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Updated May 10/20

Belleville Fish Stephen Forbes, Kincaid, Carylye, Coffeen, Lake of Eqypt. Non-boater, soon to be a boater (Spring of '08). Will fish anywhere. Fun fishing, tournaments. Available 
every weekend.
Illinois Basser
Tom Sweet
Caseyville Fish Rend, Ohio River, Mississippi River, Caryle. Mrenfro
Michael Renfro
Chicago Looking for a guarantee co-angler for all of the Great Lakes Division BFL's. Please email if interested. Rambo
Randy Ramsey
Georgetown Fish Newton, Shelbyville, Lake Vermilion, Paris, plus IN lakes. Love to fish deeper water, travel to St.Clair, MI and Indiana lakes as well as some WI lakes. Give me a call, maybe we can learn something from one another. Stratosjoe
Lincoln Fish Clinton, Springfield, Shelbyville, Banner Marsh, 
Site M.
Jon G
Jonathan Graber
Lindenhurst Fish Lake of the Ozarks, Rend Lake, Lake of Egypt, Crooked Lake, Fox chain of lakes.  MaxM Bassin
Max K Muzones
Lockport Fish Table Rock, Shelbyville Lake.
More lakes to come. I know a little about many lakes. If I don't have the info, I have good contacts in many areas.
Rick Eyman
Lockport Fish Michigan, Cal River, Chicago River.
Any help I can be on these bodies of water please feel
free to contact me.
Crankin 7
Ed Travis
Macomb Fish Pool 19, Argyle, Spring Lake, Shelbyville, Ohio River. Tbcf
Tim Kipling
Mahomet Fish Clinton, Jacksonville. Buckeyebass
Marion Fish Lake of Egypt, Crab Orchard Refuge.
I fish every weekend in a Z21, mostly by myself. I'm 2 minutes from Egypt and 10 from Crab Orchard.
Damon Carter
O'fallon I fish Rend, Kincaid, Carlyle, Egypt, Washington and Litchfield quite a bit. I'd luv to swap trips any time. HIGHCOUNTRY
Corie Singletary
Oakland Fish Newton, Sangchris, Shelbyville. Bass fishin in central Illinois. Marpetil
Pete J.Shanks
Peoria Fish Evergreen, private. Just want to meet other fisherman and try different lakes.  Bquinn
Bob Quinn
Red Bud Fish all of the lakes. Fritts
Rochester Fish Lake Sara, Lake Springfield, Shelbyville, Chetek 
Chain Wisconsin.
Phil Jarog
Sugar Grove Fish Clinton, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Geneva. I am the Regional Director for the Illinois Bass Federation in Illinois. Ranger 2
Mike Green
Tinley Park Fish Kankakee River. Tonka7
Eric McNeeley
Waterloo BFL-Illini Division
Looking for a co-angler who'd like to become a guaranteed partner for the 2008 season. Give me a call.
Barry D.Rolland
Worth Fish Chicago River, Clinton Lake, Mississippi River, Shabbona. Feel free to email or call, always willing to help. Proud new owner of a Ranger! Crankin45
Jim Hertzel