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Updated July 23/21

Bosie Lots of lakes to choose from I know them all. 
Fish for big smallies
Idaho Guide
TJ Carter
Caldwell Fish Lake Lowell, CJ Strike, Brownlee. Bassteal
Chris Adams
Genessee Fish Snake River (Hells Canyon), Coeure D'Lane, Dworshack. I fish the canyon for bass and sturgeon quite a bit in the jet boat but also have a bass boat I fish the flat water of Idaho and Washington, always looking for new people to fish with. 44automag
Chris Kuhn
Meridian Fish Walcott, Milner, C J Strike, Swan Falls, Brownlee, Oxbow, Hells Canyon, Owyhee, Lake Lowell and more.
I'm a Professional Firefighter with Boise Fire Dept.
Love to bass fish and look for any reason to go. I fish many tournaments and would take someone to some of them.
I can fish weekdays and weekends, time off is no problem.
I've got a clean house and an awesome Viper bass boat.
Give me a call or just e-mail.
Dennis Anthony
Meridian Fish Alamo, Martinez, Parker Strait, CJ Strike, Brownlee, Anderson Ranch, Cascade, Lake Lowell. Rhlausoniii
Pocatello Fish all on the Snake River Skeeter 21
Steve Chikato