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Updated August 28/21

Akron Akron Bass Anglers
We're a non-affiliated Akron based bass club.
We fish a boater/non-boater draw format. Club meetings are first Monday of the month at Land Big Fish tackle store on Manchester Rd. Looking for both boaters and non-boaters as new members. 
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Akron Portage Lakes Bassmasters E-mail Contact
Athens Athens County Bassmasters
Our club is a small group of fishing enthusiasts most of whom were former members of a larger bass club here 
in Southeastern Ohio. Today there are 20 members. 
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Bryan William's County Anglers
We are located in NW Ohio near Bryan. The club
was founded in 1990 and has 40-45 members. We
hold two 2-day tournaments spring/fall and six one day
events. We are members and three time winners of the
Interstate Club Challenge.
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McKinley BassMasters
We're located in N.E.Ohio. Fishing the lakes in and
around the Akron/Canton area. We accept boaters
and non-boaters. Draw style tournaments.
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Chillicothe Ross County Bass Anglers
We are a local fishing club located in Chillicothe, OH. We mainly fish lakes and rivers within an hour and a half drive from Chillocothe. We usually fish 12-14 tournaments a year, starting from early April to early October.
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Cincinnati Cincinnati Bassmasters
An Ohio Bass Nation affiliated club all about the members. 8 total tournaments within 125 mile radius of Cincinnati. 1 "team" travel tournament on waters chosen from the top 100 places to fish published by BASS.
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Cincinnati East Fork Bass Anglers
BASS affiliated Federation club. Fish 10 tournaments a year with 3 being "travelling" tourneys within 300 miles or 5 hours. Most on Saturdays. Currently accepting new members. If you're looking for a laid back bass club drop us a note.
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Cincinnati Butler County Bassmasters
Club has been around for 25 years and counting. We enjoy the sport of bass fishing and are looking for new anglers who do too. Visit our site to learn more about our great club.
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Cincinnati Cincinnati Bass Club
Ohio Federation Nation club. If you want to fish with friends, or fish as serious as a weekend angler can, we're the club for you. We are a club "all about the members."
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Cincinnati Rod Busters Bass Club
We fish 8 to 10 tournaments every year and fish local waters in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana with a couple away tournaments. 
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Cincinnati Three Rivers Bass Club
A B.A.S.S. and Ohio federation club for boaters
or non-boaters. As of September 2003 we have 7
members.  We fish 8-10 tournaments a year on lakes
that are within 125 miles of Cincinnati. We also have a 
few events on the Ohio River.  If you'd like info on 
becoming a member, please e-mail me.
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Cleveland We're an unaffiliated club, est.1997, covering Lake Erie, inland lakes of Northern Ohio, western PA and western NY. We have a low membership fee. 10 Tournaments per year, email for more information.  E-mail Contact
Columbiana Ohio Valley Bass Anglers
We're located in N.E.Ohio. Fishing the Ohio River, Lake Erie and all lakes in between; also a few in PA. We accept boaters and non-boaters. Draw style tournaments. We average 20-25 members at any given time; we fish 10 tourneys a year with a 2 day championship and 1 day megabucks winner take all.
Columbus OMBTT
100% Payback circuit and opens and lower entry 
circuit KMTT
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Columbus Gashann Bass Anglers E-mail Contact
Columbus Columbus Bassmasters
We are the largest Region 1 club in the Ohio Bass Federation. We currently fish 10 tournaments a year, including a two day trip to Lake Erie. We're looking for boaters and non-boaters.
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Columbus Central Ohio Tournament Anglers Association
Ohio's only one-stop source for all tournament
related activities, organizations, clubs, independent circuits/trails, etc.  This is Ohio's "oldest" continually operating tournament "info" site.
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Columbus Midwest Sportsman
Want to fish on your home lakes for the chance to 
compete at a "huge" national classic? Look no more,
Midwest Sportsman is where all the action is at.
Feel free to contact us with any & all questions you 
may have.
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Columbus The "TNT SERIES" Bass Tournament Org.
Consisting of an "open" weekly series as well as a
six-Saturday circuit sponsored by Boat Boys of 
Newark, Ohio and centered in the central Ohio area.
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Columbus Grove Cairo-Columbus Grove Bass Club
Northwest Ohio bass club est.1977. 25-40 members living in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and fish 9 tournaments and ICC in those waters. $20 membership, $20 fees. 
4 types of big bass pots. Not federated.
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Cridersville Cridersville Bass Busters
Established in 1974 we are the oldest BASS Federated club in Ohio. Currently have 26 members with room for more. Active in youth & environmental projects & our community, with many awards to our credit.
We have won many BASS tournaments and produced some top rate fishermen!! Whether you're a beginner or expert, check us out!!
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Dayton Crossroads Bass Club
We have been a club since 1982. We fish 8 tournaments a year, 2 out of town, count only your best six for points.
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Dayton DumbBassers
We have room for 36 members total, we have 3 long
(2 day) and 4 one day tournaments per year.
We have room for non-boaters. Several of the best
fishermen in Ohio are in the club. Come learn with us!
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Dayton Ohio Valley Bass Masters
OVBM is located in southwest Ohio. We fish 8
tournaments per year with three being 2-day events.
We have a maximum of  25 members. Non-boaters
are always welcome.
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Defiance Fort Defiance Bass Anglers
A club that's been going strong for over 30 years. 
We are always looking for new arrivals, boaters and non-boaters are always welcome. Any questions just 
go to the website for more information.
Dover Rats Nest Bass Club - Facebook
We are a newer club, only 3 years running. We have a solid base of guys but are always interested in adding more competition!
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Dover Outlaw Bass Club E-mail Contact
Eaton/Preble County Catch 5 Bass Club
We fish locally Ohio/Indiana lakes. 6 Tournaments per year and are affiliated with the TBF. We have both boaters and non boaters. Great group of good fishermen! 
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Buckeye Lake Bassers
A Federated club running a Thursday night and 
Sunday morning Open Circuit in addition to a 
member only club circuit.
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Findlay Findlay Area Bass Association
We are a Federation club. We fish 10 tournaments
a year. We fish Ohio & Michigan waters within a two
hour radius of Findlay.
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Franklin Twin Creek Bassmasters
Founded in 1997 we are affiliated with the Ohio BASS Federation Nation. We fish 6-8 tournaments a year,
usually with a 2 day tournament in the spring or the fall.
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Fremont Erie Bay Bassers
Website is set up and kept by our club president, all e-mail contact information is available on the site.
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Grand River Grand River Bass Club
Our club fishes lakes in the northeastern Ohio area.
We are looking for boaters as well as non-boaters.
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Hamilton 100 Percent Payback Bass Club
2010 season 16 tournaments. $100.entry and $50 entry. 100% paid back at ramp. All events within 1 hour of Cincinnati. Looking to fill out our 40 team limit.
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Harrod Yankee Bassmasters
We are located in NW Ohio near Lima.
We are a very competitive club with a full complement
of 25 fishermen (waiting list kept). E-mail the club for info or go to our website.
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Kenton Trophy Bassmasters
BASS & OBCF affiliated.
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Lancaster Ohio Bass Tournament Angler's Association
Information and listings for any bass tournament
in Ohio.
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Malvern Mohawk Sportsman Club
Best bass fishing in Ohio.
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Mansfield Rod Busters
Rod Busters are Proud Members of the BASS Federation and fish primarily in North Central Ohio.
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Marietta Marietta Bassmasters
Small club, we travel around south east and north east Ohio, WV, PA and NY. We are strictly catch and release, paper tournaments.
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Newark Cranberry Marsh Bass Club E-mail Contact
Pickerington Olde Canal Bass Anglers
We are TBF affiliated club conducting 9 tournaments
a year in the central Ohio area. We are accepting
new members both boaters & non-boaters.
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Piqua Miami Valley BassMasters
Centrally located, we run an average of 35 members.
Boaters and Nonboaters alike are welcome.
We run 8 tournaments throughout the year from Lake Erie to the Ohio River and all lakes in between.
Ohio's #1 Bass Club in Awards presented.
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Portage Lakes Portage Lakes Bass Club
We are a non-affiliated, trophies only club est.1976 in Akron, OH. The best stickes in the area fish Portage, Nimi, Milton, W.Branch, Mosquito & other NEO lakes. Good fellowship, board ran and beautiful embroidered jackets for AOY & Classic champs. Low cost competition.
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Toledo Bass Unlimited of Toledo
A small growing club fishes a vast variety of lakes, from Lake Erie to the small inland lakes of Michigan and Indiana. Each year the club fishes a 8-10 tournament schedule with prizes and awards given out at the end of the year.
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Trenton Bass Pro Shops Ohio Tournament Trail
Ohio team tournament sponsored by Bass Pro Shops. With a championship on KY Lake.
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Trenton Southern Ohio Bass Challenge
Fish local lakes and qualify for 4 national championships. 
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Trenton Buckeye Bass Tournaments (Open)
Weekly open tournaments at Acton Lake & monthly open tournaments at Rocky Fork Lake.
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Warren Midwest Sportsman
This is a great tournament trailer but we have changed it for North East Ohio District and it will be every Tues. afternoon during the month of April and then bi-weekly during May to August we will fish from 5:30 until dark on lakes like Mosquito, Berlin, Portage Lake, West branch and Lake Milton. For a list of dates and time please email. Thanks Chuck.
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Xenia Little Miami River Bass Club
We are a small club we started out about 3 years ago.
We are up to about 15 members. We accept boaters and non-boaters; we fish a tournament a month right at 10 per year. We also have a youth group and put on kidn casting shows. Contact Mike: 937-376-2816.
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Zanesville Y-City Bassmasters
We fish 8 tournaments within a 50 mile radius of Zanesville. 4 small HP lakes and 4 unlimited HP lakes.
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