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00 Skeeter ZX180  Q: Todd, I live in Nashville also.  I just bought the 2000 ZX180 which has the
00 150 Yamaha the 150 VMax Ox66 with a 25M prop.  I haven't had it on the water. 
            VMax  Questions....without knowing any performance results, what would your 
  recommendations be as to the motor/jackplate position?  Where would you expect
25" Yamaha the rpms and psi to be with your recommended setup.  Thanks......
10" jackplate      A: At 3" under pad you should look for 5400 with the 25" and 57-80 with a
  23 PS Yamaha.....either will be about 62-64 mph.  Psi will be 18#.


It's a nice rig.....you'll be happy with it.
97 Skeeter 202C  Q: Guess I have the same question everyone else does.  Is this the best I can do?
97 200 Yamaha ProV I am throwing a rooster tail out about 100 feet behind the boat that is primarily on 
  the driver's side.  The boat handles better when I had the propshaft 3" below the 
26XL Ballistic pad, but as a speed fanatic, I want the best I can get.  I also have the stock 25M
10" jackplate prop that I can go to. The rooster tail is not present with that prop at the 3" below
2.25" below pad setting.  Your suggestions, sir.  You sound like the man in the know.
72 mph @ 6000 I'll defer to you.
18+ psi     A:  I've never had luck with Atwoods Ballistic props....however....lowering the 
  engine till the tail drops with the Ballistic might prove to be effective...2.25" is 
  awfully high for the Skeeter.
  The Yamaha PS props have always been my main choice for the Skeeters.......


especially the 202's.....25 for the 200 and 27 for the 225's.  A well setup 202 with 
  the 200 PV Yam is a 70 mph platform....maybe 72....I have a sneaking suspicion
  that you're off a little due to slippage.
  I'd lower the 26" at least a 1/2" and try to get the tail way down...if the Ballistic
  won't shed the tail I'd go back to the 25M.
96 Skeeter 200ZX    Q: Todd, I want to install a hydraulic jackplate with more setback.  Should I 
96 200 Yamaha purchase a 12" hydraulic or can I bolt a 6" hydraulic up to my existing 6" manual?
      A: That can be kinda tricky with the heavier Yamaha...I have a 10" RapidJack
25" Spinelli and a 4" hydraulic Land & Sea on my Bullet....but my 2.5 only weighs 350 lbs.....
6" jackplate I think in your case I'd recommend a new 12" hydraulic plate.
96 Skeeter ZX180  Q: Todd, I have no problems with this boat whatsoever, but was just wondering
96 175 Merc EFI if you might have any suggestions as to dial it in a little closer.  It runs 72 mph
  (2 people loaded fish ready and 76 mph (myself fish ready). The plate is a 6" 
25" Laser II Walker, jacked all the way up.  I've wanted to try a 25 Tempest. Would it perform
6" jackplate better than what I'm running?  By the way, I do feel that I could turn a 27". The 
1 1/2" below pad boat will set you back in the seat on the holeshot.
72-76 mph @ 5900     A: The Laser II can be good for holeshot but usually leaves a little to be desired
32# psi when total lift and speed come into play.
  In your case I don't really have any recommendations.....most 180's around here
  run 150's and struggle to see 65.....I've had no dealings with this setup over 70


so I'd be afraid to suggest anything that might make you go backwards....a 
  perfect setup with no slip and a 25 at 5900 is good for 74 mph...with slippage from 
  a Laser II you should be at 68-70 light....to sum up....I wouldn't change a thing if 
  I were running that well.
00 Skeeter ZX195  Q: What do you think I can do to get more mph and rpm. From what I have read
00 200 Yamaha on this site, I should be around 68 mph at 5500 rpm. My boat has a great holeshot
  and a good midrange.  Any suggestions?
12" jackplate     A: Somethin' ain't right! You have all the tools....I suspect the throttle isn't opening
3.5" below pad up all the way or an engine problem....from the numbers you've given on setup I 
64 mph @ 5200 can't add anything.....it seems right.
22# psi You'll need about 5700 to see 68 on gps....but is should be easy. Have a mechanic
  check out the engine setup.
00 Skeeter ZX185  Q: From what I've seen other guys running, I seem to be in the ball park, but I'm
00 150 Yamaha just curious if I can tweak it out a little more without going crazy.  By myself I hit
            VMax 066 the 66-67 speedo mark, with a partner, extra 200#s, I usually hit around 64-65.
  My main concern is my rpms lacking.  Holeshot, ride, turning capability is all great, 
25" Yamaha PS but I'm wondering if the rpms need to be a little higher?  I haven't messed with the 
12" jackplate jackplate yet, but wondering would tweaking the prop a little help, or raising the 
65 mph @ 5200 plate help?  Like I said, I'm happy with the performance so far, just wondering if 
18# psi there is anything else I can squeeze from this setup?  Thanks in advance........
       A: R's are too low.....start raising the plate....15 psi of H20 is min.....I really
  think you're going to need to drop to a 23" Yamaha ProSeries tho....having the  
25 thinned a little may help, it will cost bucks and have no guarantee it will help.
  If raising the plate doesn't get your to 5500 min. without going below 15 psi, 
  you'll need the 23".
96 Skeeter ZX190  Q: Todd, I recently purchased this boat and want to know, in your opinion, if I can
96 200 Merc EFI gain any more speed by raising/lowering the engine or, if necessary, by changing 
  props.  The boat consistently goes 69 mph (gps) with a full load of fuel, 2 people
25" Trophy and a moderate amount of tackle & gear.  Also, the elevation where the runs were
12" jackplate made is 2000 feet.  I'm getting a little bit of porpoising and am having to learn how
2.5" below pad to prevent the boat from walking, but when the fastest runs were made, the boat
69 mph @ 5850 was smooth and steady.  Thanks in advance........
25# psi     A: I'd say you're exactly where you're supposed to be!  A 25" Yamaha may be a
  tad faster than the 25 Tempest.....but I'd want to try it before buying.
  For a loaded boat at your elevation 69 is great....69 is good for that rig here in TN
  at 600 ft....get your driving skills honed while by yourself and you'll be in the low
  70's.....and not passed very often!
01 Skeeter ZX200  Q: I would like to get a few more mph's out of my boat.  I was wondering what I
01 200 Yamaha HPDI should look at in the way of props?  25? Or, should I first raise my motor up a 
  little?  Basically, I need somewhere to start.  This is my first fiberglass boat so I just
27" Yamaha need a few suggestions on where to start. Thanks for your help.......
12" jackplate    A: I think the 25 will put you where you need to be....68 mph is what I'd say is
4.75" below pad going to be tops for the HPDI....so you're not too far off now...
65.1 mph @  Of course, raising the engine is free....give it a try also...see if you can get it over 
5200/5300 5500 without venting or excessive slip.
01 Skeeter ZX225  Q: Todd, I am about to purchase a 2001 Skeeter with a Yamaha 200 HPDI and
01 200 Yamaha HPDI was wondering about what prop I should start out with?  I have the choice of 
  prop I want and wanted to get a rough idea at the size I may need to start with.

12" jackplate

Hope to get the boat by Oct.16 and get started on the break in of the motor.
  The dealer said the boat runs about 72 mph with a 4 blade 27" pitch.
    A: I'm not familiar with Yamahas 4 blade props....the 3 blades are among the best.
  Now....if the 200 HPDI was on a 202 Skeeter it wouldn't run 72....and being
  on the 225 is only going to hurt that much more....this hull needs a 225 HP engine
  or a 250.....
  The 200 HPDI seems to be ok so far...but no one has made any comment about
  it being stronger than a VMax.....so.....I think 67 mph gps is about the best you'll
  see on the bigger Skeeter....I also think a 25" Yamaha ProSeries 3 blade will be 
  the biggest prop you can run.
  If it were me......and it ain't.....I'd either get the 202 with the 200 HPDI or I'd get
  the 225 with a 225 min......resale is the consideration here...plus....I don't think it 
  will be long till Yamaha intro's a new 225 HPDI.
97 Skeeter ZX202C  Q: Todd, I had a 25" Trophy Plus which would turn to about 5450 @ 61-62 mph.
97 200 Yamaha I feel that the 25" Tempest Plus should turn around 57-5800. Can I raise the motor
  any more?  I'm getting a drop to about 15-17# psi in sweeping turns.  Just put in a 
25" Tempest Plus new impeller, mechanic said engine looks great inside and out.  Shouldn't I be able
10" jackplate to get about 68 mph from this boat?
2 3/4" below pad    A: The Tempest Plus isn't necessarily faster than a non PVS....as a matter of fact
63.5 mph @ 5600 the old A45 series was the fastest of the Tempests....the A46 PVS was the slowest
20# psi and the A47-48 were faster than the 46's but still slower than the 40 and 45.
  Anyhow....I'd probably choose the 25" Yamaha ProSeries prop myself....but you 
  can still come up some.....17-18 in the straights with 20% drop in the turns is ok.....
  unless you get a hot horn.
01 Skeeter ZX225  Q: I'm running 68 mph with 40 gal of fuel, me and a partner, and full livewells.
01 225 Yamaha  My problem is that I hear from other people and Skeeter owners that I should be
  running 72-75 mph gps. I don't have any experience in adjusting jackplates.
27" Yamaha Perf XL This is my second boat and I bought this boat because I like the layout and thought
12" jackplate it would run just a bit slower than a TR21 but now I'm as fast as a 520 Ranger and 
3 1/2" off transom I know my boat is 1680# empty but I feel there is more performance from my boat
Propshaft 4"  in just adjusting the jackplate. Are my feelings right, can you help me in adjusting
below pad. my motor height and jackplate and what do you think of the potential of this boat
68 mph @ 5500 running 72-75 gps with jackplate adjustment or am I going to have to start some
22-24# psi prop modifications or get another type.  Please help me in adjusting the motor and 
  jackplate first and then I will run it and see what we get and then if I can't get speed
  let's think about the prop.
   A: Based on the numbers I feel you are too low....the current components you have 
  are what I'd run.....except for the XL PS prop.....the jury is out on whether it's a 
  better heavy boat prop than the old ProSeries Yam prop.
  The water pressure minimum I run on the 225 3.1's is 18 psi.....Yamaha's can run
  VERY high.....and run best high.....22-24 psi gives us a lot of room to come up.
  There is no guarantee simply coming up will cure everything....but....we need to have
  the engine operating at 57-5800+ rpms to make all the power it has to offer.
  Raise the engine 1/4" at a time and keep NOTES on EVERYTHING!, water 
  pressure, rpms, everything.......
  I think you are about 1" too low but we're going to come up a 1/4" at a time....and 
  we're going to do sweeping turns to make sure we maintain a min. of 15# psi in the
  Out goals here need to be in reason.....a loaded 202/3.1 L 225 with a 27" Yam XL
  is going to be a 70-72 mph boat.....empty it's a 75 mph boat.....GPS not speedo.
  I assume you are an experienced Hi speed driver.....that will play a big part in 
  overall performance.....my Bullet will run over 90......but not with my partner driving
  it.....he is a full 10 mph slower than me.....but it's a 90 mph boat.
  Start bring it up......and tell me how we're doing!
99 Skeeter ZX185  Q: Todd this is Donald again. I mailed you a couple of times before and still am
99 150 Yamaha EFI getting it dialed in.  The speed above was with 2 people and gear, (me & partner
  weigh 200# apiece). When I'm by myself I can get 62.9 but the humidity was 
25" ProSeries down slightly that day.  Would the extra person kill two mph and is the humidity to
12" jackplate blame? I think I have my propshaft measured right and another ZX185 owner gave
4" below pad me some of his measurements but they're not reacting to mine like they are to his, if 
60.9 @ 5400/5500 he actually is doing those speeds.  He says he gets around 63 with 2 people and 
16# psi gear and 65 to 66 by himself.  About my engine height, what would you suggest?
  I lower it much more and my exhaust will be touching the water trimmed all the
  way under.  I'm going to get it right and it seems to be getting better each time.
  I try all of your suggestions and really thank you for your time with us non setup
   A: I wouldn't be concerned about the exhaust level with the water....it's relieve ports
  and not the actual outlet.  Worst thing happens is that you have to rev it a couple of 
  times after a long idle.
  I'd like to see you try a 23" Yamaha.....I think the added rpms might bring the 150
  alive.....you're about where the combo you have is going to run....I answer a lot of
  these so if you've tried the 23" forgive me.
97 Skeeter ZX202  Q: I still feel there's more speed somewhere in this boat.  When I get on plane the 
99 200 Yamaha prop sounds like it cavitates.  On WOT I'm not throwing any "rooster tail" but when
  I barely turn it left my water pressure dips to about 5 psi. I need help.
25" Yamaha PS  A: My experience with your exact boat is that you have about 3 more mph to get....
10" jackplate when did you last have an impeller installed?   You shouldn't be too high so I'm 
65 mph @ 5600 wondering about the water pump....if it gets hot at all it forms in the shape of the vane
17# psi direction and loses its ability to maintain pressure.
97 Skeeter ZX202  Q: I feel like I should be getting more speed out of this boat.  I don't think there's
99 200 Yamaha much cup in the prop, I don't know if the prop was modified or never had much cup.
  I'm turning 5800 rpm and every once in a while hit the rev limiter. I'm GPS'ing 58 in 
25" Yamaha ProS calm water and 61 in a little chop.  To me it just seems slow.
10" jackplate    A: Yep....you have excessive slip. At 5800 you should be at 70+.  22 psi seems
59-61 mph @ 5800 very good and that the engine isn't too high...but I think you may need to lower some.
22# psi Has the prop ever been damaged?  The factory 25 PS Yamaha is an excellent prop.
  Borrow another one if yours has ever been dinged or worked and compare results.

01 Skeeter ZX225

 Q: Would like to get 5600 out of boat.  I raised the motor 1/2 inch and got 5100

01 225 Yamaha

out of her, but she was chinewalking pretty bad at the top end. Really didn't have
  much time to play with it so left it as it had been.
27" Yamaha ProS    A: I can't help but feel the 27" is way too much prop for the big Skeeter.  A 25"
12" jackplate Yamaha should do much better...until you can control the chinewalk you'll never 
68 mph @ 4900 know exactly what works and what doesn't.
20# psi  
96 Skeeter 190ZX  Q: I originally was running a 6" jackplate.  The boat seemed to want to porpoise
86 150 Yamaha at WOT just a bit.  It was not a big deal, and did not do it all the time.  I bought the
  hull used and had the motor that I had purchased separately. The engine had hardly
25" Yamaha ProS any hours on it.  Anyway, I called Skeeter and asked them if my slight porpoising
10" jackplate and sorry holeshot could be coming from the 6" jackplate.  He told me to put a 10"
69 mph @ 5800 on and I did it today.  I picked up 3 mph and 200 rpm.  My question is....even 
17# psi though the Yamaha I have now is like new, how much of a speed difference should
  I see by putting a newer 175 hp motor on it?  The motor I have now is very strong
  and people can't believe how fast the boat would run even when it had the 6" plate
  on it.  Thanks in advance.
   A: I'm honestly not sure you'd gain anything.....those are impressive numbers for the
  150.  In my opinion.....for what it's worth....is that your hull with a 150 is good for
  about 63 mph and with a 175 is good for about 67-68......so you've already outdone
  my expectations.   In all honesty same or no gain.
00 Skeeter ZX185  Q: Todd, I am trying to get jackplate right. I was running 5100 rpms and raised 
00 150 Yamaha  motor, now running 5400 rpms but speed dropped 2 mph. Boat does not chine at
             VMax all now, is it too high or do I need to go up further.  Boat still has good holeshot
  but new rpms are with motor trimmed all the way up.  Before I would start to chine
25" ProSeries  but not bad.  Do I need to get it back to where it was and have prop detuned?
12" jackplate Just playing with it, trying to get it the best it can be. Thank you!
61 mph @ 5400  A: The first guess would be that you might be a tad high....just for grins, go up a tad
17# psi more and see if speed drops off more and rpms climb.  It probably won't help...
  but you can say you tried.
  Now.....before anything else.....try a 23" Yamaha prop....trying it is free and you'll
  know if it worked or not before modifying the 25".  You'll probably have to drop
  the jackplate some no matter what if you have developed that much slip.
00 Skeeter SX186  Q: I got my Skeeter from the dealer with the VMax mounted on the second hole
00 150 Yamaha down.  I don't have a jackplate or a water pressure gauge.  I'm pulling 62 mph @
            VMax 5200 rpms, owner's manual states I should be getting 5500 rpms max.  If I raise the
  engine to the third hole down would this raise my rpms to the max?  Also, do you
25" Yamaha think the water pressure would be ok at the 3rd hole?  (If I got a jackplate I would
62 mph @ 5200 install a water pressure gauge). I heard that if your engine doesn't run at max rpms
  you're bogging it down and it will shorten the life.  I know I won't get white knuckle
  speed but I wouldn't mind picking up a few mph's. Thanks........
    A: The Skeeters run a pretty good amount of setback when the factory mounts the
  plate.....usually 10" or 12"....I think that's a tad excessive myself and would 
  recommend a 8" RapidJack.....if the cables have enough slack to accomodate
  this much plate....you could wind up with a 6" or even 4" if the cables won't allow
  Get the h2o gauge NOW!  Before adjusting a thing....this will be the cheapest
  insurance you have ever bought.  Next...running at 5200 won't shorten life...it may
  add a few hours actually....but you're not making full power at this low rpm setting.
  You could leave the engine where it is and go to a 23" ProSeries Yamaha prop.....
  and gain no speed but have more power due to 200-250 more rpms....you could get
  the gauge and raise 1 hole on the transom and probably gain 1 mph and 100-150
  rpm.....or the best choice is add the plate.   Set the propshaft at 3" under pad, keep
  the 25", get it adjusted to the max and gain 2-3 mph and run 5500....to see if you  
  have cable for the 8" plate just pull all the excess cable from the transom to the engine
  to make sure there's enough.
  I'd get a hotfoot also....when I'm Governor of Tennessee, all boats over 100 hp will
  have to have one ;)
97 Skeeter ZX202C  Q: Just got the boat.  It's got a 25" Trophy small hub.  Also has a hotfoot, I'm not
97 200 Yamaha sure if it's getting full throttle or needs engine height adjustment.  I'm getting these
  numbers with myself (170#) and less than 1/2 fuel.  I have a Laser II 25" 3 blade.
25" Trophy Should I try it with some height adjustment?  I also have a 27" Tempest.  Any info
12" jackplate would be appreciated!
4" off transom    A: The standard for your boat is the 25" Yamaha ProSeries....the 25" Tempest 
61 mph @ 5450 being the Merc version.  I don't see a reason why the 25" Trophy wouldn't do well
19-21# psi tho....I think you need to jack the motor up some tho.  The Yam will run forever at
  18# psi....and the Yam should spin the 25" Trophy to 5700 with no problem.
  The 27" will be too much and the 25" Laser will have no lift and will be the absolutely
  wrong prop.  I think you can adjust the 25" Trophy to where you want it to be.
96 Skeeter 190 ZX  Q: Porpoises badly at all levels of trim, concerned with rpms.  Motor height has 
01 175 Merc EFI been raised height to keep 10# psi water pressure minimum.  Do I lower motor, if 
  so to what point.  What prop should I be running?

24" Turbo


6" jackplate

 A: Don't change anything till you get another prop.  I'd put my hands on a 25" 

63 mph @ 6000

Tempest first.  Keep rpms to 5500 plus and h20 at 12 psi.  I wouldn't run the 175

10# psi

past 5800 rpm.


00 Skeeter ZX185C  Q: Just curious if there is a way to improve my top end speed?  Is the stock 25" 
00 175 Yamaha prop the best for all around performance?  The boat is very fast, I pass a lot of 
  bigger rigs.
25" stock prop  
12" jackplate  A: I'd say you are running excellent!  Wouldn't change a thing!
67-68 mph @  
01 Skeeter ZX190  Q: Several things don't seem to figure.  New boat, in 3rd hour of break in.
01 150 Yamaha Will rpms pick up as time is put on engine?  Water pressure seems low, considering
            HPDI I'm probably only going a true 60 or so.  Also, with this setup, from factory, 

25" Yamaha PS

I'm getting porpoising at low speed.  Can I get more speed and correct the 

12" jackplate

porpoising or do I just have to correct one?

3" off transom

    A: The water psi is fine at 17#, I like 18 better, but 17 is ok.  I don't know if the 

67 mph @ 5200

HPDI will pickup after break in or not......the Mercs come retarded for the first hours

17# psi

and then pickup when break in is complete.  If it doesn't come alive you're going to 
  have to drop to a 23" PS Yamaha prop.....23M.
  I wouldn't be concerned at this point about the porpoising....get it broke in and we'll
  start adjusting the setup and it should help.  If you have a hotfoot make sure it is 
  adjusted to give WOT also.
00 Skeeter ZX 185  Q: I was wondering if this was a good speed or if it needs work.  This is with a
00 150 Yamaha  tournament load and 2 people in it.  The speed and rpms are where it is chining.
            VMax When it starts chining the water pressure drops to about 16 psi.  Will this hurt it?

25" ProSeries

I also want as much speed as I can get.

12" jackplate

    A: You can't justify any adjustments till you learn to control the chine...in my 

62 mph @ 5200

opinion the rpms are too low and you probably need a 23" Yamaha.....but once you

19# psi

can drive it you may be on up there rpm and speed wise.
00 Skeeter ZX 185  Q: I have a problem with excessive ventilation in short turns in the river.  I have tried
00 150 Yamaha trimming down at different settings and can't seem to get it out of a turn without 
  running real slow (25 to 30 mph).  The boat seems to handle real well coming out of 

25" prop

the hole and also does well otherwise.  I was wondering if I need to adjust the 

12" jackplate

jackplate down or what to get better handling in turns.

64 mph @ 5300

   A: The H20 psi and rpms look like you're low enough....but...lowering the engine

18# psi

is about the only way to cut venting underway in turns.  Drop it about a 1/2" and see
  if it improves...if not, drop another 1/2"....if still no improvement, it'll be time to add
  some cup....but not to the 25" ProSeries Yamaha....it'll take a 23" with cup to keep
  the rpms where it makes power. Drop it and give me a shout back.....
98 Skeeter ZX202  Q: Would a 4 blade prop help with hard steering and holeshot?  Also, if this will 
98 200 Yamaha help what pitch and brand do you suggest?
      A: The 25M ProSeries Yamaha prop is generally the best prop going for the 

25" Yamaha

202/200 combo.  When you say holeshot is bad....if it blows out during holeshot it

70 mph @ 5600

can be linked to hard steering (torque steer)....you'd be too high.

18# psi

The rpms and water psi show that you're probably not too high, so I'd guess it bogs
  on holeshot.  You can try a 25" Trophy by Merc on the Yamaha...the small hub
  version will let you spin the rpms on up there during holeshot as well as removing
  PVS plugs if necessary.  A skeg mounted torque tab will eliminate almost all of your
  torque steer....lowering the engine would help it also....but cost speed and rpms.
99 Skeeter ZX185C  Q: I emailed you about my problem before and you said my prop may be fouled.
99 150 Yamaha I got a new 25" ProSeries and it seemed to help some of my handling problems but
            VMax the speed just doesn't seem to be there.  It gets out of the hole good, but I thought
  I could get better on top end.  The speed I mentioned was by myself with a light

25" Yamaha ProS

load.  Some people I talk to say this speed is pretty good for a 150 and some say it

12" jackplate

could be a little better.  Maybe the jackplate?  It is the factory plate and I don't know

63.5 mph @ 5800

if it has been tinkered with.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

19# psi

    A: I'm perplexed....5800 with 19# psi is good, but the speed for those rpms and 
  pitch should be almost 70.  12" is a lot of plate for a hull as heavy as the Skeeter....
  but I know they use this a lot and the Skeeters run well.
  This is what I think...lower the plate 2 times at a 1/2" each time...see it it lowers
  your rpms to about 5700 but increases speed to 65-66.  66 is about what this hull
  has done in the past with an 8" plate.  I think there is some there to gain fairly easily.
96 Skeeter ZX200  Q: Is my jackplate too high?  I also come out of the hole slow fully loaded. I tried
96 200 Merc interchanging the PVS plugs and found that the largest ones are best.  The boat is 
  fast, but I want it to go faster.  Do I have the right prop?  I am currently running a 

25" Tempest

large hub 25" Tempest.  I have a 25" Trophy small hub, but it ran the motor at 

10" jackplate

6200-6300 rpm fully loaded.  How is performance affected between a large hub and

Prop 1/2" below pad

a small hub?  Please help..........

71 mph @ 6000

    A: The h20 psi looks like the engine isn't too low.....but rpms for speed look like

21# psi

your not completely hooked up.  The large hub will carry a load better and reduce
  prop slip during holeshot...the small hub should let you spin more rpms on holeshot
  therefore being faster ouf of the hole.  Pull the plugs completely out of your prop and
  add one at a time if it vents badly at holeshot.  If it were mine, I'd lower it about 
  a 1/2" and use the small hub 25" Trophy for lift and holeshot.
00 Skeeter ZX202  Q: Ok, first off, I have a gps and did use it once and my speedo is actually slower
00 225 Yamaha than the gps by about 2 mph at all speeds....however the day that I was using it was
  extremely windy and had about 3 ft sells and it was myself, weighing 220# and my 

27" Yamaha

my buddy at 250# and about 40 gals of gas and full tackle. I did hit 70 very quickly

12" jackplate

on the gps but had to get out of it because it was just way too rough and getting out

Propshaft 2.5 - 3"

of hand.  My question is: could I benefit from raising the motor more and maybe

below the pad.

going to a 28" prop?  Right now the motor is raised 1" on the jackplate and the prop
  is as listed.  I'm just curious if I could get a couple more mph out of it.  I talked to 

80 mph @ 6300

some prop places and they do all the math and tell me that I have a good running 

22# psi

boat at somewhere around 8-9% slip which is good and the holeshot is amazing at 
  about 4 sec to plane. What about the Mazco RE over hub. What about a 4 blade?
  Any info would be appreciated.
      A: Man, you're smokin! 6300 does allow some room for more pitch....as you
  obviously know though...you don't have much of a choice in the 28" and up range.
  The HP4 is an unknown quantity by me...have zero experience with this prop, the 
  RE4 Mazco would be unsatisfactory due to the fact that the Skeeter ain't no 
  lightweight....a TX load would kill it.  I think your next move might be in the direction
  of the 28" Trophy....good holeshot and it should cost you 250-300 rpms.....
  putting you right back to 6000 where the engine will live a little longer.
  The one constant to performance mods is that you just have to try them to know
  what they change....pen and paper never tell the whole story.
96 Skeeter 200ZX  Q: I want to bring the rpms down to 5800-6000 and keep the same performance.
96 200 Merc  

25" Trophy

 A: A 26" Trophy will reduce rpms to 6000 and add speed.....win/win situation.

12" jackplate


74 mph @ 6200

99 Skeeter ZX185C  Q: I get some chine walking at top speed and the boat wants to porpoise real bad
99 150 Yamaha when slowing down.  I was also wanting to know if I am getting good speed out of
            VMax my Yamaha with the prop detuned.  Also is that too many rpms for this motor?
  I bought the boat used and in excellent condition.  I usually fish with a partner and a

25" Yamaha

sort of light load. 
                ProSeries     A: Your setup is not very efficient by the numbers you've given.  The 25"

12" jackplate

ProSeries at 5900 should yield about 71 mph.  Has the prop been damaged or just

Propshaft 4.5" below

reworked?  Either way, since the water pressure is good I wouldn't think you're way

63.9 mph @ 5900

too high.....but you have an excessive amount of slip.....if I were to guess, I'd say 
  your prop's fouled.
  5900 rpm is in a livable range...and efficient 5700 would be better though.
  I've turned Yamahas well past 6000 in the past with no adverse effects.
00 Skeeter ZX185  Q: The jackplate is set to 1.25" on the port side and 1.75" on starboard.
00 150 Yamaha EFI The boat porpoises with very little trim and pulls to the right (if you let go of the 
  steering wheel). The counter fin is set all the way to the right.  Is correcting the 

12" jackplate

mis-alignment of the jackplate causing this to happen?  If so, to make the adjustment,
  is just loosening the outside screws on the jackplate and then turning the center bolt
  clockwise to raise the motor?
      A: If you have a 1 piece jack it can't be off from side to side.  More than likely
  it's a manufacturing flaw or the measuring decals are off.  You need to make sure 
  though and get it cured immediately if it is truly off that far.
  As for the adjustment....loosen the side bolts and raise or lower the engine with the 
  center adjusting bolt.....I don't know what plate you have though.
  The cavitation torque tab does very little to relieve steering torque...when you're up
  and running it's out of the water....a skeg mounted tab will relieve the most torque....
  lowering the engine will help also, but could cost speed.
99 Skeeter ZX190C  Q: Boat had severe porpoising when purchased, dealer made jackplate changes,
00 150 Yamaha and right now boat has excellent holeshot and planing stability.
  Question is....when at moderate speed (30-45 mph), water pressure is 20#.
  When running 50+ the pressure drops to 15#.  Is this enough to protect engine, 
  dealer says I am OK.  Would like your opinion.
     A: I would like to see the Yamaha at 18+ but 15# straight and in the turns should 
  be fine.