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Triton TR 21 Prop Testing Results

6/9/00   In mid May, I took my TR 21 down to Nashville, (from Toronto), to get it properly setup by Todd Morgan.  Personally, I think that Todd is one of the best setup guys around on the Tritons, and he's also quite knowledgeable on other brands as well.

My TR21 is setup with a  6" Detwiler manual jackplate and a 225 Yamaha 3.1 liter motor. I took my 25" and 27" Yamaha ProSeries props with me.

We also tested a 26" Trophy small hub, a 26" Trophy large hub, and a  27" Predator Dominator.  We had a couple of other props, but for some reason they wouldn't fit properly on the Yamaha.

We started with a full tank (56 U.S. gallons) of stabilized fuel that had been in the boat since I had put the boat away in October for  winter storage.  We had some water in the livewells, other than that, the boat wasn't carrying tournament gear, etc.

We ran the 25" ProSeries prop first as a baseline.  At 5.25" off the transom, we hit 73.5 mph @ 5900 rpm with 20# water pressure. (2 guys in the boat; total weight approx. 430 lbs.)  At 6" off the transom - 73.5 mph @ 5900 rpm w/ 22# pressure.

Next we ran the 26" Trophy small hub at 6.25" off the transom and got 73.8 mph @ 5800 rpm w/ 18# pressure.  The Trophy didn't handle well at this motor height, it lifted the stern too much and wanted to pull the boat sideways.

Next, the 27" Predator Dominator.  At 6 1/8" off the transom - 71.8 mph w/ 20# pressure.
We then ran the 26" Trophy large hub at 6 1/8" off the transom and got 73.0 mph w/ 18# water pressure.

The last prop to be tested, the 27" Yamaha ProSeries proved to be the best. With the motor set at 6 9/16" off the transom, we got 74.8 mph @ 5800 rpm (75.4 w/ 1 man @ 260#),  with 18# of water pressure.
There was virtually no chinewalk up to 5400, (approximately 72 mph). The handling was drastically improved and the speeds were higher. The holeshot is excellent!!

I personally feel that the Tritons operate best with the motors high on the transoms; the chinewalking lessens greatly.

Note: Keep in mind that the Yamahas can be run higher on the transom than some of the other motors due to the design of the water intakes.  I would expect if you wanted to run a Merc EFI at this height you would most likely need to plug the top two water intake holes.  If you're prop testing and playing with motor heights, please keep a close watch on water pressure. 

Take care,   Al Shields