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Updated April 19/17

Andrews AFB Fish Potomac River
I fish the Potomac every weekend, year round and it's
a bass factory this year. Don't expect to catch "many"
over 6 pounds in a day, but you'll get tired of shaking
3's and 4's off.
Baltimore Fish upper bay. Hdbassin
Baltimore I fish two or more days a week in the Upper Chesapeake and Eastern Shore Rivers and this year adding the three main reservoirs, coming to the area let me know as I usually have a seat open. Z21Maryland
Nino Correnti
Freeland Fish Upper Chesapeake Bay, Susquhana Flats.
Let's go fishing. If you are coming to MD, you sure don't want to miss a trip on the bay. Send me an e-mail and we will hook up.
Bill McDermott
Indian Head Fish Kerr Lake, Lake Gaston, Lake Murray, Lake Wylie, Potomac River. Shaunefishhard
Lutherville Fish Liberty Striper Steve
Stephen Snider