Missouri River.
Have my own boat but lookin to get more experience driving with an experienced boater.
Matthew Avitt
St. Louis Fish Lake of the Ozarks, Mark Twain, Table Rock, 
Pomme de Terre. Longtime co-angler, fairly new boat owner needing some boating experience. Looking to split cost and fish pretty much any MO water. Also would like to fish as a co-angler in tourneys.
Jim Ham
St. Louis Fish Lake of the Ozarks, Tablerock, Bull Shoals.
Let's go Fishin' !!
Johnny Boy
John W. Turner
St.Joseph Fish Ozarks, Oklahoma, Texas. M.Ray
Michael Sheppard
St.Joseph Fish Mozingo, Smithville, Lake of the Ozarks, Truman.
Willing to fish about anywhere in MO. I have a 2009 Nitro Z8 which I love to fish out of! Give me a call if you need a partner for any tournaments.
Joey Scott
Seymour Fish Norfork, Bull Shoals, Table Rock, Stockton, Truman, Lake of the Ozarks, Clearwater lake, Kentucky Lake, Lake Norman, Toledo Bend, Lake Conway AR, Pom de Terre, Lake Lure, Austin Lake MO, Lake Waf, AL JHutson
James Hutson
Troy Fish Mark Twain/LOZ home lakes. If there is water to
float my boat, I'll fish it! Just can't get enough of bass
Troy Fish Mark Twain, Lake of the Ozarks, etc.
Fish for fun and/or open tournys.
Jim Bartlett
Troy Fish Mark Twain, Rend. RD3
Roy Davis
Union Fish Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock, Mark Twain,
Truman Lake.
Rich Schroeder
Washington Fish Lake of the Ozarks, Truman, Mark Twain. Crappie Dobber
Randy McKinney
Washington Fish Mark Twain, Port Hudson, Clearwater, Lake Michigan, Missouri River, Gasconade River, Maries, Meramec, etc. Just love fishing, off on Thurs and Sundays, got boat can travel!! Traversx
Travers Rittmann
Williamsville Fish Wappapello, Clearwater, Norfork, Black River, Current River, Lake of the Ozarks, Bull Shoals and Kentucky. I am 22, looking for a partner to fish with.
I have my own boat if we need it. Willing to travel and if
you need any more info give me a holler.