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98 Javelin 379  Q: Boat maintains a nose down attitude, and will not "fly". Have tried different
95 260 Merc jackplates, engine heights and numerous props.  Everyone suggest that the bottom
  might have a "hook".  Do you have any experience with this type of problem on a 
27" SRX Javelin 379?  Any ideas on what I should do?  I am working with Rich Boger for
12" jackplate props and Jay Smith for the engine (he built the 260 for me, it's brand new). Thanks.
1.25" above pad     A: I assume you have a '95 2.5 EFI....one problem could be with the CLE 
85 mph @ 7200 lower unit that comes with that engine....it's not very desirable....especially not on 
15# psi the Jav. The 12" plate is a little excessive also...I personally wouldn't run over a 10"
  on the OMC hull.
  I think you're tying to run Bullet and Allison heights that are hurting you also...
  The SRX is a decent load carrying prop to a point....I think looking at the 26 Trophy
  is where you could start...and lower the setup some to get bowlift...a different


nosecone will help if you now have a CLE....Bob's or better yet a J&J unit.
  I'm currently working on a 295 Stratos with a hot 225 Merc 3 liter....J&J cone
  and hitting the limiter at 6150 with every prop from a 29 DR4 Spinelli to a 
  27 Tempest...and running almost 84 mph with the 29 DR4...AT 3" UNDER PAD!
  So lower to at least 1.5" under pad...try the 26 Trophy at 7500 and I bet you'll
  be a lot happier.
02 Javelin 190 SC  Q: I'm getting ready to buy this boat and was wondering with the proper set-up
02 150 Yamaha EFI how fast should it be able to go?  Javelins seem to be very fast, is this true?
     A: Yep....the Javelins run pretty strong...my guess is that you'll see an honest

25" Yamaha

62-64 mph....GPS....the speed will show about 70.
  Do yourself a favor and get the plate....or don't be surprised to just see 60.
99 Javelin   Q: Have not had the plate installed yet, it was given to my Dad for Christmas and
     Renegade R18 we were curious to see if you thought it would work on our Javelin and what kind
99 150 Johnson of performance you thought it might have.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      A: 10" is a lot of plate....and if your 18 has cable steering instead of hydraulic
20"? Raker you probably won't have enough slack in the cables to make it work.
10" jackplate If you do have slack and do mount the 10" plate, performance gains can be from 
  1-5 mph depending on how efficient the setup is now...it will help topend definitely


but the extra setback may cause low speed and mid range performance drop off
  compared to the results of a 6" plate.
91 Javelin 389  Q: What usually works out best on shaft height on these boats?  Never worked on
92 150 FastStrike one and trying to help my son out...I know one thing; it's totally different than my
  XTB Allison w/Bridgeport EFI...any help would be very welcome.  What's the best
26" Trophy A45 way to tame chinewalk on this animal, has good tight double steering and torque tab.
10" jackplate Thinking engine height but need advice as to where to start...know I need to get
4" below pad engine up to get the rpms up, will have to re-drill plate; reason wanting good mid
69 mph @ 5300 starting point. Thanks........
24# psi     A: Bringing the engine up to get the 26 to spin more r's is only goign to make the
  chinewalk worse....Javelin's require the engine to be mounted fairly low on the 
  transom....but 3" under pad to shaft is where it should run....the 26 Trophy is going
  to be too much prop for the 150....it needs to spin upwards of 5800 rpm and the
  normal prop for this setup is a 24 Raker...a 4 blade will give more transom lift and
  in turn will make the chinewalk more exaggerated.
  If you get the 150 to spin a 26 it will probably need a 25 Raker...which will spin
  too more r's over the Trophy due to less drag of the added blades...the 389/150
  is capable of about 65 gps......
00 Javelin  Q: I'm looking to put on a 10" jackplate from Bob's Machine Shop; was wondering
     Renegade 19 DC if this would hurt the handling of the boat (I don't know if it would make a difference
00 175 Johnson with a SeaStar hydraulic steering system or not), of if it would cause me to run 
  nose high.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

25" Renegade

   A: 10" is a tad much....go with a 6 or 8 max.  The steering will have enough hose
  not to be affected.  The 10" won't cause you to run nose high....it will cause a loss
  of performance at slower speeds...top end will be ok.....but not enough to warrant


a performance loss at cruise speeds.  The 25" will be the prop to have.
02 Javelin 200  Q: I'm on a dealer pro staff and this boat and engine is currently on order and has
     400 hull not arrive yet (no engines at the factory yet).  The "OMC" setups I'm familiar with
02 200 Yamaha but I have zero seat time and experience with the big block Yammies.
            VMax The handling characteristics I would like the boat to have are good holeshot with
  tournament load, optimal midrange and decent topend speed, basically an all-around
  set up for the average boat driver/angler.  What would you suggest as a starting
  point for engine height and prop selection on this rig? Thanks for your advice.
     A: My experience with the 400 series and Renegade 20 Javelins is that they run
  the engine VERY low on the transom...the shaft isn't necessarily lower than the 
  other boats....it just appears that way to the eye....so....the engine will have to be 
  rigged to the plate for max depth.
  The 25 Yamaha ProSeries is an excellent choice...lightning holeshot and decent
  acceleration....not the props fault on the acceleration this, I don't like Yamaha
  mid range at all.  The 27" will have the same holeshot and mid range but will be
  1-2 mph faster on top....The Jav hull likes the 3 blade....so I'd say got with the
  25 ProSeries but try the 27 when you get it set where you want it....set the engine
  at 3.75" under pad for starters....I would say 3.25" is where you'll run but I don't
  know about the new Alan Stinson hulls.
00 Javelin  Q: Setup info is with two people and a full tournament load. Problem is when I'm
     Renegade 20SC alone I turn around 6300 rpm and boat has a tendency to chinewalk real bad.
00 225 Evinrude Do you think a 25 Renegade 4 blade will help?  I know it should reduce rpms but
            Ficht what about chinewalk?  I think if I raise my plate it will help with the walk when I'm 
  alone but I'm afraid I'll hit the rev limiter and don't want to do anything to void my
24" Raker warranty.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  How much speed would
7" SlideRite I lose if I ran the 4 blade all the time?
3.5" off transom    A: You may not lose any....but I'd try the 26 Raker first.  I rig the 225 HO's with
76 mph @ 6100 the 27" Renegade....and they're only good for 75 mph....so I'd hate to see you
27# psi change much.
  As far as warranty it could be voided now....anything over 6K is a no no on a 
  tattle tale engine.....keep it to 6K.....anything over and you're not making power....
  just spinning r's.
98 Javelin 400 TE  Q: What do I need to do?  This boat was a rocket.  I bought it with a modified
00 225 Johnson 225 Johnson, Bob's lower water pickup on it.  Blew it up, the guy screwed up the
  block.  I'd like a more reliable motor but the stock 225 is a dog, it blows out the
27" Renegade 27" coming out.  I have to take if really ease.  The top end is now gone!
10" jackplate Maybe I am too far back, is there such a thing. I can learn a lot, this is my first 225
68-72 mph @ and big boat.  I need to setup it up; it acts way different than my old 19 footers and 
5800-6200 rpm 150's.
45# psi    A:  You'd be better off with the Bob's nosecone....that hurts lift on a pre-80 mph
  rig......also the Javelins run with the engine VERY low on the transom....you will 
  need to lower excessively to cut the slip you have now....6000 with a 27" should 
  be all over 75 mph.....don't rig for holeshot if top end is what you want....lowering
  the engine in the water may hurt holeshot but it will cut the slippage drastically.
95 Javelin 400 TE  Q: I asked about proper setup once before, but now I have another question.....
95 175 Evinrude would a Renegade 25" be too much pitch for my 175?  You recommended a 
  Renegade 23", but I have found several 24's and 25's for pretty reasonable prices.

21" Raker

Will the 24" or 25" be too much for the motor to turn?  Thanks again for the 

6" jackplate

previous help!

62 mph @ 5800

   A: 25" Renegade will be far too large....there is no 24" Renegade....so it's
  21, 23, 25 or 27.
95 Javelin 400TE  Q: I'm not sure about the jackplate size.....what determines size?  Is it the distance
95 175 Evinrude from the transom to the motor mounts or is it the travel up and down?
            Intruder Also, how do I measure height off the transom?  I just purchased this boat and 
  would like some additional info about correct setup....it seems to be turning a lot of 
 ? Raker prop rpms with less speed than most on the Javelin setup listing.
62 mph @ 5700 Can you help?  Any suggestions you can give me will be greatly appreciated!
25-30# psi    A: The 400TE is a great boat.  You're a tad underpowered with the 175....but 
  you probably have a better holeshot than a 400 with a 225.....the 175 is a hoss on  
  the low end.
  The plate is measured by the overall distance from the transom plate to the engine 
  plate....most are 6, 8 and 10".
  I really need to know what prop you're turning......it's probably a 24" Raker.....the
  400 Jav likes a 4 blade Renegade better than a Raker....I'd rig a 23" Renegade were
  it mine....not that your current prop won't work.
  The Jav runs the engine very low on the transom....it's generally better to measure
  from pad down to shaft....you'll be looking for about 3" under.
  A well rigged and setup 400/175 should run 65-68 mph....they are fairly quick
  boats for the size.
97 Javelin 409 TE  Q: Broke blade off Raker, 2nd one.  Want to go to another prop. Like Renegade
98 200 Johnson but don't like $500. Found Cabelas HP prop for $349. What size pitch, 23/24/25?
            Venom Have you had any experience with them?  Thanks in advance........
      A: My advice is bite the bullet and get the Renegade......other than Mazco and 
24" Raker Spinelli I have zero faith in any other aftermarket prop.  The big Jav's love the
5" jackplate Renegade.....do some searching on BBC and BFHP to find a like new used prop
2 1/2" below pad for $300.

72 mph @ 5900


20# psi

00 Javelin Renegade  Q: Looking to get the correct engine height for my setup.  If I could get the correct
00 225 Johnson HO height off transom measurement, I would appreciate it.
25" Renegade     A: Have no exact measurement.....but I'll tell you this......lower it till the steering
6" jackplate cylinder interferes with the transom of the boat when trimmed up and you'll still be 
4" off transom a tad high.  THIS BOAT RUNS LOW!! I've redrilled plates to lower engines
73 mph @ 6000 further on the R20.

35# psi

95 Javelin 367  Q: I know I'm underpropped.  Want to go stainless and up pitch to bring my rpms
95 115 Johnson back into the power band (5000-5500). Current stock aluminum originally gave 
            FastStrike around 53 mph speedo @ 5900 but has since taken a few licks.  I've tried a
  4 blade SS 13.25 x 20" which gave me 50 mph @ 5600 rpms WOT and trimmed
19" Alum. 14" out, but holeshot sucked and boat was difficult to handle.  Is there a 3 blade wheel
1" off transom that will give me decent overall performance? Thanks........
49 mph @ 6100     A: The 115 will spin the r's......so try to keep it in the 5600 range......I think a 
  20" Raker will give you everything you're looking for.....don't buy one that has been
  damaged...Rakers don't repair very well.
93 Javelin 379DC  Q: I would like to know if I can get any more top end.  I have a great holeshot and
     150 Johnson very little chinewalking.  Any suggestions e.g., props, more setback would be very
            FastStrike much appreciated.  Thanks in advance........
   A: 2 more inches of setback with spacers would liven things up....a 26" Raker would

25" Renegade

speed you up now also without sacrificing much rpm also....the 379 is a runner and

6" jackplate

the Renegade is probably holding you back a little....other than that....you're lookin'

6.25" off transom

pretty good.

68 mph @ 5600


30# psi

99 Javelin  Q: Do you think a 10" plate would help performance over the 5 1/2 ?
     Renegade 19 Also, I'm having Boger build me a 24" Raker as I write this.  What do you think
99 175 Johnson top speed should be with Bogerized prop.  I've heard a lot of good things about his
  work.  Thanks......
24" Raker    A: A 10" plate could help top speed...but the place would sacrifice low and mid
5 1/2" jackplate range performance.  I'd recommend 2" spacers over another plate.
4 1/2" off transom As far as the Boger prop job....I just don't know what to tell you to expect.
72 mph @ 5500 The last TR21 I did for a customer was faster with my factory 26" Raker than his

22# psi

Boger 26" Raker...but the setup was changed drastically over what it came with....
  he came to me at 69 mph and left at 73 mph.
01 Javelin Venom 17  Q: The holeshot and time to top speed is excellent on this particular boat.
01 90 Johnson The problem is once it reaches top speed, handling becomes somewhat less than
  desirable.  If the water is cut up from existing boat traffic, the boat tends to chine

19" aluminum

walk severely.  Cornering also becomes a problem.  While there is no noticeable

 3.25" off transom

increase in engine rpm, the prop begins to slip.  Any suggestions would be greatly

52 mph @ 5400

     A: With no plate your options are limited....I think chunking the aluminum prop in 
  favor of a Viper or Raker will make all the difference in the world on slippage....
  but.....when the slippage disappears the handling will probably worsen due to the 
  fact that speed should be increased......as well as lift.
  When it gets severely hard to handle, tuck the engine a tad....at least till you get
  used to driving it.
01 Javelin   Q: Boat will reach 6000 rpm when trimmed high.  Should I go to a 24" Raker.
     Renegade 19 Will I see any more speed with a 24" Raker as compared to the 23" Renegade?
01 175 Evinrude Also, will the 24" Raker bring down the rpms for longevity of the motor?
     A: The Raker would probably be a tad faster....but will spin about the same as  

23" Renegade

the 23" Renegade since it has less resistance with 1 less blade.....I'd try it.

No jackplate

I'd also throw a 25" Renegade at it just for giggles....you might be surprised....in

72 mph @ 5900

theory it should bring you down to 5500 rpm....but if it only brings you down to

20# psi

5600 I'd stay with it....it'll be 1-2 mph faster also.
95 Javelin 379T  Q: Boat wants to chine walk above 65 mph. Will a 6" jackplate help with this
95 150 Evinrude problem?  What is the max rpm I should turn without overdoing it?
   A: The 379 is a little hot rod....but it doesn't like the transom lift the 4 blade gives....

4 blade prop

hence the chine.  The plate will help dial the exact setting in, but the Jav will chine if

65 mph @ 5100

run high.  I'd run a 24" Raker on it....redline is 5500....but I've seen them spun and

18# psi

have run them myself up to 6K with no adverse effects....stay around 5500 for
  longevity and get the plate....6".