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XPRESS Likes & Dislikes

I love my Xpress. I bought it used 3 years ago. I would love to have a new H24B, I'm saving for one now. My only complaint is the seats are garbage. Xpress should can the vendor that makes their seats. I cannot believe they build such a quality boat, put a Yamaha motor on it, aluminum trailer and then put seats in it that fall apart so easily. What are they thinking?
Greg - AL                 2008 Xpress H51 w/90 Yamaha                                                          
All likes from me. Got ride of a 19' Sea Pro CC and an Xpress 16DB to combine both worlds into 1 boat. Still have a great ride like the Sea Pro with the ease of use of an aluminum boat. Runs 52 mph w/2 people, gas, etc. That's stock with no JP and no tuning done yet. Just got back from a weekend 5 hour boat ride (one way) and had more than enough room and super comfortable.
Floorsander - SC     2012 Xpress H20 Bay w/150 Yamaha 4Stroke                                     
WOW. I just got rid of 2 G3 boats and ended up with a 2000 with me being the 1st owner.
This was "supposedly" the owner of Xpress' personal boat/demo which was loaded. I cannot be more pleased. The 200 Optimax with the "perfectly" tuned in jackplate got me at 74 mph and I let off. Boat rides GREAT, plenty of room to fish and I couldn't be happier!
Alexmlane - AL       2000 Xpress X19 w/200 Merc Optimax                                                
Holeshot is tremendous and fast....top end is 58 mph @ 5200 rpm, with 2 people and gear, with
1 person and gear about 61 mph. Never experienced any problems other than paint flakes off easily.
Bondosus - LA        2001 Xpress H51 w/150 Merc                                                                
Likes: Good solid boat that hits top end fast. Top end is about 45 mph. Xpress is a well respected aluminum boat name. Welding was generally done very professionally.
Dislikes: Transom has stress cracks by the motor mounting, it porpoises at top end unless trim tabs are installed. Gas tank could be larger capacity. Weld separated in front of console where side-wall and hull met on driver side.
BassTaurus - MO    1992 Xpress H51 (Alum-Weld actually) w/100 Merc                       
Bought this boat a few months ago, for the price it's hard to beat. Large front deck, handles water well for a 17' boat, 50 pushes it close to 40 mph by myself on speedo, large rod boxes.
Dislikes: Built in gas tank should be standard, have a 12 gallon it it now and have to open hatch to check fuel which is a pain. Wish all companies would install 5" indash finders instead of these small screens that you can't change because of room.
Thomas - NC           2008 Xpress SV-17 w/50 Yamaha                                                       
Looks like there hasn't been a post here in a while. By looking at the posts Xpress has addressed all of the concerns of front deck, finish of trailer and boat. Had the pleasure getting one of these boats this past weekend and was truly amazed at the room and fishability of this boat with the new 250SS. This boat was a pleasure both to drive and to fish out of. Hardly used any gas, if you have not looked at these boats in the last while you should take a look now, they are truly on their game.
BrianB - ON            2007 Xpress X21 w/Suzuki 250SS                                          
Xpress seems to build a pretty solid boat but quality control on the boat and trailer needs some work. At least on mine.
Among the dislikes are the front deck is a little short. Had a difficult time seeing the X51 in the hump to the right of the console due to the angle at which it was mounted. Bought a bracket and mounted it on the hump which cured the problem.  Carpet under the console on the sides fell down when the boat was about six months old. Glued that back.
The ground wire on the side lights on the trailer was pop-riveted which was not tight resulting in the side lights not working part of the time. The white ground wire on the trailer light plug was not connected to anything resulting in none of the trailer lights working at times. But these are minor.
The major dislike is the fix resulting from a recall.  Most if not all 2004 H-51s were recalled due to failing to meet a Coast Guard floatation requirement. The fix was to mount four boxes of floatation foam in the rear compartment which filled up about every cubic inch of extra room.
Getting to hoses and wiring in the future is going to be a real problem.  I feel Xpress could have come up with a better fix but took the easy way out.
Don - TX                2004 Xpress H-51 w/90 Merc                                                               
   Love the styling of the boat and color (Gunmetal) on the aluminum trailer. Finish on the boat and trailer are pretty good. Had some pained over welding slag on boat. Trailer pulls good and is easy to load on.  I would like to see a torsion axle offered as an option on the trailers for a smoother ride, and a horizontal crossways frame tube under the bow to mount a spare tire on.
   So far my highest dislike is the lack of a front deck.  When seated your foot is literally under the seat to work a foot controlled TM, Very uncomfortable!  The front deck (IMHO) needs to go back all the way to the console & the seat mount moved rearward a foot (+/-).  It would be much more user friendly by doing that.  Also the rod box is open to the front storage compartment, I'd like to have a divider in there to keep anything kept in storage from getting hooked or breaking a rod tip.
   This is my 3rd Xpress and probably won't be my last.  If I had this one to do over again I would find a X54 in the Gunmetal color, I would have to choose it just because it has a larger front deck and a better gauge layout on the dash.
Rmart30 - AL               2005 Xpress H51 w/90 Johnson                                                       
Fast boat, easy to fish from, huge back deck, handles rough water well.
Dislikes: Rod box holding water, front deck could be bigger, paint seems to be softer than my old Fisher Marine. Also trailer has welding slag painted over, also when backing boat up with big engine front end has tendancy to whip around. Has some porpoising at high speed, but for its faults I like this boat and would buy it again.
MKS - OH                     2002 Xpress H51 w/90 Yamaha                                                       
Likes: I really like the durability, fishability & resistance to all types of weather.
Since it had no wood, I don't worry about water in the bilge, or keeping it outside in my driveway with the cover on.  Also, makes it really easy to clean after fishing.  Me and the kids just get the hose and go to town.  If you want a shiny creme puff this is not your boat, it is a working man's boat that has fish-appeal.
Dislikes:  Rod locker holds water toward the back and livewell is too small.
Txbasser - TX                 2002 Xpress X17 w/115 Yamaha                                                     
Like the holeshot but dislike the problem of fine tuning props to stop porpoising. Currently turning 25" Laser II w/6" jackplate. Engine as high as possible.  Good holeshot, good speed with this setup. My biggest gripe is trailer.....had trailer snap spring in two on the highway and destroy trailer with some cosmetic damage to boat.  I was not pleased with factory response to this problem at all.  This rig was less than a year old when trailer came apart....hey, I feel better!
Razor                                97 Xpress H51 w/C115 Yamaha                                                     
I love everything about the boat, just go through it as with any aluminum rig and search for sharp edges to cover with addition trim.  The holeshot is wicked and top end is unbelievable for a 150: 65 mph.  'Glass looks and hi-performance with a pro-style bass layout.  Get the second console for looks and passenger comfort - they're removable.  Trailer could be beefier (done in 2001 models).  Heard they rust easily so I got galvanized option.  EFI is sooo sweet & easy to cold-start!  Replaced the black rubber guides on trailer with clear polyurethane - no more black smudges on my white hull.  Could go on & on with superlatives about the boat though.......
XpressYourself - NH        00 Xpress X19 w/150 Merc EFI                                                  

This boat trailers good, fishes good, and all-around performs good.  The holeshot is second to none and handles like it's on rails.  It's the best looking aluminum I have seen.  It has a lot of storage, good size rod boxes and livewells.  The trolling motor pulls it around better than glass boats, but the wind does push it around easier too.  Nothing to really complain about but these minor things....no insulated coolers...I wish the trailer was a little more heavy duty (C channel); the new ones have tube trailers, and the seat have already stitching coming apart....but that could be due to everyone using them for steps instead of the real step.  It's my second one and would still recommend it to any one.  Xpress....xpect to be impressed!
Mike - MI            99 Xpress w/ Yamaha VMax                                                                     12/3/01