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STORM  Likes & Dislikes

The number one reason I selected a STORM boat was the reputation for being the best CUSTOM boat on the lake.  My Red '91 Storm turns a lot of head on the dock and if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of me passing you.  After a day on the lake, I have no problem locating the Storm boat in the sea of other boat manufactures.
Lakewatchtv - TX     1991 Storm 20' 6" w/2000 225 ProMax                                            

I like the fact that this is a QUALITY made boat and that I don't have to worry about seeing its twin anywhere else.  The boat handles rough water better than my old Hydra Sports 18' deep V. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have a Merc 300 ProMax on the back, (at least not yet).  The owner, Rick Kornmeier Sr. has been extremely helpful, including the fact that he even sent me a copy of the original bill of sale and list of options for the boat. (How many manufacturers do you know that would still have that info as well as go to the trouble of sending it to you.)  I would rather have this 10 year old boat than a brand new Ranger/Bullet/Allison, etc., and when the time comes for a new one I'll be heading to Florida for my new custom 22' Storm.
Fishbusters - WI      1990 Storm Scorpio 20'6" w/Merc 200                                                10/7/01