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STRATOS Likes & Dislikes

Boat has been great, absolutely no issues. Runs 73 mph with a 200 E-Tec and a 6" jackplate. Has a good ride in big water, good fishing platform. Ordered new in '05 with all the upgrades, will upgrade to a bigger Stratos in the future.
Scott - WI             2005 Stratos 294 Pro XL w/200 Evinrude E-Tec                                     
Just traded for the boat last week (2/22/10). It has a great ride in choppy water. Loaded both fuel tanks and with two of us it topped out at 65 mph. This boat gets on plane and rides better than my last Skeeter. I wish I could afford to buy a new one but since I have less than a thousand dollars in it I am tickled!
Puddle Jumper - MS    1988 Stratos 201 Pro w/200 Suzuki DT Exante                                  
I have had her for 16 years, never failed me. She still makes the heart skip when she is cleaned up. We have fished 17 states including Kennebec river out in the Atlantic for stripers. The gulf for tarpon and trout out of Ft.Myers, Fla.  Original motor NO problems other than when I tagged a stump and had to get a new lower unit. I mention Dale Hollow and smallmouth and I swear she shines prettier and the depthfinders kick on :).  Great Boat and Motor best buy of my life.
Stratosjoe - IL               1993 Stratos 274 VF w/150 Johnson Silver Star series.                  
Big front deck..Super big livewell--25" Fury prop, very fast out of the hole, top end 73 mph, flat no walk. Took time to get her to run flat, also very good with 27 Tempest. Evolution, best looking boat on the water. Lowrance 520c got water in it, had to send it back. 
DKinney - OR                2009 Stratos 294xle w/200 Merc Optimax                                      
Just bought it, I'll let you know after this weekend. I can say it's a big step up from my Nitro 750.
LostinAlabama - AL    2008 Stratos 201 XLDC w/250 Yamaha HPDI                                   
Just bought it on Jan 5th, 2009 out of GA. Test drove it on Lake Lanier and WOW never been on a faster rig. Now in Rhode Island sitting in my garage. I sit on it every night since I got it. 
I will report back in the spring time!!!
Mike the worm - RI     2007 Stratos 201 Pro XL w/250 Yamaha HPDI                                
Great boat for the money, has everything on it that a lot of the big boats have. It takes big water like a champ. So far it has been a joy to run and fish out of. Plenty of storage! Only dislike is when the boat is covered with boat cover it seems to build up a lot of fuel odors inside most every compartment. I really don't remember my old 201 doing this. But I'm going to add one more vent to tank and maybe even a deck vent of some kind. When out on the water you can't notice any smell at all. It's still a thrill for the size.
JandB Fishin - TN      2007 Stratos 285 ProXL w/150 Yamaha HPDI                                  
Likes: Everything
Dislikes: Worst chine walking boat that I have ever drove. I am getting the chine worked out, but man it can get away from you. It is a true 80 mph boat. I have had it to 76 mph. Great boat though.   
Josh M - OH              2006 Stratos 200 Pro XL w/225 Evinrude E-Tec HO                           
This boat has everything that the much more expensive companies offer. It is heavier than most, which makes it hold the water very well. Boat tops out at 78 mph with myself, my partner and all our fishing gear. I recommend getting a tandem trailer, it's worth the extra cash. Overall I love it! Many of my friends (Bullet, Ranger, 201 Pro, Triton owners) have all fished out of it and wish they had bought a 294 and saved about ten grand! Feel free to email me if you have questions!
Offbelew27 - VA           2007 Stratos 294XL w/200 Merc Optimax                                       
I've had this boat for two years, runs great 70+ mph, 200 Ficht runs great, the Lord blessed me with a wonderful boat. 
Dislikes: Backwash, coming of plane backwash is a big problem, other than that it's great.
Tugnduke - FL                2000 Stratos 19SS Extreme w/200 Evinrude                                    
This is the best ride I've been in. Rough water is no problem, good holeshot no matter load or
altitude. Runs fast, smooth and dry no matter conditions. Built very well, great standard features. Customer service has been outstanding from Stratos and dealer.
Only dislikes: 1. That I didn't buy one of these sooner, 2. BRP decal blew off motor when running full tilt.
Left Coast - OR               2005 Stratos 201 Pro XL w/225 Evinrude E-Tec HO                  
Great boat, not the fastest but when it gets rough I can still run 60 mph when Bullets & Blazers have to slow down. A very safe boat to drive. May update to E-Tec 225 HO to save on fuel and have more power.
Stratos22ssextreme - GA       2000 Stratos SS Extreme w/225 Johnson HO                
Likes: Handles and rides like a bigger boat, layout is good, plenty of leg room while driving.
46 mph with 2 guys and loaded.
Dislikes: Lays to the left until WOT.
Jimmy - FL            1989 Stratos 269 17 ft. w/Evinrude XP100                                                 
I really like the way the boat handles rough water for its size.  Very happy with the performance, very quick on pad. Boat is very fishable. Dislike the rod storage, but that's my fault. 
Bought dual console instead of single, not long enough for 7' rods.  I really like the motor, I have always had Mercs before. Wish I would have waited for the VMax, just to try it out. 
Dislike all the electrical issues I have had. First year and a half replaced all 3 batteries twice, replaced onboard charger, replaced trolling motor and replaced a couple of the gauges.
Luckily all covered under warranty.  Nervous now about the stress cracks showing up on the deck.  All in all, very happy with the boat. 
Bass-n-fire (fcapt608) - TX       2003 Stratos 185 w/150 Merc XR6                                        
Like the way it rides and performs out of the hole. Dislike the balance of the boat for top end, too much plowing for such a small boat and a 70 hp.
Twoscoots - NC           1989 255 Stratos w/70 Merc                                                                
I just bought this model and will not be picking her up until the end of March. Added lights in the storage areas. No jackplate. Company claims not needed with this new hull. Replaces the 195 ProXl. I will have to update new info after I get her on the water. 
Eastern Angler - PA       2005 Stratos 294 ProXL w/200 Evinrude E-Tec                             
I love the boat and have sent prop to DAH to have tuneup for the boats. It is dry and smooth.
The motor is easy to start and has not given me a minute of trouble and don't know if I will ever trade it or not, would like to have a new 201 but sure it would be as good.
Richard - IN             1997 Stratos 201DC w/200 Evinrude                                                   
Like the awesome stability. Nice huge storage compartments. Love my little cooler area.
The hull planes out in 3 seconds because of the initial  8" setback. Hull design can't be beat.
I'm running 48 mph with 2 men aboard and half a tank.
Dislike: Could only afford the 90 Johnson.
Muskyman75 - IL    2004 Stratos 275 ProXL w/90 Johnson                                          
Excellent handling boat.  Takes wakes like cutting soft butter, turns on a dime at high speeds, great holeshot, comfortable dry ride at any speed.  Performance excellent.  Ficht is quiet, smooth and quick.  Like driving it as much as fishing out of it!  Would not hesitate to buy another!
WSchmahl - NE     2002 Stratos 18 XLDC w/150 Ficht                                                          
The boat moves and holds water better than anything I've been in, had a 201, been in a lot of Rangers, Nitros, Champions, Skeeters, etc.  No chine walk at 75+ and feels like a sports car ride.  Better at rough water than all mentioned, it's a great boat.
Quality seems good but haven't been fishing in it enough to respond to 'fishability'.  
Too much hard water up here!  I miss my Johnson trolling motor but the MinnKota will be good once I use it enough.
The storage on this boat is unbelievable!  Any contact with Stratos has been outstanding and they get back immediately.  Looking forward to a good season.
Backlash - IL      2002 21 XLDC Stratos w/250 Yamaha                                                         
I like the boat itself, it is pretty solid throughout, I dislike the fact that it is a dual console and does not have a running rod rack for the passenger to store his rods.  The motor is a HUGE disappointment.  Engine cylinders blown twice within 3 years!  No warranty due to age and OMC problems.  Already spent 4K repairing first blown engine.  I'm considering putting a black engine on the back of this boat before I spend any more money on this motor.
It would be hard to persuade me to purchase another Evinrude regardless of who owns them now.
MikeS - NY         1997 Stratos 285PE w/150 Evinrude Ficht                                                 
Gotta be honest, I will say this. The boat itself handles great.  Fast and stable....well planned out design, great looks, thoughtful features....  It is a big water boat for sure and has a great layout.
The Yamaha 250 engine itself is a work horse and really like it - not an issue with it.
Just wish the minor, quality issues could be resolved quickly and not be dragged out. I also wish the customer service aspect were a requirement of a dealer.  Jeesh.  They have a way of making you feel like you stole the boat from them....
I also have yet to feel like a priority to any dealer.  If my boat is down, I miss tournaments, in my club and on trails.
A word to the wise.  Test drive the model you want first.  And when your boats arrives, DO NOT SIGN until you thoroughly review it and again...TEST DRIVE IT.  Had I insisted on this, I would not have had any issues.    
Good luck.....
BK - New England    2002 Stratos 21 XL Magnum w/250 Yamaha OX66                            
I like the storage and the way the boat looks.  I will never purchase another Stratos again, had boat for 8 months, only 2 times did it not break down.  I will say thay have great customer service from the factory.  Motor was great.
Basscatnow - VA   2000 Stratos 20 SS Extreme w/225 Johnson HO                                 
I had a 1993 201 Pro Stratos with a 200. That boat would run faster and smoother than the 21SS. I too wish I have my old boat back.
Timbo - VA        2000 Stratos 21 SS w/225                                                                               
I am very pleased with motor.  OMC has done well with this one. Fuel mileage is great.  Starts easy, just turn the key, no pumping bulb or choking.  
Not at all pleased with boat.  Hull design is not good.  Boat lays bad to left, no lift, slow out of the hole and very sluggish at slow speeds (below 50 mph).  I had 1988 201 Pro for 12 years prior. This boat was one of the finest boats made. Superior hull design!  I have bass fished for 30 years, club, federation and buddy tournaments.  So I have seen and been in a lot of boats on all kinds of water.  First bass boat was 1974 tri hull Ranger with 85 Johnson.  Wish I had 201 Pro back!!
David - NC         2000 Stratos 21 SS Extreme w/225 Evinrude                                               

Great boat, it's my second Stratos and my first new one and I'm not impressed with the trailer. I've got cracks on both sides of the trailer by the back lights. Warranty work already !!

Jeff - Ontario     2000 Stratos 295 ProElite w/ 175 Evinrude Ficht                                        10/22/01