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Updated April 23/22

Alabaster Fish Lay, Logan Martin, Guntersville, Wheeler, Martin
Looking for a bass angler with a boat that may need a fishing partner from time to time. More interested in fishing for fun than I am tourney fishing.
Ray O
Athens Fish Wheeler, Wilson and Pickwick Larry Kimm
Bay Minette Fish Mobile/Tensaw Delta. Bjcrawfo
Bobby Crawford
Fish all Coosa River lakes, Gville, Millers Ferry, Demop. Looking to learn more about Millers Ferry and Demop. Would trade for a day on Gville or Coosa river. J Nasty
Birmingham Fish Coosa River Lakes, Tennessee River Lakes and whatever lakes the tour sends us to. Rose Ellis
Birmingham Fish Coosa River and Tennessee River. Lee in Alabama
Lee Johnson
Deer Park
Fish Alabama River, Black Warrior, Tombigbee River, Tensaw River Delta. Recently fishing a 5 hr day on the Alabama and caught 42 bass ranging from 12" to 8 lbs. Outlaw
Jeremy Harris
Cedar Bluff Fish Weiss, Nealy Henry, Guntersville. Bama Bullett
Terry Whaley
Chunchula Fish Mobile, Tensaw, Delta
Watch out for gators and snakes on the delta.
Clanton Fish Mitchell Lake, Lay Lake and Lake Jordan.
Not a pro by any means, but I do fish just as hard as anyone you will ever fish with, and I do have a lot of fun doing it!!  
Trey Miller
Cullman Fish Catoma and Smith Lake. I like catfish and crappie for eating, but I'd fish for bass when I get bored. If you need a fishing partner, I'll go. Bundick
Dick Hopkins
Cullman Fish Smith and Catoma. I'd like to go fishing with 
somebody for Crappie and Catfish. Bass is OK, I'm not
a tournament guy at all.
Dick Hopkins
Cullman Fish Smith Lake, Guntersville, Wheeler. Glad to help 
out.  Just drop me a line...
Rex Chambers
Dothan Fish Lake Eufaula, Lake Tholocco, Lake Seminole. Jwstlmn
Jeremy Woodham
Enterprise Fish Eufaula, Thollocco, Cooters Pond, most of the Coosa. Champeocc05
Chadwick Boutwell
Eufaula I have a boat and fish lake Eufaula. Looking for someone to fish with. I can fish just about anytime, as long as I can make me a pot of coffee!!! Bassin4me2
Dick Evans
Florence Fish Pickwick, Wilson Perkman
Chris Perkins
Florence Fish Pickwick, Wilson. Jeepin
Jeff Heathcock
Florence Fish Wilson, Pickwick, Wheeler, Cedar, Little Bear Marnett
Florence Fish Wilson, Pickwick, Wheeler. Pickwickjay75
Jason Kelley
Florence Fish Wilson, Pickwick and Wheeler.
Fishing is as good as the wife that understands the passion.
Rob - AL
Rob Kelsey
Gadsen Fish Neely Henry, Logan Martin, Guntersville, Chickamauga, St.Clair. Jbowmangcc
Jonathan Bowman
Gadsen Fish Neely Henry, Guntersville, Weiss, Logan Martin. Sjlongiv
Gadsen Fish Neely Henry, Logan Martin, Lake Guntersville. JustinChandler
Grand Bay Fish Patterson Lake BamaCoast
Kenny Bosarge
Guin Fish Pickwick, Wilson, Warrior River. Kglow
Kyle Glasgow
Harpersville Fish Logan Martin, Lay, Mitchell.
I'm not the best fisherman, but love to go and am often more available on weekdays than weekends.
Alan Bowers
Hartselle Fish Wheeler, Smith, Wilson. JamesM
James Mcdowell
Harvest Fish Pickwick, Wheeler, Wilson, Guntersville, Smith Lake. Love to bass fish, but have boated Blue Cat over 50# and crappie over 17". Fact is...I love to fish... Ray
Willmen 'Ray' Kwok
Huntsville Fish Guntersville (Goose Pond), Tennessee River (Ditto) I'm retired and able to go fishing most anytime; especially during the week. I have several specialized boats; one for bass, one for crappie and one for bream! And waaay too much tackle! LOL Rebranger
Ed Hood
Huntsville I fish mainly on Wheeler and G'ville. Been to Tims Ford
a few times, but didn't have much luck. I'm new to the area so I don't know many honey holes.
Cory Mansell
Kennedy Fish Tombigbee at Pickensville, Aberdeen & Columbus.
Fishing has been great but will take a little while for the water to get right after all the rain we've had here lately.
Clinton Trull
Leeds Fish Neely Henry, Logan Martin, Lay. Rockhardtackle
Robert Callaway
McCalla Million$$ Lakes, Lay, Jordan, Martin, Logan Martin, 
Big G, Neely Henry, Weiss. Available most weekends.
Mike Linn
Miller's Ferry Fish Miller's Ferry, Demopolis. Would like to be shown around Lay Lake, will trade out a day on Miller's Ferry. Just Tom
Tommy Mercer
Mobile Fish Mobile Delta, Millers Ferry, Big Creek Lake.
Would like to fish anywhere! Not a pro but love to fish and fish hard. Also need fishing partner for some local tournaments.
Traveis Hightower
Mobile Fish Mobile-Tensaw Delta, Big Creek Lake.
Be glad to go anytime!!
285 Pro XL
Brandon Bland
Mobile Fish Big Creek, Jordan, Tensaw, Mobile Delta. Bassman57
Terry Waldrop
Mobile Fish Mobile/Tensaw Delta Bullet19V
Jeffrey Blitch
Morris Fish Guntersville, Smith, Logan Martin, Lay. 
Need a partner to go fishing with.
Ronny Whaley
Muscle Shoals Fish Pickwick, Wheeler, Guntersville, Wilson. Kisiahwr
Bill Kisiah
Muscle Shoals Fish Tenn River, Neily Henry, Weiss
Looking for a co-angler to sign up with me for the Choo-Choo division of the BFL. 
Call James: 256-702-3980
J Byrd
James Byrd
New Hope Fish Guntersville, Wheeler, Wilson, Pickwick. Spend most of my time on the Big G and have been fishing it since 1991. I make a trip to the others every now and then. MartyTX19
Marty Touchstone
Northport Fish Tuscaloosa, Warrior River, Guntersville, Wheeler, Coosa River. I fish by myself most of the time. Would love to learn more and share some of my knowledge as well. TSmith911
Tony Smith
Ohatchee Fish Logan Martin Joetriton150
Joey Stay
Opelika Fish West Point, Martin, Eufaula, Logan Martin, Seminole, Guntersville, Wilson, Pickwick, Murray SC. Spinnerbaitjig
 Mike Roberts
Opelika Fish Martin, Lay, Eufaula, Wedowee, Logan Martin, Jordan. Fish several tournament series regionally. Frequently tied up on weekends, but fish a lot during the week and glad to have a partner. Lugan
Rick Alekna
Owens Crossroads Fish Sardis, MS and Pickwick. I'm new to Huntsville 
and I am looking for someone to show me where the crappie hang out at. I have boat and I am willing to take someone. Please give me a call.
William Henderson
Oxford Fish Logan Martin, Harris, Neely Henry.  Corby
Corby Tinney
Piedmont Fish Weiss, Guntersville, Neely Henry, Wheeler. Digger
Mark Steward
Prattville Fish Jordan and Alabama River. I fish at least once a week, usually on weekdays. I always welcome fishermen who love bass fishing. DannyB
Dan Barlow
Prattville Fish Lake Jordan. Trayg
Tray Gillespie
Rogersville I normally fish Wheeler and Wilson. I would be 
interested in a swap for Tims Ford or Dale Hollow in 
the fall or spring during the day.
Stratos Luver
Jason Ferguson
Russellville Fish Wilson, Wheeler, Pickwick, Smith, Bear Creek, watershed lakes. Sam
Sammy Mitchell
(256) 332-9277
Springville Fish Guntersville, Lay, Logan Martin, Neeley Henry, Mitchelle, Inland, Jordan Hamegg3
Bryan Hammond
Sylacauaga Fish Lay, Logan Martin, Jordan, Neely Henry, Guntersville. TexaBamaBass
Kelly White
(256) 487-1787
Trinity Just moved here from about 250 miles away. I love to bass fish and would greatly appreciate any advice. I will be fishing Wheeler mostly, but will also try Wilson, Guntersville and Smith. Again, I'd greatly appreciate any help in learning the area. I welcome a phone call or email. Snyper77 
Danny Bruce
Tuscaloosa Fish Lay, Mitchell, Martin. "Fly Navy"!!! Richard
Tuscumbia Fish Pickwick and Wilson Lake. CHHS-BassFishing13
Zach Pate
Union Springs Fish Eufaula (Walter T George).
Boater looking for a new fishing partner. Fishing for fun and possibly some team tournaments on Eufaula. Email me if you're interested.
Vince Culpepper
Vernon Fish MS, AL, TN WesleyVexus
Wesley Westbrook
Wetumpka Fish Jordan, Mitchell, Lay, Coosa River, Alabama River, Martin, Harding, West Point. Recently moved from the Alabama/Georgia border area to Wetumpka in the last year. I've fished the Coosa chain of lakes and Alabama River for about the last 3 years in a few tourneys here and there. Looking for someone who knows about these lakes and/or needs someone to fish with sometimes. db db
Wetumpka Fish Jordan, Lay, Martin, Mitchell, Coosa River,
Alabama River.
Ashley Sides