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83 Champion 18'9"  Q: I just had the jackplate installed on this boat.  I only gained 2 mph. I also a 
83 200 Evinrude year ago had the powerhead rebuilt.  I believe this boat should be a lot faster.
  I am thinking about 63-64 mph.  What do you think?  Should I go with a 25" 
23" Rapture Rapture?  Would you recommend a different brand of prop.  I do not have a psi
8" jackplate gauge also, so I have no idea what my water pressure is.  Thanks for your help.
4" below pad      A: The Champ should be 65 easily with the 200.....but the Rapture is never
57 mph @ 6000 going to get you there.  Swap to a 24 Raker for best results...and you may need
  to come up a tad on the plate.  As long as you keep swapping impellers annually
  and have no overheat horns you should be ok at 3.5" under........
83 Champion   Q: I recently acquired this boat to introduce my family to water sports and 
     16" Fish re-acquaint myself to sport fishing.  This is my first boat and I am somewhat
83 115 Johnson ignorant on proper setups (a rookie), hopeful that you can dig into your archives
  and make suggestions. To the best of my knowledge all components are stock
17" 3 blade Alum. from the respected factories or dealer.  My holeshot when loaded for fishing or 
56 mph @ 6000 attempting to pull a skier SUCKS (takes forever), in comparison to other boats.
  I also have a tough time on plane at slow speeds 20-25 mph. I'm considering all 
  or part of these options - 1. SE Sport hydrofoil for lift, 2. drilling the prop for 
  water aeration, 3. upgrade prop blade and pitch, 4. check out prop height over 
  pad.  Would like to enhance performance at both low and top end but low end 
  is priority.  What do you recommend for proper setup and what is my redline
  number?  Thanks for your help!


    A: The prop you have now may not be aluminum....your engine came factory
  with an SST...stainless, Teflon coated....either way there are much better props to 
  be had.  5500 is about all I will spin a V-4 'Rude....it's a good engine but the 90
  degree takes some time to ramp up.
  Anyhow.....try a 19" Viper by OMC and see if it doesn't help across the board....
  this prop is made for getting a load moving and will still outrun the prop you
  currently have plus won't fall off plane.....I don't really like whale tails.....
  but in your case with a load and skiing it will probably do wonders...after you
  swap props.
97 Champion  Q: Previously had a 6" jackplate-due to a problem (underwater debris) I had to
     191 DCX Elite replace the plate, went to a 8" plate, top speed dropped from 68.0 to 63.5. 
97 200 Merc EFI I have extensively experimented with different plate settings to no avail. I am 
  unsure how to measure to propshaft height as this is my first hi-perf boat.
25" Trophy      A: You have way too much slippage.....25 Trophy at 5800 should be around
8" jackplate 70 mph.....assuming your prop wasn't damaged and repaired in the jackplate deal
63.5 mph @ 57-5800 you probably need to lower the engine drastically, like 1" for starters.....if the prop
15+ psi was repaired then try another non-repaired prop of the same caliber........
  As for the measurement of propshaft to pad.....lower the engine to parallel with the
  ground......use a straight edge from the bottom of the pad to the lower unit...the
  difference between the straight edge and the shaft is how much the shaft is over or
  under the pad....on the Champ 3.5" under is a good starting point.
97 Champion 171  Q: I live and fish on a 7000 elevation lake.  I originally had a 22" Laser II prop
97 115 Merc at wot it turned 4500 at 46 mph. Holeshot was lousy with more than one person
  in the boat.  I tried a Rapture 19", wot 4600 at 40 mph, holeshot so so.

15" Rapture

With a 15" Rapture, wot 4600 at 34 mph.  Great holeshot with loaded boat.

1" off transom

Any ideas on how to get a little more top end and keep the good holeshot.

34 mph @ 4600

I had a mechanic hook up a remote tach to test the accuracy of my tach and it 

9# psi

checked out ok.  Thank you........
      A: I'd be looking for a Tempest or Trophy over the prop you have now....
  5250 is your redline....so I think something in a 19 pitch modern bass boat prop
  should help greatly.....the Champ hull rides with a lot of wetted surface...so you


need to free the hull up with transom lift.
99 Champion  Q: My boat is same as Fish Hunter (walleye/dual console) but without carpet.
     Coastal Champ Just got the boat.  Had on the water twice.  The water pressure gauge does not
99 200 Merc EFI read steady.  Bounces from 2.5 to 8.5 (I believe not near enough pressure).
  I want to change the impeller in water pump. I believe the engine may be mounted

23 Trophy

too high also.  Running too many rpms. I want to try a 25" prop and drop engine

Even with pad

down a little.  Boat handles great and no chinewalking at all.  Speed increase not

60 mph @ 6100

really the concern, although would like to go a little over 60; water pressure is


main concern.  What should I be reading and do you think engine too high with
  gauge "bouncing" from 2.5 to 8.5?
     A: I think you're too high with the engine...that's why the varying psi readings.....
  I think a new impeller is due also....but lower the engine substantially and see if the
  23 won't turn an efficient 5800 rpms....I don't necessarily think the 25 is 
  warranted.....10 psi is about the min I will run a 2.5 liter Merc.
          Second question ......  Q: I lowered the engine as you suggested. The propshaft is now 2" below the pad
  instead of even with it.  Water pressure is now up to 18-20 psi at WOT instead of
  bouncing from 2.5 - 8.5. I changed the impeller in water pump. The old one was
  fine.  Engine was just too high. Before I e-mailed you I bought a 25" Rapture. 
  I tried this with the propshaft 1" below pad. Only got 5600 rpms and 56 mph.
  Lowered the engine another inch and tried my 23" Trophy and got 6000 rpms and
  62.5 mph. What do you think so far?  Should I try a 3 blade in a 24" pitch?
  Engine height seems OK?  Thanks for the help!
      A: I'd say you're on the right path.....18 psi means you could actually raise the
  engine some more....15 psi is about the min. I like to see them run....but they will
  live at 10.
  I'd try a 25 Trophy next...if the 23 is doing 6K look for 5700 with the 25 and 
  almost 65 mph...if the holeshot is ok and you like the handling characteristics I'd
  say you'd be done.....on the other hand....keep trying props!  It only costs time
  and you will get a feel for what's best.
01 Champion 181 DC  Q: Just bought the boat and was wondering what prop you would suggest for best
02 150 Merc overall performance.  I fish local tournaments with a full load in the boat.
            Optimax The dealer will allow me to swap props until I find the one I want.  Thanks....
     A: In my brief Champ experience I've come to believe the Champs like the 

23" Trophy

3 blade.....I'd try a 23" Tempest....the 23" Trophy probably ain't bad tho.....
99 Champion 191 DC  Q: Todd, I'm having a 2002 200 Yamaha EFI VMax installed and looking for
02 200 Yamaha advice on a prop.  Before this motor, I had a 200 Ficht, ran a 24" Raker and 
  turned 5800-6000 by myself.  It would get a little squirrelly at WOT but it was

6" jackplate

driveable.  I'm looking for good all around performance, good holeshot and top
  end.  Don't know much about the Yamaha props, appreciate your suggestions.
      A:  I'd say the 25" Yamaha ProSeries is the ticket....steer clear of the XL....
  too much diameter and loss of rpms.  The 200 Yam should be a tad stouter than
  the 200 Ficht.....look for 5800 for a good all around operating rpm.
98 Champion 202 DC  Q: I am trying to improve the speed on my boat. The speed is with a full 
98 200 Merc tournament load and two people.  It does not lift very good either.  If you have any
  suggestions please tell me!
25" Tempest    A: You're basically doing what a 202 with a 200 should do....with the exception
6" jackplate of adding 2" more of setback with spacers....and you might come up a tad on the 
2 1/2" off transom plate.....the setback should help lift and speed....your might borrow a new 24" 
64 mph @ 5600 Tempest to try to get you on up towards 5800 and full operating range....that may
13# psi not be as fast as the 25 at 5600 tho.....
98 Champion   Q: I've tried a 24 Raker that speedoed 62 @ 5200 rpm. The Renegade doesn't
     187 Elite ever feel like it gets the boat up on pad, with the Raker at 5000 rpm it feels like it
01 150 Johnson leaps up and you have to drive it just a little.  I think the Raker gives better
  performance, only downside - it seems to slip occasionally in turns and big waves.
23" Renegade But wonder if maybe a 25" Renegade or similar will give better performance than
8" jackplate the 23" without gaining so many rpms.  Factory recommends 5500 top.
3.25"? below pad Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, maybe something simpler I am 
6"? above transom missing because I am setup ignorant. Thank you........
60 mph @ 5800    A: My first guess is that you are jacked too high for the 23" 4 blade....excessive
20# psi slip.  The 150 OMC will spin 5800 all day long....I wouldn't limit it to 5500.
  The 24" Raker will run higher than the Renegade....I think you should lower the
  engine about a half inch and try the 23" again.....however....I think a Merc 23"
  Tempest will be the 'cat's meow'......it will take a Merc flo torque hub for the OMC
  to find out tho.
02 Champion 206  Q: I don't feel I'm turning enough rpms.  The above speed is very little gas, 
02 225 Yamaha livewells empty, all my tackle and when it's WOT it starts to walk. I had it up to
  71 gps but I trimmed back down to control it.  My problem is when I fill up with
27" Yamaha 40 gal of fuel, extra person, livewells full, I have complete control but I'm only
10" jackplate getting about 5200-5300 rpms and I don't get the lift that I should.
69 mph @ 5400 What could I do?  The jackplate is raised about 1.5" above the flush position.
19# psi I hear about double cup props and re-cups; will any of this help?
     A: Cupping the prop will kill the rpms even worse.....it would help lift, but 
  Champs aren't big lifters anyway.....they aren't made to be.
  I think you simply need to drop to a 25" Yamaha PS prop....stay away from the
  XL Yamaha.  If you're at 5400 now.....the 25 should put you closer to 6K....that's
  where the big Yam makes power....at 5200 you might as well have a 175 on the
  back.  Play with plate heights also.....take her up some.
89 Champion 184  Q: Had my carbs rebuilt and oil injector disconnected and was told that I should
87 150 Merc try a different prop. I have a 23" on now and mechanic told me it is too much for
            Black Max that motor to turn.  I don't have a great holeshot.  He said I should use a 20"
  Tempest or Trophy.  I measured the propshaft by lowering the motor till vertical
23" prop and running tape along bottom of boat and measuring to center of propshaft, if that
1" bracket is the correct way to measure it!  Any advice would be appreciated.
 3.5" below the pad I am eventually going to get a 10" jackplate.
55 mph @ 5000    A: A 23" Tempest should work well with your rig.....if you had a jackplate.....
  The easiest test in the world is to try another prop....and you need to get the 150
  up to 5500 or so......so I'd say a 21" Trophy or Trophy would be the props to try.
  Also I think I'd look at a 6" plate over the 10".....the Champs are tail heavy
  already and that much setback will bury the engine deep in the water while idling.
01 Champion 171  Q: I traded in the dog of a 4 stroke I had when I asked questions before. The 
00 135 Merc Opti boat ran horrible. Was a 115 - 4 stroke Merc.  Now I have a 135 Merc
  Optimax, what a difference!!  What do you think I should be running. It only has
25" Tempest had 8 hours on it, will it come alive more after 10 hours of break in and double
6" CMC oiling?  And no matter how high or low I set motor I only get about 12# psi max, 
4 3/4" off transom maybe 13.  I'm running with 2 holes with 7/16 plugs and 1 fully open.
2 3/4" below pad Killer holeshot, motor feels very strong on this small boat, but was looking for 
60.5 mph @ 5400 65 on top end, dealer told me I could see these numbers.
10# psi 181's with a 150 run 65, so how about a 171 with a 135 running 65?
  Or am I dreaming!  I couldn't run it lower, about 3 1/4" below pad because of 
  bad chinewalk.  Any help would be great!  Thanks Todd!!
     A: Yeah.....I think 115 4 strokes are for pontoon boats.....maybe the 225 
  4 strokes will impress me.....but so far no 4 stroke does.
  I think you're close to all you're going to see....I disagree with 150 hp 65 mph
  181's.....62, yes......not 65 and not in summer.  I think you need to give a 23"
  Tempest a try and see if gaining some rpms helps your HP output...5400 is a tad
  under what I'd run it.
  If you learn to control the chinewalk and can jack it anywhere it wants to go you
  may pick up a couple more mph.....also try a 24" Trophy to see if more transom
  lift will free you up a tad.....I think you're in the prop experiment stages and small
  jack plate changes.
93 Champion 204DC  Q: Boat is loaded for tournys. Suggested prop for highest top end?
93 200 Merc EFI  
     A: The 202's I've done like the 3 blade....your biggest problem is lack of rpms....

25" Tempest

you have an engine that redlines at 6K and isn't making full power at 5300....I think 

62.8 mph @ 5300

the Tempest is the prop to run.....I just think you need to drop to a 23".

15# psi

Yamaha props do well also....the ProSeries. The 23" should get you to 5700 rpm....
  up to where you're at 200 hp instead of 175 hp at 5300.
95 Champion 202Elite  Q: How high is reasonable to lift the motor?  I installed the jackplate but the 
     225 Merc EFI water pressure was this low before, so I asked some questions and was told that 
  the 3L block didn't have high pressure.  Now lately the overheat buzzer comes on 
25" Tempest after a 10 min run at 5000 rpm and the w/p is getting even lower, 6-8 at 5000. 
6" jackplate I am going to get it looked at today, but am I eating up the impeller or what's up
2" off transom with my engine height?  Is 2" too high?
69.9 mph @ 5800    A: 12# psi in the turns is the lowest I will go with a 3 liter.  10 is too low.
10# psi You may need to go down a bit.   
  I think you need to install a new impeller now and see what happens.....the numbers
  look pretty good on the setup tho....about what I'd expect to see on a 202/225.
01 Champion 206  Q: I am turning about 300 rpms too much at WOT with the 25" Yamaha. 
01 225 Yamaha This is with 2 people (450 lbs) and all of our gear.  Holeshot is real good.  I was
  wondering if you think I could twist a 26" Trophy?  At these speeds I do not have
25" Yamaha PS any chine unless I over trim.  
8" jackplate    A: The 26" Trophy would be a good choice....but I'd like to hear what a 27 
69 mph @ 5900 Yam does.....in theory it should cost you about 400 r's.....but maybe not.  I turn the 
21# psi Yams I do up to 6K and try to set them to run at 5800.....so I don't think you're in
  any danger....the 25 Yam is a hard prop to beat and 69 is about where I'd say you
  should run.
  If it was me I'd jack it to 18# psi and run it cloer to 5800.....the 26 Trophy should
  knock you down to 5400.
01 Champion   Q: Boat seems to perform well at WOT, but the holeshot SUCKS!!! Thinking of
     196 Elite trying PowerTech TR04 24" pitch.  The boat seems a little large for the 200, but 
01 200 Merc that's the rating.  Have seen this model perform better.  Any suggestions would be
  a help.
25" Tempest  A: From what I know of Champs and Mercs you're doing exactly what you should
6" jackplate be doing.  My only realy suggestions would be to pull the PVS plugs till you find
69 mph @ 5800 a combo that lets you spin up some r's at holeshot....and to try a 25" Trophy to 
15# psi gain some more transom lift the free the boat up.
  Prop swaps are going to be the easiest way to find performance....I'd try the 
  Yamaha 25" ProSeries to see if it helps the holeshot also.
97 Champion 181 dcx  Q: Prop have cavitation burn on it.  I was wanting to know what is causing it.
97  150 Mariner Someone had told me that the motor is too high and the prop is coming out of the
  water.  But I think the motor could be raised just a bit more.  Just got the boat.
24" Trophy  A: Cavitation burn on one ear or all 4?  A disrupted water flow over the lower unit
6" jackplate will cause a burn.....but it usually shows in the case also....2.4 and 2.5 Merc lowers
5" off transom have a bad spot just behind the intakes that will burn fairly easily.
62-65 @ 5300 I think you can come up some more....I honestly don't think you have enough

20# psi

motor or rpms to cause a high setting burn.
98 Champion 202  Q: I know that my boat should run faster because I talk to people that have this
98 200 Merc boat.  What can I do to speed my boat up?
26" Tempest    A: I don't have tons of setup experience with the Champs...but....the 26" is way
6" jackplate too much prop for the 200.  The 202's I've done in the past have liked the 3 blade
2" off transom over the 4...so I'd recommend the 25" Tempest.
63.9 mph @ 5400 The 25" should get you to 57-5800....an rpm more in the powerband of your engine.
16# psi This will add speed as well.  I've been in a 202 with 2 men and a 200 OMC at
  68 mph with me holding the gps...so I think you have some to gain.