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00 BumbleBee  Q: Boat handles well until 66 mph & up; chines real bad.  Requesting all info as to
      290 SV setup specs to have checked.
00 200 Yamaha VMax  A: I have no exact measurements to give....all my Bee work is done by feel.
  The 290 has always been a handful to drive....and I've run several.  I can tell you 
26" 4 blade Yamaha mine liked the 3 blades much better than the 4's....if not too late, have the dealer get
10" jackplate you a 25" Yamaha ProSeries to try.....and set the propshaft at 2.5" under pad to
  start....keep the h2o around 18# psi....and have a passenger or weight in the port
  side......a balanced boat is much easier to get the hang of.
90 BumbleBee  Q: Engine has been modified with 200 carbs and reeds, 225 heads, solid mounts
     200 ProVee and a HydroTec exhaust tuner (the loud one). Boat has decent holeshot and bow
87 150 Yamaha lift.  But at top speed torque steer is bad and it starts to chine walk at full trim so I 
            ProV have to trim down a bit.  Any suggestions?  I am not sure if this is all it is going to do
  but I would like to fine tune this setup.
26" Turbo  A: In my experience there is always a better prop than a Turbo....the new Turbo
10" jackplate Lightning is a better prop than older Turbos.....but it still leaves a little speed on the
4.5" below the pad table when compared to the Tempest and Yamaha PS.
68 mph @ 5800 Lowering the engine will help control the chine and reduce the torque steer....but
16# psi will probably reduce speed also. I'd recommend giving a 27" Yamaha ProSeries a 
  try....they can be found fairly easily and are somewhat inexpensive.....plus they
  handle very well.  If you can't spin it on up to 5800 I'd recommend the 25" Yamaha.
  The Bee can run an over the hub prop also....like a Merc Chopper....but it will 
  increase the torque steer.
  A skeg mounted torque tab will reduce torque....but I'd like to see you try the 
  Yamaha prop first.
01 BumbleBee 2100  Q: Just wondering if you could give any advice on how I can improve my 
01 225 Merc EFI performance on top end.  Don't really understand about the height off transom.
  27" Tempest seems to be the best bet so far.  Just checking to see if I can do 
25/26/27" Tempest anything extra to help. Thanks.......
12" jackplate  A: You know what? You're already there.  The performance you have now is about
75.9 mph @ 5850 max for what the 2100/200 ProVee will do with a 225....from this point you just
17-19# psi need to play with small increment jackplate adjustments to fine tune what you have.
  The 2100 is a great boat!
98 BumbleBee  Q: I don't know what speed I am running but I am wondering what you think the
     200 ProVee best setup for this combo would be. Thanks a lot.....
   A: While having fished for a Bee dealer and running a 290....I've never measured
25" & 27" Yamaha one.  All setup has been done by feel.  If you're spinning the 27" to 5900 you're
Pro Series doing well.  15# psi is a tad low....so I'd say you're high....not too high tho.
10" jackplate 18# psi is where I like to see the big Yams run at.
Propshaft is 2.5" You have the only 2 props to have so now all that is left is to experiment with the
below pad jackplate....I still think you might go down just a tad.
15# psi