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Yamaha 150 VMax TRP Setup Tips

Most are aware of the 150 Twin Counter Rotating Prop bass motor - The TRP V-Max.
We have had many hours of running time setting up this motor on different platforms.  This baby is the hottest 150 available today but it has some very unique characteristics that you need to be aware of to maximize your performance.  Understand that at Nichols Marine we are not a "high performance" dealership.  We are, however, a "maximum performance" dealer.  What this means is that if you want to modify the propshaft HP of your engine we are not the people to talk to.  If you do want some free and helpful advice on maximizing the performance of your Yamaha powered Champion (regardless of where you bought it) through jackplates, props and other setup tips, you have come to the right place.

Now, read on and we will teach you how to "Harness the Beast".........

Remember, the TRP has a midsection that is over 2" shorter than a standard 150 and has a factory supplied low water pick-up and a crescent leading edge type gearcase.  The props are two counter rotating surfacing "chopper" type propellers.  This would imply that the motor will run considerably higher than your present motor.  However, this is not always true.   The TRP motor is very weight sensitive and will run best at various heights under different load conditions.  Load your boat exactly as you intend to run it 90% of the time, (i.e., 2 people, full gas, 80 lbs. tackle, etc.,)  Install the motor on a jackplate.  Start out so the relationship (distance) between the pad and the propshaft is the same as your old motor.  When in doubt just set it as low as possible.  Then run the boat and verify with radar or GPS (your speedometer is a joke, trust me.)  Raise in 1/4" increments until your speed begins to decrease and your RPM's continue to increase.  Then go back down by 1/8" increments until you find the "sweet spot". 
Don't worry if in the beginning you got some wild or weird torque, it will go away as the motor gets dialed in.  I believe this height sensitivity is caused by the current props not having any cup (we will tell you the reason for that another day).  But, before you let your local prop yahoo start banging on your blades, there is something that you should know.  Any imbalance or difference in "prop bite" between the two props will result in steering torque resuming.  But don't worry, your TRP will still kick everyone's butt. 

Good Fishing,
Rico Silvera     Nichols Marine    www.nicholsmarine.com