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SPRINT  Likes & Dislikes

Got this boat about 6 years ago and love everything about it. I have had zero trouble from this boat or motor. Good riding, quick on plane, and easy to handle. Running a '94 115 yamaha with a 19 pitch Yamaha prop and hydro fin. Could not ask for a better boat and motor combo. Only dislike is the chine walk it has at idle speed. Just wish I had a bigger one!
Ky Bass Daddy - KY                  1994 Sprint 275 F/S w/115 Yamaha                                    
Bought the boat used and after a lot of TLC and tons of various modifications, I couldn't be happier with the boat. Runs great, gets on plane quick and rides dry. Motor's been worked, heads shaved, tuner modified, carbs from a 200, carbon fiber reeds, CMC 10" hydraulic jackplate, 26" Hydromotive blueprinted & balanced drag prop, hot foot, Garmin GPS, Lowrance depth finders and the list could go on and on. Great boat for the money I paid and no regrets at all.
Buckeye Sprint 290 DC - OH       2000 Sprint Pro 290DC w/150+ Merc XR6                      
Likes: This boat runs super and is very dependable. I have never had it lay down on me anywhere anytime. The hull is strong and this boat runs 55 mph with a load (me) and two tanks of gas. Stout deal and very affordable. Upholstery and trim, including carpet is very durable.
Very good on gas, I have fish Eufala-Guntersville with it and it does the job well.
Dislikes: I bought low end graphs in it and should have bought better but I was on a budget. I have since upgraded it. I waxed the boat one day and the special wax faded some of the "name" on the plate that is affixed to the boat stating the model. Real minor, but I am just pickin here.
Super boat value.
Rattling Rogue - GA      1996 Sprint 286Pro Tournament w/115 Evinrude                        
When I bought the boat I was looking for a boat with good floor space as well as good deck space.  I need this for my guide service, the 296 has both.  It also is affordable for a 19 ft. boat.
Chinewalk is hard to get out of them, just keep working it and you'll get most of it out.
Rod - VT              1999 Sprint 296 Pro w/200 Merc EFI                                                        
For a 18' class Bassboat it is a great boat for the money.  My Sprint came with a T&H 6" jackplate, hotfoot and Trim on the wheel.  The boat has great speed; with a tournament load I can get 70 mph and with great stability.
Dislikes: I should have thought about the gas tank.  Being this was my first ever boat, it only came with 29 gallon tank and a carburated 175 Johnson.  My range is limited on big lakes like Kerry and Santee Cooper, so I suggest for first time buyers - use this site to help answer questions you may have.
RADNC - NC        2000 Sprint 290 Pro/Millenium Edition w/ 99 175 Johnson                    1/22/01

Great boat for the money, rides and handles pretty good.  Speed is great for a boat this heavy.  Fit and finish is good.  Storage and fishability is great!  Deck layout couldn't be better, but adding the deck insert makes a great improvement.
The only dislike I have now is when fully loaded with my partner and the livewells are full, the holeshot is SLOW!  It's a problem with all Sprints and the prop guru said it can be fixed with a prop tuning.  I will let you know!!
Viper 296 - VA
      1999 Sprint 296 Pro  w/200 Merc EFI                                                    10/9/00