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90 HydraSports  Q: I'm looking to purchase a jackplate for this boat.  It doesn't have one installed
     DV 180 SX at this time.  I would like your recommendation on the make/model/offset/size of
90 120 Johnson jackplate for this boat/engine combination.  Thank you.......

20" Raker

    A: I'd recommend a 6" Rapid Jack for the HydraSport.....this is a boat that


comes to life with more setback.
97 HydraSports  Q: I feel as though my holeshot is OK, but not anything spectacular.  Skeeter's
97 225 Evinrude with 150's take my by ~50-70 yards.  My time 0-30 mph is 7.5 seconds. I can 
  catch those Skeeters but well after we both get into the 60's.  The handling is great!
25" Shooter Is this a good setup?  Would changing to a 3 blade prop w/higher pitch improve
6" jackplate my WOT speed?  What about overall performance?  (There is always a downside).
5 7/8" off transom What is your overall impression. Are there any easy ways to squeek out a few mph?
66.7 mph @ 5900     A: It's not uncommon for 150's to have a better holeshot...the thing that makes 
22# psi them 150's adds to low end torque....mainly restricted port timing and exhaust....
  but the restrictions that add torque cost them on top....the big block OMC's have
  never been holeshot screamers....nor have Merc or Yams.....but I'd trade seconds
  on 0-30 for mph on top.
  I'd advise chucking the Shooter....try a 25 Renegade....but also try the Rakers....
  prop swapping is the easiest way to gain or lose performance...and trying is free....
  5900 with a 25 Renegade will put you to 70 mph....about where the 205 runs with
  a 225....the 205 is an excellent boat.
84 HydraSports  Q: What do you feel would be best setup for this boat.  Also have 23" Yamaha
     VL-475 ProSeries prop I sometimes run in summer about same numbers.
84 150 Merc  
     A: The 25 might be a tad large for the 150....the 475 is a pretty quick hull though
25" Tempest and should turn it ok....the r's for speed show excessive slip...probably why the 23
6" jackplate runs about the same.
5" off transom I think you might come down a little....that should drop the r's and up the speed....
61 mph @ 5800 the propshaft will be about 2.5" under pad when reset.....go up or down as needed.
23# psi  
90 HydraSports  Q: Exhaust relieved, drilled cooling passages, Boyesen reeds, WH-28 carbs with
     X-270 0.080 mains, 0.046 idle jets, round tuner, exhaust line pulled, driveshaft housing
     2.4 200 hp Mariner drilled at bottom, Bob's LWP, electric fuel pump @ 6.5 psi.  Turns same rpm
  with both props.  Little slow coming up, but when tach hits 2500 it's gone.
27" Yamaha Speedo only goes up to 45 mph.  I know it's faster than that.  Any ideas or tips, 
23" Laser II adjustments, you would recommend would be appreciated.  I only live in 
6" jackplate Hermitage (TN)!
5" off transom    A: MORE SETBACK!.....a chopper style propeller, what's your compression?

6600 rpm

6600 with .080's is kinda lean....my old Mod VP with W24's ran 92's and would

22# psi

go lean in spring requiring 96's.
  It's gonna be slow on holeshot.....all the exhaust mod's and tuner will kill the bottom
  and give it up on top...hence the free'er spinning chopper style prop......James at
  Performance Prop will let you try as many as you want....
  Jimmy Loper had (has) the same exact boat without the custom work....we swapped
  a 29 SRX for a 28 Turbo and it peeled all the paint off the lower unit....that usually
  takes place at about 80 mph.....you've got a good start on mid 80's.
84 HydraSports  Q: I have tried different heights with my jackplate.  I am looking for a good SS prop,
     VL-270 but don't know what pitch or brand to get.  My factory 19" prop has been pitched
78 140 Johnson up to a 21" and also had more cup added to it.  My problem is I only get 50 mph
  out of my boat @ 6000 rpm.  I would really like to get into the mid 60's with less
21" Aluminum rpm.  My prop is in great shape with no slippage.  I don't want to spend a crapload
6" jackplate of money on a prop I won't be happy with.  It was suggested to me that I buy a
3.5" off the transom 22" Raker, but I don't see how this will get me what I want with just 1" pitch higher
50 mph @ 6000 than I'm running right now.  Can you suggest a good new or used pro for me.
12# psi My engine has also been completely rebuilt, and bored .064 over with Weisco
  pistons.  I would appreciate any help you could give me.  Thank you..........
     A: First of all......you can't repitch a prop...period!! It can be cupped to add the
  equivalent of pitch.....about 1" max.  The pitch is achieved when the blades are
  mated to the hub....unless the blades have been removed and rewelded completely
  it hasn't changed pitch.
  Your prop can't beging to be compared to a Raker in terms of rpms...totally
  different animal.  As far as no slip goes....you have a ton of inefficiency at 50 mph
  at 6K.....that translates to 59 mph with a 21" with no slip on a 2:1 gear ratio.
  Don't try to find a prop based on what you're doing now....I'm going to be point
  blank, I don't wish to hurt your feelings....your setup is crap and it's all due to high
  slippage....get an efficient prop....maybe lower the engine and start over....fire your
  prop guy too.
  I wouldn't commit to a prop till I tried it first.......
79 HydraSports  Q: Todd, as related to you in an earlier question, I have a very severe porpoising
     178 VEE problem at low speeds, less than 35-40. Over 40 boat is a dream once it gets on
95 150 Evinrude the pad.  What is your recommendation?  I have thought about a StingRay since I
            Intruder believe this would be out of the water when I am up on the pad.  The 115 hp that
  was on the boat would never get it up on the pad and I had a Sting Ray on it and
24" Raker the boat was very nice at slow speeds and rough water. 
6" jackplate   A: I've never been a big fan of whale tails.  What I'd do is borrow a 23" Renegade
62 mph @ 5200 or adjust my engine with the 24" where the hull will transition past the point that the
22# psi strakes are in conflict....almost every boat I've had will porpoise some at a given
  speed.....not as bad as what you seem to be going thru tho.
89 HydraSports  Q: Last year I asked you about the setup on my boat.  The setup I have now is
     176 DC what you suggested.  The problem is my rpms, they're too low and could cause
89 150 Johnson GT problems with the motor.  My rpms should be at 5600 but am running 5200 on the
  norm.  I have run as high as 5400 and as low as 5000 depending on the air and
24" Raker water temp.  I was told that running a 23" Renegade 4 blade with added cup will get 
6" jackplate the rpms and also get me the speed close to what I'm running now.  I tried the 23" -
5" off transom 3 blade Renegade once but did not run out as good.  Am I going in the right direction
57 mph @ 5200 or if not can you direct me that way.. Thank you........
30# psi    A: A 23" Renegade will turn the same r's basically as the 24" Raker....adding cup
  to it will kill the r's .....not up them.
  They don't make a 23" Renegade 3 blade...just a 4 blade, and a 22" and 24" Raker.
  From looking at your results I'd recommend a 22" Raker....that should get you to
96 HydraSports  Q: Holeshot terrible; I've raised to two and one half below the pad and it seemed
96 175 Merc EFI worse so I lowered back down.  Seems better, I'm wondering whether to go down
  more or way up; I'm not a speed freak, just want a combo to get me out of the hole.
25" Tempest A40 Is this a boat that likes the motor really low?  Any help would be appreciated.
6" jackplate    A: Well....if the engine is bogging while coming on plane....raising is usually
4" off transom required......if it vents excessively then lowering is what's needed.
72 mph @ 6000 If it is bogging you could have your exhaust holes enlarged on the A40...just need
15# psi to be sure to not over do it.
  For quick comparison, raise it then lower it a full 1/2" each way to see what happens.