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2009-2015 RANGERS

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13 Ranger Z520C
13 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 11/30/23P
25 Fury, Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex 112#, HDS 10 Gen2, dual Helix 10 (bow), Mega Live Imaging, Mega 360, Power Poles, 4 bank Dual Pro charger, cover, keel guard, hot foot. Motor has only 127 hours! Stock #F03191B313 
Call Sales: 276-632-5600 or email for more details. 
 Angler's Choice - VA
 Martinsville, VA

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14 Ranger Z521C
14 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 11/29/23P
Atlas hydraulic, new Lowrance Ghost recessed TM, 3 new Lowrance HDS 12's w/Active Target, side/down scan on BBT heavy duty mounts, new Lowrance Sonic hub, Power Pole Blades, 4 bank charger, interior light & ventilation pkg, padded deck, Rigid courtesy lights. Completely redone with new carpet, new seats. Boat is like new and has been stored indoors. You will not be disappointed.
Call Bradley: 706-463-8300 or email for more details. 
 RangerFan - GA
 Dalton, GA

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13 Ranger Z520C
13 250 Yamaha
Listed 11/16/23P
Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex 112#, HDS9 Gen2, HDS12 Gen2, 10' Power Poles. Motor has 157 hours.
Call Mike: 918-691-8351 or email for more details. 
 Mike - OK
 Tulsa, OK

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11 Ranger Z521
11 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 11/9/23
3 blade SS prop, manual jackplate, Motorguide, HDS10 at bow, HDS8 at console, 8' Power Pole. Boat is in excellent condition. New powerhead from Mercury at 220 hours, motor has just 300 hours.
Call Rodney: 337-207-4203 or email for more details. 
 Rodney - TX
 Hemphill, TX

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15 Ranger Z520C
14 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 10/24/23
Atlas hydraulic, MinnKota, no electronics. New seats, 4 bank charger, 2 year old batteries, new tires.
Call Matt: 918-640-8756 or email for more details. 
 Noematt - OK
 Tulsa, OK

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13 Ranger Z118
13 150 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 10/14/23P
MK Fortrex 80#, Lowrance HDS electronics, new batteries. New impeller, serviced hubs. Some scratches. Comes with 7 new Shimano reels, rods and 5 boxes of baits. Everything needed to hit the water, tournament ready. Tagged till 2025. Motor has 150 hours. 
Call Charles: 918-378-9588 or email for more details. 
 Charles Keith - OK
 Claremore, OK

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13 Ranger Z520C
13 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 10/11/23
24 Fury 4 blade, Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex 112#, 2 HDS12 Carbons networked, SeaClear harness, 3 new group 27 deep cycle batteries, new group 31 agm battery, new 4 bank MK charger, Sonic hub & speakers, Power Pole Blades, tandem w/brakes. Motor has only 360 hours. 
Call Sales: 419-684-5365 or 419-357-7042 cell. 
 Clemons Boats - OH
 Sandusky, OH

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14 Ranger Z520C
14 250 Evinrude
     E-Tec HO

Listed 9/22/23P
26 Raker II, manual jackplate, MK Fortrex 101#, HDS9 Gen2, HDS7 Gen2, Point1, 4 new Interstate agm batteries, 8' Power Pole Blades, single console w/flip up center seat, full Ranger cover. Carpet in excellent condition. Matching RangerTrail tandem w/brakes on all 4, swing tongue. Excellent condition.
Call Dave: 978-407-3326 or email for more details. 
 Daronk - NH
 Atkinson, NH

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15 Ranger 520C
21 250 Suzuki

Listed 9/21/23P
26 Scorpion prop, Atlas hydraulic, Garmin Force, 4 Garmins, 10' Talons. Seats just recovered. Boat buffed and polished, in great shape. Motor has 3 years warranty left, 1.5 years left on trolling motor, 6 year warranty left on Lithium Pro batteries.
Call John: 864-812-6181 or email for more details. 
 WindyParker - SC
 Gaffney, SC

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13 Ranger Z521
13 250 Merc
Listed 8/29/23P
10" hydraulic jackplate, Garmin Force, Humminbird/Lowrance electronics, butt seat, 2 folding seats, 3 covers.
Call Jay: 785-331-6534 or email for more details. 
 Jay Powell1778 - KS
 Tonganoxie, KS

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14 Ranger 520C
14 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 8/6/23P
Fury prop, Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex, 3 HDS 12's, 4 bank DualPro charger, 4 batteries, Hydrowave, compartment vent system, livewell oxygenator, hot foot, keel guard, Mercury Smart gauges, 8' Power Poles, brand new torquemaster lower unit, Ranger travel cover, rod buckles. Trailer parking brake.
Call Don: 540-616-5058 or email for more details.
 Don Southern - VA
 Pulaski, VA
14 Ranger Z520C
14 250 Evinrude
     E-Tec H.O.


Listed 7/31/23P

Raker prop, Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex 112#, 2 Garmin 12's at console, Garmin 10 w/Livescope and Helix 10 w/Mega 360 at bow, Garmin units networked, 8' Power Pole Blades, hot foot, remotes for TM and Power Poles, rod locker fans, oxygenator, Loc-R-Bar, travel cover, TrickStep, Drotto bow latch. TM and electronics are less than 2 yrs old. Motor has approx.400 hrs and runs great. Beautiful boat, must see!
Text Jason: 256-338-0342 or email for more details. 
 Smith Lake - AL
 Cullman, AL
 $47,000. $43,000.

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14 Ranger Z520C
14 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 7/29/23P
Manual jackplate, brand new MK Ultrex 112#, Solix 15 Gen2, brand new mega 360, brand new Garmin 1222 Livescope LVS34. Motor has 522 hours. 
Call Jason: 256-620-2198 or email for more details. 
 Jason - AL
 Bremen, AL
 $42,000. $39,000.

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10 Ranger Z522
17 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 6/27/23P
Manual jackplate, MK Fortrex 36V, HDS12 at console, HDS9 at bow, backwash shield across back deck, travel cover, butt seat, folding seat. Motor has 400 hours with no rebuilds. Most hours under 5000 rpms. Everything works, lots of storage and tournament ready. Best big water bass boat ever made in my opinion. Only selling because I bought a newer boat.
Call Keith: 270-399-6286 or email for more details. 
 Keith - KY
 Gilbertsville, KY
 $44,900. $42,500.

White1.jpg (59062 bytes) White2.jpg (77375 bytes) White3.jpg (81799 bytes)

13 Ranger Z520C
13 250 Evinrude

Listed 5/26/23P
2 26 Raker II props, Atlas hydraulic, MK Fortrex 101# w/recessed pedal, Lowrance Elite 9 Ti2 dash, HDS7 bow, dual console, padded front deck, dual pro trim, 8' Power Poles with covers, hot foot, Sonic Hub 2, travel cover, motor cover, plus brand new cover in box, 3 Interstate TM batteries, Interstate cranking battery, 4 bank charger, oxygenator. Serviced at Roland Martin Marina, have all service records. Everything in like new condition. Motor has 107 hrs. 
Call Clyde: 954-931-1390 or email for more details. 
 Castinclyde - FL
 Coconut Creek, FL
 $49,500. $45,000.

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11 Ranger Z520
11 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 5/21/23P

Fury prop, Bob's hydraulic, MK Ultrex 112#, 2 Lowrance units console & 2 Lowrance units bow, MK Talon w/cover, Lazer Talon light, butt seat, 2 folding seats, Ranger boat cover, 2 motor covers. Motor has 660 hours. Boat was my Dad's and he passed away. The boat is at his house in Illinois; I'm in PA. I have all the titles.
Call Brian: 570-237-1798 or email for more details. 
 Brian K - PA
 Wyalusing, PA

BrianK1.jpg (81953 bytes) BRianK2.jpg (126991 bytes) BrianK6.jpg (111483 bytes) BrianK7.jpg (138883 bytes) BrianK10.jpg (130059 bytes) BrianK11.jpg (131194 bytes) BrianK8.jpg (128610 bytes) BrianK9.jpg (79505 bytes)  

13 Ranger Z520C
13 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 5/15/23P
Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex, HDS12 at bow, 2 HDS9's at console, all lithium batteries used 1 season, 8' Power Pole Blades w/bow controls & remotes, Hydrowave, Loc-R-Bar, travel cover, 2 folding seats, 1 butt seat. Second owner, great shape. Brand new Goodyear Endurance tires. Motor has approx.220 hours, serviced regularly at Anglers Outpost Marine. Tournament ready!
Call Jon: 859-797-2293 or email for more details. 
 JustFishFor5 - KY
 Versailles, KY
 $50,000. $47,500. obo
 $45,000. w/out Lithiums

Abbott1.jpg (61401 bytes) Abbott2.jpg (131935 bytes) Abbott4.jpg (122093 bytes) Abbott3.jpg (138000 bytes)

13 Ranger Z21
13 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 4/26/23P
55th Anniversary Edition, manual jackplate, Lowrance Ghost 120#, recessed pedal, hot foot, Lowrance/Garmin electronics, 8' Power Pole. Swing tongue, new tires. Carpet & upholstery immaculate, 2 coolers, push pad ignition, travel cover. Motor has 290 hours (verifiable). Regular maintenance. New spark plugs, fuel filter, impeller, gear oil. Kept in air conditioned & heated garage. 
Call Greg: 435-668-8084 or email for more details. 
 Greg G - UT
 Ivins, UT

GregG1.jpg (71150 bytes) GregG2.jpg (99410 bytes) GregG3.jpg (122659 bytes) GregG4.jpg (128198 bytes) GregG6.jpg (124931 bytes) GregG7.jpg (104414 bytes)

15 Ranger Z520C
16 250 Evinrude
     E-Tec HO
Listed 2/19/23P
MinnKota TM, HDS 9 at bow, HDS 12 at console.
Call Todd: 870-310-2395 or email for more details. 
 Todd L - AR
 El Dorado, AR

Loftin1.jpg (46095 bytes) Loftin2.jpg (89629 bytes) Loftin3.jpg (123727 bytes)

14 Ranger Z521C
13 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 12/12/22P
Fury prop, MK Ultrex 112#, Garmin 1222, Helix 9, HDS 10, 3 GenPro 12V 50AH lithiums (1 year old), Noco Genius 4 bank charger, Power Poles w/bow buttons & remote, Mercury Smartgauge, hot foot. Tires replaced 24 months ago and have very few miles. Motor has 232 hours. Boat has been extremely well maintained.
Call Carl: 501-580-6000 or email for more details. 
 Luckyar1 - AR
 Monticello, AR

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