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89 Ranger 364V  Q: Hey Todd, I recently had a Bob's Machine Shop exhaust tuner installed in my
93 150 XR6 Merc '93 XR6. This took my rpms from 58-5900 to 6100+ (6000 rpm tach pegged hard)
  and added another 3.9 mph on top end. This setup gives me 69.3 mph (Garmin
25" Tempest GPS12) at well over 6000 rpm. I'm not sure what top end rpm is on my engine, 
6" jackplate (bought used, no owner info). I would feel more comfortable at around 5800. My
3" off transom question is if I pitch up to bring rpm down, what would likely happen to my top
69.3 mph @ 6100+ speed?  Also, what is your opinion of running an XR6 over 6000 rpm?  Do you
21-22# psi think any other prop could be faster than a Tempest on this boat?  More info on my
  boat can be seen at the Ranger Owners lists.  Any other tips you might wish to share
  would be greatly appreciated.
      A: You have cured what Merc does to make a 150 a 150....relieved the exhaust...
  Bob's has a good tuner, in fact I ran a Bob's on a Mod VP at 350 HP for a while
  and was very happy with it.  Usually the cost of the Bob's tuner is a reduction of
  low end torque...causing a small loss of holeshot.
  The 150 XR6 is rated at 5500 redline....it will spin more but it makes no power past
  about 5700 with the exhaust restrictions it has...restrictions you have done away
  with...so I think 5800 rpm would be a very good range to operate in.......
  the 27 Tempest should drop r's to 5700....and upping the pitch is going to up speed
  also...even with the reduction of rpms....In all honesty, I'd give the new 26 Tempest
  a try....it has been doing very well on the 20' Tritons with 225's and should do
  well on your 364.
  The 26 should put you to 58-5900 and over 70 mph....I'd give a 26 Trophy a try
  also....even tho I like the 3 blades on the 3 Series Rangers....you're running very
  well.  A little more positive trim on the XR6 with extenders and possibly a little
  bigger jetting may be necessary...relieving the exhaust may have you running a little
  lean right now.
98 Ranger 518VS  Q: Interested in buying this boat.  Has torquemaster lower unit with 2:1 gears
98 200 Merc EFI and 27" 3 blade prop.  The boat has a terrible holeshot.  Top speed with no gear, 
  2 people and 1/2 load of fuel was 60 mph.  My apologies for the lack of technical
27 Tempest? info. What prop should this boat have (for best all around performance), considering
60 mph @ ? the 2:1 gears?  What top speed should I expect?  Thanks........
15# psi     A: I'm trying to imagine how a 2:1 torquemaster made its way on a 200 2.5 liter...
  If it didn't have the 2:1 ratio this is what it would run......25 Trophy (5 series likes the
  4 blades) in the second hole from the top for about 65-67 mph gps....add a 6" plate
  and it's 67-69 mph.
  The 2.5 EFI will spin 6K....my 200 EFI on the 518 ran 70 at 5750 with a 25 Trophy
  .....so this is what I think.....run the 25 Trophy to 5900 or 6000....if it spins higher
  than 6000 go to the 26 Trophy....it will be faster anyway.  Start pulling PVS plugs
  with the Trophy till the holeshot gets where you want it.
92 Ranger 364V  Q: I recently swapped from a Laser II to a Tempest Plus. It improved everything
95 175 Merc EFI except now my boat chinewalks terribly.  Everything is tight (steering, plate, so on). 
  I usually fish alone & carry a light load.  Do you think raising my plate will help the
25" Tempest Plus chine?  Or should I lower it?  Like everyone else I would like to peak performance
6" jackplate out of my boat, but do not want to give up overall performance to get top speed.
3.5" below pad Do you have any setup tips to help cut down the chine?  Thanks.....
62 mph @ 5400     A: You probably need to lower the plate...Rangers only get worse with height.
15# psi I know you're having control problems right now....but....the 175/360 series hull
  is a potent combo...you have the tools to go almost 70 mph....make sure your 
  weight is decently balanced...as in most weight to the rear and passenger side.
  This will help reduce chine also.  A trip with an experienced chine walk driver to 
  show you some steering inputs will make coping easier.
99 Ranger R61  Q: What is the best prop and pitch for my boat?
99 75 Merc  
     A: You're gonna have to experiment....the L2 ain't bad for small boats......don't

Laser II prop

be afraid to try aluminum also....put your hands on everything that will fit the Merc

48 mph @ 5400

and try it....keeping a log of results of course.
86 Ranger 375V  Q: My holeshot is great.  Is there anything I can do for more top end speed?
86 150 Merc I am thinking of going to a 175 EFI.  What would you think this would do to the
  top end?
23" Trophy Plus  
6" jackplate    A: All the 370's I've dealt with using 175 power ran low mid 60's....swapping
3 1/4" off transom to a 23" Tempest will probably give 2 more mph on the 375...60 should be close
56 mph @ 5600/5700 to max for the 150.
20# psi  
00 Ranger R83  Q: Hi Todd, You have been very helpful in the past.  I have a simple question.
00 175 Merc EFI I maintain my engine and have just winterized it.  This is my first EFI engine.
  In the owners manual for winterizing, it states to put fogging oil in to the spark plug
  openings.  All my other engines I was able to do this through the carburators.
  Also I used Engine Tuner every other year on my past engines.  My question is this,
  is there any other way to fog and use engine tuner on these EFI engines?
  Is there some type of port that I am missing?  Is it safe to use engine tuner on an EFI
  engine.  These engines cost way too much money for the average guy to neglect.
  Thank you for your time.....
     A: Your EFI has throttle blades on the backside of the airbox....spray your fogging
  oil and tuner in here while the engine is running....also....it is imperative after fogging
  the engine while running, to spray the fogging oil into each plug hole while the engine
  is off....spin it over with the oil in and plugs out....install the plugs and put it up....
  fuel stabilizer run through the system is the most important part of winterization in an
  outboard tho.....
99 Ranger R81  Q: I feel the boat should be turning more rpm.  The motor is in the next to the 
99 175 Merc last hole (factory setup).  I moved it to the last hole and gained 3 mph and 300 rpms
  but lost water pressure (below 10#).  I moved the motor back to the stock
25" Tempest location.  I was loaned a 24 Trophy small hub.  I could turn it 5900 rpm with good
62 mph @ 5200  water pressure but could only get 60 mph.  I had some bow lift but not what the
14# psi 25 Tempest gives me.  Any suggestions would be helpful.
     A: A couple of solutions....add a jackplate.....you'll be happy you did.  Or....add
  pipe plugs to your intake ports in the lower unit so you don't draw air in while 
  mounted in the top hole......or add the torquemaster style inlet scoops.
  If you pipe plug it do only the top hole and then run it....if 10# or better go with it.....
  if under 10# still add another set of plugs for a total of the top 2 holes plugged.
02 Ranger 520 svx  Q: My rpms are too high.  Hole shot is OK with plugs out.  We put in on the q
02 225 Merc computer to check rpms and I have gone over for a few seconds.  I can't give it 
            Optimax full throttle on calm to slightly choppy water; typically in the morning because the
  warning bell comes on because of too high of rpms.
25" Tempest Plus EVERYONE says the 25" is what it should be but I can't get it to work.  What size
6" jackplate prop would you recommend?  I thought about a Yammie or a 4 blade Powertech.
65-69 mph @ Do you think it's possible to run a 26 or 27 pitch with proper vents to get holeshot.
5900-6000 I usually run the Bob's hydraulic plate at about 1" on the LED; anywhere else and 

25-30# psi

it beats you to death or doesn't run right, with rpms/water pressure.
  I have a 23" or 25" Raker and a 25" Renegade; would be willing to work something
  with those for another prop.  Also how much would it cost to go over the setup
  with someone and get the right props; where could I go to test props?
      A: I'd put a 26" Trophy on it now....5750 is redline and most Opti's limiters 
  would have kicked in long ago.
  Still with a 1.7:1 gear ration and a 25" Tempest you should go well over 70 gps.
  I think you may be jacking a littly too much with the hydro plate....it's losing its
  efficiency somewhere.
  Contact C&O Fiberglass for props swaps.....(615) 797-4760.
99 Ranger R83  Q: Do you have any suggestions on how to get a little more top end out of this boat?
99 175 Evinrude I am running this boat at an altitude of 6500 feet with this setup and maybe I can't
            Ficht get any more out of it than I am now.  I am getting some bow lift, and my holeshot
  is OK.  It came with a 25" Renegade originally, and I couldn't get any speed or 
24" Raker rpms out of it.  Other than the top end, I am very satisfied with the boat, not real
5" jackplate happy with Evinrude, but that's another story.
3.5" below the pad    A: Well....there's no shame in having to run smaller pitch props at 6500 feet.......
55 mph @ 5400 and I'd recommend dropping to a 22" Raker....a 23" Renegade will spin the same
20# psi as the 24" Raker due to added drag from the extra blade...but may give more lift
  if needed.
  The 175 is rated for 5800....and I think you need to get as close to redline as 
  possible to make as much power as the severe altitude will allow.
  The boat you have with the Ficht is a 65 mph boat when properly rigged at sea 
  level.....so if you can even approach 60 I'd say you're doing well.
97 Ranger 518SVS  Q: My question - is a jackplate something I should consider for my boat or not.
97 175 Merc EFI Is the 63 mph speed that I'm getting about all I should expect out of this boat?
  Thanks for any info......

25" Tempest

   A: Before we get into plates, do this.....borrow a 24" Trophy and run it....the 25"

63 mph @ 5400 

is too big for the 175 and the Tempest isn't the prop for the 5 series...the Trophy is....


the 24" should get you to 65 and 55-5600 rpms....give this a try and write me back..
  I've run several 4 and 5 Rangers also.
01 Ranger 520dvx  Q: What is the ideal "all-around" prop for this boat?  I'm running the 24" Raker now,
01 225 EvinRUDE and the handling/holeshot is awesome.  With tournament load and 1.5 tanks of gas, 
            RAM I ran 68 mph on gps....but rpms are maxed out at 6000.  I'd like to hit the magic
  70 mph mark with full tourny load while keeping the holeshot and handling while
24" Raker not exceeding 6000 rpm. What do you recommend?
68 mph @ 6000    A: The other 5 series boats like the 4 blade better....but I have had no dealings 
  with the 520 wo we'll have to do some common sense testing.
  In theory a 4 blade will spin the same rpms as a 3 blade that is 1" pitch bigger....
  i.e., the 23" 4 blade will turn what the 24" 3 blade will turn....so if we lose 200 rpms
  per pitch size your would do well with a 25" Raker....but they don't make one...so....
  the next choice would be the 25" Renegade....but that should cost 300 rpms....200
  for pitch enlargement and another 100 for the 4 blade design.
  I'd like to see you stay in the 5800 range....and you're running very well with the 
  big Ranger...so.....I suggest a 25" Merc Tempest.....it should run a 5800 and is a 
  faster prop than the Raker....plus it is a common prop and can be found easily.
  The addition of a Merc to OMC FloTorque hub kit will let you run all the new Merc
  props you want....
  The 26" Raker will cost 400 r's....the 25" Renegade will cost 300....the 25" Tempest
  will cost 200....all will add speed and reduce r's.
00 Ranger 520DVX  Q: This is a boat I am purchasing from the dealer. It was a demo boat. The dealer
00 225 Merc  has GPS'd it running at 70 mph. My question to you is, do you think that adding 
            Optimax a jackplate to this hull/outboard combination will do anything to increase its
  performance?  I'm wondering if the added expense of a jackplate will payoff in an 

70 mph

additional 3-4 mph.  I would like the ability to play with engine height/prop 
  combinations that a jackplate would allow.  What do you think? Thanks in advance.
    A: I used to fish for Ranger....have run several....if that boat will do 70 don't change
  a thing!  But.....it won't.  It may show 70 on the speedo but it will run more like 66
  on the GPS.  It's an excellent boat....and I have never fished from a more stable
  platform......but if you're buying based on 70 mph performance and the hopes of 
  getting more I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.
  I'm not always right.....it's there and I'm here.....but I'd make the dealer show me 
  close to 70 on the gps first if 66 isn't enough.
  If you do get it....and then want to add the plate I don't really think you'll see more
  than 1-2 mph.....wherever you are now.
01 Ranger R71  Q: I am currently in the process of buying the R71 Ranger that has a 24" Laser II
01 125 Merc on a Merc 125.  Is this the best prop for this rig or would a Trophy perform better?
  I'm looking for total performance and definitely don't want to get crazy with the 

24" Laser II

rpms with this four cylinder.  Thanks in advance for your response.......
     A: The Laser II isn't that bad on smaller boats.....but....I'd go Trophy.....speed 
  may be about the same.....holeshot may be better on the Laser II.....but all around  
  the Trophy will win out.
97 Ranger 461VS  Q: I am looking for the best setup for my boat as it sits.  I plan on finding a 175 for 
94 150 Johnson it but currently I'll have to work with what I have.  I have also tried a 25" Renegade
  that got 56.3 mph @ 4900 rpm.  Would a 24" Tempest gain me any performance?
23" Renegade Or what setup do you recommend?
57.5 mph @ 5400    A: You've got one of my top 5 favorite boats of all time....with my 15th or so
23# psi favorite engine.....the 461 needs a 200......will live with a 175 (I've had 2) and 
  struggles with the 150's.
  In all honesty the 4's like the 3 blades.....especially the Tempests by Merc....I think
  a 22 Raker would do ok and get you in the rpm range you need to be in.....look for
  62 mph when right....maybe 64.  The 23 Tempest by Merc would do best by far.....
  but probably won't be a lot faster.....just better all around.....to save buying the
  Flo Torque kit for OMC try a 22" Raker first......and leave the 4 blades alone on the
  461.....I've been there already.
87 Ranger 350V  Q: I just purchased this boat from an elderly man and the boat looks like new.
86 XP150 Evinrude The motor was 1" off the transom and no jackplate.  The boat would barely run
  50 mph and would only turn 4800 rpms.  I know I am not picking the best time of 
24" Raker the year to get good performance; the heat index has been 100 to 105 and the water
6" jackplate temp is in the low 90's.  I put a 6" jackplate on the boat and have had the motor
4" below the pad from 3" below the pad to 4.5" below the pad.  I ran a compression check on the 
53 mph @ 5000 motor just to make sure it was not weak and all cylinders were 105 to 110. I know
  this boat should run at least 60 or so.  I have called around and the 24" Raker prop
  seems to be a common prop for the 3 series Rangers with OMC 150's.
  The prop seems to be in good shape with only the normal little nick here and there.
    A: 4.5" is WAY too low.  3" should be close.....but you probably need to come up.
  The 24" Raker would be what I'd recommend.
  If the boat has sat any length of time you may be due for a carb job.  It may need 
  an impeller also......I'd install one for insurance anyway.
  I'm not an XP/GT fan at all.....but the 350 is a runner and should do upper 50 to 60
  anyway......come on up.
82 Ranger 350V  Q: I have chance to upgrade to newer motor, mentioned here, what are your 
00 150 Evinrude Ficht recommendations for setup, i.e., prop, engine height, jackplate, max rpm.
     A: I'd say you're going to need a 22" Raker, a 6" plate, set at 3" under pad to 
  start and the rpms to be about 5800......max.  Look for low 60's.
98 Ranger 519 SVS  Q: Is this 27" Yammie prop the best for my setup....I'm not a speed demon but I 
98 225 Yamaha do like lift in the mids to upper mids.....I've been told I should be turnin' a 25" Trophy
  to get the rpm up in the 5600-5800 range....should I have this Yammie prop tuned??
27" Yamaha    A: The 27 is going to be too big no matter what you do.   I'd like to see you try a 
6" jackplate 25" Trophy.....but at the very least a 25" Yamaha.....the 25 Yam should get you to
68 mph @ 5100 5500.....a much better range for your engine to max hp.
12# - 15# psi  
82 Ranger 350V  Q: Tremendous holeshot but lacks top end speed.  Propshaft is 29 1/2" down from
97 115 Merc transom.  I am concerned about rpms.  Engine max rpms should be 5250. Please
  advise if another prop or engine position should be changed, or jackplate is needed.
22" Laser II   A: 5250 is it on rpms. PERIOD! the little inline will come apart very easily at 5400.
46 mph @ 5400 Make a swap to a modern style Trophy or Tempest in 22" pitch and you'll see an
  improvement in mid and top end performance.....holeshot may suffer a tad over the 
  Laser II......but I think you'll like the rig better once the L2 is gone.
99 Ranger 518VX  Q: I don't think I'm getting the speed or rpms out of my motor that I should be
99 200 Merc EFI getting.  I added the jackplate hoping that I would get more boat lift, speed and 
  rpms.  Before adding the jackplate I was running the Tempest Plus 25" and I was
25" Tempest Plus turning about 5700 rpms and running about the same as I am with the jackplate.
6" jackplate By adding the jackplate my rpms dropped with no speed change.  I have tried the
67 mph @ 5300 25" Yamaha with a loss in speed.  I also tried a 23" Tempest Plus with not much
  results.  I adjusted the jackplate with all of the props.  I thought about trying a Trophy
  prop. If you can please tell me what I can do to get the most out of my motor.
  I know that Rangers are not as fast as a lot of other boats but I was wanting to know
  if I can get more.  Do you think changing the reeds and adding an exhaust tuner
  would help?
    A: I'd stay away from tuner and reeds....the gain is just not really there on a heavy
  hull....plus the tuner could potentially kill your holeshot by relieving too much back
  pressure.  The 5's run the Trophy....the 4's run the Tempests....make the swap to the
  25" Trophy and go through your jackplate settings again.  I think you'll find the 
  Trophy to be better.
  In the South Carolina heat don't look to break 70.....when it cools 71-72 is possible.
  My 518 ran 73  one time.....and 68-70 the rest of the time.
99 Ranger R81  Q: I had recently talked to you about the 1996 Skeeter I had. I was dead wrong.
99 175 Johnson I told you a speedo speed and I was way off.  It was 8 mph slow. The Skeeter 
  ran just what you said it should....61.6!!  Anyhow, the GPS caused me to trade
24" Raker boats.  I took a GPS with me to try the R81 out.  Was not impressed at 1st with 
6" jackplate the 25" Renegade it had on it.  The dealer put me on a 24" Raker that had been
2.5" off transom worked and it set it on fire.  The boat ran 65.8 loaded with 2 people (gps I might
67 mph @ 5500 add).  I added a CMC plate last week and ran it by myself and going by speedo,
27# psi it gained a couple mph but dropped 150-200 rpms. How can it lose rpms and gain
  speed?  It also chinewalks badly now. It reminds me of my Astro F18 I used to run.
  I can drive a high performance boat, but was wondering do I need to keep raising
  the motor any?? Will this slow the chinewalk down? Thanks for your help......
    A: The Ranger usually gets worse the higher you go.  The prop is now hooked up...
  that's what the clean flow of water has done to it.  It eliminated slip and inefficiency
  as well as lifted the hull to the point it has to be driven.
  Now this next part is totally up to you....but if it were me....I'd jack it on up and get
  all the speed I can and learn to control the chine.  My 518 Chinewalked like a big 
  dog it was set so high.....but no one knew because I drove it without chine.
  The combo you have is a nice rig.....and it's running well....but it can do more.
  You need to find a TR21 owner and spend a day with them doing some driving
  exercises.....the R81 won't be as bad as a TR21.....so it shouldn't take long to get 
  the hang of it.
96 Ranger R70  Q: My prop seems to loose grip or blows out of the water when making turns.
96 115 Evinrude Evein when the motor is trimmed down.  I am not talking about hard quick turns 
  like a ski boat makes, this I could understand.  Would a jackplate help me? I bought
20" Raker this boat new, shortly after I did, the dealer went out of business. The 115 is the 
54 mph @ 5500 new narrow model.
   A: The 60 degree 90 and 115 by OMC are two fine engines....as are the FastStrike
  and Intruder V6's they're based on.
  I'd strongly recommend a jackplate....the setback will cure your venting problems
  by itself but the ability to fine tune the setup will help all the way around....
    Update....Thanks for the info about the jackplate Todd, you are the only person
  who has given me any type of answer other than "I am not sure". Do you have a 
  specific brand of jackplate that you recommend?  If so, about what is the cost?
  Are there different sizes of jackplates, if so which do you suggest.
   A: I like and run Rapid Jack brand plates....they are showcased on BassBoat Central
  and are in the $250 range....plus you can have them colored to match your boat.....
  it's a trick piece....I think you're looking at a 4" plate personally....the important thing
  here isn't setback as much as adjustability....plus 4" will insure your steering and
  other cables aren't too short.
95 Ranger 487VS  Q: Todd, I think I have the correct stuff, what about prop?  Need better holeshot
96 200 Merc and more top end....thanks for any help.
     A: The 24" Trophy turns lots of r's and never gets anywhere compared to the 25"
24" Trophy Trophy....anyhow....I recommend the 24" to guys who need rpms and are already
6" jackplate close on their speed....in your case, the speed isn't there but the r's are.
61 mph @ 5800  The 4 series Rangers have always dones better with the Tempests and PS Yamahas.
15# psi If I were you I'd give a 25" Tempest in A45, A47 or A48 a try.....steer clear of the
  A46....rumors abound about a 24" Tempest out now....I think the 25" Tempest at 
  5600 should do the trick for you.

91 Ranger 492V

 Q: I would like to know if I raise motor 1" will my rpms raise to proper rpms, also

00 225 Merc EFI

what percent of slippage is normal.
     A: You simply have too much prop....you'll never get the 26" to 5800 without
26" Tempest Plus raising extensively and having excessive slip.
69.4 mph @ 5400 I have no clue now as to how high your engine is....plus the V Series has no setback
  in the hull like the VS and you list no jackplate.....so you're kinda limited to raising
  or lowering 1 hole at a time.  I don't know if raising will help or hurt without seeing
  the boat run now.
  My recommendation is add a plate.....drop to a 25" Tempest.....adjust as necessary
  starting at 3" under pad to shaft.  I use 6-8% slip considering all new modern props
  have cup that isn't allowed for in the pitch specs.....
01 Ranger R93VS  Q: I am looking to get an aftermarket prop and I would like your opinion on which
01 200 Merc EFI one to get.  It would be nice to see 70 on the GPS and get a better holeshot, if 
  possible.  Now the holeshot is terrible, but the midrange is good and top speed is ok.
25" Trophy I have been looking at Turbos, Powertechs and Mazco.  Any info would be greatly
6" jackplate appreciated.
Propshaft 2.5" below   A: I understand what you're looking for.....but....the Merc props are hard to beat....
65 mph @ 5800 and inexpensive.  I recently tried a 25 HP Mazco on a TR21 and wasn't really 
15# psi impressed.....not so much as that I thought it was better than a 25 Trophy.
  This is what I'd do......try a 25 Tempest.  If it works OK then try a 25 Yamaha PS....
  both can be found readily to try and both can be had for less than 400 bucks.
01 Ranger   Q: New boat on order, suggestions on prop, jackplate height and basic setup?
     Comanche 520  
01 200 Merc EFI  A: The 520 is going to be a tad underpowered with the 200....I think a 23" Trophy
  or maybe a 23" Tempest will be needed....the new 200's are rated to 5800 rpms

6" jackplate

now.....a 24" Trophy could possibly be needed but the rpms need to be at least
  I'd get a 6" plate and set the engine at 3" under pad for starters....With the VS hull
  design and the added plate you will probably need to come up some....but start at
  3".  Nice rig!!
94 Ranger 491V  Q: Hello Todd, my boat had a '94 Mariner 200 which I just blew up, I just had a 
95 200 Merc '95 Merc 200 put on and where should I start at setting this rig up. I want the most
  top end I can get (don't understand below or above the pad), where should I start 
25" Tempest and go from there, what should I expect out of this rig?  Any help is a big help.
9" jackplate Thanks.......
2" off transom    A: The 25" may be a tad large for the 491....the 23" Tempest may be in order....
  wait and see tho.....if you can't turn the 25" to 5500 min. it's time to swap.
  Anyhow....find a straight edge....like a yardstick or broom handle....lay it along the
  very center of the pad till it intersects with the lower unit of the motor.  Measure
  from the top of the straight edge down to the centerline of the propshaft....this is 
  how much you are below the pad....in your case for starters we are looking for 
  about 3".
  I think low 60's will be about the norm....maybe 64.  Nice rig tho!!
01 Ranger R71  Q: Any suggestions for more top end?  Seems like too much boat is in the water.
01 125 Merc  
   A: Laser II has to go....add a Merc Trophy in say...22" pitch and try it again.
24" Laser II The Laser is a stinker and the Trophy will air the little Ranger out.
52 mph @ 4900  
85 Ranger 340  Q: I have talked to several other Ranger 340 owners and they get a hell of a lot 
89 150 Johnson more speed out of theirs than I do...this boat is small...only 16'10"....feel it should go
  a hell of a lot faster than it is...no jackplate but does have the wedge plate for more

22" Raker

tuck for some reason.  Bought it like that....I have to use a Stingray to get on plane

3" off transom

fast...most of the weight is in the back...tried a 22" Trophy and my #s really dropped

57 mph @ 5800

so sent it back...just wondering if you have a few ideas.   Thanks.....

17# psi

  A: I've done several 3's (370 and 360 series) and a 175 is good for about 65 day 
  in and day out....a 150 is good for low 60's.  If the motor is strong and there's no 
  hull damage or lower unit damage the boat should be capable of mid to low 60's
  To cut to the chase....your ability to adjust is non existant.....a 24" Raker will cut you
  to 5400 but add speed and a 23" Renegade will add stern and bow lift and might or 
  might not beat the 22" Raker.  The jackplate is almost a necessity at this point....
  otherwise you have 2 prop changes to try and there you are...I'd find a plate.
02 Ranger 518DVX  Q: This boat is on order and wondered what suggestions you have for setup on the 
02 200 Merc Optimax jackplate and prop.

25" Trophy

 A: The 25" Tempest is the right prop.  The jackplate setting was never measured on

6" jackplate

my 518.....I'd set it at 2.5" under the pad to center of shaft and work from there.
99 Ranger 487VS  Q: Is there any way to improve performance of an Optimax engine?  I have taken
99 200 Merc Optimax two plugs out of my prop, should I put one or both back in?  Jackplate is a 
  Detwiler Hydroplate HYD600.  My holeshot and top end speed are O.K., but can 

25" Tempest Plus

I improve them without much expense?  Thanks for your time and any suggestions

6" jackplate

you may offer......

68-69 @ 5400 +/-

 A: You have a pretty good setup now....it's the same components I'd have under the

15# psi

boat were it mine.  There are no simple tricks to the Opti....the only thing I'd
  recommend is to try a Yamaha ProSeries 25" on it.....the Yamaha prop was what 
  the Tempest was patterned after and could give a tad more performance.
  Just for giggles try a 25" Trophy also......this will be hit or miss since the 4's like the
90 Ranger 690  Q: At Lake Powell, UT (elev. 3700') my boat porpoises very badly at all planing
     Fisherman speeds even when engine is trimmed all the way in.  Ranger says that a 4 blade
90 175 Evinrude Renegade prop should trim the boat out.  Do you agree?
  I also fish in CO and WY, (elev. 5000-6000') and the porpoising tendency is there

20" Raker

but is not so pronounced.  I am afraid that the 21" min. available pitch of the 

48 mph @ 5700

Renegades might be too high.  Currently in CO and WY with my 20" Raker I'm 
  only getting 5200 rpm at WOT with just me in the boat.  Do you think a Raker
  has a tendency to porpoise the tournament Walley fiberglass boats?  Thanks....
     A: I think trying to reduce porpoise by prop swapping is a hit or miss situation at 
  best....the reason it doesn't porpoise as bad at higher elevation is due to the fact that
  you're down on power and the hull in turn isn't lifting to the point that the strakes are
  in conflict.
  Don't limit your choice of props to OMC....Merc has a better selection and with the
  Flo Torque hub kits for OMC, fitting the Merc props isn't a problem....which brings
  me to this point.....the Merc Vengence prop is made for heavier hulls like the
  Fish and Ski's that need lots of lift and holeshot without affecting speed....the OMC
  Viper does this also but isn't as good a prop as the Merc version.
  Your crossflow engine really doesn't want to turn over 5500....so I'd be looking at
  a 21" Merc Vengence....I'd also be looking at redistributing some weight in the boat
  to help the porpoise.  The 690 isn't a hull prone to porpoise....so I'd say you have a 
  setup problem that can be cured.
00 Ranger R93  Q: I am looking at a new boat and would like info like prop selection, jackplate, 
00 200 Merc and any other valuable info that you would throw in.  This is going to be a big step
  up from my 16' 40 hp boat with tiller ;)
     A: You're probably going to need the 25" Tempest....I haven't ran any R series
  Rangers but it's base more on the 4's than the 5's......the 4's ran the Tempests and 
  the 5's the Trophys.
  A jackplate is a necessity when it comes to getting everything out of the boat that it
  has to offer....6" would do well.
95 Ranger 461VS  Q: Todd, my boat runs strong with the 25" Tempest but I want to improve holeshot
95 175 Merc EFI and willing to give up a mile or two an hour to do so.  I want to try a small hub
  Trophy.  What pitch would you recommend?

25" Tempest

   A: I used to have your exact boat......I ran 24, 25 Trophy's and when all was said

6" jackplate

and done the 25" Tempest was the best.  If you feel you have to go Trophy, here are
  2 things.....the 24" will give a decent holeshot but will spin a lot of rpms without a lot
  of speed...the 25" will knock some rpms off what the 25" Tempest spins but will
  be faster than the 24" Trophy.  Give a 25" Yamaha prop a try and see if it doesn't
  help holeshot and keep your speed where you need to be.
  To get straight to the answer.....25" Trophy.
98 Ranger 519SVS  Q: I was wondering what 4 blade I should run to get the top mph I need to run a 
98 225 Merc EFI 4 blade because I fish Lake Erie and big water and need a lot of bit but I also would
  like some top end, so which prop would you run?
   A: 25 Trophy hands down!
00 Ranger R81  Q: I know Ranger is not a speed boat, but I am looking for the best setup to get as
00 175 Johnson much speed as possible.  Prop is a 13.5 x 23" Renegade that has been modified to 
  a 25" pitch I was told.  Also would like to know your opinion on the best motor and 

25" Renegade

setup on a Triton TR21 for speed.  Thank you.....

5" jackplate

   A: The 3 blades were my choice on my 4 series Rangers, my 5 series used the 4 

69 mph @ 5400

blades.  I'd get a 24" Raker and give it a try.  5500 is what the book calls for on the

20# psi

small block OMC's, but they will spin more than that with no adverse effects.
  The fastest 21 setup is a 250 XB Merc.....in 225's it's a 225 HO Johnson with a 
  225 Yamaha close behind.
97 Ranger R82  Q: Should I be getting more speed than this?  I also had a 6" plate and speeds were
98 150 Merc Opti the same.  Holeshot is fine.  Also have a 23" Trophy large hub getting the same
  speeds turning 5300-5400 rpm.  The 3 blade has way too much bow lift.  The

23" Tempest

4 blade doesn't seem to have enough unless I run the gas tank at 1/2 or less. I don't

 3" off transom

want to buy any more props or plates unless I have to.  I hope you can help.

59-60 @ 5250

 A: As much as you probably don't want to hear it, 60 mph is about it with the 2.5 L

15-20# psi

Optimax.  I'd say the 23" Tempest is going to be the prop....a 23" Yamaha might do
  a tad better but probably wouldn't be worth the aggravation.  I have experience with
  the early 2.5 Opti's and it has all been bad.  The engine just isn't very strong.
97 Ranger 461VS  Q: Todd, I'm new to the game of dialing in my bass boat.  I am looking for
97 150 Merc EFI recommended jackplates, engine mods, (ie. tuners, reeds) and what props to make
  my 461VS achieve top speed performance.  I have an outboard mechanic friend
23 Trophy who brought his Quicksilver Diagnostics computer on board, and hooked directly
59.0 mph @ 5950 into the ECU to get the exact rpms at WOT.  Here's what we found with several
18-20# psi props: The Trophy 23- rpms 5950, mph -59.0. Trophy 25, rpms5400,
  mph - 61.8,  Tempest 23, rpms 5750, mph 61.9, Tempest 25, rpms 5350, mph
  62.5.  Surprisingly, each of these props had little effect on my holeshot time to get
  up on plane (about 5 seconds). Now, where do I go from here? I really appreciate
  your help.
       A: That's a pretty good set of test numbers....it also proves what I preach about
  the 4 series Ranger....they like the 3 blades.  Adding a 6" plate will alow the 25 to
  spin up to 5500 and be good for 64-65 mph....with no other mods.
  Going to a new 24 Tempest would get you to 63 mph at 5550.
  The plate will give the most bang for the buck....there are tons of mods that make


the 150 come to life....the tuner being the most prolific....it's also kinda costly and
  can cost some bottom end punch for holeshot.  A 461 with a non-plated 175 EFI
  and a 25 Tempest is good for 66-68 mph....a 150 is generally going to do what
  you're getting now....I have one that has a 200 carb on it and it does 66 with 2
  BIG men on board with a 25 Tempest...up from 60 with a plate adjustment and
  chunking the 24 Trophy.
  A 461 is a great boat....but not a speedster...if it were me, I'd plate if at 6", add a
  25 A45 Tempest and get it to 65....if I needed more I'd pull the bucket and add
  the tuner....and possibly an SVS even though it didn't work well on my
  518/200 EFI....but it didn't have the tuner.