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VISION Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Rides and is setup like the old Ranger boats. Most guys that I fish with that own Raners say it rides as good if not better for a 16' boat. Plenty of storage for a 16' boat. I still use the boat weekly and it looks as it did the day I bought it in 1989. 56 mph GPS with just me and tourney package. 50 mph with a partner.
Dislikes: Like everyone else, they don't make them anymore. Boat sits too low in the water unless it is trimmed all the way up while running wide open. Causes a wet ride for everyone if the water is rough. Water also comes over the back deck if you stop too fast. Battery boxes could be bigger, but that is being picky on a 16' boat. The trailer is one of the best ever seen, it does squeak, but still have original paint with only minor blemishes. 
Overall, love it but I am going to upgrade to a 20-21' Ranger or Triton soon.
Firemanrob213 - KY    1987 Vision V-160 w/115 Mariner                                         
Awesome boat, runs fast, very smooth ride. Only problem is they quit making them.
And in California nobody really knows about them. I tell them what I have and they're like what kind of boat, who makes it?  Then I tell them that it was designed by John Storie. He also designed Champion, Hawk and Viper. If anyone has any kind of feedback or would like to swap information or stories, feel free to contact me.  P.S. Looking for an owners manual and an electrical diagram. Also need some help with setups.
Juan - CA                  1992 Vision 185T w/200 Merc                                                   

Likes: By far the best riding and fishing boat I have ever been in.  I have fished many tournaments, including Redman, and have never been in a boat that rides and handles this well.  It runs 70 mph in a 2 foot chop with a 25" High Five prop at 6400 rpm.  It sits low to the water, is light at 1200 lbs and the hull design lets it slice waves instead of pound them.  The V is thru the pad for a smooth ride and great cornering.  (Every tournament angler who has been paired with me has the same comments about the boat.)

Dislikes: Only one, the High Five prop locks tight, so deceleration is rapid, causing water on the back deck if you stop quickly.
Terry - GA                1990 Vision 201DC w/200 Mariner                                                  12/31