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Updated April 23/22

Ashland Fish Yatesville, Grayson and Dale Hollow.
Looking to fish more lakes. 
Jarred Seasor
Bardstown Fish Cumberland, Hallow, Green, Barren, Taylorsville,
Nolin.  Would like to have a partner for some team
Todd Lyons
Benton Fish Kentucky and Barkley.
Guide on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes, would enjoy
meeting other members.
Bruce Weller
Benton Fish Kentucky/Barkley. Crappies, Bass and Stripes.
Anyone want to buddy up, lemme know. Free any day of the week just about!
Richard Bay
Bowling Green Fish Barkley, Ky, Rough, Barren, Nolin, Malone, Green, Cumberland, Dale Hollow, Clark Hill, Lake Fork, Guntersville, Logan Martin.  B-Nut
Bob J.Barton
Columbia Fish Green River and Cumberland mostly. Kycommander
Lee Holt
Fisherville Fish Patoka, Monroe, Barren, Ky Lake, Rough, Nolin, Green. Looking for current info on Monroe Lake, Indiana..been a while since I fished there. Terryoneton
Fort Campbell Fish Barkley, Kentucky, Norman NC, Wylie NC, 
Gaston, Eufala, AL
Troy Henderson
Fort Mitchell Fish Ohio River, private lakes, Elk lake. I don't own a boat, I have fished my whole life. Fish for any species mostly catfish or bass. Past couple years starting to really get into bass fishing. I'm in the very top of KY, not many big lakes near me. Just looking for someone to fish with. Caudburns
Carter Burns
Frankfort Fish Cedar Creek and Central KY area. Looking to connect and find some people to fish with. Srsmith
Steve Smith
Georgetown Fish Taylorsville, Cedar Creek, Green River, Cave Run, Beaver. There are a lot of times I have no one to go with. Love meeting new people and sharing fishing stories, and learning new ways to catch fish. Call or email any time. Varp1
Paul Varney
Grayson Muskie guide CaveRun, KY Lake, Barkley, Nolin, Rough River. 9 years many lakes in south on eastern division. Have small camper on Kentucky Lake have fished 35 years. Email for phone number or guide trip for toothie critters. Gene Van Horn
Hopkinsville Fish Barkley. Toolguy44
Roger Rector
Hopkinsville Fish Kentucky and Barkley. Just shoot me an e-mail or 
give me a call. Love to fish with friends.
Bob Peebles
Hyden Fish Cumberland, Laurel Lake, Woods Creek, Buckhorn Lake and a few in Tennessee. Never fished in a tourney 
and I'm lookin' to get started.
Liberty Fish Lake Cumberland, Dale Hollow, Green River, Barren River, Cumberland River Tailwaters. Agreynolds
Andy Reynolds
London Fish Woods Creek, Green River, Dale, Watts Barr. Can put you and your sidekick up, got RV on Green or Woods Creek. Would like to fish Clarks Hill. Bassman
David Moore
London Love the big brown fish at night on finesse jigs. I fish weekdays mostly and usually have an empty back seat for anyone wanting to fish Laurel Lake. Rondojigs
Ron Watson
Louisville Fish KY Lake, Barkley, Dale Hollow, Barren, Nolin, 
Rough River, Green River.
 Harry Sheffield
Louisville Fish KY Lake and tail waters, Rough River.
Fish on Ky Lake most of my life and I live the tail waters 
for big catfish. Have a camp there, let's go fishing.
Louisville Hi my name is Bill, I live in Louisville and I fish the ABA series, the FLW Outdoors series and also the KBFN tournaments. I'm looking for someone to fish tournaments with this year (2009). You can email me or call me. Thanks Kyproangler
Louisville Fish Barren, Cumberland, Laurel, Dale Hollow, Wheeler, Patoka, Hardy, Nolin, Raystown, Wood Creek.
Searching for dependable co-angler for '08 Mountain and KY lake BFL events. 
Cy Duvall
Louisville Fish KY Lakes, Cumberland, Dale Hollow, Rough River,
Nolin, Green River, Barren, Taylorsville and more.
Looking for members for a Louisville Area Bass Club that
will fish Tourneys at all of the listed Lakes.
Mike Daleo
Mayfield Fish KY and Barkley. Any members of BBC want to go fishing just call or e-mail. Most weekends free and afternoons. Bucky
Larry Buckingham
Maysville Fish Kincaid, Eastfork, Rockyfork, Ohio River, Carnico.
If you need any info on these lakes send me an email!
Justin Teegarden
Miniard Fish Cumberland, Cherokee, Douglas, Watts Barr, Norris, Laurel, Dale Hollow, Herrington. Jaw breaker II
Morganfield Fish KY and Barkley Lakes. Railhew
John Cambron
Mt.Washington Fish Taylorsville. Crappie1965
Joey Russell
Mt.Washington Fish Taylorsville/Kentucky and Barkley/Guntersville/Dale Hollow. I live in Mount Washington so Taylorsville is my home lake, but I love them all especially Guntersville.
I am a big fan of fishing in general and I can't get enough fishing tournaments. Give me a call if I can ever be of any assistance.
Jarrod Swift
Murray Fish Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, Dale Hollow.
I work but have most weekends free. I welcome the opportunity to share what I know about Kentucky lakes 
and would like to meet or correspond with anyone from Alabama who is familiar with Guntersville and the various Coosa River Lakes.
Nebo Fish Barkley, KY Lake, Nolin, Green River, Ohio River, Yatesville Lake and Neely Henry in AL.
Looking forware to fishing tournaments next year in the 
BFL and some open tournaments. Also looking for a 
partner for next year.
Sniper 01
Carl Ransom
Nicholasville Fish Herrington Lake, Taylorsville, Laurel Lake,
Cave Run, Cedar Creek, KY Lake, Dale Hollow.
Billy Marlin
Fish Kentucky and Barkley. KStephens
Kevin Stephens
Paris Fish all of them!  Just got back into fishing after a 15 year break. Didn't realize how bad I missed it. Wouldn't mind fishing a few local tourneys if anybody needs a partner. RangerScott
Scott Caudill
Rineyville Fish Green, Dale Hollow (in winter).
Wanting to learn Lake Cumberland. I fish all species but
am very interested in casting to Stripers.
Bill Savage
Russellville Fish Kentucky, Barkley, Bashear, Malone, Barren River, Dale Hollow, Nolin, Guntersville. As you can see I like to fish lots of places. Mostly bass but trying to get into 
crappie now.
Charlie Deer Slayer
Charlie Plummer
Simpsonville Fish Taylorsville Lake, Guist Creek and Lake Shelby. Chuck
Chuck North
Somerset Fish mostly Cumberland, also Woods Creek, Cedar Creek, Barren, Green River, Old Hickory, Dale.
I love to fish and would like to meet people who share the same passion for the sport. I'm interested in meeting people to share info with and fish new lakes and maybe share a few laughs. If you are interested give me a call.
Aaron Caudill
Winchester Fish most lakes in Kentucky. Jason L
Jason Losh