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Updated May 10/20

Aurora Aurora Backlashers
Laid back keyed Bass Club for the working
Fisherman, we fish Table Rock, Stockton, Pomme
de Terre, Grand Lake, Taneycomo and Truman.
We fish 11 tourneys each year. Visit our website.
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Climax Springs Mid Lake Bassmasters
We fish Lake of the Ozarks from Runaway 2 Resort
at the 47 mile mark.
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Columbia Mexico Bassmasters
Draw club - open for boaters and non-boaters. BASS Nation affiliated, fish up through State, Region and Nationals. We fish 10 tournament a year all over Central Missouri.
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Columbia Ozark Mountain Anglers
Buddy club that has 10 tournaments plus fishoff each year. Meet at Elks in Columbia before each tournament. Fish LOZ, Truman, Mark Twain, Stockton. $70 per team tournament entry.
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Forsyth Forsyth Bass Club
We are all about sharing knowledge about the sport. Our monthly meetings are the 2nd Monday at 7 PM at the Elks Lodge. Monthly draw tournaments using the measure and release format.
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Fredericktown Arrowhead Bass Club
We are a small club that fish Wappapello, 
Clearwater and Council Bluff. Interested?
Stop by City Glass in Fredmo.
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Fulton Callaway Bass Anglers
The club travels to the Lake of the Ozarks, Mark Twain and Truman Lake. CBA has 5 buddy-bass tournaments, 3 open tournaments and a two-day year end fish-off. A small competitive club that is great 
for part-time anglers who enjoy competitive fishing.
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Hannibal Mark Twain Bassmasters
BASS affiliated club fishing 10 tournaments per year in the northeast Missouri area.
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Higginsville Top Gun Bass Club E-mail Contact
Independence Nothin' But Toads
We are a young club from the Kansas City area.
We fish up to 10 different lakes throughout the year with a team series and a single angler series.
Feel fee to drop us a line.
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Joplin Southwest Missouri Bass Club
We are the oldest bass club in Missouri (est.1969).
We fish 12 to 13 tournaments a year on approx.6 different lakes. We fish Feb.-Dec and nights in the summer months. We are about learning the sport of bass fishing and building friendships. We encourage non-boaters to join. 
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Kansas City International Federation of Black Bass Anglers
Our organization is nation and worldwide.
The IFBBA will have its 15th anniversary Diversity tournament May 15-16 2010 on Truman Lake. 
You must have an ethnic minority and or woman as your buddy to compete.
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Kansas City Men of Honor Bass Club
The club is based out of Kansas City, MO and we 
have been going strong since Jan.21/2001.
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Kansas City Absolutely Bass E-mail Contact
Kansas City Raytown Bass Club
Engage in competitive bass fishing among ourselves for the purpose of sharing knowledge about the
sport, sportmanship on and off the water and fair play.
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Kirksville 1000 Hills Bass Club
Online home of the 1000 Hills Bass Club, located in Kirksville, MO.
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Lee's Summit BLW Bass Club
If you want to fish with the best then join the tour, but if you want to have fun and learn how to catch bass this is the club for you. 
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Nixa/Clever Night Crawlers
We are a multi-species fishing club. Looking for new members to share fishing tactics. We like to put on local monthly tournaments.
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Park Hills East Ozark Bass Club
Fish Southern and Central Missouri: Loz, Pomme de Terre, Wappalello, Council Bluff, Kinkaid, Stockton
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Rolla Central Missouri Bass Masters
We are a BASS affiliated club that fishes 12 club tournaments a year. We fish paper tournaments to promote catch & release. 
Greg Richardson 573-201-4798
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Springfield TinBoats BassClub
Aluminum only membership bass club fishing Pomme, Stockton, Table Rock. Great guys fishing great waters.
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Springfield Lost Creek Bass Club
We are a draw club, we meet once a month and fish once a month. 24 members is our maximum. We fish 6-7 south Missouri Lakes, Truman, LOZ, Stockton, Pommi, Table Rock, Bull Shoals, Tanneycomo, Norfolk Lake and sometimes Grand Lake. Fish for points and are members of BASS & MBCA. 
Questions: Call Kirby: 417-880-3556 cell.
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Springfield Shredlife Fishing Club
No membership fees or dues, just a group of friends who love to fish and trade tips and tricks! We fish Table Rock and Lake of the Ozarks.
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Springfield Willard Bass Club
Solo club with limited membership promoting sportsmanship and friendship.
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Springfield Ozark Mountain Bassmasters N/A
St.Charles St.Charles County Hawg Hunters
Looking for boaters or non-boaters to join a club full of guys that have a good time and enjoy a little competition among friends. We fish LOZ, Twain and 1 or 2 other lakes. We're registering now (Nov/13) until the first tournament in early March. We're a federated club.
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St.Joseph St.Joe Bass Club
Blue collar workers chasing green fish. We are not our for blood. We are all here to learn and don't
mind sharing ideas and strategies. We compete in 7 tournaments per season not counting the Federation Tourney.
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St.Joseph Pony Express Bass Club N/A
St.Louis St.Louis Bassin Bass Club
Are you interested in fishing and having fun?
Our club is recreational with a tournament style
format with boaters and non-boaters competing against each other. Check us out on FB.
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St.Louis St.Louis Bass Busters
Est.1972 and currently have about 60 members; boaters and non-boaters. BASS affiliated club and have 8 tournaments a year. Tournaments are on a blind draw basis that pairs up boaters and non-boaters on a random basis.
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St.Louis Hawg Hawlers Bass Club
Hawg Hawlers is a non-affiliated club started in 1988. In 2002 we had 159 members and fished 10 tournaments all over Missouri.
We offer a unique type of fishing where competition is present but NOT the main thing. We're oriented to family fishing, w/many wives, sons, daughters & girlfriends participating. Many times pattern info is shared BEFORE our tournaments. This is done to help others catch fish and have fun.
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St.Louis Bush Beaters
Est.1994, Bush Beaters fishes 7 tournaments a year with a 70% payout for top 3 places and Big Bass.
1st 5 places pay for Angler of the Year based on number of members.  We fish central and north-central Missouri.
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Troy Troy Bassmasters
We are a young, small club looking to grow. Come learn from other club members and help the club grow. Low club dues and low entry fees.
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Warsaw Benton County Mo Bass
Boater or non boater, this is a great way to learn Truman Lake and get to know some good guys that love to fish.
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West Plains Doss and Harper Bass Club
If you're looking for a good bass club come fish with us. We fish Norfork, Bull Shoals and Table Rock.
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Whiteman Whiteman BassMasters
If you are in central Missouri and would like to
join a Bass Club, look us up. We fish Truman,
Lake O., Pomme and Stockton.
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