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99 Stratos 295   Q: Just to let you know I'm a new owner and I had the jackplate put on (boat 
     ProElite DC came without one). These questions may be basic and you have most likely 
99 175 Ficht answered them many times, but the answers are very important to me.
   l. Where should the propshaft centerline be under the pad?  I heard 2.5", is it true
23 Renegade or is it just a starting point.
5.5" jackplate  2. When I start to make adjustments to the jackplate, what determines how much
68 mph @ 5600 and in which direction I should move the plate up or down?
   3. What type (manufacture) and size prop do I need to get so I can get the best
  holeshot and speed to include the correct rpms and water pressure at WOT.
   4. The jackplate is a 5.5" CMC. Does it matter which mounting holes are used to 
  mount it to the transom?  Is so, which ones.
   5. Same goes for the engine to jackplate, which holes does it mount to, or does it
   6. What is the least amount of water pressure I can operate the engine at WOT?
   7. I saw a Hot Foot and mounting platform for the hot foot in Bass Pro Shops
  2002 Master Catalog that I want to install myself, what would be the correct cable
  I would need to order from the BassPro Shops catalog, also would I have to go into
  the engine with the new cable or only to the hand mounted throttle?
   8. What size and type of bolts do I need to mount the hot foot platform to the floor?
  Do instructions come with the kits?
   9. The same goes for the TeleFlex ProTrim, the one that looks like a turn signal
  and mounts to the steering column.
   I know you don't know me or my abilities, but in regards to the hot foot and 
  ProTrim should I install them myself or take it to a shop to have it done.
  I know I've asked a lot, but your help is truly needed.  Thanks in advance.........
      A:  Ok, let's start with No.1.......
   1. 3.5" under is a starting spot and will probably be about 1/2" too low....2.5" is 
  too high to start in my opinion.
   2. If you set at 3.5" under then you want to move the plate up 1/4" at a time....
  if the tail is high aand the h20 psi is low then you want to lower the plate.
   3. You've probably got it now...the only other recommendation I'd make is try a 
  24 Raker.
   4. Not really.
   5. You want to mount the engine as high as you can on the plate so the plate does
  not have to be fully extended to reach its running height....this makes the plate
  much stronger should you have an underwater impact....same holds true for 
  mounting a heavy engine like the HO 225.
   6. About 20 for the OMC....25 would be better.
   7. You need a 2' longer cable than the factory supplied....probably a 14'er.....
  disconnect the cable at the engine and roll it up in the bilge area of the boat.....run
  the new cable to the hotfoot while still having the old cable connected to the hand
  control....it won't hurt a thing in the bilge.....make sure to get the hot foot properly
  adjusted so you can achieve WOT.
   8. Short fat stainless wood screws are used to install the hotfoot...far enough away
  from the gunwhale of the hull so as not to penetrate the hull.
   9. The trim is no big deal but you will have to locate the trim wires in the wiring 
  harness running from the bow to the transom area to splice it in.
  As to the trim and hotfoot....the trim switch is 50 bucks and the hotfoot about 80.....
  the cable will be about 45.....take 250 to the dealer and have him do both....as for
  that matter take another 75 and have him mount the jackplate...the thing to consider
  is that he has all the tools and skill....and you have recourse if something goes wrong.
93 Stratos   Q: My Stratos has always been a fast boat.  Two years ago I strapped on the
     285 Pro XL 150 Merc.  Like you I am not a big believer in speedos.  It has been commented
98 150 Merc EFI to me that my engine seems a bit high on the jackplate.  I am able to outrun anyone
  around here with a 150 and most 175's and even a few 200's.  My question is, 
26 Tempest 1. is 6000 rpm too high?, if so, what should my peak rpms be, and 2. what is 
6" jackplate a realistic top speed for this combo?  PS. I outran a Triton TR19 w/175 'Rude
60 mph @ 6000 who had GPS'd his boat @ 68.2 mph.
12# psi     A: An efficient 6K with a 26 would be good for about 73 mph....corrected for 
  slip.  In my opinion....you shouldn't be able to turn a 26 Tempest to 6K....maybe a
  25 to 5500 or a 24 Trophy to 5600 for about 62-65 mph tops.
  The 285 is a good boat with a quick hull....not a screamer...but no slouch either.
  I have TR19's with 175's in the 68 gps range....so I don't doubt the guy you beat
  has that capability.


The 150 will spin 6K....but due to exhaust, intake and port timing restrictions it 
  makes no power there....you'd be better off spinning a 27 Tempest to 5600....and
  faster.  Just because I think 65 is tops with a 150 doesn't make it gospel...I've seen
  hot motors from every manufacturer...you could be at 175 hp easily and close to 70.
89 Stratos 201 Pro  Q: I am not satisfied with the performance I have gotten out of the setup on this
89 200 Evinrude XP boat.  From what I am reading my setup is not the best.  I would like to know what
  I can do to improve the hole shot and the top end speed of this rig.
25" Shooter I considered replacing the engine but the '89 has not given any problems in 12 years
6" jackplate and I think that I have been very fortunate.  I would greatly appreciate some advice
6" below pad on how I can improve the holeshot and top end performance.  Many Thanks!
62 mph @ 5900     A: The Shooter's a TURD....swap to a 24 Raker and reset the engine to 3.5"
12# psi below pad to shaft....The 201 is good for about 64-66 honest GPS speed.
  Make sure you have a fresh impeller in it....12 psi is kinda low for 5900 rpm 
operation.  If you can turn to 6K try a 26 Raker or a 25 Renegade also.
95 Stratos 268 DC  Q: My question is that at WOT throttle I get 5900-6000 rpm and about 52 mph
95 115 Evinrude (gps), but I get about an 8 foot rooster tail out back, if I trim down to blow water
  straight out, I lose speed and rpm.  It seems to me that if I can get the water to 
21" aluminum blow straight back and not up, and keep my rpms at around 6000 I could get more
52 mph @ 5900/6000 speed out of it, is this true, if so what should I do, and what gains can I expect?
      A: While the 115 will spin 6K....it would be better to run a bigger pitch prop and 
  less rpm for more speed...plus the big tail means your efficiency has gone right out


the window.
  I think a 22 Raker would do wonders for your slippage and get you down to a more
  liveable rpm.....say about 5500......plus up your speed somewhat.
97 Stratos 268DC  Q: I bought the motor last fall.  Had some time on the water before freeze-up.
00 135 Evinrude With the 3 blade I get a fantastic holeshot but at WOT it chinewalks (badly).
            Ficht Am going to add dual cable steering.  Also am going to put a Bob's 6" hydraulic
  jackplate.  What prop would work with this setup?  I did try a 24" Renegade, 
22" Raker holeshot suffered but top speed was 61.8 gps also chinewalk was reduced.
59.8 mph @ 5100     A: The 268 will stay with the 3 blade.....probably a 24 Raker.  The plate should
25#? psi help you to control the chine but you're gonna have to drive it some.
  There's no way of knowing final setup till you can drive it......there isn't a 24


Renegade....but a 23 may do ok, but will lift the transom and possible exaggerate
  chinewalk.  Set the engine at 3.5" under pad to start when you get your plate on.

97 Stratos

 Q: I just bought a 285 ProElite from my father and it is in super shape. We used it

     285 Pro Elite

a couple of seasons tournament fishing.  It has a good holeshot and handles very

97 150 Johnson

well.  The only thing that bothers me is at WOT, it is turning around 5900 rpm
  (sometimes pushes 6000).  It has a Shooter prop and I don't know the pitch.

Shooter prop

I have thought about adding some cup to the prop or having it re-pitched.
6" jackplate Should I do this to get the rpm down or just not worry about it and throttle back to 
64 mph @ 5900 a lower rpm?  If I need to add cup or pitch to the prop how much pitch should I 
  add?  Are there any common problems that I should be aware of with the 97
  Johnson FastStrike and if so, what should I do to address them?
  I don't need to be the fastest boat on the lake and I would like to keep the 
  reliability and longevity of the motor to the maximum.  I am considering a hot foot


pedal, is this something that I should undertake myself or allow a dealer to install it?
  I would appreciate any thoughts you have on the matter..........
       A: When I get to be governor of the great state of Tennessee......every boat over
  100 HP will have to have a hotfoot......for safety issues if nothing else....so yes!
  definitely get the foot.
  The Shooter is the worst prop made....period.  The 97 150 FastStrike does have
  1 problem....dealers can't make money on repairs cause they are excellent engines!
  The big 97 OMC's aren't great....but up until 2000 the small block OMC's are
  some of the best engines produced by anyone.
  Chunk the Shooter for a 24 Raker or 23 Renegade....I think the 24 Raker will 
  make you very happy.  I wouldn't spend a dime on the Shooter....keep it for a 
  spare.....or an anchor....the 150 will spin 6K but 5800 is a better wot range.

99 Stratos 201 PDC

 Q: Just bought an 8" hydro jackplate (manual) to install on my boat.  I would like

99 225 Evinrude

to have some information on what the proper height would be to start at.


The prop has had 1/2 in. taken off of diameter also.  Thanks..........
      A: Start with propshaft at 3" under pad....I know you didn't ask, but.....at 6K and
27" Renegade 65 mph you are slipping big time!  I'm worried that having the 1/2" diameter 
65 mph @ 6000 removed from the Renegade has made you a 400 dollar anchor!  By and large, 
28# psi the 201/225 Ficht won't come close to spinning the 27"......most only turn 25"
  Renegade to 5900......good for 70 mph or a tad more....6K with a 27 should have
  you to 74-75 mph.


I'd find a non worked 25 Renegade when you start setting up the plate to get a

96 Stratos 268V

 Q: I just bought the boat with a bad piston and had the motor rebuilt.

96 115 Evinrude

(Price motivated.) Everything is stock. Started the break in process. Boat nose 
  gets real high before levelling on plane.  The prop seems okay, but would not mind

SS Prop

changing it, (just to start fresh with known equipment). What prop and jackplate
  combination do you recommend?  What should I expect the performance to be 
  when fully broken in?


    A: I'd recommend a 4" plate and a 20 Raker prop.....it should be a 50 mph+
  rig when done.....the 115 OMC is a very good engine.

97 Stratos 258

 Q: I bought this boat used, and I don't know a lot about its motor.  I would like to 

96 90 Johnson

get a little more speed out of it.  I was thinking of adding a 6" jackplate.
  Can you help me out?
17" Shooter      A: Try one of the Raker props before deciding on a plate...the Shooter is a poor
42 mph @ 5100 prop....I think once you see how the Rakers perform you'll not need the plate.


Probably a 20 Raker will do it.

97 Stratos 282

 Q: I have extreme steering torque.  I am thinking of adding a 6" plate.  Please 

97 150 Johnson FS

advise setup recommendations.  H20 psi, pad to prop shaft height, etc.  My engine
  is carbed, not Ficht.  I usually run by myself and light load.
24" Raker  
1 1/2" off transom    A: 6" plate with the engine's shaft at 3" under pad. 25 psi h2o and probably a 
59 mph @ 5500 25 Renegade....just getting more water to the prop will help eliminate the steering
25# psi torque......a skeg mounted torque tab will cure the rest.



98 Stratos 273

 Q:  Hey Todd- I've finally got this rig's chinewalk figured out but I can only get her

98 150 Evinrude

to about 61 mph and 5100 rpm.  Seems like it should go faster and should be 


running at about 5500 rpms at WOT with the 150.  I've got the outboard in the 
  second hole from the bottom.  Hole shot seems ok - not great.  Should I try raising
24" Raker the outboard to the next hole up?  How about a different prop?  I was considering
61 mph @ 5100 a 23 Renegade.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.........
25# psi    A: In theory the 23 is going to turn about the same r's as the 24 since it has the
  added drag of the 4th blade....and a Raker is a good choice for your particular
  application....a 22 will get you to 5500.....but won't be much faster if any.
  Before I unbolted the engine and moved just a hole I'd add a jackplate....although
  from your h2o psi you could probably raise a hole and get away with it...and it 

should add some more speed and rpms.

99 Stratos 283

 Q: My question is this - I want to add a jackplate, and a bigger 4 bladed prop.


Which size would be the best.  I just want to be able to stay around the same 

99 175 Evinrude

speeds I'm at now.  Also when I have a tourney load my rpm is lower, about 500
  rpms lower; is this normal or is there something wrong? 
24" prop Last question, what is WOT?

68-70 mph @ 5200

   A: WOT is wide open throttle......a 6" plate will do wonders for the 283 and a 
17# psi? 25 Renegade will be the prop to run....5200 with a 24 is probably low 60's now.....
  and with the changes you can expect almost 70.
  As for the drop in r's....usually 2-300 is normal....500 is probably due to the 3 blade
  not carrying the nose when loaded.

98 Stratos 295PE

 Q: I've enjoyed my 295 but feel the need for speed.  I've been offered a 

98 150 Evinrude

new-in-the-box 2002 200 HP Merc Optimax for $9K and am thinking about 


swapping motors.  What is your opinion?  I think it would be perfect for my Stratos
  but would like to hear from an expert before buying.  Thanks....
     A: One of my bud's boats has a 225 EFI/295 Stratos....it's a great combo.....the
  Opti is a little heavier and it won't be as fast as the 225.....but....I think you'll really 
  be pleased with the 3 liter Merc on the 295.

94 Stratos 270 DC

 Q: No real problems...thinking of increasing pitch...maybe a Renegade 22".

94 120 Evinrude

Working on driving thru chine...starts at 59 when I trim down. Recommendations?
20" Raker  A: A jackplate for adjustability is the first thing that comes to mind...plus....a reprop
3" below pad for about 5500....I wouldn't spin the 90 degree V4 that high....a plate and a bigger
60 mph @ 6000 prop will add speed and longevity and maybe some drivability....but the added
22# psi speed may cause the chine to worsen....at least you will be able to adjust with the
  plate to help.....4-6" Rapid Jack would be my choice....and I'd probably stay with
  a 3 blade prop....but it never hurts to try everything available.

93 Stratos

 Q: I am installing a new engine on my boat, need help on what prop to use.

     201 XLPD

Called Stratos and they said 23" or 24" 3 bladed Yamaha ProSeries.  Was

00 200 Yamaha HPDI

running a 4 blade 27" inch turning 6000 rpms with a '93 200 Johnson set at 2" on 
  my Detwiler jackplate.  Any help would be greatly appreciated......

6" jackplate

   A: My guess would be the 25 Yamaha ProSeries....NOT THE XL!.....and the
  Yam HPDI isn't too strong from what I've seen to this point...you may be in for a
  performance drop....but the fuel and oil usage will drop also....if the 25 won't spin
  close to 5700 you will need the 23.....I've never seen a Yamaha 24 ProSeries.

00 Stratos

 Q:  I just bought this boat and would like to know if the speed I am getting is a 

     19SS Extreme

little low for so much motor on such a short boat?  Should I go up with the plate
00 200 Evinrude or get a longer plate as I am able to get this boat to walk really easy if I over trim it.
  I can drive it easily enough when it starts to walk, I am just curious about the speed.
25" Renegade Thanks in advance........
4" jackplate    A: The 19 is a rocket....I'd have no less than a 8" plate on it....and I'd think low
2.75" below pad to mid 70's would be about normal.....73 or so.
70 mph @ 5550/5600  

92 Stratos 201 ProXL

 Q: The only time that I have been in the boat with a gps I ran 61 mph at 5500 rpm.

93 200 Evinrude

Water was too rough to run wot. The boat was loaded with gear and gas.
  Is the rpm to speed seem right?  I don't have a jackplate and was thinking about 

25" Predator

getting one.  I don't want to put one on it if it will not help me a lot as far as speed
  and handling.  I am not sure if the prop is correct.  This is my first boat above 90 hp.
  I did get the motor near 6000 rpm without a gps but was afraid the rpms were too
   A: The big block OMC will spin 6K all day long....and 61 at 5500 is way too slow...
  You should be at 66 mph at 5500.  The plate will help....first thing I'd do though is
  borrow a 24" Raker to try over the Predator.
93 Stratos 201 ProXL  Q: Just wondering how many rpms, how fast, and what kind of prop you suggest
93 225 Evinrude other than a Renegade cause I tried it and hated it (25"). I'm fairly happy with my
  24" Raker, but some of these other 201's are doing 70+. I have moved the motor
24" Raker up and down on the jackplate and have found a good spot now where I am getting
69.3 mph @ 5900 the performance. What would you suggest for me to get up to those speeds, and 
30+ psi with the weather getting cooler would going up or down on the jackplate help me
  any.  P.S. My boat ran 69 in the most humid dead middle part of summer so I'm 
  thinkin I will be getting close to some of these other 201's speed with this cooler
  weather coming in middle Tennessee.
     A: EXPERIMENT! .....you're doing ok now.....but....if you didn't care for the
  25 Renegade (really the standard for 201's and 400 Javelins), you're kinda limited
  in what you have to run. My next move would be to go up on the plate and try to
  get it to turn a 26" Raker to 5600.....that will gain you at least 2 more mph.....of
  course as you stated, cool weather will gain you some already.
87 Stratos 179V  Q: I emailed you last week concerning steering torque and chinewalk. I started out
88 175 Merc at 3.5" below pad as you suggested.  And then started to increase the height to fine
  tune handling and performance.  I'm now wondering if you think that I need a different
23? Stainless pitch prop.  At 7/8 to 3/4 throttle I can exceed the recommended rpms.  While
6" jackplate using only about half trim.  The handling of the boat has greatly improved.  I want to 
2.5" below the pad try to get the rpms down a little bit and maybe a rocket holeshot and more top speed
68 mph @ 6000+ without losing the handling I have gained.  Thanks very much for the gains you have
20-22# psi given me.  It is very obvious that you know exactly what you're doing.  Any further
  help would be greatly appreciated.
     A: Thanks Chris......
  Since we really don't know exactly what style of Merc prop you have I'm going to 
  suggest a 25" Tempest 3 blade.  With 22# psi you can still come up and gain more
  speed.....but possibly get back into torque steer and driving difficulties....I'd say
  you're probably good height wise......
  Get the new style bigger prop and I think you'll be done....this is important tho....
  don't just go get any bargain basement prop you can find.  The Turbo's and other 
  off brands will not perform to the degree of the Merc stuff.
94 Stratos 285 ProXL  Q: Need more speed.
94 150 Johnson  
   A: Too much prop!  Too much slip for 25 @ 5700 and 63 mph.....h2o low also.....
25" Renegade I think you're too high on the transom.
No Jackplate You're adjustment is nil since there is no plate......but......try a 24" Raker.....it will 
63 mph @ 5700 rpm drop transom height and give h2o psi.....plus it should hook up a little better.
20# psi A 285 with a 150 will be an honest 64 mph gps boat when all is said and done.....
  and well setup.
92 Stratos 201 ProXL  Q: Todd, I live in central KY and have been running Stratos boats for over 14 years
93 225 Evinrude now.  I purchased this boat used last year and since then have had some minor
  problems with the motor.  When I first got the boat the speed read 70 mph @ 5800
Raker prop rpms. One year later and after replacing one piston I am now reading 61 mph @
6" off transom 5800 rpms.  The prop has a few minor dings in it but nothing major.  The holeshot is
61 mph @ 5800 great and there is little chinewalk but why have I lost speed?  The jackplate is as low
20# psi as it will go.  I am not sure on the pitch of the prop because I don't know how to 
  measure this.  What prop should I be running?  What speed and rpms should I be
  running with the current setup?  Any help would be appreciated.
     A: I'm not a big believer in speedos.....in theory if you still have the same prop and 
  it's still turning 5800 you should still have the same speed......unless the prop has 
  been damaged or the hub is coming out.  The 201 should be running a 24 Raker or
  25 Renegade......the pitch will be inside the prop on top of the hub where the washer
  is under the nut.
  The older 201's with the 225's are good for about 66-68 on GPS.....does it feel like
  you've slowed down?  Since it's chining with you some I really doubt you're only
  at 61.....I think a gps run is in order.
  Unless you have a huge tail you didn't have before you should still be moving well
  at 5800.....a very good rpm for the engine!
93 Stratos 285 ProXL  Q: My holeshot is terrible, and I'm wondering what I could do for a little more 
93 175 Evinrude top end speed.  I'm willing to try anything, I've considered trying a 10" jackplate. 
            Intruder With 2 people in the boat it even kilss my hole shot worse and my top end. 
  On the question about the motor height, I just measured from the bottom of the pad
26" Raker to where the bottom of the motor is on my jackplate and it was 8". I've got to have 
6" jackplate more speed and I would even bring the boat to let someone set it up as long as it 
69.2 mph @ 5800 will not break my pocket book too bad.  The speed thing I guess is just an ego thing
20# psi but I've got to have it and I would rather not have to buy another boat.
    A: You ain't gonna like my answer.....the numbers you've given show that you have 
  the fastest 285 I've seen.....You're going to be against the law of limited returns at
  this point.....it's going to be tuff to eake anymore from it simply......but.....
  It's time to go Black.....not the engines.....just the props.  Mercs have the FloTorque
  hubs that will let you run any Merc prop around by switching hubs to OMC.....it costs
  about 30 bucks.
  I've twisted the small block OMC's over 6K......you need to stay close in r's where
  you are but you need a little better speed prop....like a 26" Tempest by Merc......
  maybe a 26" Trophy to get the transom up some.
  I'd add 2" spacers for 8" setback....You can always mill the heads for some more
  compression.....but be careful to keep it around 130 psi for longevity.
  I really think you're at the experimenting stage with props and heights.
97 Stratos 282  Q: No problems, just wanted any suggestions for more speed!!!
97 150 Evinrude  
   A: Too much prop.....try a 24" Raker and jack it some....40 psi is a bunch of H20....
25" Renegade .... get the motor in the 5500+ rpm range.....you're not at max hp at 5200.....
5" jackplate it's like running a 115.
2" off transom  
68 mph @ 5200  
40# psi  
95 Stratos 278 F/S  Q: Recently bought this rig and it came with a 23" Shooter prop but the boat
95 150 Evinrude cavitated bad at take off and ventilated horribly even the slightest turn and the rpm
  was up at 6000. The motor was also setup at 4 1/2" below pad. I bought the Raker
22" Raker used and it seemed to have a lot of cup on the trailing edge of the blades (not normal
6" jackplate when compared to other Raker props). I lowered the motor to 6" and that stopped
50 mph @ 4600 the cavitation on take off and even though it still vents in turns it's not as bad but my
25? # psi rpm is running at 4500-4700 at 50 mph, this seems too slow and at WOT at full
  trim turning the wheel is impossible without partial shutdown and trim down some.
  Would I need to pitch prop to 21" and get ride of the cup or should I try the Shooter
  now that I have lowered the motor, and if I go with the Shooter should I find a 
  weed ring to try on it.  If my steering problem is cable related, could you guide me
  to a site with information on this problem?
    A: Something is terribly wrong here.  The 24" Raker is what usually is run on your
  setup....the 22" will work but you should be at 5800 r's with the 22.  You need to 
  get another FACTORY unrepaired and unworked Raker, set the engine height at 
  3.5" under the pad and start over....repaired Rakers are crap...they don't
  do well when repaired or altered by just any shop...I think the altered prop is the 
  chink in the armor.
01 Stratos 20SS  Q: With a full tournament load, gas, livewells full, it's a dog out of the hole.  
01 247 Ficht It runs fine on top end. Chinewalks on the high end speed.  I tried a 25" 4 blade
  Renegade for a better holeshot and to eliminate the chinewalking.  No matter where


I set the jackplate, the 4 blade blew out when the boat started to level.  On top end

8" jackplate

I could get anywhere from 5700 rpms to 6100 rpms depending on the setting with 

80 mph @ 5900

a speedo of 78 mph.  Why is the 4 blade blowing out?  Would it be worth the 

20# psi

money to go with a hydraulic jackplate:  If so, which one?  Any help you can give
  would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
     A: Do you have the plastic diffuser ring installed in the case when using the 
  Renegade?  You need that....it should cure your venting problem.
  No, the HydroPlate ain't worth it....when you get the bugs out it'll do fine without
  it.  I'd be running a 27" Renegade on that boat....6100 with the Ficht will show on 
  computer and put you out of warranty...if there is any.  The 27" will still turn up
  toward 6K and will be 1-2 mph faster than the 25"......
97 Stratos 201PEDC  Q: I need some help desperately!!  With the setup I have, I'm only reaching speeds
98 200 Johnson of 56-58 mph tops with rpm's at approx. 5300 at wot.  I tried many jackplate
  heights, but it seems like it only helps me get about 1-2 mph more - and no more
25" Renegade rpms......So now I'm just really frustrated.  My prop is ding free, and everything with
4" jackplate the motor seems to be running fine.  Do you have any suggestions on getting up to
57 mph @ 5300 around 70 mph like I think I should be.  I'm going to go out next weekend and 
30# psi totally start over with my jackplate.  How can I measure my propshaft height and 
  where do you feel I should start it and where should I go from there?
  Should I have to worry about over trimming?  I had my dealer check to make sure
  it is running at WOT - and he said it was.  Also, on that 25" Renegade - the plastic
  ring on the inside of the prop looks like it's rubbing on the blades when I'm running
  the motor.  Could this have any effect on speed?  What is the purpose of that ring
  any way?
     A: The ring on the Renegade is a diffuser ring.....it's used when a small hub prop is 
  used on a large hub lower unit....some call it a weed ring....it prevents cavitation
  on holeshot by routing more exhaust thru the hub instead of over it.  I'd run it 
  without it a couple of times...you may not need it.  Some do and some don't.
  Take a straight edge like a yard stick and run it from under the pad of the boat to the
  centreline of the propshaft...you should start it 3" under the pad and adjust up.
  I think you are VERY low.  The 200 should run 68 to 70 on the 201 and with the 
  prop you have.  If you have a hotfoot make SURE you're getting WOT.
  If you overtrim it will cost speed....
  Reset the engine at 3" under and go up....I also think you could use more setback....
  at least 2 more inches.
89 Stratos 201 Pro  Q: I'm wondering, at WOT I can trim 100% on my trim gauge and continue to 
89 200 Evinrude increase speed and rpm.  It takes a good distancce to reach top speed, maybe 1/4
  mile.  Do you think I need to raise the motor higher?  If so, how much and how 

25" Powertech TRO

much water pressure do I need?  Currently holeshot is ok but it doesn't jump up.

5" jackplate

   A: The loop charged 3 liter OMC's need 25 lbs of h20, I don't really know where

 3.75" off transom

the crossflow engines like yours need to run.....12# sounds low to me though.

72 mph @ 5800 

I'm not sure any amount of plate adjustment will help the time to speed situation.....

12# psi

I'd experiment a 1/2" both ways from where you are now to see what happens.
87 Stratos 189  Q: I'm wanting to replace the shift cables and steering cables and don't know which
     150 Merc ones to order; there are so many different kinds, rack and pinion, no feedback,
  safe-t qc, backmount rack single. Could you help me, I also want to beef up my 150.
  I'm an auto mechanic and have repaired the boat before, and I think I could do this,
  but I don't know the beef ups for 2 cycle engines. Can you help, thanks.
     A: I recommend the Teleflex dual cable safe t connect system...as for shifter and
  throttle cables, standard will do fine.  I don't like no feedback steering systems.
  150 Mercs are pretty easy to hotrod...about like small block Chevys.
  Mill the heads to a psi of 145 lbs compression, usually 34 cc combustion chamber
  volume.  Remove the exhaust bucket (pull the powerhead and mid plate).  Throw
  the big liner away and replace the exhaust tuner (outboard header) with a Bob's or
  G-Force unit.  Remove the air box over the carbs and install a mod vp carb plate.
  Use synthetic oil in the fuel and lower unit and you're set....a good set of fiberglass
  reeds will help too.
90 Stratos 201 Pro  Q: I snapped off a propshaft 2 years ago, since then I ordered another Raker prop
90 200 GT and have had it modified to try and match the old one.  My problem now is at high
  speed in a mild left turn the boat falls off the pad, but when I turn to the right it

26" Raker

doesn't affect it.  I have made some adjustments to the jackplate but have not

8" jackplate

improved the problem.  Question: is this more likely to be motor height or prop

65 mph @ 5800

    A: I'm not a big Raker prop fan...No 2 ever run alike...and a repaired Raker never
  seems to do right again....in my experience.
  Put your hands on a 25" Renegade and see if that doesn't cure what ails ya. I bet
  you'll be much happier with the 4 blade with that combo and your fall off will be gone.
98 Stratos 273  Q: Tech that rigged it for me got to 73.8 mph on gps. Was not with him. Learning
01 150 Merc XR6 now how to drive it after trading in a 115 FastStrike. Was able to reach 68 mph
  with another passenger and livewell (24 gal) and fuel tank (30 gal) both full without

25" Tempest Plus

chine.  Still had some trim left.  Seems to be easier to reach higher speeds without

6" jackplate

chine when loaded down rather than when by myself.  Does this sound right?

73.8 mph

Please explain. (Was not with the tech when he set the jackplate so I don't know
  what the rpms or water pressure were.)
     A: It won't chine as much cause it ain't runnin it's max while loaded. 73.8 mph
  sounds a little fast but not outrageous. Keep all the weight possible on the passenger
  side to balance the boat and just spend driving time with it.
  68 with 2 men and a load is better than most 19's with a 200 run.....
00  21 Extreme  Q: Not getting the speed!! I had a 22" Raker on before and getting the same
00 225 Evinrude 6000 rpms, 35 pounds water pressure and no more speed!  When I raised the motor
            Ficht and went to the 24" Raker I had a huge rooster tail and so I lowered the motor and
  and am starting from scratch.  Can you please help me out!!

24" Raker

  A: The standard 21SS/225 Ficht setup here uses a 25" Renegade...or a 26" Raker,

8" jackplate

but we're at 550' above sea level.  You need to establish 3" below the pad to

Propshaft 1.5"

propshaft centerline and start going up from there.  The 21SS with your engine is a

below the pad

70-72 mph boat here in Tenn.  I feel certain it could be a 65 mph boat in upper
(Located in Colorado) elevations.  I'd check to make sure you're achieving WOT.
98 Stratos 273  Q: I purchased this boat slightly used (practically new). I have two major complaints
98 150 Merc 1/ Holeshot is terrible, rpms get to 6200 and takes about 10 seconds of this to plane
           ProMax Sport out.  With two persons and full livewells this takes longer.  2/. Whenever I get to
  60 mph chinewalk is almost uncontrollable.

25" Tempest

  A: That should be a very potent combo. Do this first...make sure your prop's PVS

60 mph @ 5200

plugs have all solid inserts.  This should help the on plane venting.


I think the rpms are low because the chine has you unable to achieve top speed.
  The engine may be a tad high....this will add to the chinewalk on the little Stratos.
  There is a lot of driving time involved in mastering the chinewalk...don't overtrim
  while learning....this will just add to the frustration.  While a 4 blade isn't the prop
  I'd choose for this application....a Trophy might help you control chine and add
  holeshot while decreasing venting.
98 Stratos 268 DC  Q: I want to go to an SS prop but have no clue as to what size?  I'm currently
98 90 Johnson running the factory prop which is a Michigan 14x19 aluminum. My holeshot is great
  and top speed is around 43-46 fully loaded although it seems to have a lot of blow

14x19 aluminum

out when I make sharp turns even with the trim all the way down.  My top rpms are

45 mph @ 5500

5500 can be reached pretty quickly.  I really want to break the 50 mph mark, so I
  decided to order a SS prop and a manual jackplate.  Roughly how many more mph
  do you think I'll actually gain and on what size prop?  I saw the article in B&WB
  where they had a 22" prop on a 90 Evinrude, that seems like a pretty tall prop for a
  90.  I'm really wanting to get some more mph, so I'm willing to sacrifice some
    A: In some cases with smaller craft, the aluminums are the best choice. A SS prop
  may not gain anything over the same prop of aluminum.  For our conversation we're
  going to assume it will.  The prop to start with is the 20" Raker....this, along with the
  plate should put you where you want to be.  I have no point of reference to give you
  as far as engine height is concerned...other than to tell you to start at propshaft @ 3"
  under the pad and work up or down from there.
  If the aluminum prop is flexing at high rpms, as some are known to do, the SS prop
  might kill your top end rpms but gain more speed.  If the aluminum is holding shape,
  the 20" should in theory lower your rpms to 5300 but gain speed.  Here's where the
  plate comes in....to get the lost rpms back from the larger pitch.......all in all holeshot
  shouldn't be hurt too bad.  I'd rather see you borrow a 20" from a buddy before you
  buy one.