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 Updated 10/17/21


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94 Cajun 179 Pro
     Travis Edition
94 120 Johnson
19" prop, Humminbird 160, MK Edge 45#. "Bought her old and weathered but with a good running motor. Electrical is hit/miss (mostly miss right now), all deck wood rotten, trailer carpet/wood barely serviceable. Good project and I'm learning a lot! Finding much good info on the forums!"  Seriouslyjim - OK
93 Cajun 1650
93 88 Johnson
Center console. MinnKota. 50 mph (speedo)  Motoman88 - LA
97 Cajun 185
97 150 Yamaha
23 Laser II, 5.5" Power Lift jackplate, Humminbird, Motorguide.  Jim S - ON
96 Cajun 
     Ragin Cajun TE
96 115 Johnson
     Fast Strike
Hook7, Hook3, MK Maxxum. 51 mph @ 5200 rpm gps. "Best boat ever! Original carpet. Paint is perfect. Kept in a garage all its life."  DSWINBU - LA
85 Cajun
86 60 Johnson
Manual jackplate, Helix7 Gen2, Motorguide.  Bass4reel - PA
88 Cajun
     Maverick 1
90 120 Evinrude
19 Solas, Garmin Echomap 73SV, Garmin Stryker 7SV, MG Pro 80#. 54 mph gps. "Completely redone interior including extended front casting deck."  Claw74 - IA
96 Cajun 210 DC
96 225 Evinrude
23 Raker, Rite Hite jackplate, Humminbird electronics. 54 mph @ 6000 rpm gps.  Charley B - MO
83 RajunCajun
83 115 Merc
Dragonfly electronics, Merc 12/24 TM. "All original 119 hours in excellent condition...found in barn."  Blanchard - MI
96 Cajun
96 150 Johnson
     Fast Strike
Elite3x DSI, Helix 5, Elite3 DSI at bow, MG Brute 67#. 62 mph @ 5800 rpm gps.  Brian T - AL
76 Cajun
75 50 Johnson
"Just brought this project home, hope it was as good as deal as I thought."  Strobachyzoo - IL
97 Cajun 205
97 200 Merc
25 Fury, 6" T-H Marine jackplate, two HDS9 Gen3, MK Fortrex. Propshaft is 2" below the pad. 65 mph @ 5500 rpm.  Jdport90 - AL
83 Cajun 16'
     Fish & Ski
83 115 Johnson
Motorguide 60#. "Just purchased, engine runs great. Transom solid, few things to fix up."  JSitton - NC
96 Ragin Cajun 18'
00 150 Yamaha
Power Lift jackplate, Lowrance 528, X67C, MK Ulterra. 58 mph gps. "Just bought this summer....I love it!"  Rlsticks - MN
93 Ragin Cajun XL
93 150 Mariner
  Magnum 2.5L
Laser II, 8" hydraulic jackplate, Elite7 Chirp console, Elite7 X HDI at bow, MK Maxxum 80# w/built in transducer.  Daniel - NY
91 Cajun
     Ragin Cajun
91 150 Evinrude
Garmin 300C, Humminbird, Motorguide 71#.   Lz2bsw - IN
86 Cajun
86 115 Mariner
23 Merc prop, Eagle Accura 240, MinnKota TM. 55 mph @ 5800 rpm speedo.  D Carter - VA
96 Cajun DC210
96 200 Johnson
21 OMC prop, hydraulic jackplate. 68 mph @ 5700 rpm gps.  Rojas3006 - TX
87 Cajun
  Ricky Green
87 150 Yamaha
25 Spinelli, 5" Bob's manual jackplate, HB859, HB797C2, MK Maxxum. Propshaft is 4.25" below the pad. 60 mph @ 5500 rpm gps. "I replaced the stringers and floor this year. Used Seacast for stringers and transom. Love my Cajun!"  Firemech048 - FL
86 Cajun
 Paul Elias Edition
96 130 Johnson
24 Raker, manual jackplate, HB786, HB989, MK Fortrex 80#. Propshaft is 3" below the pad. 41 mph @ 4800 rpm gps.  Mckojr - TX
95 Cajun
  Center Console
99 175 Johnson
19 OMC. 45 mph @ 5600 rpm.  Catchemsomertimes - MS
87 Cajun
 Paul Elias Edition
92 150 Merc
Manual jackplate, HDS7 Gen2 Touch, HDS5 Gen2, Motorguide Great White. 57 mph @ 5500 rpm gps.  Crankin King - TX
92 Cajun
84 115 Yamaha
23 PowerTech, 6"T-H Marine jackplate, Lowrance Elite 5, Eagle Cuda 300, MK Maxxum 74#. 48 mph @ 5600 rpm gps.  Chucho0099 - TX
94 Cajun 2050
94 200 Johnson
23-25 multiple props, 6" Power Lift manual jackplate. 59 mph @ 5400 rpm gps.  Camarojockey - TX
86 Cajun
  Fishing Machine
86 175 Merc
Manual jackplate, Lowrance Elite7.  AFab - GA
89 Cajun
 Paul Elias Edition
91 175 Johnson
24 SS prop, CMC hydraulic, Humminbird electronics, Motorguide.  Zenniwa - NC
93 Cajun Pro150
93 85 Yamaha    
Eagle / Lowrance electronics, MinnKota TM. 45 mph gps.  Steve - LA
87 Cajun Esprit
87 115 Evinrude
Humminbird/Lowrance electronics, MinnKota 74#. 43 mph gps. "Looking for pics of original condition boats. I'm restoring mine and making upgrades and have some OEM parts for sale. So far All new wiring through boat, all new plumbing, deck, carpet, wood, trailer all rewired, new lights, stereo and ladd. I'm the 3rd owner of the boat."  Jeff R - IN
93 Cajun 1850
93 120 Johnson
Lowrance electronics, Motorguide TM  Macsmizer - IA
96 Cajun 190
84 185 Johnson
22 Raker, hydraulic jackplate, Humminbird, MinnKota 70#. 56 mph @ 5000 rpm (speedo).  Jason R - AR
84 Cajun
     Rajun Cajun
86 150 Merc XR2
24 High Five, Lowrance 510c, Motorguide TM. 69 mph speedo. "Bought this boat new in 1986 and have loved it for years. Still looks like new as it has been garage kept. Cajuns were the best in their day."  Rusty B - MS
85 Cajun
  Grand Bateau II
90 200GT Johnson
24 Renegade, 5" jackplate, Lowrance X75, 1240A. 74 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo). "Just found out this boat weighs 1200 dry, I would have thought that it went 1500 lbs."  65panhed - OK
92 Cajun 190
     Pro Sport
92 175 Merc
     Black Max
21 Laser, 6" HighJacker, Humminbird, Lowrance on TM, Motorguide. Motor is 4" above the transom. 60 mph @ 5400 (speedo). "Sure wish I could locate some Cajun parts."  Bass One - ON
77 Cajun
77 85 Johnson
Humminbird electronics.  DJ - OK
78 Cajun Mach1
78 90 Merc
Hydraulic jackplate, MG Gator 4300 PowerGlide. 40 mph (speedo). Total restoration 16 month labor of love! Fiberglass and paint top to bottom, all new upholstery, both forward control panels, courtesy lights & dash console (all original) refurbished. All chrome polished well. Motor upper, lowr and power trim rebuilt. Aluminum transom and trim on all hatches polished. Looks almost new. Will someone please refer me to an appraiser for 35 year old boats.  Cajundan - AR
89 Cajun
     Ricky Green
87 150 Suzuki
Motorguide 67#. "Had this boat for 3 years, love it but still trying to figure things out."  Hotsuit - MA
95 Cajun 18.5 SC
   Ragin Cajun
96 175 Yamaha
25 SS prop, 6" Hi Jacker jackplate, Motorguide Great White 24V. Propshaft is 2.5" below the pad. 64 mph gps. "Just picked up the boat (6/13). Still learning the setup, and should be able to squeeze a few more mph out of  her. Great fishing boat though and handles the chop well."  Jason F - FL
90 Cajun 1900
Tournament Series
90 200 Yamaha
Humminbird 1000, 535, Motorguide 67#. "Lots of rewiring and repairs to be done, want to swap some electronics out for newer higher end models and add hydraulic steering. Mechanically she runs hard and strong, and I've caught more fish in a month and a half of ownership than on all rentals combined."  Ol'BlueCajun - AL
85 Cajun
71 135 Merc
"This boat was a total rebuild. I need to know how to wire the gauge to the fuel tank."  Lafe - IN
88 Ragin Cajun
88 110 Johnson
Motorguide 12/24V. 68.7 mph gps."Nice old boat! Love it! Not a money pit! I'm the second owner, no major problems at all. Smooth and fast."  Gmac - NE
96 Ragin Cajun
96 150 Evinrude
Quicksilver prop, Lowrance HDS8, Humminbird downscan, MinnKota 105#. 57 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps).  Cajun Carl - NY
96 Cajun 180
96 150 Merc
23 Lazer, Motorguide TM. 60 mph gps.  NDCxFishingx20 - OH
92 Cajun
92 150 Johnson
21 Raker, 10" Bowlifter jackplate, Humminbird/Garmin, Motorguide 54#. Propshaft is 2.5" below pad. 66 mph @ 5850 rpm (gps).  Mike - LA
93 Cajun
 Ragin Cajun XL
92 150 Yamaha
23 Yamaha M, 6" CMC Powerlift hydraulic, Lowrance X4, Humminbird 561, MinnKota 65#. Propshaft is 3.75" below pad. 57 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "Work in progress, lol."  DPMizell - LA
96 Cajun
 Ragin Cajun XL
96 150 Johnson
    Fast Strike
22 Raker, Lowrance electronics, MinnKota TM. LED's in all lockers. "Bought it new in '96, sold it in 2002, bought it back in 2012."  CastingCall - MN
97 Cajun 171
   Ragin Cajun
97 115 Evinrude
19 SS prop, Motorguide 7560.  Chris P - FL
94 Cajun 160 Pro
87 90 Johnson
Manual jackplate, Motorguide TM. 37 mph gps. "New to me, trying to fix small things, first boat."  James Vogus - PA
84 Cajun
    Deux Voie
84 90 Johnson
"1st boat I've owned, only had it 2 years. Runs great but electrical system is FUBAR. Where can I get schematics?"  RL - WI
81 Cajun 
    Deux Voie
81 115 Merc
"Just starting to work on....need all seats! Motor is good, surprised, picked up boat/motor for $100." Kevtam07 - OK
86 Cajun
   Black Magic
86 175 Johnson
"We are looking for info on how to run the wiring from the fuel gauge to the fuel tank, otherwise we have no idea how much fuel we have when we take our jewel out on the water. If anyone can help we would greatly appreciate it."  Trey/Amanda - TX
90 Cajun Elias
88 130 Yamaha
"Looking for owner manual for the control panel on Cajun."  WBaker - NH
96 Rajun Cajun 171
96 90 Honda
Lowrance X25B, Motorguide TM.  Tommywj - NC
89 Cajun
  Rajun Cajun TH
80 135 Johnson
"Does anyone know where I can find information about the TH series Rajun Cajun?"  Shawn - AR
83 Cajun
87 150 Mariner
Lowrance X70a, Eagle 168 ex, MinnKota TM. 68 mph (gps).  JWhite - NC
94 Cajun
   Walleye Pro
94 175 Merc
MinnKota 70#. 58 mph (gps).  Kyle K - MN
93 Cajun
92 150 Johnson
"I'm looking for a bench seat for my Cajun boat, bottom and back seats."  Dan - LA
96 Cajun
    Ragin Cajun 185
91 150 Evinrude
Renegade prop, Lowrance X96TX, X51, MinnKota Maxxum 80#. "Just picked up today (1/24/12) haven't had on water yet. Prior owner says 55 mph. Electronics need upgraded, but will work this year."  Bassnron - OH
88 Cajun
03 115 Johnson
Manual jackplate.   Tee - LA
96 Cajun RC190
96 175 Johnson
OMC prop, manual jackplate, HDS7.  Marty0091 - MN
87 Cajun
     Fishing Machine
87 Merc
"Just bought a 1987 Cajun 17'6 Fishing Machine. Looking for owners manual for boat."  Vlub - MO
84 Cajun 21'
97 150 Johnson
            Fast Strike
Greg Hines Western Edition. "Acquired the boat from my late uncle. Has been in storage for 8-11 years. Just got it out of the shop, had the water pump replaced, carbs cleaned, complete tuneup and fuel system cleaned. Best boat I've ever ridden in, planes out in about 10 seconds and runs on plane down to 20 mph@ Does anyone know anything about this Greg Hines Wester Edition? I've searched the internet and can't find anything about it; any info would be greatly appreciated."  Steve - TX
94 Rajun Cajun
96 150 Suzuki
27 Suzuki, manual jackplate, Eagle/Garmin electronics. 62 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  Michael1 - FL
89 Cajun
91 85 Force
Motorguide 46# TM.  Chad M - NH
80's Cajun Brute
89 85 Forec
"Does anyone have a picture of their Cajun Brute? This is a project boat. Love the way it handles!"  Finicky - KY
91 Cajun 195
     Pro Sport
97 150 Evinrude
24 Ballistic, Lowrance M68 FF/GPS, MinnKota 55# TM.
"New to me boat, just mounted engine today (10/27/10), will test tomorrow!"
 Thilltony - VA
85 Cajun
Ricky Green
Fishing Machine
84 175 Merc
Turbo 2+2 prop, Eagle electronics, MInnKota TM
76.2 mph (gps). 1984 Merc 175 w/200 carbs.
91 Cajun Pro
91 200 Merc
26 SS prop, Eagle electronics, MinnKota TM. 72 mph (gps).  Tim B - MO
93 Cajun Pro 168
     Travis Edition
93 120 Johnson
Eagle electronics, Johnson TM.  54 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps).  Cmac - LA
94 Cajun 189
    Travis Edition
93 150 Johnson
23 Raker, 6" hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance electronics, MinnKota Power Drive 65#. 52 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  Dukmanx - TX
95 Cajun
     Ragin Cajun XL
95 150 Mariner
25 Trophy Plus, 6" T-H Marine, Eagle Cuda 300, Motorguide.
Propshaft is 1" below the pad. 64 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).
 Mkrieg22 - LA
94 Ragin Cajun
209 Travis Edition
94 200 Johnson
25 Raker, Rite Hite jackplate, Humminbird 300TX, Eagle, Motorguide 12/24. Motor is 6" off the transom. 65 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  Scooby - AL
87 Rajin' Cajun
87 150 Johnson
23 Raker, Lowrance X70, BottomLine, MinnKota 65#.  Mike B - WI
89 Cajun Esprit
89 110 Johnson
Eagle electronics, MinnKota TM. "Just bought the boat, ain't got all the specifics yet."  Redneckfrank - TX
84 Cajun
  Grande Bateau II
84 185 Johnson
"Looking for anyone who might have a Grande Bateau II or a Brute II 1984 model. I'm completely restoring them and since they're out of business I can't get all the information I need. So far I've not seen many of these boats on here to look at as well as retrieve all the information I need. Thank you if anyone can help. Marty."  Marty - AZ
85 Cajun Demon Eagle electronics, Motorguide TM. 48 mph (gps).  Lee Anderson - FL
85 115 Merc "Just bought boat Jan/10, looking for manual, will pay for  
  reproduction. Looking for interior parts, dash board, 3 person  
  bench seat, Please help, like to bring back to original condition."  
91 Cajun 150 22" Raker, 6" CMC Powerlift. Propshaft is 3" below the pad.  Bayou Native - LA
     ProSport 65 mph gps. "I just put smart tabs to stop the porpoising and  
79 150 Evinrude In the process of changing out the wood decks, floor and   
Updated 7/17/10... putting all new carpet and electronics."  
89 Cajun 23" Raker, Lowrance 522, 135, Motorguide TM.  Robert A - NM
92 150 Evinrude 57 mph (gps).  
95 Cajun XL DC 22" Raker, 6" jackplate, Lowrance electronics, MinnKota  Bucketmouth4 - IL
90 GT150 Johnson Maxxum 65# TM.  
95 Cajun 160 Pro Humminbird Wide Eye's (2), Motorguide TM. 70 mph (gps).  Timbob1034 - KY
95 88 Johnson    
82 Cajun  21" OMC SST, 6" Hi Jacker, Humminbird 585C, Motorguide  DBiri - LA
     Scrambler II Brute.  PHOTO   PHOTO
82 140 Johnson    PHOTO   PHOTO
91 Cajun ProSport 24" Raker, Lowrance X75, X65, 2530, Motorguide  Bluzman - TX
 178 Travis Edition Hyperdrive 67#.  
90 150 Johnson    
95 Cajun 180 20" Raker.  RYerkey - SC
95 130 Evinrude    
78 Cajun Motorguide TM. "Restoring. It was given to me and I've not put  Odessatx - TX
78 90 Merc it in the water yet (8/7/09)."  
94 Cajun Lowrance LMS 527c, Motorguide 24V.  ERumsey - TX
     Travis Edition    
94 200 Johnson    
86 Cajun Esprit 185 57 mph (speedo).  RamThis - TX
86 150 Johnson    
89 Rajin Cajun 25" Renegade, 6" CMC jackplate. Propshaft is even with the   Rajincajun - NS
89 150 XP  pad. 62.3 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  
95 Cajun 179 Pro Eagle electronics, Johnson TM. "Found this in a bar in TN!  MaoUtah - UT
     Travis Edition Had not been used in 10 years with 30 hours of use! A cherry!  
95 130 Johnson Replaced all seals of course! I love my Cajun!  
88 Cajun Esprit Johnson TM. 47 mph. "Had boat for 3 years, absolutely love   ABray - TN
88 110 Johnson it."  
89 Cajun Esprit "Just received this boat and need to get our hands on a manual  Ed - ON
  to figure it all out. Boat is in good shape-looking forwared to   
  getting it on the water. Any help on the manual would be   
91 Rajun Cajun 24" Raker. Propshaft is 5" below the pad. 57 mph @ 4800 rpm Ragincajun150xp - LA
91 150 Evinrude  (gps). "Got a jackplate on the way, trying to get the rpms and  
       XP the mph up."  
84 Cajun 24" High Five, Lowrance X510 C color units (2), Motorguide  RBradford - MS
     Rajun Cajun Brute 52#. 71 mph @ 6000 rpm (speedo). "Bought new in '86,  
86 150 Merc XR2 runs great, will post pics later."  
88 Cajun  22" Quicksilver. 61 mph.  88CAJUN - FL
   Paul Elias Edition    
88 150 Merc    
85 Cajun "Just picked up the boat (4/09) and would like to know what  Mufasa1469 - FL
85 150 Mariner Cajun model this is."  
91 Cajun 174ZW 21" prop. 48 mph (speedo).  SBohn - ND
91 115 Johnson    
95 Cajun 2050 60 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo).  Agarcia0421 - TX
95 200 Johnson    
96 Rajun Cajun 155 Humminbird 363 GPS, Motorguide 543.  RPeoples - FL
96 50 Merc 30 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  
91 Cajun 162 ZW 17" prop. "Just had this boat given to me (Feb 09) and need   Calib - TX
90 90 Johnson a manual or some info about what all the different holes at the  
  rear are. It has 5 holes; only one of them is for the main plug.  
  The other holes have corks in them and am curious why.   
  I don't know any websites to go to or anywhere to find them.  
  Any help would be greatly appreciated."  
87 Cajun 22" Raker, 6" Hi-Jacker, Eagle 480, Eagle Cuda 240,  Sl!ck - TX
     Rajun Cajun Evinrude TM. Motor is 3" above transom.   PHOTO
87 120 Evinrude 56.7 mph @ 5930 rpm (gps).  
97 Cajun Rajun210 25" Tempest Plus, 8" Rite Hite, Lowrance LCX 15, 98DX, Merc225hp2006 - CA
99 225 Merc EFI Motorguide 109#. Motor is 5" above transom.75 mph @ 5800  
  rpm (gps). "This is one of the fastest hulls I've seen, it was the  
  first and last hull made when Ranger bought out Cajun in '97."  
84 Cajun Brute III MinnKota Edge TM.  56 mph (speedo).  Dkadams - MN
84 150 Merc    PHOTO    PHOTO
90 Cajun F/S 174 Lowrance electronics, MinnKota. "I'm looking for 2 Cajun  Rlhorstman - MO
90 90 Evinrude fishing seats for my boat. They would be Red/White."  
90 Cajun 1950 21" Michigan Wheel, 6" jackplate, BottomLine Tournament  Cajun Copper - IA
     Fish & Ski 480 Max, Motorguide TM. Propshaft is 3" below the pad.  PHOTO   PHOTO
89 200 Johnson 61 mph @ 6100 rpm (speedo). "Fish & Ski works great for   PHOTO   PHOTO
  our family. This is my first boat and have been very happy with  
  it. It has a tandem Roadrunner trailer. Motor has a SE300  
86 Rajun Cajun Stilleto prop.  49 mph @ 5300 rpm. "Best boat I've ever  Rainier - LA
     Maverick owned and I've had many."  
86 90 Johnson    
95 Cajun  19" prop, Motorguide 67#. 48 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  Mark K - IN
     Esprit 1700    
96 115 Johnson    
93 Cajun 178 Pro Humminbird 580 GPS, MinnKota Edge 40.   Mikesthang - TX
     Travis Edition    
85 115 Evinrude    
95 Cajun 189 21" Ballistic, Johnson TM. 58 mph (speedo). "Replaced the   Wildhog44 - TX
     Bass Pro Raker 22" with a Ballistic 21", lost no top speed and can't   
99 150 Johnson believe the holeshot I now have, unbelievable! Boat just gets up  
  and gets gone, not a big bad 20' boat with a 200 hp can touch  
  me in a quarter mile."  
91 Cajun 150 17" prop, Lowrance X50, Humminbird 747, MinnKota TM.  Mike D - CA
  Pro Sport (Travis) "New owner, still awaiting maiden voyage. Working on new  
92 60 Johnson carpet install, adding storage compartments to front deck and  
  extending the front deck back to the console. Like to find a 90  
  hp at some point. Gelcoat is in great shape, but top clearcoat  
  has some sun damage. Looking forward to getting on the water  
81 Cajun Brute 3 Eagle 500C, Lowrance X97, MinnKota All Terrain.  Artherj - CO
81 115 Merc "Recently restored, was a mess when I got it. After new carpet,  
  upholstery and new dash board and a lot of elbow grease it is   
  looking pretty good."  
91 Ragin Cajun 19" Solas prop, Humminbird 717, MinnKota Edge 55#.  Ragin_cajun92 - GA
92 115 Yamaha 56 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo).  
76 Cajun Mach III Humminbird Matrix 10, Motorguide 4300. 42 mph (speedo).  Quallze - KS
76 115 Merc "I love this boat. Bought about two years ago. It needed a little  
  work then and still does now (haha). Couldn't ask for a better  
  first time boat."  
82 Cajun "Don't know what model, title says 17.6 ft. long."  Carsfastfredi - TX
73 115 Evinrude    
88 Cajun Cutlass Motorguide TM  Dave E - IL
88 50 Merc    
95 Cajun Fish/Ski Eagle depthfinder, Pioneer CD player. 50 mph (gps).  Richiej007 - FL
95 135 Merc 2.0L "Great boat!! Needs a lil TLC but only paid $2000. for it.   
  Looking for new Cajun sticker for outside rear of boat."  
86 Cajun 185 22" Raker, manual jackplate, Eagle 500C, Motorguide 71#.  Bigshow - IN
     Fishing Machine Propshaft is 3" below the pad. 58 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo).  
88 150 Evinrude    
86 Cajun 21" prop, Motorguide 101# 36V. "Never seen another  John B - CO
     Grand Bateau Grand Bateau."  
86 220 Yamaha    
84 Cajun Aluminum prop, MinnKota TM. 45 mph (speedo).  ChuckP  - OH
      Scrambler 2    
84 90 Johnson    
91 Cajun 1750 Motorguide TM.  Scott W - TX
91 115 Johnson    
86 Rajun Cajun "Just got this beauty. Perfect shape other than bad carpet.   86RajunCajun - OH
86 150 Mariner Great for the year! Haven't had it on the water yet but I'm sure  
  it will rock! Anyone know the fuel tank capacity for this year  
  boat? Will post more when I get it on the water."  
88 Cajun "Both boat and trailer in serious need of rehab. First mission:  Mawilson - FL
     Maverick get it shipshape, Second mission: learn how to drive it.   
88 90 Merc Third mission: use it to try to fool a fish."  
89Cajun Eagle 480, Motorguide 45#. "Just bought this, and the owner  Gerhardt - TX
Travis Edition F/S wants to buy it back! Don't think so.... Looking for manual and  
89 110 Johnson will gladly speak with anyone about my boat, I'm a total  
90 Cajun 162 ZS 17" Evinrude prop, Eagle Fishmark 320, Cuda 240 S/GPS,  Mebassman - ME
07 90 Evinrude Motorguide FW54. 45 mph @ 5200 rpm (speedo).  PHOTO
91 Cajun Humminbird Wide Eye, Humminbird 320.  Marschall - TX
     Travis Edition 57 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo). "Sweet and fast, just got it and  PHOTO    PHOTO
90 90 Johnson restoring it. New carpet and all deck wood."  PHOTO
86 Cajun Ss prop. "Just bought this very pristine '86. It's Black with metal  MarkT - CT
     Ricky Green flake. It's signed by Ricky Green himself in '86 under the motor  
86 150 Johnson cover and the livewell hatch. ;)"  
84 Cajun 24" Precision, 6" jackplate, Mariner TM.  Alsandddg - TX
     Ricky Green    
86 150 Yamaha    
77 Cajun "Having some problems with the motor right now so I can't  Brycuff - IN
77 115 Merc tell you mph."  
90 Cajun Grandprix "Rebuilding, anybody know where I can get parts? Can use tips  J.B. - ON
92 225 Evinrude on restore, metalflake."  
92 Cajun 1900 22" Raker, Lowrance 350-A GPS, Garmin 240, Johnson TM.  Dnyhuf - TX
     Tournament 8" T&H Pro HiJacker. 65.5 mph @ 6400 rpm (gps).  
92 200 Johnson GT Propshaft is 3.25" below the pad.  
84 Cajun Hydraulic jackplate, Motorguide TM. 52 mph @ 5200 rpm  Robert S - CO
84 150 Merc (speedo).  
96 Cajun 210 Lowrance/Humminbird electronics, Motorguide TM.  RWeeden - NY
96 200 Evinrude 60 mph (gps).  
95 Ragin Cajun XL 21" prop, Lowrance 332, X70A, MinnKota 74# Maxxum.  Bill G - NJ
95 175 Johnson 53 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps). "Love the boat but was wondering  
            Fast Strike if anyone else was having a problem with cracks in the fiberglass  
  in the splash well."  
80 Cajun 18' "I just bought a 1980 Cajun 18' bass boat and was just   Jason B - MN
79 150 Evinrude wondering if anyone could tell me where to find parts  
  information or manuals for it. I'm needing the left side dash pad  
  for it. Any help would be Greatly appreciated!. Thank you."  
95 Cajun 21' 24" Raker, Hydro Jacker hydraulic, Humminbird 565, 545,  Slapnuts523 - AL
95 200 Johnson Motorguide.  62 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps).   
95 Cajun 150 Pro Hydraulic jackplate.  Brian H - WA
94 90 Force    
84 Ragin Cajun "Just had this boat "reconditioned" it has a plate on the side that  M Ghent - SC
93 120 Johnson says "Classic Series, Ragin Cajun 1". Does anyone have info on  
  this, how many were built, what it's worth and so forth?"  
87 Ragin Cajun 21" Mariner High Five, Mariner TM. 62 mph @ 5400 rpm   BSmith - IL
87 150 Mariner (gps).  
92 Ragin Cajun SST prop, Motorguide Brute 50#. 57+ mph. "Just bought it....  Kirkymx140 - TX
92 130 Yamaha still learning all about it."  PHOTO    PHOTO
96 Cajun 180 23" Turning Point, MinnKota Maxxum 74#, timed aerator  NoNickles - MN
     Rajun Cajun split livewell, Lowrance 520C w/GPS on console, 67C at bow,  PHOTO   PHOTO
00 150 Yamaha Yamaha digital gauge package. 62 mph @ 5400 rpm (speedo).  PHOTO    PHOTO
94 Cajun 23" Merc, Eagle 128, Motorguide Brute 45. Motor is 4" off  Madmikecajunman - IN
  Rajun Cajun 19'3" the transom.  
94 150 Yamaha    
94 Cajun 160 Pro 22" Raker, 6" Vance, Humminbird 565, Motorguide TM.  Firefighter11 - LA
94 88 Johnson Propshaft is 4" below the pad.  PHOTO   PHOTO
93 Cajun 23" prop, Humminbird Piranha 220, Matrix 77C, MinnKota  Alces1954 - NY
     Rajun Cajun XL A65.  64 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).  PHOTO    PHOTO
93 150 Yamaha    PHOTO
90 Cajun 178 24" Ballistic, 10" Rite Hite, MinnKota TM.  MrLou - NH
     Pro Sport Propshaft is 1" below pad. 63 mph (speedo). "Never looked at  
90 150 Merc XR4 bassboats because of new boat prices. Never thought of buying  
  used. Bought this boat in 2000 for $6000 (one owner prior to   
  me). Great boat, does everything I can ask of it."  
89 Cajun 162  Cuda 168, Cuda 242, Motorguide FS71.  Njensen67 - KY
     Esprit    PHOTO   PHOTO
89 88 Johnson    
78 Cajun  Cuda 168, Humminbird 25. 52 mph (gps). "Working hard on   Kf4pfw - AL
     Dual Console restoring this ride!"  
78 150 Johnson    
89 Cajun "Just bought the boat - needs some work, new carpet, paint's  CMcMillan - TX
     Rajun Cajun oxidized in few places/scratches, new seats, trolling motor,  
90 120 Merc electronics, etc."  
95 Rajun Cajun Raker prop, Humminbird electronics, Motorguide.  FredW - NC
     XLDC 60 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo). "I just purchased this boat and  
95 150 Evinrude the owner did not have any manuals. Does anyone know where  
  to get any information on parts or manuals?"  
85 Cajun 17' 21" custom prop, Eagle Cuda, Lowrance sound indash,  Suprtul - LA
Pursuit Tour. Series Motorguide TM. Motor is 4" off transom. 65 mph @ 5200 rpm  
85 120 Johnson (gps).  
91 Cajun 178 "Just bought the boat, needs some TLC before it's lakeworthy,  Tankmech4 - TX
Prosport Travis Ed. lookin forward to getting and some line wet. Any and all help  
91 115 Johnson with info, tips and tricks will be greatly appreciated."  
95 Cajun  23" Chopper. 74 mph @ 5600 rpm (gps). "This is the boat on  Fred T - ON
     Esprint 19 the front of the '95 brochure, I picked it up at the President's  
95 175 Johnson house in '96, brought it back to Canada. Rejetted the motor   
      Fast Strike and moved it's mounting location. Love my Cajun."  
85 Cajun Humminbird flasher, Motorguide Bill Dance 363.  Dpav - OH
     Rajun' Cajun 60 mph (speedo). "First bass boat I ever owned. Needs lots of  
85 140 Evinrude work and TLC but I'm gettin' there. Great in rough water here   
  in Grand Lake St.Marys."  
93 Cajun Pro 196 Lowrance LCX15MT, Eagle 330, Motorguide TM.  James T - TX
93 200 Johnson    
95 Cajun 1800 Humminbird WideEye, Humminbird 323, Motorguide Brute 45.  Jon - AZ
   1800 Fish & Ski 48 mph (gps). "Great boat, bought used, previous owner took  PHOTO
95 135 Merc great care and boat is like new. Need copy of manual."  
93 Cajun 17.8' 19" Michigan Ballistic, Lowrance 360, MinnKota TM.  Richard P - CT
     Rajin Cajun 56 mph @ 6500 rpm (gps). "Need a 22" prop."  
93 115 Yamaha    
96 Ragin Cajun 27" Raker, 5.5" CMC hydraulic, Lowrance GP3000,   Greg G - MD
96 150 Johnson Eagle 380, Motrguide Brute 56#. 64 mph (speedo).  
  "I've had mine since 1999, bought brand new (factory close  
  out). I've busted a lot of lips on that boat and plan to bust  
  plenty more."  
88 Cajun Demon 13" prop, Eagle electronics MinnKota Auto 55# Plus.  Zuke - AZ
88 60 Johnson 35 mph (gps). "Awesome boat, got for $1800. from a great   PHOTO
  guy. Have had it in very rough water and it handled ok, it is a   
  rough ride all around because of the semi tri-hull, have had it up  
  36 mph but like to cruise smoothly at around 30 mph."  
89 Cajun Eagle 480, Motorguide 71FW. 56 mph @ 5300 rpm   Tracy M - OK
     Ragin Cajun (speedo). "This boat is a dual console model and is missing the  
89 110 Johnson passenger side windshield, if anyone has one for sale please  
  email me."  
96 Cajun CMC jackplate, Johnson TM. Motor is 3" above the transom.  Kickinbass42 - FL
    Ragin Cajun 179 52 mph @ 6000 rpm.  
96 130 Johnson    
95 Cajun  19" prop, Motorguide TM. 65-70 mph.  Techmaan - AZ
     Esprit 1800 "Looking for documentation about boat, email me if you can   
89 150 Mariner make copies THX."  
86 Ragin Cajun 22" Trophy. "I have a Ragin Cajun with dual consoles and   Bill C - MI
01 150 Merc cracked one of the windshields. I can't find anyone who sells  
  replacement windshields for my style. If anyone knows where I  
  could start looking, I would be greatly interested."  
86 Cajun SS prop, Garmin 60, Humminbird 100, Johnson 58#.  Chris G - CT
     Ricky Green 60 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo). "New to bass baot circuit.  
86 150GT Johnson Found this boat in my hometown and I had looked all over  
  east coast. I use it to fish, tube and pleasure. Comfy and a good  
  fishing platform. Love to get back comments on what happened  
  to line from other owners. Love this old boat."  
96 Cajun 180DC Protester prop, MinnKota 67#.  55 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo)  McArkansas - AR
96 150 Johnson "Just bought the boat 2 weeks ago, was a bank repo and didn't  
  come with any manuals. Would be happy to pay for manuals  
  or copies. No jackplate, great ride and great to fish out of.   
  Plenty of storage, all lighted. The Cajun letters on one side are  
  starting to peel off, they have the "bubble" material over them.  
  Please email with any suggestions on this and the manuals."  
94 Cajun 160 Pro Humminbird 525's (2), Johnson TM.  36 mph @ 4300 rpm   Kdspstr - TX
     Travis Edition (gps).  
95 88 Johnson    
86 Cajun 19" prop. 45 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "I love this old boat.""  BroncoBilly - AL
     Deux Voie    PHOTO
86 115 Merc    
05 Cajun Special 35 mph (speedo).  Matthew C - LA
 1500 Super Sport    
05 50 Yamaha    
86 Cajun Maverick Michigan 23", Eagle Seafinder 480DFI, Humminbird Platinum  Charlie H - CO
86 115 Yamaha ID 120, Mercury Thruster. 42 mph @ 5500 rpm (radar).  
77 Cajun Mach 1 45 mph @ 6000 rpms. "I just bought my Cajun and I couldn't  Shawn - TX
77 70 Johnson be happier, I've even been in the bay with it and I had success.  
  Also have the owners's manual to the Mach1 and Johnson.  
  I'm impressed with the boat and plan to have many fishing trips  
  with it."  
87 Cajun Eagle Z5000. "My father purchased the boat new, sold it in '98  PaulS - IN
     Entrepreneur to my father-in-law, my father passed away in '04 and I got the   
87 135 OMC boat back. Any info on restoring will be greatly appreciated, i.e.  
  gel coat restore, scratch/gouge fixes, tips on carpet   
95 Ragin Cajun 23" five blade, Garmin 340 wheel, 160 front, Garmin 162 GPS.  Pat K - ON
     18.5 MinnKota 65#.  54 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  
96 150 Mariner "Awesome boat out of the hole even with full tournament load.  
  Would like to find some more speed but don't want to sacrifice  
  the holeshot. Good stable, gentlemanly boat, no porpoise, no  
  chine, just Works. Getting the seats redone this week and   
  looking forward to seeing how they look. Gelcoat is faded on  
  top but just found someone who specializes in restoring.   
95 Cajun Travis 23" Renegade, 5.5" Powerlift, Humminbird Matrix, MinnKota.  Curt H - KS
95 200 Venom    
88 Cajun Lowrance flasher, X65 fish/depth finder, Motorguide TM. Bigboyzbassboat - VA
   Ricky Greene XL "Just bought the boat on eBay...seller delivered/demonstrated  
88 150 Suzuki the boat. Smooth transaction, love the boat. After reading BBC,  
  Cajun ownership seems to be somewhat of a "cult". Glad to be  
  part of it....it's my first boat."  
93 Cajun  21" Ballistic, 10" HighJacker. 70 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo).  Rodney - FL
     Esprit 2000 The way they build this boat they definitely had their thinking    
96 225 Evinrude cap on, all the weak spots are reinforced. It's an awesome boat  
  reminds me of a Stingray Corvette, it really sucks that they   
  quit making them."  
88 Cajun 21" prop, Humminbird, LCR4000, 1240A, Motorguide TM.  Cavasteve - VA
89 150 Mariner Motor is 3" above the transom. "I recently purchased this boat.  
  It's a Ricky Greene Fishing Machine. It is 19'5". I hope to have   
  it out soon. I'm looking for any information such as an owners  
  manual. Everything appears to work okay. Would also like to   
  talk to owners of the same model."  
94 Cajun Esprit Humminbird electronics, Motorguide TM. 65 mph.  Mark M - IL
94 200 Evinrude "Looking for replacement seats as original as possible. 2 captain  
  chairs & 2 fold downs in back and 1 bench in back. Sharp   
  boat, like new, just had motor 100% rebuilt w/over $6000 in   
  costs. Any suggestions?"  
78 Cajun Brat "Just purchased this boat and would like to know if there is   Kat - MS
     90 Merc some place to get an owners manual of some sort. New to this   
  boating thing and need some basic info such as repainting,  
  recarpeting, etc."  
78 Cajun Humminbird electronics, Evinrude TM. "Looking for any info  JohnC - SC
79 120 Evinrude on these boats."  
95 Ragin Cajun Hi-Jacker jackplate, Motorguide TM.  67 mph.  Sorethumb - MS
86 150 Merc    PHOTO
86 Cajun "Just bought boat. I will pay for a manual or copy. I need to   Kennycbc - FL
     Ricky Green learn how to set it up."  
96 150 Johnson    
91 Cajun "My Cajun is my best friend. Guess I need to learn more about  Basschick - TX
91 200 Johnson her. Beautiful Burgundy/Gold metallic fiberglass."  
97 Cajun 171 19" factory aluminum, Lowrance X25, Eagle, Motorguide 743.  Smithmr - TN
     Travis Edition 51 mph @ 6000 rpm (speedo).  
98 115 Johnson    
91 Cajun Esprit 19" Amitas, Humminbird/Lowrances electronics, MinnKota AT  Ut freak23 - TX
90 150 Johnson 40.  62 mph @ 5450 rpm. Blue, Gold and Red.  
90 Cajun Humminbird Matric 17, Eagle, MinnKota TM.  Badboy46120 - IN
     Adventure "In need of finding a windshield for console."  
90 90 Johnson    
89 Cajun Demon Humminbird 200X, Humminbird Piranha 10, Motorguide 50#.  Spicer - LA
88 75 Suzuki    
97 Cajun RJ 185 SS prop, Eagle 320, 320C, MinnKota TM.   Bluegillbill - MD
97 150 Johnson 60 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo).  PHOTO
86 Cajun Demon Navman TrackFish 6600, Lowrance X125. 36 mph (speedo).  CBCalkins - TX
85 50 Johnson "I love this boat. It slaps a lot though if the water is even   PHOTO     PHOTO
  slightly rough. It is well built and easily will make it to 30 years  PHOTO     PHOTO
  old. The best part of all is that it is paid for."  
93 Cajun 1850 "Great boat, everything works grat. One of my rear seats that   Brad - TX
      Travis Edition converts into my fishing seat is stuck. Any suggestions?"  
93 120 Johnson    
79 Cajun 21" prop, Motorguide TM  60 mph (speedo).  Slickmick72 - NC
79 150 Merc "Just looking for random information on Cajun boats or   PHOTO     PHOTO
  Mercury motors that may help me."  PHOTO     PHOTO
Updated 11/11/06.... "Wow, I had my carbs cleand and it did wonders for my motor.  
  I can go out whenever I get ready and fire it right up thanks to  
  my main man who helped me a lot with my boat, Scotty thanks  
  a lot brother."  
96 Ragin Cajun 179 6" jackplate, Lowrance electronics, Johnson TM.  Kickinbass42 - FL
     Travis Edition 53 mph.  
96 130 Johnson    
97 Cajun 21" Michigan Wheel 4 blade, Eagle Cuda 240, Motorguide   OwenH - TX
RajunCajun 164DC 55 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo). "I've had this boat for about  
94 135 Merc 2 years. It seems to be a very solid, well made boat.  
  The D/C takes up needed room but I couldn't pass up the deal  
  I got on it. Runs great on the water."  
88 Cajun Hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance electronics, Mariner TM.  Whisper - MN
     Ricky Green 70 mph @ 5800 rpm. "Just purchased, been impressed from  
90 150 Mariner other owners' comments."  
85 Cajun 26" Chopper, 10" jackplate, Lowrance flasher, graph.  KennethO - OH
     Aerodyne MinnKota 67#.  Motor is 4" above the transom.  
86 200 Mariner "I bought this Aerodyne new in 1986 in good shape for a boat  
  almost 20 years old. No idea how fast but it's the fastest bass  
  boat I have rode in. Thinking about selling, does anybody have  
  any idea what it would sell for?"  
93 Ragin Cajun "Ragin Cajun 18'9", Maroon on top of Black, MinnKota   DCantu - TX
92 115 Suzuki All Terrain 36#.  PHOTO
94 Cajun 186DC 22" Laser II, 10" HiJacker. "I live in Port Neches, Texas.  Dtricky49 - TX
89 150 Merc I just bought my Cajun a month ago and love it. The boat has  
  been completely restored and looks brand new. This boat takes  
  rough water better than any other bass boat I've ridden in."  
97 Cajun Esprit180 Eagle 320, MinnKota 65#.  57 mph (speedo).  Exagteach - TX
97 150 Mariner "If anyone has this same boat, I would like to talk."  
96 Cajun  22" Suzuki prop, Lowrance X85, flasher, MinnKota 74#.  Bryan - MN
     Esprit 2000 56 mph.  
96 200 Suzuki    
78 Cajun Mach V 17" OMC prop, Motorguide Brute. 47 mph @ 5500 rpm.  Sam - KY
78 115 Evinrude "My Grandfather bought this boat new and kept it in his garage.  
  Does not have too many hours. Most everything works great,  
  no soft spots on boat and it runs extremely well.  White hull with  
  Brown metalflake up top. Very trustworthy and great boat.  
  People still comment on it. I'll post pics soon enough!"  
87 Cajun MinnKota TM. 45 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo).  Mickey G - KY
87 75 Cabrea    
91 Cajun 174ZW MinnKota Tm. "The best boat I have ever had, just some minor  Corey - WI
     Aventure problems. My fuel gauge always reds full, no matter the amount  
91 115 Merc of fuel. Tried a fuel sender unit in the tank...no help. When you   
  take the pink wire off the gauge it will read empty, so I don't   
  think it's the gauge. Took the orig. sender off and cleaned it  
  and it was readin 3/4 full but when you move the float on the   
  sender the gauge would read full. Does anyone have any info on  
  this...I'm clueless."  
96 Cajun 210 27" Raker. "I'm looking for replacement factory Cajun decals  Shelley - MO
96 200 Johnson for side of boat. Email me if you know where I might order  
           Venom them. They look raised with hard plastic protective over each  
  letter. What fish finders came from the factory on the 210 series  
  for my boat? Thank you in advance, Shelley."  
93 Cajun Pro 16 "Just bought this boat. It's great but we have no owners manual.  David - TX
92 115 Johnson Can anyone help?"  
96 Cajun Ragin185 24" Trophy, 5" HighJacker, Humminbird/Eagle electronics.  Dieselman4500 - IN
96 150 Mariner 66 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo). "This boat is very stable in the   
  water, big water is not a problem. I would like to know if  
  anyone knows where to find original equipment for this boat."  
92 Cajun 1750 "Just bought my new Cajun fish/ski boat. Handles great in the   JorgeC - TX
92 120 Johnson open water. I've taken it out 3 times so far and it's been great."  PHOTO     PHOTO
89 Cajun Esprit Motorguide TM. "Looking for a manual."  DTLittle - NY
89 150 Johnson    
78 Cajun 17.2 25" Laser II. 65+ mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo). "Just bought the  PoBoyRipper - FL
79 200 Merc boat and it was a diamond in the rough. Changed the  
  powerhead from a 150 to a later model 200 horse and it rips.  
  Still doing some cosmetics on boat."  
88 Ragin Cajun 17' 21" Hustler by Turning Point, MinnKota 55AT 42" shaft 24V.  NHB135 - IL
88 115 Mariner 55 mph @ 5400 rpm. "Love this boat. Does anybody else have  
    Updated 7/2/05.... the same boat?  Does anyone know where I can get the two  
  plexiglas windshields for this boat?"  
86 Cajun 24" Precision prop, Humminbird Piranha 5, Garmin GPS 5,  Bojo - AL
     Fishing Machine Mercury TM. 62 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  
86 135 Merc    
95 Cajun 209 Pro "I am looking for corner caps for the 209 Pro, let me know if  Rusty - TN
96 200 Johnson anyone has them. Thanks..."  
78 Cajun Ultra 21" prop, Humminbird Matrix 17, Motorguide Brute TM.  NCbooboo - NC
77 115 Johnson    PHOTO     PHOTO
89 Cajun "Just bought this boat online and pick it up at the end of the   Deerhunter187 - NE
    Ricky Green month. It's my first boat. From the sound of it I made a good  
    Fishing Machine choice.  
89 150 Evinrude    
93 Cajun MinnKota 65A.  56 mph @ 5900 rpm (speedo).  ScottD - MN
    Rajun Cajun 186 "Now that I have had the deck and the seats done, I need to  
93 150 Yamaha re-do the plumbing. I told the guy to put it back to new but that  
   UPdatd 11/27/05... did not go as planned. Looking for help on the front "fill run  
  empty" panel and then go to the plumbing that has been  
93 Cajun Pro 150 MinnKota 55# TM. "Anybody else have one of these? Boy I  Spot77 - MD
93 85 Yamaha could ever use some help Boat looks great for its age!"  
92 Cajun 24" Raker, Bottomline Tournament 310, Eagle Ultra II,  Donald - MT
     Travis Edition MinnKota 65#. "Just purchased the boat in late fall of 2004.   PHOTO       PHOTO
 1750 Fish & Ski Don't know much about it yet. Only had on water once after  
92 175 Johnson purchase and it ran very fast."  
79 Cajun "Looking for info on my first bass boat. Specifically splitting the  Bassmann - FL
79 85 Evinrude boat to add new floors. Also need wiring inf. Thanks...Kent."  
90 Cajun 178 21" Laser II, 4" jackplate, Lowrance X45, MinnKota TM.  Dagger - LA
     Pro Sport "Bought this boat about 3 years ago and it is a strong sturdy  
91 150 Merc boat and rides good in the rough water.  But the electrical  
  system is a nightmare to try and figure out, had to gut it all out  
  and start from scratch. Other than that it has been a great  
  purchase. Also has anyone found a place that has manuals for   
  this boat?"  
84 Rajin Cajun 24" prop. "Parents bought this boat in '85.  I grew up on the   Musick - KS
84 150 Merc water in it, fishing, tubing, chillin or whatever you can think of,  
  looking for replacement parts, original or make it fit kind, dash,  
  livewell pumps, windshield, etc., trying to get it back in good   
  running shape so my parents can get back to fishing, like the   
  good old days."  
96 Cajun 2000 Cuda 240 GPS, Lowrance electronics, Johnson TM  Hvac us - TX
96 200 Johnson    
97 Ragin Cajun 23' Renegade, 8" T-M jackplate, MinnKota 56#.  Riverrat1199 - AL
97 150 Johnson Motor is 5.5" off the transom. 67 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  PHOTO      PHOTO
     Fast Strike "Cajun forever."  PHOTO
94 Cajun 1950 "I need some info on this boat. It it a bay/saltwater compatible  Dino - LA
     Kingfisher or fresh water boat? Also the person I plan to buy the boat  
94 150 Evinrude from had the transom reinforced with marine wood, does   
  anyone have a clue why.  There was no evidence on damage  
  like crack in the transom from the outside, he just had some  
  wood in the inside installed and glassed over. I plan to use this   
  boat on Toledo Bend and Calcasieu Lake and just wanted to   
  know if this boat will hold up."  
90 Cajun  "I'm hoping to find some decals for my 1990 Cajun, since they  Jeffrey - MI
     Pro Sport 160 don't make them anymore it's hard to find where to get some.  
  The decals just say "Cajun" with the lobster claws.  
  Can anyone please help me where I could call and find some   
  for my boat. The original decals are not looking too pretty and  
  would like to make the boat look even better, thanks for   
  your time!"  
90 Cajun 162ZW "Just purchased this boat and need manuals and any other  BillH - TX
90 70 Johnson information. Wil gladly pay for any reproduction costs. Also  
  need replacement prop 13 3/4" x 15" No.391198 - 13 count  
  spline - don't know make of prop."  
93 Cajun 2050 Renegade prop, Lowrance electronics, OMC TM.  Alimark - TX
92 200 Johnson "Not sure of the model, bought boat with no manual. Anyone  
  know what it's worth? Would like to sell it....thanks."  
93 Cajun 185 21" Raker, Garmin GPS, Motorguide 12/24 48#.   Rex - LA
     Ricky Green 68 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo). "I'm looking for a console  PHOTO
93 150 Johnson (passenger) that matches the boat. I want about 75 mph, so I'm  
          Fast Strike upgrading to a 2003 Merc 200 (hopefully I'll get there).  
  Will I? Comments please. I'm also upgrading my trolling motor  
  to a MG Great White 100# 24V. I may add a jackplate if  
  necessary. Any info on Cajun boats will be appreciated."  
92 Cajun  Motorguide TM. "Just picked this baby up for a steal. Needs a  FlatsCC - NJ
     1750 Esprit little work, but retitled and had it on the water once. Runs real  
96 120 Evinrude strong. Biggest issue is no owners guide or documentation came  
  with the boat. I was able to order all the documentation for the  
  motor, remote, T/T, etc. Can anyone tell me where I can get  
  copies of paperwork for this or a similar model Cajun?"  
84 Cajun Humminbird depth finder, Humminbird fish finder.  Brad2604 - KS
     Ragin Cajun Motor is 8" off the transom. 74 mph @ 5900 rpm (speedo).  
86 175 Johnson "This boat flies. It is my Dad's boat that he bought from my  
  uncle who bought it 10 years ago at a boat show. We mainly  
  use the boat for skiing, wakeboarding and tubing.  
  We have 2 props, one is a power prop and it will do 54 mph  
  with it. The other is a speed prop and it will do 74 mph with   
  this one. The boat only weighs around 900 lbs. It has a custom  
  front windshield. Holds 7 people comfortably, and eats gas.  
  We go through about 30 gal in 8 hrs but it's fun. I'll try and get  
  some pics soon. By the way, it has no reverse so that's a lot of  
  fun at the dock."  
95 Cajun 18' 25" Renegade, 6" Rite Hite, Lowrance 480LMS, 320,  Hooksetter - MS
     Ragin Cajun XL Motorguide.  61 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps).  "I love my boat.   
95 150 OMC When I bought it she would gps at 68.7 but I had prop trouble  
            Faststrike and now I am slow. I need some prop advice.   
  24" Raker turns 6400 rpms at 60.2 mph. That won't do."  
92 Cajun 178 Pro Raker prop, Lowrance X71, Eagle 168EX, Motorguide Brute.  Brian - TX
91 150 Johnson    
86 Cajun 21" prop. "I am looking for a manual, will pay for reproduction  Gary - TX
87 150 Merc cost."  
91 Cajun 1780 19" Lazer Jet, Humminbird/Eagle electronics, Motorguide 50#.  Nightraven - KY
     Tournament 67 mph @ 6200 rpm (radar). "I bought this Cajun brand new   PHOTO
91 150 Yamaha off the showromm floor in '91, I have kept it looking the same.  PHOTO
  It has been the most trustworth bass boat I have ever owned.  PHOTO
  The Tournament series were fewe than the Ragin Cajun, I've  
  never seen one since I bought mine.   
  As far as the engine, I would like to say I bought American but   
  you cannot beat the Yamaha, the '91 150 ProV has the   
  strongest impeller I have ever seen, most motors you have to   
  change every year or two, mine has never been changed and is  
  used 2-3 times a week (maybe luck or not), also on this model  
  if the oil pump stops pumpin the engine doesn't lock up, it will   
  shut you down to 1800 rpms so that you can still get home (it  
  has a built in res. on the engine block), so to you owners out   
  there, you already have the best, so why worry about the rest!"  
95 Cajun 189 Pro 62 mph. "Hey, I love this site. I I have noticed that when I   Jimmy - TX
     Travis Edition check the oil in the lower unit that there is a small amount of   
95 150 Johnson metal on the plug. The oil looks perfectly fine. I've only had the  
            FastStrike boat 6 months, it runs great and I drive it like it's already paid  
  for. Do I need to have this looked at by a professional?  
  Any info will help, I'm just most everyboy else, no info."  
86 Cajun 16', 2 batteries (capable of 3), stainless prop, 2 livewells,  Bill H - PA
    Demon/Blazer Bill Dance 45# TM, Eagle fishfinder, onboard battery  PHOTO     PHOTO
87 75 Mariner charger, hull number is MBVB 3033B686 P.    PHOTO     PHOTO
  45 mph (speedo). Does anyone have a booklet on this boat?"  
84 Cajun Brat "Just got this boat through family. Anyone have info on this   Mitch - MS
84 50 Mariner model?  Other than boat cover distributors, there is not much  
  available on this boat."  
95 Cajun "I bought this boat used, it's in excellent shape. I'm trying to find  George - TX
95 150 Merc out when they stopped making Cajun boats?"  
91 Cajun 1950 25" High Five, Lowrance depth finder, Humminbird.  Daniel - IL
               Esprit Motorguide TM. 65+ mph @ 5700-6000 rpm (speedo).  PHOTO
91 200 Merc EFI    PHOTO
92 Cajun 2050 21" Raker, Humminbird electronics, MinnKota TM.  Sarpup - VA
     Travis Edition 62 mph (gps). "Converting this fish & ski boat to a full time  
92 200 Johnson bass boat."  
84 Cajun 21" Quicksilver, Eagle Cuda 168, MinnKota AT 50#.  OkieJoe - OK
     Ricky Green 62 mph @ 5900 rpm (speedo).   PHOTO   PHOTO
84 150 Mariner "A very smooth and solid boat!"  PHOTO   PHOTO
86 Cajun Maverick 17 or 18" prop, Humminbird fishfinder, MinnKota 48# TM.  Travelinman - CT
86 90 Merc 40 mph. "First ever boat besides a canoe. I have always  
  wanted a fishing boat & love it so far.  Only had since 3/04 and  
  have spent many hours bringing her back to form as she had  
  been left outside, uncovered and unwinterized for over 2 years!  
  She's coming along though and has already provided many   
  hours of enjoyable time on the water..."  
89 Cajun Humminbird Wide128, Motorguide Bill Dance TM.  Matt - OH
89 60 Merc    
86 Cajun Humminbird 405SX, MinnKota Maxxum 65#.  Bngoc78 - TX
     Ricky Green 70 mph (speedo).  
86 150 Merc    
88 Cajun Demon "Just bought the boat, looking for info."  Bob - VA
88 50 US Marine    
91 Cajun 1900 24" Raker, Lowrance LMS320 GPS, MinnKota TM.  Jack - ON
 Tournament Series Motor is 3" above the transom. 66 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps).  
92 175 Johnson    
95 Cajun  21" Cabela's High Performance, Eagle Fishmark 480,  Linemender - MN
    Pro Adventure Garmin 240, MinnKota Maxum 74#. 63 mph (gps).  
95 130 Johnson    
93 Cajun 1950 Humminbird electronics. "I am trying to located manuals for this  All30red - TX
93 150 Johnson boat. I purchased the boat but it did not come with manuals  
  and I'm unsure what the 3 drain holes are at the back of the  
  boat. Also, I am taking on water in one of the livewells.   
  Would appreciated any information on this, that anyone might  
91 Cajun 2050 25" Raker, 8" OMC, Lowrance 1440, Eagle (bow),    Redneckfrank - TX
  Travis Edition F/S MinnKota 42# .  5600 rpm.  
91 225 Johnson "New paint, new Charcoal and Grey interior, new powerhead  
   Updated 11/605... and lower unit w/low water pickup, sharkskin bimini top and  
  still under $6000."  
87 Cajun Esprit 19" Quicksilver prop, Humminbird TCRID, Humminbird  Basshunter - TN
     Entrepreneur Platinum ID, Motorguide Brute 12/24 41#.  
87 175 Mercruiser "Anyone know where I can get an owners manual on this boat?  
  Just bought it with no documentation at all. We love the   
  performance of a well built Cajun!"  
88 Cajun Eagle electronics MN ESOX CAJUN - MN
88 175 OMC I/O    
86 Cajun 23" Quicksilver prop, Garmin 160, Garmin 100.  GaBigun - GA
     Rajin Cajun Motorguide TM. 70 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).  
86 150 Mariner "First real boat I've ever owned. I don't know if I could ride in  
            Magnum anything but a Cajun. It has good speed and I haven't gotten  
  wet yet."  
96 Cajun 17" prop. Motor is 1" above the transom. 40 mph @ 5200 rpm Huntingbuck101 - MN
     Rajun Cajun 164 (gps). "I need to get a better setup as far as prop diameter and  
95 115 Johnson pitch. Running a 14 x 17 3 blade aluminum. I feel the boat  
  should do around 50. How far should the propshaft be from   
  the pad and does 14" diam. seem too big?  Max rpm range is  
  5500 for this motor and the boat wants to porpoise when   
  trimmed up.  Please help!! "  
94 Cajun Shooter prop, Lowrance X22, Humminbird, Motorguide 700.  WWMadden - GA
     Fish & Ski "Looking for a replacement seat (bench custom for model) in  
94 150 Johnson my area or at all."  
97 Cajun Pro 175 23" Renegade, 6" Rapid Jack, Lowrance X75's (2),   Glenn - VA
98 150 Johnson 1240 flasher, MinnKota Maxxum 74#.   
  65 mph @ 5400 rpm (gps).  
79 Cajun Humminbird LCR 2000, Eagle Magna III, Motorguide 666.  JSTucker - AR
79 115 Merc    
81 Cajun Twin 19" Raker, Motorguide 76# 24volt. Garmin 45XL GPS,  Jerry Rome - LA
81 115 Johnson Humminbird Wide128.  40 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps).  
    Updated 10/21/04...  "Boat is in good condition and engine runs great, has  
  18 gal fuel tank, foot control trolling motor."  
93 Cajun Esprit 21" aluminum prop, Lowrance 1240A, Eagle Magna II Plus,  Floyd - NE
93 120 Evinrude Motorguide 730. "I just bought a 93 Esprit 1700 F/S. Motor  PHOTO
  has 200 hours on the meter (dealer installed extra). Motor looks  PHOTO
  clean, no obvious leaks. Was just checked prior to sale by   PHOTO
  certified mechanic and all factory specs were met. The boat   
  appears to be in great shape.  Original owner had all manuals  
  and service records. Lowrance 1240A flasher on passenger  
  side console, Eagle Magna II Plus on bow. Carpet and seats  
  good shape, no holes or rips, some fading. Original tow ski bar  
  all seat posts and platform posts. Trailer is in good shape,  
  (still never use spare). Appears to be complete original package  
  from dealer. Has all the extras. Skis, tube, ropes, Coast Guard  
  package, etc.  
93 Cajun 1750 Humminbird Fish Finder. "Just bought this boat. I love the paint  TXCajun - TX
92 115 Johnson job the previous owner had done to it. It has 5 seats behind the  PHOTO
  full windshield. 2 back seats turn into pedestal fishing stations -   PHOTO
  front and bck. I'm looking forward to doing a lot of fishing from  PHOTO
  this Cajun in the waters of southeast TX."  
97 Cajun 210 4" jackplate, Lowrance X15, X15 w/GPS.  Delw - AZ
97 200 Johnson 59.8 mph @ 5100 rpm (gps).  
95 Cajun 160 Pro Humminbird, MinnKota TM. 45 mph (gps).  Hooker21 - WA
95 75 Merc "This is tragic, I got this boat for my birthday and my wife was  
  driving it for the first time and decided to drive up on to a dock.  
  Significant damage was done and it sits now in the shop for  
  repair just one and a half weeks of ownership. I will send pics  
  of this beautiful Cajun boat. Also, if any body has information  
  on where to get the heavy metalflake Cajun used in their paint,  
  please e-mail me with info. Thanks..."  
84 Cajun Special OMC hydraulic jackplate, Eagle electronics, MinnKota TM.  Bigborbream - GA
87 50 Force "I got this off of a family member in Texas; was wondering if  
  anyone had a manual or any information. This is a 16 ft  
  aluminum boat, extra wide.  
86 Cajun 23" Raker. 64 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps).  Cyclops - TX
    Ricky Green    
    Fishing Machine    
86 150 Johnson    
87 Cajun Cutlass Humminbird/Eagle electronics, MinnKota 42# TM.  Chuckrock14 - IL
87 50 Force "Great boat, not a big fan of the Force. Kinda weak, interested  
  in a 70 hp."  
96 Cajun 171 19" OMC prop, Lowrance X25B, Eagle 480 Fishmark,  Bob - AR
     Travis Edition Motorguide Whisper 37# TM.  
96 115 Johnson Motor is 1" above the transom.  
93 Cajun 189 23" Michigan prop, Power-Lift hydraulic, President LTD-410,  Ddsl796 - TX
     Pro 19' Eagle Magna II, Motorguide Plus 67#.  
93 175 Johnson 63 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo). "Just got the boat, always have  
  liked this style of hull. It is strong out of the hole and runs dry.  
  I am still trying the jackplate to see where the boat performs  
  best.  I am looking for info on the graphs and an owners manual  
  for the boat."  
89 Cajun 24" Shooter 4 blade, Garmin 240, 160, Motorguide Pro 76.  Don - MD
89 150 Evinrude 60 mph (gps).  
93 Cajun 1950 Lowrance X70A, Motorguide Brute 756. "I just bought this  Rckymtnlou - CO
     Travis Edition boat in Dallas and brought it back to Colorado. Nobody up  
93 150 Johnson here has ever seen a Cajun! I'm looking for help to find an  
        Fast Strike owners manual as it came with none. I can't wait for the ice to  
  melt to try it out! Any help would be appreciated."  
93 Cajun 25" Tempest, 6" CMC, Lowrance X97 dash, X87 bow,  Bassman - MO
  Ragin Cajun XL MinnKota Maxxum 65#. Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad.  
90 175 Mariner 68 mph @ 5650 rpm (gps). "This is a really great bassin rig,  
           XP2 dual console, Black Cherry with Cherry accent stripes and   
  Grey carpet. Deeper V tames rough water and provides a great  
  smooth, dry ride. I am now the envy of my bass club brothers  
  who all own much newer and more expensive rigs. I run a little  
  slower than they can (68 mph w/full load gear & 2 persons)  
  but I have just as much fun. Hope to get many years out of this  
  rig, Kevlar hull pad and lifetime transom and all."  
Ragin Cajun 205 24" Raker, jackplate, Eagle (front), Lowrance in-dash flasher,  RajinCajin - MI
200 Johnson Johnson 74# TM. Motor is 4" off transom.  
      Venom 73 mph @ 5400 rpm (speedo). "Great boat and rides super  
    Updated 4/9/04.... fast and handles very good. Have had other bass boats and this  
  is the best made as far as I'm concerned."  
87 Ragin' Cajun Humminbird electronics, MinnKota 24V 65AT.  Jim G - FL
87 120 Evinrude    PHOTO      PHOTO
     PHOTO      PHOTO
86 Cajun Esprit Humminbird 4000, 4-ID, Motorguide TM.  Jks2211 - TX
86 115 Johnson "I bought this boat in June '03. We love this boat (fishing and  
  skiing). It's been well maintained. Love the layout; never seen  
  another F&S like this. My father-in-law has '98 Sprint F&S;  
  it doesn't ride as well or have the seating capacity. This Cajun  
  is a dry ride! I would appreciate any info on Cajun gear,   
  clothing, decals, etc. It's a shame such a fine boat is not made  
  any more. For those who own one, take care of it. You  
  probably won't find a better boat made. Pics coming soon!"  
88 Cajun Paul Elias Several props, 4" jackplate, Humminbird 3D, Lowrance (2),  Ken - NC
     Fishin' Edition Motorguide Brute 752. 75 mph @ 5600 rpm.  
88-01 Mari/Merc    
95 Cajun 23" Laser II, Humminbird ID Plus, Humminbird 350,  Bassnstriper - MO
    Rajun Cajun XL Motorguide Brute 65#. Motor is 2" above the transom.  
95 150 Yamaha 65 mph @ 5000 rpm (speedo).  
78 Cajun Manual jackplate, MinnKota TM.  Jess - AL
78 50 Spirit "Need floor plan so I can replace."  
93 Cajun 1950 24" Tempest, Garmin 160 Blue, Eagle 80, Motorguide 43#.  Piercedl - TX
93 200 Yamaha "Just got the boat this past September and in the process of  
  setting it up. Have the motor in great shape, but in process of   
  putting a jackplate on it to get better efficiency out of boat.  
  GPS speed at top end now is at 65 loaded, 2 men, full of fuel.  
  Dry riding boat in big water. Fishing mostly the Eastern Texas  
  lakes (Big Sam & T Bend.)  
97 Ragin Cajun 26" Raker, 10" Detwiler hydraulic, Eagle Ultra Classic,  Dundee Mike - MD
      205 SC 2 - Lowrance 1240 flashers, MinnKota 101#.  PHOTO       PHOTO
98 225 Johnson 76 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "This boat rides like a Cadillac and  PHOTO       PHOTO
  had every option imaginable."  
97 Cajun 164 19" OMC prop, Lowrance X25B, Humminbird Piranha 1,  Joe - NH
97 90 Evinrude Motorguide 43#. Motor is 1" above the transom.  PHOTO
  "My wife bought me the boat for my birthday last june and we   PHOTO
  have had a ball with it.  The outboard has low hours on it and   PHOTO
  runs great. Speedo sticks, not sure of top end but expect   PHOTO
  around 50. I had a Ouachita bass boat for 18 years and it was  PHOTO
  time to update. I love my wife and my Cajun!!!"  
89 Cajun 23" Renegade, Eagle/Lowrance electronics, MinnKota 74#.  BassTard - Quebec
     Fishing Machine 67 mph @ 5800 rpm (speedo) "First time bass boat owner.  PHOTO
89 175 Evinrude Great times ahead. Rig is in pristine condition. Great sound  PHOTO
  system, Clarion marine radio and CD player, amp and pre amp  PHOTO
  400 watts. Alarm system, Eagle fish finder, Lowrance on the   PHOTO
  dash. Just installed a LCD DVD player for those evening  PHOTO
  walleye excursions."  
89 Cajun 23" Laser II, Eagle/Lowrance electronics, motor is 1.5" off  Randy - New Brunswick
     Ragin Cajun the transom. 58-60 mph @ 6000 (gps).  
90 135 Merc "This is my first Cajun and it's been a great boat. Wish they   
  were still making them. Love to have a newer one, if they  
  perform like this one does."  
89 Cajun 21" aluminum prop. 40 mph @ 5000 rpm.  Mike - AR
     Rajin Cajun "New boat to me...the bow jumps up and down at medium  
89 115 Merc speed and at low speed the stern is below waterline...HELP."  
78 Cajun Lowrance X70A, MinnKota 28# TM.  Gary - MO
78 85 Evinrude    
90 Cajun 178 22" Raker, 6" Pro HiJacker, Eagle electronics.  Pawpawsam - FL
     Pro Sport Motorguide 67# TM. Motor is 4.75" off the transom.  
89 120 Evinrude Propshaft is 3.5" below the pad. 44 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).  
  "I think the Cajun is the best, too bad there will be no more,   
  but that's the way it is when the big companies eat up the little  
  ones and then close their doors. But I guess that's life, but I like  
  fishing out of the Cajun. Takes the big waves and dry ride, rides  
  better than my brother's '02 Triton and a lot drier, would like a  
  little more speed."  
90 Cajun Esprint 19" Mastercrafter prop. 52 mph (speedo).  James - TX
90 230 Mercruiser "Need e-mail from someone who knows about this boat, I just  
  bought it and need a manual in the worst kind of way."  
87 Cajun 175 23" Shooter, Turbo jackplate, Lowrance X91 LCG,   FTLMECH - TX
     Fishin Machine 2 Lowrance 1240A flashers, Motorguide 656 TM.  
86 150 Evinrude Motor is 3 1/2" off the transom. 62 mph @ 5400 rpm   
  (speedo).  "This is my 2nd Cajun boat. 1st was '77 Mach 1  
  used for 12 yrs. This is a great fishing boat with a Kevlar hull  
  I have put to the test.  I upgraded to a 56# trolling motor which  
  is now adequate. Also replaced the X85 paper graph with X91.  
  I wish Cajun still made boats, I haven't seen an ugly one yet!"  
93 Cajun SS prop, Lowrance electronics, Motorguide TM.  Rick - KY
    Rajin Cajun 185 "Just bought this boat from a good friend, it's been garage kept  
92 150 Yamaha since new. I fished on this boat when he first got it.  This boat  
             ProV still looks like it's brand new.  Wow, what a fast boat!!!  
  I've had it out a couple of times now since I got it. LOTS of  
  compliments from owners of new boats, they told me that they  
  didn't think they made Cajun boats anymore, I tell them they  
  don't, this boat is 10 years old...."  
92 Cajun Quicksilver prop, Garmin 240, MinnKota Maxxum.  Jon - TX
  Louisiana Top Six 62 mph @ 4800 rpm. "I have been completely happy with the   
92 150XR6 Merc performance of the boat itself. The wiring that Cajun put into  
  my boat is ridiculous. I have been through numerous pumps and  
  switches. Just got the entire boat rewired and have had no  
  problems with it since."  
88 Cajun/ Merc prop, Motorguide TM.  GCoffee - GA
   Mastercraft Fiero "Need information on this boat. New to boating."  
88 70 Merc    
97 Rajun Cajun185 23" Raker, 7" hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance GPS, X51,  Ryan - OK
96 150 Johnson Motorguide 756 TM. 71 mph @ 5300 rpm (gps).  
  "I need to get some information on these boats. If anyone can  
  help out I would appreciate it."  
86 Cajun 16.5' "Help, found this boat w/original prop too far gone to get any  Scott - IL
     Esprit numbers off it, don't know that prop to get??  
86 90 Merc Please e-mail any help......  
91 Cajun Raker prop. 67 mph @ 6000 rpm (speedo).  LrgBass - TX
   1900 Tournament "One of the best Bass Boats I have ever had. Too bad they   PHOTO
90 200 Johnson don't make the Cajun any longer!"  
79 Cajun  Humminbird, Eagle Fish Easy, Ram 512 TM.  Philip - OK
     Fish & Ski "I would like any information on Cajun boats, possibly some  
78 80 Merc type of owners manual."  
95 Rajin Cajun 19' 23" Laser SST, 6" CMC, Lowrance X85, X47,   Rich Taylor - MO
     190 DC MinnKota 72# 24V. Motor is 3" off the transom.  
93 150 Mariner XP 71 mph @ 6000 rpm (radar). "This is the third Cajun owned,   
  all have ben excellent, dry riding and fast rigs. This 190 DC  
  outperforms most newer high priced rigs and was acquired for  
  less money.  Excellent dry ride and handling at higher speeds,   
  just adjust trim. Lots of stroage and room for fishing partners  
  gear. Looked at newer boats, but non finer. It's an absolute  
  shame Genmar/Mastercrafters went out of business on this line.  
  Great boat."  
90 Cajun 178 19" SS prop, OMC jackplate, Humminbird 100, Eagle Z9500,  Smileyj206 - WA
     Travis Edition MinnKota Maxxum 55#. Transom height of 19".  
92 110 OMC 39 mph @ 5100 rpm (gps). "Boat is good. Doesn't go very  
  fast though. I need to recarpet it..anyone done it before?"  
95 Cajun  21" OMC prop, Lowrance X85's (2), Motorguide TM.  Troy - MN
     2000 Esprit 67 mph @ 6000 rpm. "I purchased the boat in the spring of '02.  
     200 Johnson All last summer I terrorized the lakes and rivers.   
  Great boat!!"  
78 Cajun  Eagle/Humminbird electronics, MinnKota All Terrain TM.  KuJhawk - KS
     Fish & Ski    
85 115 Evinrude    
93 Cajun 178  19" SS prop, OMC jackplate, Lowrance X20, X25,    Tightlinetx - TX
     Tournament Pro OMC BPL2 TM. 42 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo).  
     Travis Edition "This has been a super fishin rig for me, I am contemplating  
93 120 Johnson V4 selling sometime soon just to upgrade boat and motor.  
  My rig has been garage kept from day one!"  
88 Cajun  4 blade Shooter, Humminbird 200 (front), Humminbird 400  Grant - FL
     Travis Edition (dash). 48# TM. 66 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo).  
88 150 Johnson "I was surprised to see the exact picture of my boat on Kevin   
  in TX's website.  His is new but it's exact."  
92 Cajun 185 F/S SS Unknown prop (27?), Eagle depth finder, Fish Easy 2,   Kevin - TX
     Travis Edition Motorguide Brute 45.  54 mph. "We bought this boat used in   PHOTO
91 150 Johnson Sept 2002 and I think it is the perfect boat.  It has ski storage,  PHOTO
            FastStrike Eagle fish finder, 5 seats behind a full windshield, 12/24 volt  
  45 lb trolling motor, 2 aerated livewells, ski ladder, SS prop,   
  2 back seats turn into pedestal fishing stations - front and back.   
  We've gotten it up to 63 mph with the boat empty, but fully   
  loaded with 4 people, we can get it up to about 54 mph.  
  If you want to see some more pics, go to my website  
96 Cajun 185 23" Renegade, 6" Rite Hite hydraulic, Garmin 240's (2),  Ralph - AR
97 150 Johnson Lowrance 1240 flasher, Motorguide 109# TM.  
            FastStrike 68 mph @ 5600 rpm (speedo). "Great dry ride, in new look  
  condition.  Love the boat wish it were rated for 200 hp, it  
  could easily handle it."  
88 Cajun Motorguide TM. 36 mph (speedo). "Bought this boat summer  Rob - WA
     70 Yamaha '02, need information on the model.  Anything will help."  PHOTO      PHOTO
     Updated 2/16/03... "I am putting new carpet and re-wiring the boat in the spring.  PHOTO      PHOTO
  I don't know the model #, any information would be awesome."  
95 Cajun 165 21" Rapture prop, Humminbird depth finder, Lowrance.  Siete11 - TX
95 88 Johnson Motorguide 12V TM. 52 mph @ 5100 rpm (gps).  PHOTO
  "Very nice and comfortable boat and very clean."  
94 Cajun 24" High Tech prop, Motorguide 767.   Mark - TX
    Rajun Cajun 209 60 mph @ 6000 rpm.  "Must see this boat."  
93 200 Johnson    
90 Cajun 1950 27" Shooter, 8" jackplate (on order), Humminbird Wide Eye3D  Kabaker - OH
     Esprit MinnKota 55AT.  68 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo).  
90 200 Evinrude "Any information on where to find replacement seats before I  
  have them re-upholstered?  Love the boat."  
89 Cajun 20" aluminum prop, Humminbird Wide Eye, Humminbird  Rubberman - NS
     Basstactics 100SX, MinnKota 50AT TM.  Nova Scotia
89 150 Force Motor is 1.5" off the transom.  61 mph @ 5300 rpm (speedo).  
  "Very comfortable boat and great in rough water.  It is a little  
  too big and fast for the waters I fish."  
88 Cajun 19' 23" Raker, jackplate, Humminbird 400TX, MinnKota 55AT  Thefatbasstard - WI
89 150XP 70 mph (speedo). "I'd like any info anyone has on Cajun boats?  
     Evinrude I'd like to know how to tell what model I have?  It would be   
  nice if I could find an owners manual. Like to talk to anyone  
  with a Cajun.  Thanks Bryan....."  
89 Cajun 17' 23" Prop, 6" RapidJack jackplate, Humminbird electronics,  Wayne - AL
     115 Merc Evinrude TM.  Propshaft is 4" below the pad.  
  58.2 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps). "I love this boat, I bought it   
  when I was twenty and I have been enjoying it ever since and   
  that's been a year it's good condition looks great, wish I had a   
  larger one but she runs good.  I need a new prop, nicked up   
  kind of bad, but I think I could hit low 60's with a new one but  
  fishes good and I really enjoy it."  
87 Cajun 21" Raker, manual jackplate, Lowrance X49,   Cajunbearbass - KY
     Ricky Green Humminbird 200DX, Fishmark 320, MotorGuide 50# Stealth.   
     Tournament Motor is 6" off the transom.  62 mph @ 5500 rpm (speedo).  
     150 JohnsonGT "Oldie but a good one, can't trade because there are some a lot  
  prettier but not any better."  
     Updated 3/8/03.... "12/24 Motorguide up front and also a removable 43# M/G  
  rear transom mount trolling motor with an on/off switch up front  
  and 8 recessed rod bracket holders, two livewells and a live  
  baitwell, trailer brakes with aluminum wheels."  
89 Cajun 178 Eagle 138, MotorGuide 51# TM. 63 mph @ 6100 rpm  Erny - FL
     ProSport (speedo). "Awesome fishing platform with full front flippin'  
     150 Mariner deck.  Great ride but need to work on my setup a little.  
  Need to get it on a radar to see what she's do."  
94 Cajun 2050 23" Shooter, Johnson TM. 58.1 mph @ 6000 rpm (gps).  Jerram - TX
     Travis Edition "Newly rebuilt powerhead/lower unit.  Couldn't be happier with  
     200 Johnson this boat.   Versatile for fishing, skiing, enjoying the water."  
92 Cajun 2050 Lowrance X65, Eagle Fish ID Pro, MotorGuide Brute-45  JHog - TX
     Fish & Ski 12/24 TM. 35 mph @ 4500 rpm (gps).  
     200 Johnson "4 blade prop gives great holeshot, but not much top end speed.  
  Bought this boat used a couple of months ago, and love it.  
  Kids & wife can ski and I can fish in style.  Previous owner  
  left it out in the sun too long, so the carpet's faded - I'll replace  
  it this winter (I HATE carpet in boats!!!)  I MAY have spray  
  in bedliner put in instead of the carpet - any advice/experience  
  with this is appreciated."  
77 Cajun MachIII  MotorGuide TM. "I always wanted a true fishing boat.  This  Neil - FL
     17' one needs a lot of help, I'll have to see if I've bitten off more  
     175 Merc than I can Chew!"  
90 Cajun Garmin 160, 240, Minnkota 50# Autopilot.  JR - IL
     Rajin' Cajun 70+ mph (speedo). "First season with this boat, it's just great!  
     150 Merc Coming out of a Tracker it's nice to own a real boat.   
  Anyone who has some Cajun info, I'd really appreciate it."  
97 Cajun  25" Renegade, 6" Walker jackplate, Lowrance X49, 1240A,  Brad - LA
185 Ragin Cajun sc MotorGuide Brute 67.  65 mph @ 6000 rpm (speedo).  
     150 Evinrude "This boat loves rough water, loaded to the gills with more  
            Ficht features than most new boats I've seen.  Huge front casting  
  deck with lots of storage, only wish some were deeper.  
  Hoping to hit at least 70 mph when I learn to drive through the  
  chinewalk, gets pretty crazy at 65.  
  Photos and more info coming soon."  
91 Cajun  25" Tempest, 8" Powerlift hydraulic, Lowrance LMS 350A,   RBalding - KS
     195 Pro Sport Lowrance X85, MotorGuide Brute/65/36V.  
     200 Yamaha 71 mph @ 6200 rpm (speedo). "Great ride, plenty of room.  
            Phase II Would like info on Cajun logo gear (hats-shirts, etc.).  
  Recently had the Phase II kit installed. Not totally broken in.  
  Engine sounds burly so I will let you know if interested.  
  New carpet soon. I have yet to be in a bass boat as dry in big  
  windy water.  I know Cajun shut the doors in the mid 90's  
  and Ranger bought their business and promptly closed the   
  doors when employees couldn't settle wages. Any other info  
  would be great.  Ron....."  
97 Cajun 185 22" Raker, Lowrance X75, Lowrance flasher, MotorGuide 756  Mark - PA
99 150 Johnson 60 mph @ 5250 rpm (gps). "This is my first glass boat.   
  Just learning how to run it.  Love the dual console. Really like  
  the boat."  
91 Cajun 17" SS prop, Eagle UltraClassic. Motor is 2" off the transom.  Bayouboy - LA
     1500 Pro Sport 51 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "I am 26 years old and I just  
     90 Johnson purchased this Cajun about 2 months ago, it has been   
  wonderful. I hope every Cajun owner enjoys their's just as  
  much.  My father and I use the boat every chance we get."  
77 Cajun 17" prop, Lowrance & Humminbird electronics, MotorGuide.  Larry - MO
79 115 Johnson "Looking for an owners manual."  
95 Cajun  23" Raker, Big Brute 12/24 TM. 73 mph @ 6100 rpm (gps).  BassHole - Ont.
     1900 Esprit "What happened to Cajun anyway? Nothing said up here in   
     175 Johnson Canada. Anyone have Cajun clothing?"  
89 Cajun Esprit 24" SS prop. "Great family boat, love the layout and the way it  Terrell - GA
     185 Fish 'n Ski handles when things get choppy."  
     150 Johnson    
88 Cajun Team175 23" SST prop, Humminbird TX300/WideEye 100,   Fishman - FL
     Fishing Machine Humminbird 601 indash flasher, MotorGuide Brute 24V 51#,   
     150 Johnson Motor is 3" off the transom.  61 mph @ 5600 rpm (radar).  
  "3rd bassboat I've owned; really enjoy fishing out of it, had it  
  for 10 yrs. still going strong only had minor repairs to do.  
  Would buy another if they still made them."  
94 Cajun Fish/Ski 17" Aluminum prop, Lowrance X25, Humminbird 4000,  John - TX
     120 Johnson Johnson 12/24 TM. 42 mph @ 6000 rpm (speedo).  
  "I like the color Teal over Black the best.  Super stable in open  
  rough water.  Great holeshot for skiing and not so fast that I   
  can't let the kids drive some.  It's great for our family and I can  
  still fish in style."  
94 Cajun 161 Pro SS prop, 43# Johnson TM. 47 mph (gps). "Just purchased this  Jai B - TX
     88 Johnson boat the day before Thanksgiving; is a blessing. In excellent  
  condition, need info on Cajun dealing with upgrading   
  components. Boat is Blue & Emerald Green."  
84 Cajun Brute 20" Raker, Eagle StrataView, Garmin GPSII, Minnkota   LeeParsons - TX
     150 Evinrude Autopilot TM. 60 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "Nice handling  
  rough water boat and a great fishing platform."  
95 Cajun 19' 25" Shooter, Lowrance GlobalMap2000, Lowrance X55 Rick Helmick - IN
     150 Evinrude broadview transducer, Minnkota Maxxum 65# TM.  
  51 mph @ 5500 rpm. (gps) "Only black & purple Cajun I have  
  ever seen.  Great rough water ride; a little on the slow side."  
96 Rajun Cajun 23" Mazco, 6" Bob's hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance LMS 160,  Moevin - CA
     210 DC X85, hot foot, MotorGuide 107V TM. 61 mph @ 5100 rpm.   PHOTO
     200 Johnson (gps) "Handles rough water great, a little on the slow side. Still   PHOTO
  experimenting with setback and heights of the motor. Great    
  fishing platform."  
96 Cajun 185 25" Laser II, 24" Mach 4B, 6" HiJacker, Humminbird 120 QuickStickXXX - KY
     175 Merc Platinum IDs (console & bow), MotorGuide High Energy TM,   
  Hotfoot. 67 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Excellent fishing .   
  platform. Good big water boat, very good ride. This boat is   
  way under-rated on hp; could handle 200 easy."  
87 Cajun Cutlass MotorGuide Energy 56# TM. 33 mph (est.)  Brian - NH
     50 Force "Not a bad boat! Gets me to the fish :-) "  
88 Cajun 23" Yamaha prop, 6" Land & Sea hydraulic, Eagle Ultra,   Fyrcap - MA
     Ricky Green Eagle StrataView 128, Minnkota TM.  
    Fishing Machine 54 mph @ 5200 rpm (gps)  
150 Yamaha ProV    
     Updated 6/4/02    
97 Cajun 171 MotorGuide TM, Lowrance & Eagle electronics, "I also have  Greg - IN
     135 Mariner a 9.9 Bigfoot kicker motor for the HP restricted lakes.  
97 Cajun 164 22" Raker, 5 1/2" jackplate, 743 MotorGuide, Hamby's. Also  Tom - KY
   115 Evinrude Spl have 20' Landau pontoon/ 50 Force for family fishing/play.   
97 Cajun 171 21" SST prop, 6" HiJacker jackplate, MotorGuide 43# TM,  Mike - OH
   115 Evinrude       Lowrance X25 (console), Humminbird WideSide (bow).  
          Intruder "Runs excellent for a 17'; handles big wakes like a big boat."  
95 Cajun 209 Pro 23" Rich Boger Yamaha prop, Minnkota 74# TM, Eagle Ultra   C Beach - MO
96  175 Yamaha  Classic electronics. 58 mph @ 5400 rpm.  PHOTO