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94 Pantera II  Q: Just bought the Tempest prop.  The prop has been modified by Boger.
94 150 Merc Was on a 481V (150 XR6) Ranger. Would turn 62-62 on the Ranger. What 
  should this prop do on my Cat? Prop has excellent bow and stern lift.  
23" Tempest Plus What height should I start the plate at?  Adjust up or down?  Adjust till what falls
6" jackplate off; h2o pressure, rpms jump, mph falls, or combination of all three?
 2.25" off transom    A: You should have much better performance than the 481V had...I can tell you
  that!  I'd start 3" under pad and work up.....till the tail gets big and the h2o starts


to drop in the turns.  Keep the rpms in the 55-5800 range.
00 Cougar  Q: Boat has good holeshot and top end, minimal chine.  The problem I seem to 
00 225 Merc EFI have is a lack of bow lift. Not really looking for speed increase, what I have now
  is plenty fast, but I don't want to lose any to get the bow up a little more.
25" Trophy I don't know a lot about boat setup or the results of certain changes. Thought of 
6" jackplate lowering the motor 1/2" to an inch and see what that does or moving up to a 
3.25" off transom 26 Trophy. I seem to have the rpms to run a little more prop but I'm not sure how 
80+ mph @ 5900 that will help my problem.  Thanks for your help.....
15# psi  A: You have all the components....my guess is that a bit more setback would help
  both lift and speed....swapping to a 26" Trophy really shouldn't affect lift......it will
  give another 1-1.5 mph tho....I'd try to keep the big EFI as close to 6K as 
  possible tho.
  When running down the lake do you run out of trim?  Is so, add trim extenders.
  They can be had from Land and Sea but I make my own...the Mercs generally
  do not offer enough positive trim....it's worth 2-3 mph on the Tritons with Merc
99 Pantera III  Q: When fill livewells, boat struggles to get out of hole but this seems to be the 
99 200 Merc EFI perfect place for top end and comes out of hole good if no water in livewells.
  I raised 1/4", but no help and loss of speed to 70 mph and 12/13# psi.
25" Tempest Is this the wrong prop.  BassCat Mfg said use 25" Trophy but would like to make
Jackplate what I have work.
3" below the pad  A: Have you tried removing PVS plugs to adjust holeshot?  That's about all you 
72/73 mph @ 6000 can do.....I won't run a 200 2.5 liter under 15# psi.  I'd borrow somebody's
13/14# psi 25" Trophy to try.....but you're running very well where you are.  I never rig my 
  personal stuff based on holeshot or midrange.....always for top end.
  I'd rather be a dog when heavy and have top end over a good holeshot and a loss
  of 3 mph.
92 Pantera II  Q: I'm considering going to a larger setback jackplate and need to know what
92 200 Merc 2.5L would be the most efficient setback for my boat.  I'm thinking 10" but I really don't
  know.  At 5800 rpm - 69/70 mph my water pressure runs about 12 psi. 
25" Powertech 4 Bl. If I bump the trim down it jumps to 15 psi but I lose 2-3 mph and lose what feels
5 1/2" off transom like a lot of bow lift.  I've also got a torque steer problem.  My motor doesn't have
69 mph @ 5800 a torque tab.  This morning I was running at WOT and decided to trim down some.
12-13# psi At first all I noticed was more water pressure, so I trimmed down a little more and
  noticed the torque steer lessened so I trimmed down a little more.  The more I
  trimmed down the easier it became to steer.  I don't know what to do about this.
  I originally set the jackplate to my max mph and didn't know any better about
  anything else.  What can I do to help my setup without losing mph?  I posted on
  Angler World about the torque steer and they said I should get a torque tab so I'll
  be getting one of those Tuesday. Thanks.......
   A: Well, there are a couple of lines of thought here.  First off....I never rig for
  holeshot, midrange or comfort....I keep all my stuff set for max topend.  There are
  those I rig for who could care less about topend but want a very efficient and
  comfortable fishing platform.
  My suggestion is this.....before changing setup install the torque tab....I think you'll
  like the results.  Next....I think a 10" plate will work on the Cat...but I'd rather see
  you try 2" spacers for a lot less money than a new plate.....if they don't help enough
  (they'll help tho), then you can go to an 8" plate and the spacers and have some
  flexibility about your backspacing.
  The more setback will put the engine in cleaner water which will allow you to keep
  the trim up and still have adequate h20 psi....plus speed, plus lift.
  Tab it......then space it.....THEN if needed plate it.