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2009-2015 RANGERS

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13 Ranger Z520C
13 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 1/25/23P
Nascar Editiion, Touring pkg, Slidemaster jackplate, MK Ultrex 112# 52",  brand new Solix 15 Gen3 at console, Solix 15 at bow, Mega Live, Power Pole Blades, NorthStar group 31 cranking, 3 100 ah lithium trolling batteries, dedicated 6 ga wiring for electronics, screen protectors both units, bluetooth led deck lighting, Ranger travel cover. Boat is loaded and garage kept. Motor has 623 hours. Price is negotiable with equipment sold.
Call David: 318-207-2717 or email for more details. 
 Gatordave - LA
 Bossier City, LA

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09 Ranger Z520
08 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 1/17/23P
25 Fury, Bob's hydraulic, MK Ultrex MDI/iPilot, Helix 12 MSI G2N, Helix 12 MDI G3N, hot foot, Hamby's, Mercury Vessel View mobile, Power Pole, Loc-R-Bar, Bluewater led extreme, Ranger cover, lots of extras. Motor has 400 hours.
Call Jason: 559-355-4887 or email for more details. 
 The Sanch - TX
 Hallsville, TX

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10 Ranger Z520
10 250 Evinrude
Listed 1/3/23P
MK Fortrex 80#, 2 Lowrance HDS 9 Gen2's. More Photos.
We accept trade ins and provide financing.
Call Kyle: 859-582-2628 or email for more details. 
 Anglers Outpost - KY
 Lancaster, KY

KC15.jpg (68903 bytes) KC16.jpg (119371 bytes) KC17.jpg (78774 bytes) KC18.jpg (113072 bytes) KC19.jpg (120596 bytes)

15 Ranger Z520C
15 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 12/19/22P
25 Fury, manual jackplate, MK Ultrex 112#, 3 HDS 9's, Precision Sonar dual mount at console, Touring pkg (pro trim, hot foot, Hamby's, parking brake, cover), Smartcraft gauge. One owner, purchased June 2016, always garage kept. Motor has 302 hours. Super clean and beautiful boat.
Call Michael: 936-414-7826 or email for more details. 
 Mlatham1 - TX
 Lufkin, TX

MLatham1.jpg (63084 bytes) MLatham2.jpg (70511 bytes) MLatham3.jpg (137118 bytes) MLatham4.jpg (160973 bytes)

14 Ranger Z521C
13 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 12/12/22P
Fury prop, MK Ultrex 112#, Garmin 1222, Helix 9, HDS 10, 3 GenPro 12V 50AH lithiums (1 year old), Noco Genius 4 bank charger, Power Poles w/bow buttons & remote, Mercury Smartgauge, hot foot. Tires replaced 24 months ago and have very few miles. Motor has 232 hours. Boat has been extremely well maintained.
Call Carl: 501-580-6000 or email for more details. 
 Luckyar1 - AR
 Monticello, AR

Lucky1.jpg (112682 bytes) Lucky2.jpg (96544 bytes) Lucky3.jpg (123225 bytes) Lucky4.jpg (113195 bytes) Lucky5.jpg (104229 bytes) Lucky6.jpg (108991 bytes)

09 Ranger Z21
09 250 Yamaha
     VMax Series 2

Listed 12/7/22P
Mercury High Five,Yamaha 3 blade, Bob's hydraulic, MG Tour Series 104#, HDS10 Gen2, Lowrance Elite 5 sonar/gps, Elite 5m gps, dual console, Power Poles, 4 bank charger, hot foot, cover, swing tongue. Tournament ready!
Call Jerry: 724-438-3489 or 724-366-3959 cell. 
 Jerry Meadows - PA
 Uniontown, PA

Meadows8.jpg (74352 bytes) Meadows9.jpg (70806 bytes) Meadows1.jpg (75555 bytes) Meadows3.jpg (81931 bytes) Meadows5.jpg (80289 bytes) Meadows6.jpg (81900 bytes) Meadows4.jpg (74337 bytes)

13 Ranger Z521
13 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 12/5/22
Atlas hydraulic, MK Fortrex 36V, HB 1198 SI at console, HB 998 SI at bow, 8' Power Pole Blades, hot foot, dual pro trim, Hamby's, Loc-R-Bar. Lower unit replaced last year. Ranger Trail trailer w/parking brake, upgraded wheels, swing tongue, brakes and spare. Bought the boat 3 years ago from original owner and have only used it 3 times since, the reason for selling. Everything works like new.
Call Collin: 814-574-9431 or email for more details. 
 Ckarch73 - PA
 State College, PA

Karch3.jpg (65900 bytes) Karch4.jpg (62736 bytes) Karch1.jpeg (156036 bytes) Karch2.jpeg (128316 bytes)

13 Ranger Z521
13 250 Yamaha
Listed 11/24/22P
New 26 Yamaha prop, manual jackplate, MK Fortrex, 3 HDS 12's. Boat is ready to fish. Only selling due to new job and no longer get to fish tournaments. Additional photos available.
Call Tim: 270-564-4879 or email for more details. 
 Tcollier36 - KY
 Paducah, KY

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14 Ranger 520C
14 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 11/23/22P
Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex, Helix 10's console and bow, Garmin 9 Livescope, Power Poles, Jensen stereo, 1 year old cranking battery, 3 new TM batteries, hot foot. New tires. Kept in storage at Lake Fork, TX. Motor has 426 hours. 
Call Mary Jo: 318-469-6867 or email for more details. 
 Mary Jo - LA
 Bossier City, LA

MaryJo3.jpg (82826 bytes) MaryJo1.jpg (148470 bytes) MaryJo2.jpg (100986 bytes) MaryJo5.jpg (105374 bytes) MaryJo6.jpg (74486 bytes) MaryJo4.jpg (108294 bytes)

10 Ranger Z520
13 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 11/11/22P
MK Fortrex 101# 36V, HDS 10 Gen2, HDS 8 Gen 2.
Call Sales: 276-632-5600 or email for more details. 
 Angler's Choice - VA
 Martinsville, VA

AC520.jpg (79501 bytes) AC5202.jpg (119282 bytes) AC5203.jpg (114760 bytes) AC5204.jpg (118897 bytes) AC5205.jpg (121840 bytes)

13 Ranger Z119
13 225 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 11/11/22P
24 Fury, MK Ultrex 80#, HDS12 Gen2 on Ram, HDS8 Gen2 on Ram.
Call Sales: 276-632-5600 or email for more details. 
 Angler's Choice - VA
 Martinsville, VA

AC119.jpg (85311 bytes) AC1192.jpg (104207 bytes) AC1193.jpg (104967 bytes) AC1194.jpg (101526 bytes) AC1195.jpg (101971 bytes)

15 Ranger Z119C
15 225 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 11/8/22P
24 Fury, manual jackplate, MK Ultrex w/iPilot, Garmin EchoMap 10" at bow, EchoMap 12" at console, 2020 TM and cranking batteries, charger, hot foot, bike seat/fishing seat, Hamby's, Ranger cover (like new), nano-ceramic coating 2017. Tandem with swing tongue, Road Armor, new tires 2022. Garage kept, very clean. Motor has 420 hours. All service and maintenance records available.
Call Lori: 614-563-2238 or email for more details. 
 Lori Povisil - OH
 Westerville, OH
 $40,000. $38,500.

Povisil1.jpeg (94081 bytes) Provisil6.jpg (136540 bytes) Provisil2.jpg (133097 bytes) Provisil3.jpg (86909 bytes) Provisil4.jpg (132754 bytes) Provisil5.jpg (117290 bytes) 

11 Ranger Z521
     Comanche Cup
11 250 Evinrude
     E-Tec H.O.

Listed 10/28/22
MK Ultrex 112# w/iPilot Spotlock, HB 998c at console, HB 788c at bow, 4 bank charger, 8' Power Pole Blades, Ranger boat cover, motor cover. Motor recently serviced w/new plugs, water pump, gear oil, fuel filter & water separator. Compression is great on all cylinders, test is available. Motor has 600 hours. Garage kept and used in freshwater only. Tags up to date until July 2024. Let me know and we can set up a day/time to run it.
Call Kagan: 281-622-5583 or email for more details. 
 Kagan Myers - TX
 Mont Belvieu, TX

KMyers1.jpg (64656 bytes) KMyers2.jpg (72835 bytes) KMyers3.jpg (129891 bytes) KMyers4.jpg (128922 bytes) KMyers5.jpg (86291 bytes)

14 Ranger Z520C
14 250 Evinrude
     E-Tec HO

Listed 9/27/22P
26 Raker II, manual jackplate, MK Fortrex 101#, HDS9 Gen2, HDS7 Gen2, Point1, 4 new Interstate agm batteries, 8' Power Pole Blades, single console w/flip up center seat, full Ranger cover. Carpet in excellent condition. Matching RangerTrail tandem w/brakes on all 4, swing tongue. Excellent condition.
Call Dave: 978-407-3326 or email for more details. 
 Daronk - NH
 Atkinson, NH

DaronK1.jpg (99944 bytes) DaronK6.jpg (150345 bytes) DaronK2.jpg (137658 bytes) DaronK4.jpg (121265 bytes) DaronK3.jpg (144498 bytes) DaronK5.jpg (143737 bytes)

10 Ranger Z521
10 250 Evinrude
Listed 10/22/22P
Atlas hydraulic, MinnKota, two HB 1198's, new 4 bank charger, good batteries, 10' Power Poles, full Ranger cover, new tires 4/22. Motor has 384 hours.
Call Cody: 501-680-2589 or email for more details. 
 Garnercody - AR
 Little Rock, AR

Garner3.jpg (109285 bytes) Garner4.jpg (132079 bytes) Garner1.jpg (129311 bytes) Garner2.jpg (97428 bytes) Garner5.jpg (93521 bytes)

09 Ranger 208VX
09 225 Yamaha

Listed 10/22/22P
Manual jackplate, MK Ultrex, 2 Helix 12's at console, 2 Helix 10's at bow, HB Mega Live, Mega 360, 2 network boxes, Monster Marine lithium cranking, 2 TM batteries, Power Pole Charge 2022, MK Raptor, everything linked via "One Boat Network". New lower unit just broken in and fluid changed 10/2022. Motor has 360 hours. 
Call Scott: 281-757-2662 or email for more details. 
 Deischl - TX
 The Woodlands, TX

Deischl5.jpg (137450 bytes) Deischl2.jpg (126656 bytes) Deischl3.jpg (112935 bytes) Deischl1.jpg (118005 bytes) Deischl4.jpg (178065 bytes)

14 Ranger Z521C
14 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 10/14/22P
24 Fury, Atlas hydraulic, MK Ultrex 112# 52", 2 HDS 12's, 8' Power Poles, Hamby's, dual pro trim, Loc-R-Bar, hot foot, 2 bike seats, new seats have been installed, new 4 bank charger, oxygenator, Ranger cover. Motor has 269 hours. All services up to date and everything works as it should. More pics and motor diagnostic report available as well as Cabela's receipt of service.
Call Ricky: 773-230-6523 or email for more details. 
 Ricky Garry - IL
 Lemont, IL

Garry1.jpg (56396 bytes) Garry2.jpg (64461 bytes) Garry3.jpg (102815 bytes) Garry4.jpg (104103 bytes) Garry5.jpg (59745 bytes)

10 Ranger Z521
09 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 10/4/22P
Tempest prop, Atlas hydraulic, MK Fortrex, HDS12 Carbon at console, HDS9 at bow, 4 new batteries Sept.2019, Ranger boat and motor cover, butt seat, folding seat. New SeaStar hydraulic steering Feb.2022. Full annual service done at same time. Motor has 734 hours with air compressor replaced at 600 hours. Stored under cover, detailed every year. Maintenance records available. Super clean and well maintained.
Call Michael: 404-307-8548 or email for more details. 
 Michaele003 - GA
 Atlanta, GA
 $34,000. $29,500.

Eaton1.jpg (81878 bytes) Eaton2.jpg (107106 bytes) Eaton3.jpg (108933 bytes) Eaton4.jpg (129230 bytes) Eaton6.jpg (94920 bytes) Eaton7.jpg (105353 bytes)

12 Ranger Z520
12 250 Evinrude
Listed 9/29/22P
Slidemaster jackplate, MK Fortrex, 2 HDS 7's, Ranger cover. Garage kept.
Call Christopher: 570-840-2430 or email for more details. 
 CGraff - PA
 Moosic, PA

Graff2.jpg (67900 bytes) Graff1.jpg (143081 bytes) Graff4.jpg (102175 bytes) Graff3.jpg (134249 bytes) Graff5.jpg (125254 bytes)

12 Ranger Z520
12 250 Evinrude

Listed 9/21/22P
Manual jackplate, MK Ultrex 112#, HB 1199 bow, Helix12 at console, hot foot, 3 trolling motor batteries replaced late '21, early '22. Boat is 8 of 10 cosmetically, 10 of 10 mechanically. Garage kept, all works as it should. I've owned since 2014 and had regular service every two years.
Call David: 919-901-3411 or email for more details. 
 Bagger08 - NC
 Kenly, NC

DPrice1.jpg (62430 bytes) DPrice2.jpg (99374 bytes) DPrice3.jpg (45729 bytes) DPrice4.jpg (65687 bytes)

09 Ranger Z520
09 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 9/6/22P
26 Tempest, Slidemaster manual jackplate, MK Fortrex, Lowrance HDS7 at console, LMS 520C at bow, dual console, hot foot. Motor has 343 hours.
Call Jim: 713-725-5102 or email for more details. 
 Aggieoe - TX
 Montgomery, TX
 $39,000. $35,500.

Babin1.jpeg (98233 bytes) Babin2.jpg (134905 bytes) Babin3.jpg (141380 bytes) Babin4.jpg (122079 bytes) Babin5.jpg (125925 bytes)

12 Ranger Z118
12 150 Evinrude
     E-Tec HO

Listed 8/25/22P
Raker II prop, Lowrance Ghost, Livescope LS32, Carbon9, 2 Garmin 93sv's, 3 in 1 nosecone, Ionics 50AH for bow electronics. New batteries, trailer jack, FlowRite drain plug and lower unit (3 year warranty. Trailer hubs/rotors last year. Motor has 224 hours with compression of 125/123/123/123/126/127. Garage kept and wiped down after every use.
Call John: 217-971-5714 or email for more details. 
 Chatham, IL

Osmer1.jpg (149758 bytes) Osmer2.jpg (130871 bytes) Osmer3.jpg (116856 bytes) Osmer4.jpg (129507 bytes) Osmer5.jpg (118209 bytes) Osmer6.jpg (157287 bytes)

10 Ranger Z520
10 250 Evinrude
     E-Tec HO
Listed 8/23/22P
26 Raker, Bob's hydraulic, MK Ultrex, HDS12 Gen3, HDS9 Gen3, 8' Power Poles. 2016 Ranger Trail trailer w/Goodyear Endurance tires with less than 5000 miles.
Call Kyle: 217-474-0610 or email for more details.
 Kbutcher27 - IL
 Catlin, IL
 $42,000. $40,500.

KyleB1.jpg (75197 bytes) KyleB2.jpg (70561 bytes) KyleB3.jpg (166868 bytes) KyleB4.jpg (94688 bytes) KyleB5.jpg (80595 bytes)

10 Ranger Z20
10 225 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 8/19/22P
Bob's hydraulic, MK Ultrex installed 3/22, HDS12 Live at console and HDS12 Carbon at bow wired direct with SeaClear wiring harness, Power Pole Blades, hot foot. Tandem with new tires incl.spare March 2022, new wheel bearings 4/21 on all 4 wheels. Motor has less than 400 hours. Boat is ready to fish!
Call Brian: 513-226-8803 or email for more details. 
 Brian B - OH
 Greenfield, OH

Beechler1.jpg (69873 bytes) Beechler5.jpg (81823 bytes) Beechler6.jpg (81398 bytes) Beechler2.jpg (96880 bytes) Beechler3.jpg (96931 bytes) Beechler4.jpg (94668 bytes)

09 Ranger Z20
09 225 Evinrude

Listed 8/15/22P
24 Raker II, 10" Slidemaster jackplate, MK Ultrex 112#, two HDS 12 Carbons, NMEA networked w/Sonic hub, Point 1, Power Pole Blades, Sirius satellite weather/radio, auto/timer livewells, interior lights in livewells/front boxes, boat cover. Regular service/always garaged. Motor has 550 hours. Everything works, including the horn! Extremely clean!
Call Drew: 865-414-8147 or email for more details. 
 GDOsborn - TN
 Maryville, TN
 $42,500. $36,000.

DOsborn1.jpg (98225 bytes) DOsborn2.jpg (99434 bytes) DOsborn4.jpg (121153 bytes) DOsborn5.jpg (126882 bytes) DOsborn3.jpg (120593 bytes)

11 Ranger Z520
11 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 8/6/22P
24 Fury, Atlas hydraulic, 2021 MK Ultrex 112#, HDS12 Live on console, HDS12 Carbon with Active Target on bow, 10' Talon, bike seat, folding seat, Ranger travel cover, Smartcraft on console, X2 Power cranking battery 3 months old, other batteries in good shape. Motor has 298 hrs and compression check shows 125-129 all cylinders. Selling to start side business, need shop space.
Call Blake: 662-315-5232 or email for more details. 
 Blake Ballard - MS
 Smithville, MS
 $41,500. $40,000.

BBallard1.jpg (62305 bytes) BBallard2.jpg (70837 bytes) BBallard3.jpg (146451 bytes) BBallard4.jpg (62858 bytes)

14 Ranger Z119C
14 225 Evinrude
     E-Tec Gen1

Listed 6/27/22P
25 Razor 4XL, MK Ultrex w/Link, Helix 12 G2N Mega SI at bow, dual Helix 121's G2N Mega SI's at console, networked, Northstar agm batteries cranking/trolling, 2 butt seats, folding seat, MK 345PC charger, Bluewater led compartment lights & cockpit lighting, Ranger cover, motor covers, upgraded & dedicated wiring/disconnects/fuse panels for electronics, Precision Sonar mounts. New Goodyear Endurance tires, TrickStep. Motor has approx.120 hours, very well maintained.
Call Scott: 715-307-1471 or email for more details.
 XingEyeballs - MN
 St.Peter, MN

ScottR1.jpg (91721 bytes) ScottR2.jpg (115361 bytes) ScottR3.jpg (120831 bytes) ScottR4.jpg (115984 bytes)

13 Ranger Z119
13 200 Evinrude
     E-Tec HO

Listed 6/25/22P
Dual console, 45th Anniversary, Manual jackplate, MK Fortrex 80#, HDS7, HDS5, hot foot, pro trim, Sony factory stereo, external oil fill, bike, seat, fishing seat, MK charger, brand new cranking battery, new TM batteries last year, Ranger cover. Upgraded tandem with swing tongue, Road Armor. Motor has 133 hours with new factory powerhead replaced under warranty approx.50 hours ago.
Call Nick: 636-399-9388 or email for more details. 
 NKbassfish - MO
 Washington, MO

Kiser1.jpg (101623 bytes) Kiser2.jpg (102671 bytes)

10 Ranger Z522
10 300 Merc
     Optimax 3.2
Listed 6/23/22P
MK Ultrex, Garmin EchoMap 93SV UHD, 2020 batteries, dual livewell, new carpeting, 2010 tandem trailer. Motor has 356 hours.
Call Alec: 602-695-3344 or 602-531-5537 cell.
 Rvman - AZ
 Phoenix, AZ
 $45,999. $37,000.

AlecB1.jpg (65226 bytes) AlecB2.jpg (85151 bytes) AlecB3.jpg (96161 bytes) AlecB4.jpg (103513 bytes) AlecB5.jpg (82440 bytes)

13 Ranger Z117
13 150 Merc
     4 Stroke

Listed 6/8/22P
Lowrance Ghost, HDS9 Carbon's bow & console, Navionics mapping, Point 1, all installed May 2021 w/dedicated power networked using NMEA2000 and ethernet. 2 new group 27 agm batteries warrantied until 11/6/2023, butt seat, folding seat, Ranger cover. Garage kept. Motor has 392 hours, serviced every 100 hours incl.300 hr service at dealer. New power trim installed June 2021. Turnkey, ready to fish.
Call John: 603-682-8684 or email for more details.
 Smalljawnh- TX
 Aubrey, TX
 $34,900. $29,900.

   JNowe5.jpg (91472 bytes) JNowe3.jpg (90646 bytes) JNowe2.jpg (109016 bytes) JNowe1.jpg (89690 bytes)

15 Ranger Z520C
14 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 6/2/22P
25 Fury 4 blade, Bob's hydraulic, MK Ultrex, HDS12 Carbon, two HDS 12 Gen3's, 10' Power Pole Blades. Well taken care of in great condition. Boat needs nothing, maintained with an open checkbook. I can send detailed pics of anything you need.
Call Mike: 302-381-9292 or email for more details. 
 Mike M - DE
 Laurel, DE
 $60,000. $49,500.

Mullett4.jpg (113575 bytes) Mullett3.jpg (105368 bytes) Mullett5.jpg (118600 bytes) Mullett9.jpg (132022 bytes) Mullett6.jpg (152495 bytes) Mullett1.jpg (125283 bytes) Mullett2.jpg (115647 bytes)

15 Ranger Z520C
16 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 5/9/22P
24 Fury, manual jackplate, MK Ultrex 112# 52", 2 Helix 10 Mega w/SI, Helix 10 Mega 2D/DI, 11' MK Talons, Red boat cover. Boat is in mint condition, ceramic coating every year. Trailer has all new hubs, bearings, brakes, new master cylinder, etc. Motor has approx.450 hours. New boat is here first week of June so let's make a deal!
Call Carl: 585-749-2335 or email for more details. 
 Carl N - NY
 Rochester, NY
 $64,000. obo

Nasello4.jpg (68919 bytes) Nasello2.jpg (144795 bytes) Nasello3.jpg (132134 bytes) Nasello1.jpg (99450 bytes)

15 Ranger Z521C
15 250 Merc
     Pro XS

Listed 4/15/22P
MK Fortrex 112#, two HDS10's, charger, 2 bike seats, twin bow folding seats, ventilated rod storage, recirc aerated livewell w/divider, Jensen stereo, travel cover. One owner. Motor has 80 hours. 
Call Robert: 314-640-6664 or email for more details. 
 Rpt5745 - MO
 St.Charles, MO

Tieman1.jpg (34224 bytes) Tieman2.jpg (34509 bytes) tieman3.jpg (47838 bytes) Tieman4.jpg (45390 bytes) Tieman5.jpg (46917 bytes)

15 Ranger Z521C
15 250 Evinrude
     E-Tec HO

Listed 4/13/22P
Raker prop, 10" manual jackplate, MK Fortrex 36V, two HDS12's w/structure scan, hot foot, remote oil fill, remote drain plug,oxygenator in livewells, Loc-R-Bar, 4x15 charger, 8' Power Poles, travel cover, 4 wheel disc brakes. 2nd set of tires w/excellent tread left, all batteries replaced at least once. Motor has 240 hours w/warranty until June 30,2023. Had 300 hour service in December, used boat twice since.
Call/Text Robert: 417-598-3329 or email for more details. 
 Robert D - TX
 Holly Lake Ranch, TX
 $47,500. $44,000.

Derr1.JPG (106222 bytes) Derr2.JPG (82515 bytes) Derr3.JPG (123391 bytes) Derr4.JPG (80416 bytes) Derr5.JPG (63394 bytes)

15 Ranger Z520
15 250 Merc
     Pro XS
Listed 2/3/22P
25 Fury, Atlas hydraulic, MinnKota, 2 HB Helix 12's, Power Poles.
Call Larry: 843-230-9393 or email for more details. 
 Larry T - SC
 Latta, SC

LarryT2.jpg (109770 bytes) LarryT1.jpg (154731 bytes) LarryT3.jpg (125665 bytes)

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