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95 Procraft   Q: Starts to chinewalk at 65 speedo, have to trim back down.  I want to go
     SuperPro 200 faster and be able to get more bow lift. I have a Doel Fin and it gets out of the hole
  fine.  Do you have any suggestions?
25" Laser 2     A: Prop is a junker.....Laser 2 isn't very good....go to a 25 Tempest and I think
65 @ 5800 rpm you'll believe you have a new boat......
15# psi  
83 Procraft 1540v Pro  Q: I know you will tell me to get a jackplate right off the bat.  And probably a 
89 100 Sea Ray different prop too. (Input DEFINITELY appreciated.)  What speed and rpms
            (Merc) should this combo be running?  The boat felt unstable at over 50 mph, hydrofoil
  added.  BIG difference!! I feel with such a small and GOOD hull, this thing will 
20" Quicksilver  Fly...  What speed should this boat be able to achieve?  All out, everything tight...
7.5" below pad I do plan to get a plate. Is there anything "carved in stone" about the setup, 
54.8 mph @ 5300 jackplate, height, width, etc., for this boat/motor combo?  A big thanks in advance...
     A: I'd say you're running pretty damn good right now...you have to decide what
  you want to do tho....if you want to plate it, it will make a difference in prop
  selection.....if you don't want to plate it then going to a better prop will help now.
  The Quicksilver doesn't have a lot of blade area.....and in your case a Laser II could
  be better....if you plate it, a Vengeance or Tempest will probably be better.
  What do I think it should run?......hell, you're doing better than I would have guessed
95 Procraft 210  Q: Chinewalks at WOT and full trim, also seems a bit slow at WOT and if 
     Dual Pro possible would like to get a little better fuel economy at cruising speeds.
95 225 Merc XRi efi The prop seems to break loos slightly on my hole shote but I am not too 
  concerned.  The motor is bolted directly to the transom in the third hole from the
24" Trophy top.  Just wondering what my options are.  Thanks......
No jackplate     A: Your options are limited.....raise or lower the engine on the transom 1 hole 
62 mph @ 5400/5500 at a time....play with props to find some more performance....or the best bet, add
10-12# psi a jackplate....then you can fine tune to your hearts desire.
  Most I know who run your rig are getting 70 mph with an 8" plate and a 25 Trophy.
  Fuel efficiency could go up....or down.  You're not operating in your engine's
  uppermost performance zone....getting to 5800 could hurt economy.
00 Procraft 210 SP  Q: Todd, I am not happy with this setup, the holeshot and midrange are slow.
00 225 Merc Opti Can you tell me what I should do, can I use Trophy?  What size should I use?
  How fast will this boat run gps.  Thanks......
25" Tempest Plus     A: The 210 is a BIG boat!  The OptiMax needs to be closer to 5750.....so....I'd
10" jackplate recommend the 24" Trophy.....it will get the r's you need and give more transom
2 1/4" below pad and bow lift....a good thing with a 10" plate.
72 mph @ 5400 I'm not an Opti performance fan....from my experience they are usually 2 mph 
26# psi slower than the 225 EFI.....so.....I'd say 68-70 gps is what to look for...these boats
  with a 225 EFI and a 25" Trophy do low 70's....very low.
00 Procraft  Q: Would going to a 3 blade Tempest gain any more top end performance?
     Pro 185 SC If so what pitch would you recommend? Also what is the optimal rpm range on this 
01 150 Merc XR6 motor that gives the peak horsepower?
   A: Yes, the 3 blade Tempest will give more speed compared to the Trophy....here's

24" Trophy

the tricky part....a 23" Tempest will be too small.....a 25" may be too big...but...I'd

2.5" below the pad

recommend the 25" first.  It needs to turn about where you are now rpm-wise to

67-68 mph @ 5300

work. The 23" will work up to about 5700.....
  Your engine will turn up past 6K....it just makes no power after about 5700.....
  5500 is what the factory recommends for redline....but 5700 by yourself is ok.
96 Procraft V180B  Q: Todd....from what I've read about the Laser II falling off with a load, was 
96 150 Merc XR6 wondering if the 23" Trophy Plus would stop this problem. Boat runs exceptionally
  well with one person (loaded), but would like the same results with 2 people loaded.
23" Laser II I know top end speed will drop with 2 people, but would still appreciate your
6" jackplate advice.
64 mph @ 5500  A: The 23" Trophy will make you a happy camper...should be better top speed also.
00 Procraft 165  Q: I just bought this boat new, and know nothing about setups.  I do however
00 90 Merc know that it's a good idea to keep a spare prop in the boat.  Anyhow, I want to 
  buy a prop to run and keep the factory as a spare.  Also, would this boat be 
23" Prop setup right from factory?  And I'm curious why the other boats I see at even lower
48 mph @ 5200 rpm speeds throw a "rooster tail".  For performance vs. budget I'd think a jackplate
  would be out of the question.  Could the engine itself be raised without the plate for 
  better performance/speed?  The boat doesn't turn very well at idle and slips pretty
  bad in the curves, this however might be from me having a fish and ski last.
  The boat is 1150 lbs (hull), it has the factory 3 blade 23" prop.  Please give me an 
  idea of a replacement prop and maybe some figures of possible performance.
  One last note, when I trim the motor up around 5500 rpm and stop, it automatically
  falls back to 5200, however 5200 is max speed but was just wondering if I should
  question the dealer about the trim falling.  Thanks........
      A: The 90 has a 5500 redline.....as opposed to the 115/125's 5250 redline....so
  when considering a new prop it would be best to get a few more rpms.
  Now....the reason the trim falls is because you pass from trim to tilt when you get as
  high as you've been.....tilt is for trailering....trim is for running....the unit is made to do
  exactly as it's doing.
  Since you are keel heavy with the fish and ski, and it seems the prop is unloading
  somewhat in the turns.....I'd recommend a Trophy 4 blade.....probably a 20" pitch, 
  but the pitch may vary depending on your load and conditions....the 20 is where I'd
  start....you may need a 19".
  You need to get an idea of how high the propshaft is in relation to the pad......or if
  padless, the bottom of the hull......with no plate it's not unusual to run as much as 
  5" under pad......raising and lowering the engine on the transom is always a possibility
  ......but it's time consuming and messy considering the silicone must be removed and 
  re-applied each time....also, the nuts on the bolts are 1 time use only and must be 
  discarded....in all likelihood you could go up one hole on the bracket.
01 Procraft 200 SP  Q: I am unsure how to set up my new boat.  What is the water pressure and max
01 200 Merc Optimax rpm that this motor should turn at full throttle.  When at full throttle the boat 
  chinewalks and when I get down to 1/2 tank and below the boat seems to bounce
25" Tempest Plus up and down.  Can you tell me what the setting should be on the jackplate.  
10" jackplate I previously owned a Stratos and was set from factory and was bery happy so I 
75/76 mph @ 5500 am very inexperienced with setting this boat up.
30+ psi  A: 30 psi is VERY high h20 for a 3 liter Optimax....most are in the 12-15 psi range.
  This makes me think you may be too low.  Max rpm is 5750 for your engine.
  I think you have all the right components although I would have rigged a 6" plate
  and probably would have rigged a 25" Trophy 4 blade over the Tempest.
  At 5500 you're doing well.....right at 68-70 gps speed.....about the max one would
  expect for the Procraft.  I think you need to start raising the jackplate.....1/2" for the 
  first time and a 1/4"each time after that.....although I'm not sure more than 2 
  adjustments will be necessary.
95 Procraft V-180B  Q: Hi Todd: My boat handles ok but then again I haven't driven many others. It
95 150 Mariner doesn't chine at full trim because it has reverse sponsons.  Do you think I could get
  any more speed out of it and would it be safe?  Is a 4 blade prop an option or will
25" Quicksilver I lose top end speed?
1.5" off transom   A: I'd give a Trophy a try.....borrow it and not buy it tho.....the Procraft is a stable
65 mph boat.....a few more mph wouldn't be adverse.
  Since you didn't list an rpm I'd advise a 24" Trophy......but a 23" is probably what
  it's going to do best with.....you need to be in the 5500 range.
01 Procraft   Q: Todd, I know that you deal with bass boats, but can you answer some questions
     200 Combo about a fish n ski.  I just bought this boat new and like everyone else, I want to make
01 200 Merc sure it will perform the best it can.  It is a carb 200.  I don't ski, mostly ride the 
  family and fish.  I have heard from several people to ditch the Laser prop?  Will a 
21 Laser II jackplate give a fish n ski any more performance?  I know this is a heavy boat, but
58 mph any advice you have is greatly appreciated.
      A: The Laser II has a decent holeshot....but dang near any prop will beat it 
  everywhere else.
  I think a plate is a necessity...but once you swap to a good prop you may not feel the
  need to plate it.  My choice....for all FS's is the Merc Vengeance .....holeshot will be
  as good or better and will give superior lift and carry capability....swap props first......
  then add a 6" plate to fine tune.
01 Procraft Pro 175  Q: I need to raise my rpms a couple hundred, am looking into maybe a 25" or 24"
01 125 Merc Trophy.  No holeshot, very slow, it handles very well at wot and trimmed up.
  The whole boat seems to lift well. I need some advice or comments. I don't know
26" Laser II why the factory puts a 26" on them.  I know that the Nitro LX700 with a 125 has
5 1/2" jackplate the same prop. Thanks Todd......
4" off transom  A: The 125 has a 5250 redline and won't take much more.....that's one reason they
58 mph @ 5000 come heavily propped.  The 26 is a hoss for the 125 to get rollin....I think you're
15# psi on the right track with a Trophy.....but I wouldn't be surprised to find that a 23" or 
  even 22" is what you need when compared to the outdated Laser II.....this should
  add performance across the board.
00 Procraft Pro 205  Q: I have tried a friend's Tempest 2 25", slower holeshot same top end. I think a 
00 200L Merc setback and 4 blade Trophy might be the ticket, but what size setback and what
  size Trophy?  From what I have read and what people have told me, this would be
23" Tempest 2 a good setup for the boat.  What do you think?  Thanks in advance........
62 mph @ 5500  A: I'd go 6" with the plate.....and I'd see what the 23" turned with a little elevation
  and setback....the engine you have will pull thru 5800 with ease....and you need to 
  prop it to keep it in that area. If you do gain a good amount with the plate I'd look 
  at a 24" Trophy....it will spin far more r's than the 25" Trophy.....more than the 
  200 rpms that should be common.  5600 rpm minimum with yourself and a TX load..
  full fuel.
96 Procraft  Q: I just purchased this boat and had to lower the motor to 2.5" below the pad to 
     200 Super Pro get water pressure above 10 psi. Boat is super slow to plane with fishing load.
96 200 Merc 24" pitch Trophy was also slow to plane and over-revs on top end.  Boat is stable
  to 60 mph on speedo, then begins to chinewalk past that speed.  Boat likes neutral 
25" Trophy-big tube trim to run the best, any more trim and the nose heads for the sky.  Any help with 
12" jackplate prop selection for better holeshot or cure for ill handling above 60 mph will be 
Propshaft is 2.5" appreciated!  P.S. The lower unit is stock with top 4 holes plugged. Thanks.....
below the pad     A: Your r's and speed look good....the h2o looks ok also....it will live at 12 psi 
74 mph @ 6150 but I like 15 better.
15# psi In all honesty I have never setup an SP180 or 200 with a Trophy....I've always
  rigged with Tempest, the big hub Trophy can cause a loss in exhaust venting and 
  hurt holeshot....as well as be a little slower on top.
  Here's what I'd do.....BORROW a 25" Tempest....make sure not to get a A46.
  Pull PVS plugs to allow venting during holeshot....I usually pull all 4 and add till it
  will not over vent when planing. The 3 blade might help the chinewalk because of 
  less transom lift and less bow lift.  The 25 Tempest should spin a little more than the
  25 Trophy so watch the r's....you're close already.  I think you might lower some
  more to help control chine also....but try the 25 3 blade with the current setup now.
97 Procraft  Q: Todd, this is my first bass boat ;)
     180 Bass DC I've read all your other Procraft setups....and it's clear the Laser2 has to go...was 
97 150 Mariner EFI thinking 23" Tempest.  Also, is there some formula to decide on how much jackplate
  you need?  6",8", 10" etc.?  Any idea how much performance I would gain from the
23" Laser II new prop and jackplate setup...what would you suggest.
No jackplate     A: 23" Tempest would be my first choice....the formula for plate distance is far 
Propshaft is 3" more theory than science.....but....the bigger plates, 10", will cause the boat to have 
below the pad ill handling characteristics at low speed and mid range.  The 6" will be good at low 
68 mph @ 5600 and mid ranges but will cost a tad of speed at the high side....the 8" is a good well
  rounded choice that offers the best of both worlds...that being said, I'd recommend
  a 6" Rapid Jack.  Start at 3" under pad and work your way up......but I doubt you'll
  have to.....this will be pretty close.
99 Procraft   Q: I am not satisfied with the top end of this boat and motor setup.  Bought the
     200 Bass DC boat new with the motor bolted to the transom and the aforementioned prop on it.
99 200 Merc Ran 62 mph @ 5600 rpm.  Bought a 10" RapidJack jackplate.  Fiddled with the 
  motor.  Ended up 2 1/2" under the pad.  64 mph @ 5600 rpm and 14# psi.

25" Laser II PVS

Still a lot of boat in the water.  Please give me your suggestion.  I'm at my wits end

10" jackplate

and not very please with this boat's performance.  It's a very heavy boat but I'd like

64 mph @ 5600 

to see 67+.  It is a 200 Merc for goodness sake!

14# psi

 A: Your cure is simple.....CHUCK THE LASER II !!!  Totally wrong prop for the
  Procraft.  Go with a 24" Trophy....maybe a 25" Tempest, but I don't think you'll be 
  able to spin the 25".....there's a lot of difference between spinning a 25" Laser II
  and a 25" Trophy or Tempest.....change props......I promise you'll be happy!
98 Procraft 185 Pro  Q: No problem yet, just looking for a recommended Merc prop and engine height.
00 150 Merc I'm the same as everyone else, I want the holeshot and top end!

No jackplate

    A: Prop is a 23" Tempest, you need a jackplate or there's no sense talking 
  engine height.  If you did have a plate, 2.5" under pad would be the setting.
88 Procraft 1780V  Q: Hello Todd,  I've had this boat since new and have always wanted more top
87 GT 150 Johnson speed out of it but never did anything about it until now.
  I just had a T&H 6" jackplate and a water pressure gauge installed.  I haven't had 

23" Shooter

the boat on the water yet since the jackplate was installed.  When the motor was

1 1/4" off transom

sitting on the transom it was in the 2nd hole from the bottom, putting it about 1 1/4"

54 mph @ 5100

above the transom.  I have raised the motor and the jackplate to where it would have
  been sitting without a jackplate, just above the 3rd hole from the bottom.
  Any idea if this is a good place to start with this to improve the top end speed?
  Do you think I will be able to gain some additional top end by just raising the engine
  height using the same prop?  I asked dealer about the OMC Raker prop and he
  suggested going to a 22".  What are your ideas on a setup for a boat this old?
  What kind of minimal water pressure should I watch out for also.  I would rather
  be a little on the safe side of the pressure.
    A: I'm with your dealer....I think the 22" Raker would be a vast improvement over 
  the Shooter (second worst prop ever made).  Set the engine where the propshaft
  is 3" under the pad....this is a good starting point.
  I think you'll make a decent jump in performance with the plate....but as always.....
  don't change 2 things at once till you know how the first change affects performance.
94 Procraft Pro180  Q: Too much boat in the water and not much speed.  Can I change the prop to a 
94 150 Merc XR6 4 blade Trophy 24" and do I raise or lift the motor.  I know this boat can run better.
  It handles great.  Can you help me get a little more?  Motor position and proper

23" LaserII

prop pitch?  Thanks for the help !!

6" jackplate

    A: You're on the right track!  The Laser II is a horrible prop for heavier hulls 

54 mph @ 5500

and even the wrong Trophy or Tempest will perform better.
  The Trophy will knock your rpms in the head compared to the Laser II.....it will 
  probably wind up being a 23" or 22" Trophy to keep the r's in the 5500 range.
  You'll have to adjust the engine by feel....not knowing where you are now kinda hurts
  a tad....set the propshaft centerline at 3" below pad when you re-prop....the prop
  swap will help a LOT!
98 Procraft 17 Bass  Q: My rpms at WOT are at 4800. I still have at least 400 rpms to play with to 
98 120 Merc Force gain more speed.  Would reducing prop pitch do the job or what would you 

23" Stiletto

suggest.  Thanks........

2" off transom

   A: The 23" is way too much prop. At those rpms you're only making 100 hp 

50 mph @ 4800

opposed to 120 when the engine is in its top operating rpm.  I'd drop at least
  2 pitch sizes to a 21".  That should gain 4-500 rpms and put you where you need
  to be.  Your holeshot will be much better also....well some better anyway.

91 Procraft 170 Pro

 Q: Todd, this boat runs good however it requires a lot of trim and the holeshot

91 135 Mariner

really stinks.  I know the 135 does not have the umph! of the other V6's on the 

21" Trophy

low end.  Is there anything you would suggest with the setup to help these problems?
6" jackplate     A: Other than reconfiguring the PVS plugs (if so equipped) in the prop to allow
3" off the transom some venting on holeshot, I'd say don't mess with it.....those are pretty strong

66 mph @ 5800

numbers and you're running well.
95 Procraft  Q: The boat that I have looks very similar to the 20' Bullet.  It is a '94 SP200
     Superpro 200 prototype boat that Procraft (maybe a bit heavier) used the Bullet and Allison hulls
98 245 Merc to build.  I am a little unsure of the weight but I know that the boat is lighter than the
  later Superpro boats and the hull has been completely changed.  I did have a 200

25" Trophy

Merc that blew up and when that happened about 2 months ago I built a ProMax

14" jackplate

engine with about 245 hp with the stock gearcase and Land & Sea nosecone.

65-6600 rpm

I have really had no advice on the setup as no one had this hull.  As mentioned, the

30# psi

hull looks very close to the Bullet.  Back when I first bought the boat 6 years ago a
  number of the local hotboat guys tried props on it only to find that the Trophy small
  hub 25 seemed to run and handle the best.  I just got finished the breakin on the
  souped up ProMax engine and the boat seems to turn about 65 or 6600 rpms with
  very good acceleration but I am trying to get the setup right and figure out which prop
  would be best.  Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  I really do not know
  whether to try a different lower unit, etc?  Engine height?  It seems the engine really
  wants to get up and go but it's like something is holding it back?  It accelerates very
  good and at about 3/4 throttle seems taht I have about 1/3 throttle that makes no
  difference in the boat.
       A: I don't think a lower unit swap will matter.....the Land & Sea nosecone is a 
  good one.....if welded on straight.
  I'd guess from long distance you need to go up.....and I'd probably be looking at a
  25" Tempest to try also.  I'm very familiar with the SP's....but not with that kind of
  power.  You may wind up with a 26" or 27" Tempest when all is done.  I've never
  seen one run the Trophy when all is said and done....too much transom lift.
  Get back to me with some GPS numbers and let's see how efficient you are.