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Updated November 10/21

Altamont Grundy County Bass Club
About 30 members, member of FLW Federation. Fish Normandy, Nickajack, Timsford, Woods and Guntersville. Always happy to have new members.
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Ashland City American Bass Anglers
American Bass Anglers has seven districts across TN. Currently open to new members, boaters and non-boaters are welcome.
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Monroe County Bassmasters E-mail Contact
Bartlett Hookbone Fishing League
We are a brand new 2018 bass club. No points to keep up with. League tournaments fruit jar style. $50 membership fees and $20 per tournament with a $5 big bass pot.
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Bristol Straight-Up Bass Club
If you're looking for a fair, honest club that is truly run by the membership, then we are it.
Due to rising fuel prices we primarily fish local lakes....South Holston, Boone.
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Bristol Twin States Bass Club
We are located in Northeast Tennessee.
Our members are from Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City and surrounding areas.
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Chattanooga Chattanooga Bass Assassins
Chattanooga BA is a private fishing club dedicated to fun, fishing and conservation.
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Chattanooga Tennessee Bassin Buddies
We are located in Chattanooga, TN and we're part of the FLW Federation. Our monthly meetings are held on the first Monday of each month. Send email for list of rules, membership, and schedule.
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Chattanooga Hamilton County Bass Club
The Hamilton County Club is a member of the Tennessee Bass Federation and the FLW.
You'll find links to both sites on our standings page. Please look around the site and check
 out our message board.
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Chattanooga Fellowship of Christian Bass Anglers
The FOCBA views as the purpose of our existence and we give our pledge to fulfill the following creed:
To use the tradition of fishing as a common ground for Christian Fellowship among its members and to witness and introduce our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to those who might not otherwise know Him.
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Chattanooga Mid-South Bassmasters E-mail Contact
Chattanooga Choo-Choo Bass Club
We are located in Chattanooga, TN and have
members from TN, AL and GA. Send e-mail
for list of rules, membership and lakes fished.
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Clarksville/Dover North Central Tennessee Bass Club
NCTBC is a TN B.A.S.S. Nation affiliated club that operates member only and OPEN Bass tournaments on Kentucky and Barkley lakes.
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Clarksville Tuckasee Bass Anglers
Tuckasee Bass Anglers is a local bass fishing club affiliated with Tennessee BASS Nation out of Clarksville, TN. If interested in joining, contact us through our webpage.
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Clarksville Montgomery County Bass Club
This club maintains about 35 members and 
fishes Lakes Kentucky and Barkley. 
Please e-mail me if you're interested in joining.
We just love to fish and have a good time!
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Collierville Fayette County Bass Club
You do not have to live in Fayette County to
join us! We have members from Memphis, Collierville, and the Shelby/Fayette/DeSoto/Marshall Counties area. We draw partners each outing and fish as a team.
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Columbia Maury County Bass Anglers
We fish 8 tournaments on 8 different lakes AL and TN, Feb-Sept, Oct fish off. $40 per tournament.
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Cookeville BigTime Bass Club E-mail Contact
Counce Pickwick Winter Bass Trail
Winter Team Trail with 7 tourneys launching from Pickwick at State Line ramp in Hardin, TN $100/boat, 100% payback.
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Culleoka Middle Tennessee Jon Boat Anglers
We are a new bass club specifically designed for anglers with boats under 50 hp and under 16'. Actively seeking members for a 2017 tournament trail
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Dickson Tennessee River Team Bass
Team series for the weekend angler. 12 Tournament regular season, points championship and a year end two day classic. Accepting applications on our FB page.
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Dickson Yellow Creek Bass Club
We have a Boater and Nonboater.  We draw out for nonboaters, then whoever is left can pair up or fish alone, except on the Fish Off and all will be paired up.  Also Top six go and fish at the State Fed.
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Erwin Unicoi County Bass Club
Team trail fishing: Douglas, Cherokee, Boone,
South Holston and Watauga
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Fayetteville American BassFishing Club TN District
The ABC is a National Adult and Junior Angler
Draw tournament trail. The Tennessee district
fishes Tims Ford, Woods, Normandy, 
Guntersville and Wheeler currently.
Other Tenn. lakes will be included in the
future. Check our website for more info.
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Fayetteville Stonebridge Bassmasters
Our club fishes year round. We fish Tims Ford, Nickajack, Wheeler, Guntersville, Wilson and others. Great competition and great fellowship. Email for list of rules and membership.
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Franklin Tri County Bass
We are accepting new members. 
Amateurs Only!
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Hampton Hampton Bass Club
We meet at the high school on Thursday nights
at 7:00 before the tournaments. Check with
Ray at Coles Tackle Box in Hampton about
the meeting dates.
** Will add club officers e-mails later.
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Harrison Harrison Bassmasters E-mail Contact
Hendersonville Middle Tennessee Bass Anglers
Middle Tennessee Bass Anglers is associated with the TBF and FLW. For more details and our 2009 trail schedule check out our website.
Good competition and Good fellowship!
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Hixson Hamilton County Hookers
Small club looking for new members. 
FLW/TBF affiliated.
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Hohenwald Lewis Co.Bass Club
8 tournaments a year with a classic. $15 club entry and $30 tournament fee.
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Jackson Golden Circle Bass Anglers
We are a TBF club. We fish 12 tournaments 
a year. We meet the first Thursday of very month at Sparky's in Jackson @ 6 PM
Call Seth Roaten: 731-616-0037.
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Jackson Bass Anglers of West TN
This club was designed to share and obtain knowledge of fishing.
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Jackson Madison County Bass Anglers
We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm in Jackson, TN. Please feel free to 
visit us (without any obligation to join).
For more information please contact our club
President Jim Stilwell at: 731-668-8394 
or e-mail.
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Kingsport Kingsport Bass Club
We are a small great club, belong to FLW and love to catch thos little brown and green fish.
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Kingsport TNBassFishing.com
Great group of guys who fish 10-12 tournaments per year. At least one participant must be a member of the website.
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Kingsport Reel Christian Bass Anglers E-mail Contact
Kingsport Tennessee Christian Bass Anglers E-mail Contact
Knoxville Smoky Mountain Bass Anglers
We are a TBF draw style club. We meet the first Tuesday of the month, location is fluid. Looking to grow our club for the upcoming year.
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Knoxville FootHills Bass Club
Check out our website for all the information about our club and contact information. 
Come join us!
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Knoxville TN.T (TN Tour)
Check out website for more info.
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Knoxville Battle at the Canal
We fish every Friday starting in May through 
end of August. E-mail the webmaster for rules and times...fish out of the Tellico Canal Ramp. Come fish and have a Great time!
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Knoxville American Bass Anglers
American Bass Anglers has seven districts across TN. Currently open to new members, boaters and non-boaters are welcome.
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Knoxville Fountain City Bass Club
One of the oldest clubs in the state. Meet 1st Wed. every month at Reeder Chevrolet. Fish
10 tournaments a year, count best 8. 1 night 6-2.
Have to pay for six no matter. Looking for
good members, both boaters and especially
non-boaters. All draw, fish as team. Never fish
with same man twice a year.
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Lebanon Renegade Series Bass Tournaments
Music City Division #5 w/18 divisions total.
$2000 First Place guaranteed. 2012 schedule posted on website, select Music City Div. #5
Director: Ricky Hensley 615-400-5030
Co-Director: Steve Mull 615-504-0236
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Lebanon Wilson County Bass Assassins
We are a new Bass Club in Lebanon, and we
need a little help. If anyone could help us out
we would really appreciate it.
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Lexington Henderson County Bass Anglers
As of 2012 we are a BASS affiliated club. We fish 12 tournaments a year and meet monthly on the Tuesday night before our tournaments at T-Birds in Lexington. We annually put on the Beech Lake classic first Sat.in March. 
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Lynchburg Moore County Bass Anglers
Meet in Jan, contact me for more info. 
Fish Tims, Woods, Normandy, Nickajack, Guntersville with a draw lake.
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Madisonville Monroe County Bassmasters E-mail Contact
Maynardville Rebel Bass Club
We fish East Tennessee lakes.
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Memphis West TN Bass Trail
Focused on sportsmanship, brotherhood and healthy competition. Beginning Spring 2013 we invite you to fish with our growing trail. We'll fish 8 regular season T's from Feb thru Nov at Pickwick and Kentucky Lake. Will also have a two day finale. Visit our website.
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Memphis West Tennessee Elite Bass Club
We are a bass fishing club that is always looking for new members from West Tennessee and surrounding areas. Join now!
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Memphis Fayette County Bass Club of Tennessee
Check out our website for all the information about our club and contact information.
Come join us!! 
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Memphis Memphis Bass Club
We fish 9 tournaments a year. One of Memphis' finest clubs. We coordinate and put on the St.Jude Bass Tournament every year on Sardis Lake. 
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Memphis Southwestern Tennessee Bass Club
We fish 8 Tournaments per year and meet the
first Thursday of the month. Looking for new
members, boater or non-boaters. If you're 
ready to have fune we're ready for you to fish.
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Memphis Hickory Hill Bass Club
Hickory Hill Bass Club is a draw partner, no
money tournament bass club.  We fish 10 
tournaments a year, from Feb - Nov (2-2 day,
3 night & 5 Saturday). We meet the first
Thursday of the month.
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Memphis Memphis Bass Association
(Formally Fed Ex Bass Association.) We fish 8 tournaments per year, plus a 2 day classic.
We do not fish July & August (due to heat).
Choose your own teammate. Federation Chapters are optional. 
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Middle Tennessee Music City Bass Anglers
Music City Bass Anglers is a club out of Nashville. Club was established in 1989 and is still growing. Anglers from teens to seniors participate. We are not a high pressure, high dollar club, just a group of anglers who like to have a good time fishing. 
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Middle Tennessee Team Nashville Bassmasters
We welcome both boaters and non-boaters
whose desire is to become better fishermen while enjoying friendly competition. We fish team-style with a draw partner. Member TN Bass Federation. See website for more info.
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Middle Tennessee Tennessee Team Bass
Tennessee Team Bass is a team bass fishing organization committed to promoting sportsmanship, safety, courtesy and conservation.  Please visit our website for more information about our organization and our tournament schedule.
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Morristown East Tennessee Bass Anglers
This club is full of great bass anglers and they 
are an extreme pleasure to fish with and against.
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Mount Juliet Silver Springs Bass Club
We're a fellowship focused club looking for a few good guys. We fish Saturdays. We have 3 day & 2 night tournis on Priest, 3 day tournis on Old Hickory and 1 day each on Tim's Ford and KY Lake. Call Wayne Bobbitt 615-406-3108 or Tom Bobbitt 615-707-1204.
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Mount Juliet Tween the Lakes
If you're lookijng for a good group of guys to fish with for 2012, this club is right for you!
We plan on having a great 2012 season and will be fishing Old Hickory Lake and Percy Priest Lake. Shoot us an email if you're interested or check out our website.
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Murfreesboro TAUD Tournament Trail
Visit our website for complete details.
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Murfreesboro Tennessee Bass Trail
We are a very active club with members throughout Middle Tennessee. We are holding
7 tournaments in 2009 and a Classic at the end of the year. See our website for more information.
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Nashville ESBA-Emergency Services Bass Anglers
About 8 tourneys a season all weekdays. At least one person in boat must be police, fire, EMS, etc....active or retired. $50.entry fee.
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Nashville Cumberland Bassmasters
Mid TN BASS affiliated fishing club. Fish middle TN lakes. Looking for new members to grow the club. Please email for more info.
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Nashville Nashville Bass Anglers
A large club with over 50 active members from middle TN and north AL. We fish 7 regular tournaments and have a 2 day memorial classic each year. See our website for more info or call
John Coles: 615-337-2642 or Tony Douglas: 615-207-6840. 
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Nashville Old Hickory Percy Priest Bass Tournament Club
Middle Tennessee bass club looking for new members. We have our first tournament for 2009 Feb.21st on Percy Priest Lake. Visit our website for tournament schedule in the Middle TN area.
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Nashville F-3 Bassmaster
We are a small, fun, low pressure club. WE consider ourselves a teaching club for new anglers or new persons to Middle TN. Boaters and non-boaters are welcome. We mainly fish Priest and Old Hickory. Come join us for some great fishing!
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Nashville Friday Night 1-3-5 Bass Club
We draw to see how many fish to catch!!
Pays 3 places!! Fun & great bunch of guys!
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With our club you will not go broke fishing, nor will you strike it rich....Great group of people.
If you are beginning in tournament style bass fishing then we are the club for you!!!
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Nashville American Bass Anglers - Music City
American Bass Anglers has seven districts across TN. Currently open to new members, boaters and non-boaters are welcome.
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Nashville Ray Quaalude Rod and Gun Club
Established in 1975. President Mark Mayo.
Team tournaments/hunts are based on blind
draw for lake/fields/blind and partners.
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New Tazewell Norris Lake Bass Club E-mail Contact
New Tazewell Claiborne County Bass
Fishing in east TN on Norris, Ft. Loudon, Melton Hill, Watts Bar, Cherokee, Douglas.
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Old Hickory American Bass Anglers - Central TN
American Bass Anglers has seven districts across TN. Currently open to new members, boaters and non-boaters are welcome.
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Old Hickory National Bass Fishing Trail
NBT has both adult and junior programs,
go to our website for more information.
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Paris Two Rivers Bass Club
This bass club has been around for a long time.
We have a lot of good fishermen. For more info call Brad Washburn: 731-487-4355.
Paris TN Valley Bass Club
We are a small club looking for new members, boaters and non-boaters. We currently have 
15 members. We usually fish KY Lake with a couple of trips to Barkley.
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Ripley West TN Puddle Jumpers E-mail Contact
Seymour Boyd's Creek Bass Club
We are roughly 25 bass boat club that fishes 13 tournaments a year from Mar to Sept. Fish 3 fish limite tournament that fishes Douglas, Ft Loudon and Cherokee. Entry $30 per boat, $15 membership per person. 100% payback.
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Seymour American Bass Anglers - Cherokee Lake
American Bass Anglers has seven districts across TN. Currently open to new members, boaters and non-boaters are welcome.
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Shelbyville Bedford Bass Club
Everyone is WELCOME!! Come join us!!
Shelbyville Tri-Lakes Bass Club
Fish Normandy, Tims, Ford and Woods.
New year starts Jan. call 6-10 pm.
This is a partner club, you fish with your own
partner as a team.
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South Pittsburg Tennessee River Bass Club
We meet every 2nd Thursday of each month at The Armory in South Pittsburg.
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Waverly Richland Creek Bass Club
We are a Kentucky Lake tournament trail that fishes out of Masons boat ramp. We're always open to new members and we fish on Sundays. Come out and join us.
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West 22:6 Jr.Bass Anglers
Kids Bass Club based around Pickwick Lake. Kids fish two divisions: Ages 6-14 and 15-18. FLW affiliated. Great family fun club.
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Winchester American Bass Anglers - Southeast
American Bass Anglers has seven districts across TN. Currently open to new members, boaters and non-boaters are welcome.
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Winchester Tim's Ford Bass Club
40+ member club with year round fishing in Middle TN and North Alabama. We meet 1st Thursday of every month at our Clubhouse on the shore of Tim's Ford Lake (Winchester City Park). 
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