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VENTURE Likes & Dislikes

Love this boat, stable, good on rough water, pops up on plane and reaches wot quickly.
Wish it had a bigger motor, 70 is the rating and that would be perfect, w/trim.
Stinkies Daddy - AR
     84 Venture Kricket w/ 40 Mariner                                          
Likes: Very Fast, Stable boat.  Good storage space.
Dislikes: Front deck is very small.  Could use a bigger deck.  Battery compartment also very small.  Took trickery to get 3 trollers and a charger to fit.
Samdaman - MS     89 Venture Tournament Edition Regatta w/89 Merc 150 XR4     

Lots of room, very stable, dry ride, fast and plenty of storage.
DougH - AL     88 Venture DC Tournament Edition w/ 150 Merc                                   4/16