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SEAARK  Likes & Dislikes

I don't like the fabric that they use on the seats, if fades VERY quickly to a gray-pinkish color only after 2-3 years.
Also they use self tapping screws all over the entire boat instead of nuts and bolts, they work loose. The livewells do not drain completely dry due to the plastic drain fittins that stand 3/8" off of the bottom, this causes the water to grow algae and stink as it sits in the driveway when not in use.
Also the weld splatter on the boat needs to be cleaned up before it goes to paint.
Roadkill636 - MO                  2007 SeaArk 2472 Cub w/200 Johnson GT                            
I've always liked how the boat handles, runs good. I get about 46 mph. 
I don't like the carpet; it faded out in about 6 months, it didn't have any UV protection. Now I'm almost ashamed for anyone to see it.  
Ray - AR                                   1998 SeaArk ZX180 w/90 Johnson                                     

I love this boat (my first). Wish I had a 70 hp motor. Wish I had a 180ZX for the more V-like hull, but no complaints......
Fishnbeerman - AR                    2001 SeaArk 160 Mcbass w/2002 40 Mercury                   7/31/03