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 Updated 11/26/16


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03 Stroker 21
04 300 Merc
32 Performer, 4" Detwiler hydraulic, HDS5, HDS8, MK Maxxum 70#. Propshaft is 2.6" above pad. 104 mph @ 6200 rpm gps. 
"I also run a 26 Promax at 6640 rpm, 93 mph."
 MrStrokerDee - GA
00 Stroker
02 300 Merc X
32 P3 prop, hydraulic jackplate. "110 mph @ 6400 stock 300X, just shortshafted so more to come. Only other boat I'd own would be another Stroker."  CBailey - LA
99 Stroker
11 250 Merc
     Sport XS
30 Bravo, 14" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance HDS8, HDS7, MinnKota Fortrex 101#. Propshaft is 1" above the pad. 86 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps). "Speed loaded with 2 Power Poles, 4 batteries, 101# troller, 15 rods, butt load of tackle, by myself, with a torquemaster lower with the top 4 holes plugged. Just got the Sport XS with a sporty and have already ran 92 with it unloaded but still learning to drive it over 90. Lol!"  Fishin Fever - FL
01 Stroker 21DC 32" Performer, 14" Detwiler hydraulic, Nordskog GPS speedo,  Coreyboyett - AR
05 250 Merc Lowrance flasher, Bluewater Pro, Motorguide Tour 80#.  PHOTO   PHOTO
       Optimax XS Propshaft is 1.5" above the pad. 94.8 mph @ 5800 rpm (gps).  PHOTO   PHOTO
  "Love my Stroker! I'd never own another brand of boat."  
04 Stroker 30" Hydromotive, 14" Detwiler hydraulic, Eagle GPS, Eagle   Strokinrun - TX
06 250XS Merc fishfinder, Motorguide 82# Digital. Propshaft is 2 to 2.5" above  PHOTO
  the pad. 95 mph @ 5750 rpm (gps)."Great boat with good ride..a   
  head turner, still working on setup and props. Will still run 90ish  
  fully loaded with 2 people. I will always own a Stroker."  
03 Stroker 30" Chopper, 12" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance GPS, Motorguide  Kevin S - LA
05 280 Merc 767 TM.  90+ mph (gps). "Will add more later......."  
99 Stroker 21DC 30" Merc Lightning ET, Detwiler hydraulic.  93XD - AL
99 300 Mariner    
02 Stroker 21DC Hydraulic jackplate. 80.3 mph (gps).  Bigdaddy2508 - MS
03 225X Merc    
00 Stroker 21DC 30" Performance prop, 15" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance 332C,  Painkiller - TN
03 300X Merc Johnson TM. 103 mph (gps).  
05 Stroker 26" Performance prop, 16" Xtreme Marine 4 link jackplate,   Xtremebasser - TX
95 260 Merc Motorguide Tour 82#. "Haven't got to test it yet."  
06 Stroker  30" Bravo, 12" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance 332C, X96,   Captomaship - LA
     21 XDC Motorguide Tour 82#. "1st Stroker and love it! Will have to update  
06 250XS Merc on speeds, I am just now getting her broke in."  
00 Stroker  Many props, 33" and up, Detwiler hydraulic 6" + 4" extension,  Spider1 - LA
    21XDC Garmin 162 GPS, Lowrance X52, MinnKota Maxxum 74#.  
05 300 Yamaha 97.1 mph @ 6100 rpm (gps). Titus lower unit on the Yamaha.  
06 Stroker 30" Performer, 14" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance 332C, X125,  Stroker300x - AR
06 300X Merc Motorguide Tour 82#. Propshaft is 3" above the pad.  
  107 mph @ 6900 rpm (gps). "I have owned several Strokers, this   
  one is by far my fav."  
01 Stroker 30" Performer, hydraulic jackplate.  97.5 mph (gps). Strokingandsmiling - AR
01 250XB Merc    PHOTO
06 Stroker 21DC 33" Hydromotive prop, 14" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance X15mt, Strokedyamaha - KS
98 300+  Lowrance 480, MinnKota Edge 70#. Propshaft is 2.5" above pad.  
HydroTec/ Yamaha 105 mph @ 6600+ rpms (gps). "My second Stroker, it keeps   
  getting faster. HydroTec has done all the mods on this one, it's a  
  Rocket! Almost 20 mph faster than the last one."  
06 Stroker 21 30" Performer, 12" Detwiler hydraulic, Eagle 480GPS, 320,  ASPB - GA
02 300 Merc Motorguide 71#.  Propshaft is 3+ above the pad.  
  105.1 mph @ 6500 rpm (gps).    
99 Stroker 21DC 28" Raker, 12" Detwiler hydraulic, Garmin Vista GPS, Pinpoint   WI Stroker - WI
99 225 Johnson 7520 on dash, Pinpoint 2700 trolling motor. Propshaft is 1.5"   PHOTO   PHOTO
            HO above the pad. "DTS nosecone (Dempsy Thompson Special),  PHOTO   PHOTO
  Pinpoint 7250's on the dash and at the bow, 120 psi heads,   PHOTO   PHOTO
  relieved exhaust. 50 lbs of lures. "Runs 80 mph with 2 people, gear,  
  1/2 tank of gas."  
03 Stroker 21 28" Bullet Cut Chopper, 12" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance X71  WestCoastBull - CA
03 300X Merc front, Lowrance LMS-240 GPS dash, Motorguide 109# TM.  PHOTO   PHOTO
  Propshaft is 1 1/2" above the pad. 95+++ mph.  PHOTO   PHOTO
  "This is a very fine boat. I have only had the boat for one year now   PHOTO   PHOTO
  and the top speed just keeps getting faster. I fish the CA Delta a lot  
  and love to show it off.  The Stroker is a very fine boat to fish out   
  of, and the layout is just right.  WCB..."  
99 Stroker 21 26" Lightning ET, 16" Detwiler hydraulic, Motorguide 676,   Rene - LA
98 260 Merc Propshaft is 1/2" above the pad. 97.2 mph @ 7800 rpm (gps).  
  "It ran 90.6 with a full fishing load. I'll be updating with pictures  
97 Stroker 21DC 27" Trophy, 16" Detwiler hydraulic, Garmin 240's (2).  Hemistroker - GA
00 225 Merc Motorguide 67# TM. 82.3 mph @ 6200 rpm (gps)   PHOTO   PHOTO
            ProMax "More to be had with more setup time."  
00 Stroker Spinelli prop, Detwiler hydraulic, Pinpoint electronics,  Stroked-Out - LA
     300 Merc MinnKota Saltwater series TM. 94 mph @ 6200 rpm (gps).  
            ProMax "Still learning this boat."  
03 Stroker 32" Big Ear Chopper, 12" Detwiler hydraulic,   Craig - LA
     250X Merc Lowrance GPS, MotorGuide 767 TM. Propshaft is 1 1/2" above  PHOTO   PHOTO
  the pad.  90+ mph.   PHOTO   PHOTO
   Updated 2/7/03... "I just switched from 280SS to the new 250XS.  I am turning a 32"  PHOTO
  Chopper.  I ran 73 mph @ 5500 rpms, then went to 5600 rpms @  
  83 mph, then 5700 rpms @ 90.4 mph.  I know this motor has the   
  capability for more speed because I had 25+ lbs of water pressure  
  so I need to raise my motor more on the bracket and the motor's   
  rev limiter is @ 5900 rpms so I still have a couple of hundred to   
  play with.  The motor is great on fuel.  I will be adding a smartcraft  
  gauge to see exactly how much fuel it burns at certain rpms."  
02 Stroker 21DC 29" Hoss, 13.5" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance 1240A (2),  Keith - KS
     300 Merc Gaffrig GPS speedo, MotorGuide 767 TM.   PHOTO   PHOTO
  Propshaft is 1" above the pad.  94 mph @ 6200 rpm (gps).  PHOTO   PHOTO
  "Still working with props, it has plenty left.  I've owned other Bass  
  Boats the last 20 years and nothing compares to this. NOTHING!"  
02 Stroker 21DC 28" Merc, 12" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance X71's (2),   Hamilme - FL
     280 Merc Motorguide Brute 767. Propshaft is 1/5" above the pad.  
  103 mph @ 7500 rpm (gps). "I have owned my Stroker now for a   
   Updated 7/9/03... year, it is without a doubt an awesome boat! The boat fishes great,  
  has a lot of room for storage, etc. Not to mention, it's fast!!  
  Touch wood, I have yet to have any other boat pass me."  
99 Stroker 21DC 28" Lightning ET, 12" Detwiler hydraulic.   Oneniner - LA
     240+ Merc 90.4 mph @ 6600 rpm (gps). "I am putting 14 pedal reed front   
  half on in a few weeks, will post new speed after installed."  
01 Stroker 21DC 28" Bullet Cut Chopper II by Mark Evans at Props Plus,   JZappa - WI
02 2.5 Merc 280 12" Detwiler hydraulic w/4" setback extension. Zercom CID,   PHOTO
    Offshore Race  Pinpoint 7500, Pinpoint 3700-42. Propshaft is 1 1/2" above pad.  PHOTO
  106.3 mph @ 8500 rpm. "106 with a full tank of gas and two  PHOTO
  people in the boat.  My father won't fish with me anymore!"  PHOTO
02 Stroker 21DC 28" Trophy, 28" Custom Cut Chopper, 10" Detwiler hydraulic,  Julian - GA
     280 Merc Lowrance X70, Minnkota 74# TM.  
  80 mph @ 5500 rpm (gps). "Have ran 20 tanks of gas and  
  Mercury 280 hp will not break out, due to Mercury's idiotic  
  brain! Boat takes water really good and has plenty of room.  
  Very happy with Stroker boat, dissatisfied with Mercury 2.5   
96 Stroker 21DC 27" Tempest, Detwiler hydraulic jackplate, Sonix SVC 703,   touban - Japan
     225 Merc Lowrance X70, Pinpoint TM. Propshaft is even with pad.  PHOTO
            ProMax 80 mph @ 6100 rpm (gps).  PHOTO
96 Stroker 21DC 26" Powertech 4 blade, 8" Detwiler hydraulic, Eagle electronics,  Psychojohn - AL
     300 Merc MotorGuide 750 Brute. "White with Burgundy flake deck and  
           ProMax side stripes, Silver/Gold pins, Burgundy carpet and Silver seats.  
  Deck extension, flush mount cleats, black light fixtures, third seat  
  hole in the deck, hydraulic steering, hot foot, manual/auto bilge  
  pump, emergency start system, map light, lighted rod boxes and   
  livewells, rod storage racks in locker, retractable rod straps on   
  deck. DualPro charger, cooler, glove box, BoatMate single axle  
  trailer, drum brakes, stainless steel fenders, spare tire, wheel  
  upgrade with bearing buddies. What a ride! Am learning to drive  
  the pad so no WOT figures yet. For those unfamiliar with these  
  boats, an excellent fishing and running boat with a design and   
  finish second to none.  Don't buy your next boat before you test  
  drive a Stroker."  
00 Stroker 21 26" Trophy, 13" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance X75,   Fastglass1 - OR
     225 Merc MotorGuide 767 TM. Propshaft is 1.5" above the pad.  PHOTO
            ProMax 83 mph @ 6750 rpm (gps).  PHOTO
00 Stroker 21 28" Trophy, 14" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance X65's (2),   280ssStroker - VA
     280 Merc Garmin GPS 165, Minnkota 74# Maxxum. Propshaft is 1.25"   PHOTO
     Short Shaft above the pad.  98.7 mph @ 7500 rpm (gps). "Have seen 87 mph  PHOTO
  with two aboard and full tournament load, ice chest full along with   PHOTO
  live well full.  With one onboard light load, I've seen 98.7 gps'd.  PHOTO
  Still believe I can see the upper side of 100 with a different prop.  
  Also onboard is a DualPro charger, hot foot, ProTrim, hydraulic  
  steering, 3 batteries, SS hold-downs."  
99 Stroker DC21 30" Hoss, 13" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance 1240A, X85,  PowerStrokerSVS
     300 Merc Minnkota Maxxum 74# manual w/ProControl.   - CO
  Propshaft is 1 1/2" above the pad.  Motor set in 5th hole.  
  Brucato SVS and Boyesen reeds.  "GPS on the fritz, I think I'll get   
  a GPS speedo. Have had it 6000 rpm with the 30" x 14.5" Hoss  
  but I'm still learning to drive it so I couldn't hole it for very long.  
  It's a bit different to drive than the Gambler I traded in."  
00 Stroker  25" & 28" Trophys, Detwiler hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance X65  Doug - NC
     280 Merc (bow), Lowrance indash, OMC trolling motor.  PHOTO
01 Stroker 21DC 28" Merc Chopper, 12" Detwiler hydraulic, Zercom indash flasher,  Strokertg - IA
     225 Merc Pinpoint 3700-42.  Propshaft is 1 1/2" below the pad.  
     ProMax SS 85-90 mph @ 7000 rpm (gps). "I really love this boat. I had a '99  
  with a 225 20" ProMax."  
00 Stroker 26" Cut Blade Merc Chopper, 13" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance  Mike - FL
     280 Merc LMS 160, X48. OMC 58# TM. 100+ @ 7700 rpm (gps)  PHOTO     
  "Will run 100+ with just me, light load, with 2 people and gear, it  PHOTO
  runs in the mid-90's".  PHOTO
00 Stroker 21DC 28" Raker, 12" Detwiler, Lowrance X48 (dash), X65 (bow),  John Kramer - MO
225 Johnson HO Minnkota Maxxum 74# TM. 83-85 mph @ 6200-6400 rpm (gps).  PHOTO
99 Stroker 21DC 28" Lightning ET, Detwiler 12" hydraulic, Lowrance X85's (2),  Stroker 300 - AZ
99 280 Merc MotorGuide TE780. Propshaft is 1.5" above the pad.  PHOTO
  104 mph @ 8200 rpm (gps). "This is my second Stroker.  PHOTO
  Updated 1/10/04... Still fine tuning this one. Throttle response is a lot quicker than my   PHOTO
  300 even with all the "X-tras". This boat was featured in Bass &  
  Walleye in 2000. Full tournament gear and two people still runs   
  mid-90's, any day, all day. Handles like a dream!!"  
00 Stroker 21 28" Merc Chopper, 13" Detwiler, Lowrance X75, MotorGuide  Ray - TX
     Merc 65# TM. Propshaft is 1" above the pad. 99.4 mph @ 7950 rpm  PHOTO
     Mod-260 (gps). "Just picked the boat up and it's great. Craftsmanship is 2nd  PHOTO
  to none and these guys (the Bryants), are intent on building the best  PHOTO
  fast bassboat you can buy. The speed test #s are with Kevin Bryant  
  driving and gps testing the boat. Peak horsepower on this motor is  
  at 8250; going to a 26" prop and I'll be giving my triple digit update  
96 Stroker 21 Trophy prop, 10" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance electronics,   Dave - FL
     225 Merc MotorGuide GreatWhite TM. 82 mph @ 6600 (radar). "A Stroker  PHOTO
        ProMax is likely to be confused with no other, a fact of which Stroker   
  owners are justifiably proud."  
99 Stroker 21 26" Trophy, 13.5" Detwiler hydraulic, Lowrance X85,X45,   Terry - WA
    225 Merc GM2000, MotorGuide TM. 84 mph @ 6600 rpm (gps).  PHOTO   PHOTO
97 Stroker 21 29" SRX (reworkedby DAH), 10" Detwiler hydraulic, Garmin   Stroker - TX
00   225 Merc 240, Lowrance X85, MotorGuide 67#.    PHOTO
 Updated 10/21 Propshaft is even with the pad.  78.0 mph @ 6750 rpm (gps).  
  "Just got a new motor it sucks...78 mph with the 26 Trophy, with   
  the SRX it hit 82 mph."  
99 Stroker 21 28" modified Chopper prop, 10" jackplate. White/Teal/Silver pin.   Dan Hare - FL   
     225 3.0 EFI  "She is sweet, I hate having to work"....  PHOTO   PHOTO