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Updated February 4/18

Alexandria Licking Valley Bass Anglers
The LVBA is a non-federated bass fishing club based
in Northern Kentucky. Membership consists of 
Husbands/wives, father/son and friends. The club was
formed by members who wanted competition,
comraderie and fellowship in a tournament format
where your competitors are also your friends.
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Aurora Kentucky Lake Bass Club
We fish Kentucky and Barkley Lakes in western
Kentucky. Always happy to help out visitors.
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Bowling Green Rip N Lips River Series
Awesome people with the most friendly environment out there. We have men, women and children fishing our club and we are a sponsored club. Have food and drinks after each event.
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Bowling Green Southern KY Bassmasters
BASS Federation local chapter. Annual host of the
American Heart Association Big Bass Classic.
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Bowling Green WC Anglers N/A
Campbellsville Green River Bass Club
Check out our website for schedule, rules, results,
standings and more. 
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Central City Lake Malone Bass Club
We fish Kentucky, Barkley, Malone, Beshears, Green River. Looking for new members, check out our website for details.
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Cynthiana Golden Rule Bass Club
Tourneys are Tuesday night from 5pm-10pm, April-September at Airport Ramp in Cynthiana.
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Eddyville Lyon's County Bassmasters
Our club tournaments are held on Barkley and 
Kentucky Lakes as well as the Tennessee and 
Cumberland Rivers. We are affiliated with Ky Bass
Federation and B.A.S.S.
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Falmouth Kincaid Bassmasters
We are the largest club in the state, we fish lakes all across the state including the Ohio River.
Our website is always up to date, check on the message board and ask any questions you might have.
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Georgetown Bluegrass Christian Bassmasters
Check out our link on Basstrails.com for club/membership info, tournament dates, locations 
and results.
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Gilbertsville Ky Lake Bass League
We're a local club that offers open tournaments on Ky Lake. We're always wanting guys & gals to come fish. 
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Glasgow Barren Bassmasters
We are a non profit fishing club located in Glasgow.
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Hyden Leslie County Bass Anglers
We are looking for new members to join. We fish Lake Cumberland, KY Laurel, KY, Norris, Cherokee and Douglas, TN 
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Jenkins Master's Casters
Master's Casters is a Christian based bass club.
If  you like Bass fishing and fellowship this club's for you. Everyone's welcome. Master's Casters, 
Hooked on Jesus. 
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Kuttawa Twin Lakes Guys & Gals
Each team consists of a guy and gal. All events are launched from Ky Day Marina (Ky Lake) or
Kuttawa County ramp, Lake Barkley. Great group
of couples. 
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Lebanon Mid-Kentucky Bass Anglers
Fish lakes like Green, Barren, Fagan Branch, Nolin, Cumberland, Ky and Barkley, Rough and also have
a puddle Jumpers Division.
Please contact me at: 502-541-1918
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Lewisburg Lip Rippers Bass Club
Fun tournaments for men, women & children.
Most tournaments are on Lake Malone & Lake Beshear. Come enjoy the fun!
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Lexington Central Kentucky Bassmasters
Come join an up and coming new club. We fish all over Central Kentucky.
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London USA Bassin-Laurel Lake Division
Check out our website for schedule, rules, results, standings and more.
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Louisa Louisa Bass Club
The 2nd oldest bass club in Kentucky. We most fish
Ky. lakes and rivers. We are a charter member of
BASS and the Kentucky Bass Federation.
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Louisville Commonwealth Bass Club
We're a small club of around 12-15 boats. We are a team club and fish several lakes in Kentucky. Entry fees are $60 per team including big fish pot. New members welcome. Check out our 2012 tournament schedule.
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Louisville Kentuckian Bass League
This is a start up league beginning its inaugural season.
Membership is still open as of 1/30/10 but won't be open much longer. See website for full details.
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Louisville Cedar Creek Bass Club
We have 9 tournaments a year with one at KY Lake and two on Rough, Nolin and Barren. KY Lake and the Classic on Barren are each 2 days. Small club shooting for 15-20 boats, looking for new friends to join. Dues are $30 and each tournament is $30.
President: Allen Driver - 502-962-4972
Vice President: Mark Wright - 502-817-4374
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Louisville Louisville Metro Bass Club
New club, all ages and skill levels. Looking for 
boaters right now. Please e-mail me if interested.
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Louisville Oldham County Bass Club E-mail Contact
Madisonville Hopkins County Bass Club
Small club in western KY, around 30 members that fish for fun and good sportmanship, we also raise funds with a charity tournament to help feed and clothe kids during the holidays.
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Maysville Limestone Bassmasters
Come Join Us!! We fish Ohio River, Kincaid, Rockfork, and Eastfork lakes. Great bunch of guys!
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McDaniels Rough River Bass Club
We fish Rough River, Barren, Nolin and maybe Ky Lake. $40 entry fee per tournament and we're looking for 6-7 new boats to join. Easy going group, puts fun back in tournament competition. Call Steve Robinson: 502-639-0346
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Morehead Licking River Bass Club
Licking River Bass Club is based of Morehead, KY
and we are looking for a few good men/women.
Please e-mail me if you have any questions.
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Morganfield Union County Anglers
We are a small club of about 20 anglers.
Non boaters welcome. Fish Barkley for the most, 
with a couple on the Ohion Smithland pool. $25.dues
and $15. per tournament. In it for the fun of good
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Owenton Owen County Bassmasters
Anyone looking for a great family club, check us out.
We fish all over the state. We also have an annual men and women Tour. 
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Paducah Paducah Bass Club
We are a random pair club that promotes learning the lakes. We fish both Kentucky and Lake Barkley. We fish 9 tourneys per year and need both boaters and non-boaters.
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Paducah West KY Coed Bass Club
Exclusively for male/female partners, looking for fun
& friendly competition.  We fish the northern end of Ky and Barkley Lakes, send us an email and learn more!!
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Paducah River City Bass Club
We fish Ky and Barkley Lakes as well as the Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland rivers. We are a Buddy Club and are B.A.S.S. affiliated.
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Paris Bourbon Co Bass Club
Fairly small club with approx.30 members looking to add a few members. 8 tourneys a year, plus classic in October.
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Radcliff Radcliff Bassmasters
Come join he new Radcliff Bassmasters. We are a new team circuit, hope to see you on the water.
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Richmond Kentucky River Bassmasters
FLW affiliated and has been a club in the Richmond, Irvine, Lex area for many years. Very established and organized. Fish tournaments on the Kentucky River, Cumberland, Green River, Douglas, Watts Bar, Herrington, etc. Always looking for new members.
Tournaments are team tournaments but points are individual.
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Sidney KY Fellowship of Christian Bass Anglers
Come fish with us and enjoy the fellowship and 
love of Christ.
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Taylorsville Lakeway Basshunters
We're a small club of ten anglers. Looking for more fish all over the state. Start in March and end in November. Any questions, feel free to email me.
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Taylorsville American Red Cross Fall Classic
Oct.17,2009 - Possum Ridge (State Park Ramp), Taylorsville, KY. American Red Cross Fall Classic, please come out for such a great cause.
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Taylorsville Taylorsville Bass Club
TBC Club Tournaments are Friday @ 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Sign in at 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Settlers Trace Grocery. Accepting new members.
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Vine Grove Bottom Line Bass Club
Small entry fee, 10-20 boats, mostly just for fun and a little money. KBF and KBFN club.
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